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Rachel on Walmart Bomber

May 15, 2013|

A suspicious package was found in the Henrietta Walmart's bathroom at 4 am. The store was evacuated, and the bomb squad has been on the scene all morning. We wake up Rachel Barnhart on her day off just to get her information on the package

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

CNN would journey little wet today Tommy called off the funeral of his dog Scotch yesterday due to rain. Yes just put it on the the bachelor that's gonna happen and -- just prolonging the situation close accounts for the new admitting he's a tough time letting go it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- nah I'm good you can have to go. There is a suspicious package that was found outside Wal-Mart Henrietta about 4 o'clock this morning. The bomb squad is on the scene water sun -- the and do we have. A case where there was a pizza box on a bus yes yeah. Yes and they called then they called the bomb squad out they did like two years ago is it's is it get embarrassing at some time we see the pizza boxes pretty got to do America good like. Why won't she just lifted up. But when they finally get it put it the bomb. Is a bomb inside Wal-Mart around so while I think it was found outside wall why would you blow up outside a Wal-Mart -- gonna -- global what I thought it would alienated. Right I can't I mean you have -- -- says the more damage Johnson and here's what ten NBC has. There is reporting -- sheriff's deputies are investigating insists this is a suspicious package. That's the law exodus saying you're the package was found by a manager inside a store bad news is soon to move. Moved there and inside the store was evacuated. Now a manager finds a box in the bathroom. File. What do you do you automatically think bonds. Not a ball not you don't bend back in my day why we're senator should visit Giuliani and all firewood I'm really just unless you know I would think so let's try to steal something right. UN -- bomb but nowadays you would because there and it's going aren't. That's kind of weird Bernard Boston's strong run on an old enough when an even Henry at a strong 4 AM a box in there I'm I am thinking. Someone's trying to rip some noises drop did her forgot -- yeah I don't know the majority is in any of it is sitting on the floor somewhere. You know what it's suspicious. While they may call this is that you it is suspicious package shouldn't be in their Perry friend where is it. In the trapper. In the this summer that's really found in the amount of that which would make me Saudi disease digs in in that. Someone is they -- yes -- Richard rip -- probably right. So now we have the bomb squad and they're evacuating man got a robot probably don't and there pulled the -- this -- is that she thinks it is a cruise -- Who did you get JD and I left to a Nassau. Answered only in our track reporter on its -- out there are only guys had now through -- -- -- -- -- It think all led the idea on normal culprits would be out there. The idea either sending crews we don't know who's moved nearly everybody -- yet. But I thought JDR. Guys are scruffy. Our I team reporter will make him our our he has to go do legitimate news story RS and tell us what's going part of his project via. Right what -- that is having -- wake up with his eyes all -- regional we'd bring it going over and trying to talk of the -- home -- Men was in the wonderful -- a boxer we did so when he was trying to sell other employee at what they do and the bomb squad. I think he's at westside console. -- sometimes the bonds gone with the pizza boxes the vast that was my favorite Ellis said it was summertime -- Rachel got so stock has initiated due to reports on it. Did you try calling Rachel yes I did I left messages with her. Men know what he's up to every stone and and and right now we call Rachel again. Discuss I would love to get hurt holds I don't think you have her number he put in the box yes. And on and in the the that I would love to get her take a -- she was so yeah she did this pizza box that was found on Washington a lot of options out what does get ridiculous after awhile -- know there was another one where. There was. I think it was the occupy Rochester people there are joined down there know this is really clear out of part this is a great movement occupy Rochester. I think before they went -- and when you go into the court or wherever the hearings were happening in Seattle walk through metal scanner and you weren't allowed to bring in cell phones or something done so what they did is they had a big barrel full of sand. And for a trunk are getting a strong always and India -- the voice audacious and they -- the other phones and they stuck him in there okay magnate if elected and they left it there. So some dude who's pissed off at them so all this took to trunk and moved it imported down by the busting -- So now this is suspicious. Right and not only that when he hit it was an infrared you don't know -- sons daughters wires as he -- -- -- we don't know what it is right there's iPods and their headphones they all stuck them in the -- sentinel would steal threat and