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Carrie Andrews on MCH

May 15, 2013|

Monroe Country's Democratic Party Leader, Carrie Andrews, is on the phone with The Break Room to talk about the situation with Todd Springs at the Monroe Community Hospital

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning thanks for joining us here in the break room lots of things happen and from mom potential suspicious package potential bomb or call dad growing out of -- Wal-Mart to big -- they're now now. We've been left and we only because of what's in that thing. I'll -- occasionally on the line is the -- -- democratic minority leader mineral county legislator democratic minority leader. Her name is Kerry Andrew issue represents the -- first district which includes parts of north east Rochester. And now we wanted to talk to her about the Monroe community hospital situation that's going on there to make good morning Carrie at right there. If you are odd kind of one of those people I say got the fire in the belly -- we can't -- I gotta get that impression from the suffered read about a year year it looked like a young up and rising political star I don't know but just a -- Well -- it's rude to ask I think. That's very kind of you that -- -- back. And they thought I thought that's been in the legislature first seven years now I'm city. As you know and again and seeing have -- prevent data Democrats sent their leader currently and we just ahead of the issues that matter to the public and get answers -- important question commitment. -- this guy fired just because is willing give -- gunsmoke. It's on me. Well I'd say if it -- -- -- and it is and that things are bad but apart from me at stake a permanent -- Yep and at that concludes the connector of the hospital and didn't protect well being a precedent. I'm going to -- misty played a hospital under the deputy China media capital when they finally lose bad. Well -- found the problem bad if they want credit credit card debt hammered out. They concluded that and played out so there's an environment where and play quite aware. Well. Our policies and procedures about reporting -- but both edit they get report abuse that they would -- -- -- and denominated. You know it's funny when I was reading this article yesterday and I know estimate broke a community hospital and is not usually elder care urges all peoples of all -- and there was there was a nurse in on the matter -- And they in angry nurse them at the nursing home. But happiness -- put his grandmother missed that house is going up for sale at a Florida. And he's abusing them you know he's he's almost got like a little sweatshop that those scars we can sellers on that and I go but this is the kind of stuff that does happen. In so many places. That doesn't go reported and you know if there if there is the fear of I'm gonna lose my job is the only John I get that I no substance to -- gone years ago we got a call. Earlier this morning I just wanna play clips for me at this is a former employee who worked there up to 2008. Talking about when the mr. spring took over so if. -- it. One -- -- now we don't have to be ready to explode at no extra credit and to get -- Now see here's the weird part she says we got to do a whole investigation -- you they don't see you know. Actually they did the airport and it went up. So when you watch his film and will be going kindly. So it sounds like Kerry even employees over there have not been fond of the person in charge. And talked about a lot of things that went as she said downhill. -- -- -- and and the Republican that if they concluded that environment -- Jack yeah and -- actually -- reported allegations sentiment that this could stand legally required until. And that's OK I like part of life at that point in time and Democrats have called. Then mr. going to resign we need to really look for -- without protection -- pop up yeah and I'm confident if he's the man who is able to fix the. I don't have any proof I mean these are actual proof that somebody's feelings get slapped around -- lately just as they did do estate investor Nelson this action they have they have a state investigation she just told you. Somewhere there were places that people's lives were in jeopardy we gotta have like prove it because you can -- and no runs. I don't know about what I liked that they reportedly came in investigated. They're investigation says. He's maybe they're not well there are other things going on arms -- any other. Confined by the -- -- and liked but it -- -- -- examiner obliterated the focus then on. I wanted to do incident when he talked about. Earlier on about the man who depend on the exact room and that's that's exactly and I'm mr. -- and that would have been eleven -- camp I'm. And that has been good the patient and trying to respect for what it's that's wheelchair. Crown and then implode so witnessed mr. spring being clever tribute seven parading Barack it and staying in that's that's what the report concludes that the attorney general also investigating now and the county is doing an independent -- -- internal investigation as well. I'm at it that -- -- -- -- have ran over there that's not acceptable. Where he played can't it would need to do to report any incidents of abuse. That's another hospital for years the county to Iran actually required. -- 21 member oversight -- Our -- and their head there is an aborted directors or anything. Well they're coming back there without food for nine -- cannot -- has not appointed anyone to the oil can have gone back respond to. Back to 2010. Democrats have been happy about that -- That happened to -- a. Let let me guess is as democratic minority leader -- -- from the county legislator let me ask this question here again is another. I think that mag he's overlooking that they're gonna have to make it changed. Well whether would be the airport for Monroe community hospital formal stuff -- rover triarc the -- rover trying to think of San irrelevant hard. Amber at -- all that stuff. He's a -- how does that reflect him on what do you think that says about her political future. Because obviously she camera this is our US senator and she -- her head on I've played well this will this. Affect turn anyway. Played Yemen and that number and just patient care obviously Mattingly could -- it's a politically motivated. -- -- not politically motivated and I'm content to -- allegation there at impact can visit and just act. I know there's another person and I actually from one I'm hearing and rumored. Two families are filing lawsuits and they're they're ready to go out there lawyer not a race goes against no against the hospital what I need to do to dissolve. That's stuff I can't say is necessarily politically eliminated if they are pitching every hospital has these issues to some degree of lawsuits in the -- he wrong and people. I'm not about and we need to administration I'm -- -- gonna look into that and and an atmosphere where you look -- -- at that point in the senate are not like that he and and that's what talent lacking with they expect it to act like that I would copper and stepped down. I'm definitely a pathetic that the county executive has steadily at indicated they don't have been an example cracked. The Pentagon run under the administration under -- -- and then again political fact of what I want really nonexistent oversight where there should be. Common ground that it's really neat effect. Would you like to run for that position. I don't feel like I'm that they ran out that's it does have no higher office. As telling us that -- kind of Luton and -- engine when you up for reelection. I had to look at panel met at a time out they camp out and 2015. Knowledge you'd done and what and then -- it counselors -- work. Basically he serves the public -- -- is a concept she's gonna run. Senate and very much out of it and I had to be then I I get into the -- they're very much what could happen. Night Kerry injures democratic minority leader talked about Monroe community -- thank you thank you much but. Injury to -- -- -- got to do that if you -- this has only Joseph -- so much the it was just rolls and these little guy at least you and me a little bit well. I think this she. She Rangers announced I have never did it end here stuff. I talked to a lot of people in different political circles and knew little movers -- all sides need to admit I have never heard. A negative thing about her moan about this woman on there and I have on many who -- deeply out. But he had remembered this -- a bottom feeders so. No I'm I'm tired of people at her level or know or yeah I'm dial up people at her level that are that of that other legislators I've heard. Good things bad dirt follow. Hurt nothing nothing but while I mean -- met one person on either side of the aisle that doesn't go. This chicks amazing firm. That's the word is so she missed her she should move up -- lies and I would say was she says no final -- She does Susan was a plus he's got down I don't give the hand thing you know. So she's got that drive it looks like fire in the Kuchma and antics got to have the only -- -- We'll take rig where we were way too late now mess. Still no word on what's -- they're still -- take I don't think the box has left the bathroom wall from cloud -- -- -- -- -- that's they go bonds had a game Wal-Mart that suspicious says left the bathroom and I'm not sure. Will military the dump for America. -- --

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