it was too heavy and this -- that the -- to -- -- -- Kremlin and now the -- on had to come out and it was really just -- pissed -- guy at the occupy Rochester people began the box but it's just so much money. Yes it is it's thousand -- though not -- that's a lot of money all the money we made back from spider man's going back yeah. We had the bomb squad called to try to figure like all the time as a -- but we think about it here you go analyze why -- we need a bomb squad why I guess you have to have won't. There right I mean it did you don't even over by the comedy club. As they get the comics are stage of the company clever you suck through from -- year Baghdad itself open. It's very steep -- so far so they. The the box. -- -- -- and now I don't think -- There's another call I got a regarding a comedy club golf and a guy called me again yesterday even -- so badly wants -- over this and this that's what this town needs. To have become sluggish he'd die and go to one you go there was. -- bombed on they'd call a bomb squad earlier this month I had the memorable Ross at Rochester city school district employees home. It was a fight at all in the mailbox -- -- damn that's -- talk him out -- -- remember we talked about the people who were survivalists and there was a guy in Henrietta yeah and he they had a pipe bomb but it was still -- money committees and all kinds of stuff in their people that is your eardrum. And it may finally a lot of money in this -- was built like a pipe Horry had a pipe bomb the protective thing in the world and could they set up properly so I guess I mean I guess -- and the media. To a certain degree needed let me try and Internet. And -- yeah. Truancy and next season what -- OK okay. Singer John Yang of June and -- tomorrow known generally. -- She's a -- time. Are conveyed. And among many in her answer machine since the start I. I'm just gonna have time for you but -- so badly wanted to hear her go off from the pizza box by remember she was not have anybody that at all man -- Q is he is well. -- animated go out and do -- twice -- southern number so now this has got to be affecting. Other businesses in that area because there's the movie theater that's over there but that's good little player that's out of gas station just down the road isn't BJ's or Sam's Club there's these guys out of my tennis has as -- Sam's Club the -- -- zero -- 39 -- yes yes Sam's clubs Sam's. Others and who knows around the backside of that yet to India there's also -- argue that the -- that's my main do you do. -- well you know the the money's tight so I have to -- but they closed on -- close off target its way across the street tell me if it's Obama it's a -- still running well obviously can't make it's going to be idol crosses it's a great question I don't know the answer is I'm dying for these you know we don't let the listeners know -- -- and -- -- don't Richards opened this Mormon boy that's really got does a box for a dollars and they got a box and Els has taken -- account you are renting from Boston. Trying to I'm just I don't know what it did how much of -- have they -- seriously you know what it's not like visiting you know it's nothing yet yeah. For me I didn't know. We have Mike to -- arch nemesis for example Mike accused of doing stuff more -- Trent. -- Got a bomb of -- -- must serve -- Breezy there Trent did you have you done with the cheeky and many see cells that these guys that just that black face as he does muted his self. We branded himself he's only talking -- self Fred I've done this. I've hit a new trend. -- He's got one of Obama folks. But it he's your friend is this deal. They would really important part three from Wal-Mart so what are their apartments across -- Wal-Mart Henrietta. By tomorrow must end. The way street record that it -- director out to be just what you don't want the apartments in the bomb. -- well according general. Daughter they control star in world Wal-Mart I can't sides sides of parking lot you do not just curious as to what was going on into the zoo did you mean there. I'd be -- huge part I thought about it I forgot they have swat team error -- -- -- are staffed group like expanded or out of the outside of our. Say they they do I decided to stand around and don't say anything to do in the Wal-Mart cheer money. So. Or does he get what we series in your apartment complexes to be careful. -- heard anything from management I just knew because I walked where there -- special gonna. And I took a walk -- so it's so it's that you did and these even go to target Ernie plays us is yet it was a particle -- -- eliminating. A quick ramp up there than I do so -- -- apple resulted thank god did Howard see what was the general attitude when you walked over there. Talking to guy lives across the street from while Wal-Mart where there is -- potentially lethal plot to bomb squads have been called the suspicious package found in the bathroom. When you walked over -- what was the general mood of the guys in the bomb squad. Where they tomorrow. Yeah I wonder if they're always allied those guys in there I think during summer shorts but did they really think it's something that. -- -- -- -- -- you were like really elite series to you know there probably laugh and Iran soft. So we Eileen about -- -- all but they are quite picture which is a dirty diaper bag. Some exchanges in kid's -- -- -- committee. Vice atomic all right let's -- prediction on sale and not saying at all to an all hearsay dirty diaper on got to call my shot thirty diaper bag -- I'm saying is somebody was stealing something in this close and that -- as a villain. Okay and Danny Williams. I'm gonna say. It was. No it's mr. garbage garbage if you. So I would seasonally to bomb now. Now do you do you think there's a bomb and there are certain. I'll take what people got murdered -- -- I think if somebody to try to make -- look like our own horse. Did you know I was only trying to make it take allocated. Yet taken up pissed off employee got put on overnight I'll take it okay. -- -- -- they can appreciate call man under there were credit simulator. But I'm still up and any other. You know it and Trent was on the line and it's just funny because Trenton was accused of doing some bad things it -- editing a Wal-Mart. Mike did dad our resident Wal-Mart superstore this is Mike did dad talking to trends. Lewis try to -- -- -- part of your great superhero played very critical of aren't particularly well I know if you Wal-Mart take indigenous. Strange -- -- garnered a rocket reached a good thing you know I was I -- he's probably get -- -- Wal-Mart to get do overs try to do currently is no way to meet. Is that that they did they go to take pitches -- case -- everywhere they go with the bomb. Is for -- -- Trent probably one in there Pia case a giant can have brought in his get Obama. Are all do we wake her up my -- So. Rachel is your date you can never take a day off don't know I leave deal here's -- -- -- date on it. The race -- Rachel Barnard. From channel when it does not take a day off. -- -- -- out to permit our thirtieth what I know today. Well I work over the week so what time he had just -- on Saturday. Peter to -- in the afternoon. Policy you know she's -- -- -- my knives come mostly to the bottom out now because I have to do I have to get up and make sure I know everything or that day I work out and did well. The memo that. All right so I wanted to talk to you because there's a suspicious package. All over at the Wal-Mart. Found in the bathroom in Henrietta attack but yes. And I wow I'm breaking news to the breaking news person -- how -- you had to. -- put her out don't even say we told you first I don't hear it it had here's -- wanted to talk to you. I sometimes think these things are nothing and I just was solely on their damn box the smoldering monitoring of them spitting in my boots is. The pizza box. That was found on the bus and -- -- effort. Yeah we do yeah I think we might be you are not happy about how did you not because it's again -- -- pizza -- -- re taking a -- is that -- mark pizzas that you. You have to go cover that twice. Yeah. Choosing not covered and anyone to come back to again later you're like yeah yeah. And go I it didn't. Work very -- like ethnic and -- -- really opened up yeah. So to but did you also to talk to march pizzeria and get their take on and play well know once I get this straight to bars now -- generally she was a child they're talking Avery was dying and us understand -- -- -- -- Here's the story and I'll quote this is like behind the music yes with Rachel ball lovely summer I K -- say here's the story will that as a there. Look there was a bomb scare here in Somerville this afternoon but it turns out there and why is -- nobody that suspicious package was actually eight. Pizza boxes -- -- that's what I'm boarded RTS bus parked in the loop at the Rochester not club. The bus driver reported the backs which -- the leather jacket right next to it after she got a phone call that police stopped short of calling threatening but said. Neither driver concerns and the bomb squad investigated neighbors were told to stay putts. What's really unnerving and they said it was going to be over -- very soon and now they've added more. -- and said it's going to be much longer so that steady. Say he didn't need it. Because of that pepperoni shrapnel but if you're eating the pizza and a bet on the ice rink. Blood that. Almost sounds legit -- do like them I guess I and the rights of box but did the jacket there in the bus driver again this thing but how well. Can't stand it no question that you have to report into -- Not -- people lies or are -- at a Wal-Mart or -- -- you are more -- English people and outgoing French. I want an army combat. -- -- Well I bet but apparently on the news this situation what is. Yeah and -- -- the world sensational I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mazen is always gets teased his tennis you know this but. I purposely keep radically -- go to the suspect -- the -- -- what would get a completion rather they'd be it Bible. How is when you do that. -- what was the reaction back at headquarters this. I tried to get out of bullying can have a lot -- I didn't think I remember it going a lot at -- because they've. I outlook and it doesn't mean you -- have -- they're making a big deal let -- -- local lab and that was clearly. Kinda silly. And found him. I tried doing that particular that ED they they needed -- -- do and I don't you you know did did you well. Right right did you know how they have -- take some times and love disclosure outtakes of rich woman by the -- right well -- I don't know so -- didn't tape somewhere and -- think the movement -- -- you know. Being recorded you are back when you're going a lot of PD it what to -- -- what. You know what people hold. Can be fun on set up they -- one time she would be funny now all. Is there ounces -- Rachel we're taking guesses as to what we think is in the box in the bathroom of the Wal-Mart and Henrietta. Tommy says. He says it's a dirty diaper. I'm thinking that someone was trying to steal clothing from the store and shot -- their clothes or clothes or were stealing in that box and got scared and left. And -- In the want that car because you think of that well one bright spot I I don't know not. Machine that -- machine yet so excited by what we're really a lot of and what I call my opened the box and it would like you -- see old picture this year. We do these things and they brought it -- any but it McNamee Shelby. They block it out there in the front spot that's like -- dean hall. But very secure machine hit and it and the -- got to reach. At every I didn't mean -- of a lot of people who picked it up and I would be in his. So -- -- -- -- -- yeah pretty dead and I wondered what we know to head with the cool about it than. I'm very very safe that they are very organic foods they will be I think we'd probably -- that. Attract. Intermediate high seduce somebody that was sneakers all the time thriller Syriana buddy -- -- economy. He we going into like Kmart debt paying kick off as nasty as were boots put him in the box GA just trying to choose yourself Brent. People at the new ones on this bad before cameras and stuff what got a -- -- apparently the Owens in the box wow. Then plus a cellular Graham has some nasty ads and cover was -- and -- fast shoes imagine that. -- -- And so rates of Danny saying garbage in there what do you -- in the box. I'm getting the credit market -- nationwide merchandise. And right well enjoy your day off and now what efforts at them if I wouldn't even know -- like Quetta Pakistan tiger looked like he did. Do you move we used to -- suspicious gesture for something that's out of the ordinary game I don't want to see a box in the bathroom and what kind of bugs me is why -- think I just open up. Read our -- the mob but for Ramallah now I know but that wasn't strong -- any action. Any. -- is that a statement -- Division. And how big it is there. Well go later check now and it was so totally open -- and can you help but that's not only -- thank. I just live in an area that I think nobody cares -- nobody's bomb in Rochester nobody's bombing Henry and I get a pilot didn't. A big targeted city but here I'm not afraid of anything because. Oklahoma City and -- stereotype that placed Hewitt I think federal appeals. And it is a major area if you live in Oklahoma you're wrong. Okay populate the western Iraq -- actually think practice a little bit. I think New York is in Toronto acknowledged it went well and Oklahoma urine so far away from anybody's money Oklahoma City is like New York do what I did a point but a -- You know you -- hit a smaller place. Don't you -- they had an al-Qaeda cell in buffalo and do the lack of one of the sixty they did not. -- hope you know. Check stands and which have a -- we've heard -- geek out about and you know that it's such a strain -- what went through lackluster -- -- that China doesn't throw that -- great. That and then that didn't happen that's on sale is jive. -- No telling me. So -- either naive can you need to ask you do you instill fear and in men. And know -- how much. Are you -- man. You know you do. So what are you scared people moves in column a little from column -- you -- a Chinese menu. Stuff he says you scared men -- so now not. You just his fear there to voice Obama happened into -- to that -- But right now I am going to be on doing my once a year just by penning it cared that he has to Serbia to -- Is -- -- thanks so they do well little social people pick up their routing packets that I think -- about the eight Barack about it but. -- noted a -- you movie air from six to midnight but behind the bars and succeed. I. What I volley and I'm not sexy beach it's delicious I'd not likely will be getting better and let me idiots are required to -- her new noses. She's fun she's I've -- she likes to I didn't -- they haven't checked -- -- I can't -- -- I'm happy -- strategy. Here about a terrible typewriter now I can't -- that they needed pressure up court so it doesn't get only. Typical. -- you -- yeah. For real. If you want something to fondest the united stood. -- -- -- Now all right crystal discuss that the you know and all the deeply talked do you love us the most even if I tournament bureau via I didn't. Well a little eleven the most well thought he -- that's elegant as a little feel we'll talk to you later. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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