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MCH Debacle

May 15, 2013|

Todd Springs, Executive Health Director at Monroe Community Hospital, is facing being fired after taking a wheelchair against one of his patients- for smoking!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Christian -- story again in the break -- -- draft -- Jeanne Cooper is getting back to back homers yeah same game from a George Jones just hours after we closed to death he wasn't home yet now. Now -- -- -- -- and he is still here yet. Knew what to do it's dead he picked him Thursday night than we -- our final round Friday -- all of -- -- look up I'm bosses are running down here to tell us in the George shows John died and they thought Danny scored. Jamie did score and he scored again when Jeanne Cooper. Leading in the break room death draft -- liked the Miami Heat just -- and fall off for Chicago last like unbelievable. Group that something. There's some news coming out about. Munro community hospital happened -- And well. It's it's a weird story. The executive health director there asking for him to be fired from duke and this is hospital to wash his hands cares for people over a long period -- -- they're there for life. So there's a guy who has an amputee. -- -- -- Mean. I don't know and -- lags Brian can't really move around I would ask -- wheelchair bound and he wants and he likes to smoke. So he goes out by the road to small car. So. To punish him to prevent him from smoking pertaining smoke they took -- -- wheelchair you've got to be an extended here at a time -- calling them basically to cruel and unusual parts not good I'm really surmise you -- tightly Korea guy. So people are gone and and the guy who did it. Is the executive. Health director -- -- wasn't -- -- us grown as banking -- and have a cigarette hot spring. Brings a Dick so they take it the wheelchair away and I think they did it for ten days. I'd have to go back that's -- -- it was like they say in the your mobile OK so. Now like. -- Euro land the democratic minority leader -- Enders who who'll be here in the break from after nine and I say and then there's got to be changes here. They got a fire and -- be more transparent and no one else is happening in there and there's somebody else who's about to file -- lawsuit with the state. For abuse against somebody that they love that's in that hospital. And the thing is this that the Roman world community hospital does a lot of good work but it also runs to until counting money and it runs on the kindness. But what I'll call I call from the heart type of donation yeah a guy a lot of big money raised -- F five got the money and I think things a running good friend I'm not given it ran I think at this point where the truth lies and what's really happening and why this was done. When this guy probably should step down. Now as I think that it's tainted too much -- -- rules written things you can't do there like I can't as of its well I don't well -- I mean I don't understand like my mother's in a nursing how much does is it. But my father legalized sides over cigarette. -- you know it was a you can't smoke well I know that there are people I would assume that you couldn't do we do things that would affect your medication. So he couldn't keep drink and and take all these bills that was the rule yes he can have a little -- liquor but Mon my brother didn't know what that was but he yes but when I go to see my mother. There's old dudes out there -- -- -- but let me grab your name's Mary because Mary called 911 -- a -- this person smoke and yeah. Police person of the Taliban and a little way to turn. I -- I because it wasn't the fact that the guys smoke that you made it you that may. Honest I have done all it played poker and construction -- -- inch thick -- Injuries can occur. Called I want NHL so -- is out there all the time we talked about it every day. That the proper ticket to launch market to -- a slight -- Strong hospital. And. It's a nonsmoking facility and I'm sure there people there that. Probably couldn't hands -- it's gotten smaller and really well. Little a little bit -- and I don't. -- it. -- can't remember what am because you can't afford you can't because he. So I'll look look I worked out again and. This -- this this is where I I have that what she just said really bugs me -- because I think that some people come to the rationalizations that. May aren't strong enough for -- quit. For all except so that was so if something is so that if I give -- care to the hospital. -- I'm trusting that they're gonna do the right staying meant so if there is you should not be able to trust that they're gonna be treated right and I think there's a lot of that that's my point -- -- What they're not out west this series yes people with some Terry Gross twisted said people there's a there are people who just are in a -- -- guys they're just ahead. Just ahead don't pillow bomb. This person who who would go out see this is the thing is like but who were they punishing him to try to keep its eggs for his own safety. Is there a better do it I don't know arrests. -- -- -- this fight I didn't. Parent or are learning how to. I think did that -- -- -- so then here's a question how did he get out there why didn't you know he was out there like -- make some other combination form if this is what he wants to do -- Can you find some other place it's safer for him to go that's off premise to let him smoke but I wonder how much research and you can. And sent by. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So don't sit. In circulatory probably shouldn't be stopped. I idolize my legs gave them what's the the punishment though is that today and take -- which closely and -- -- already written a book that would be that's I don't know I don't know Mary I I'm not in there and I'm not dealing -- that frustrations and Melinda jerks yeah. -- to police state -- but it's interesting though Mary's point is that the guy put himself in real danger room beyond smoking that's an adult literally get run over. Seriously how do you wanna sit on the side and you're talent and I. I think if you leave the premises as an adult. And you go it's on the stupid as an adult it's -- -- not done yet but at that point a while and what that. So that there's a question Mary who's really responsible he got all the way out to the curb why didn't somebody stop before hand who who say no. -- it right up. I got to get away and get my feet specifically disabled but there -- it hit -- -- -- minute let. Yet Mary thank you let me get -- did you -- in -- -- community hospital by the -- there are designated areas. This -- designated areas to smoke cool did that ever change -- Night I -- the health tells me. Going each way again includes certain clearly a decade and even notice that -- smoking facility. People can go out there racket in anger out there. Always glad they care plan that has had to be there and get out by themselves and don't understand why do very. Now without people I think nowadays especially that directed and and there are people who can't make -- -- taken away if you cannot emulate an earlier chance he can't get -- Doris felt. Our Reggie Campbell so what are you stuck to the bed bed sores are kind of unilateralist -- throughout the. You can you can't if you can't get -- surely can't get out side -- -- -- gentleman. Could you read dying but. I don't think that is guy that carried out. This guy that they are talking about in the article died. OK I didn't know that. He -- -- in the -- -- Italian match and and so I don't think that obviously their legendary doubt that his dining yeah. You know what he should have definitely right. It is like this but I'll -- you want to yeah regretted it out loud. So -- let me ask -- as she worked different -- can you tell us the last year you worked there. Okay and a javelin and longer and so it's about almost five years and did do do you think policies have changed much since that. No okay -- -- it -- so if I can't Coburn. What help we really don't have to be okay he the guy in charge of the you mention yet. Should be fired -- -- saying well there there demolish rounding out that yes Tomlinson -- you -- they have been the Mets that is. At no extra credit and get credit now see here's the weird part she says we got to do a whole investigate -- you don't you know. -- let's say they did the airport. Went out when you watch this film will be going timeline. Heights of Cheryl do you think he's -- it was a bad dude and he's the one who made the call -- they're not saying it was like Cheryl nurse sort of administrative. Person it was the guy at the top that said I'd take his share. Them and -- yet. Right what about a board of directors. They're below. Haven't played Jack is that the extent that -- -- -- in ties to. She never knew about it then they're never -- Why you like somebody that to toss and even -- ways there's a board of directors since she's been in charge. Well I think it had. I didn't director of the little kid he's stated that -- that the conflict it and -- bring back. Rules on himself he's gonna save his own fans. -- what is the policy of -- patient there. And I wanna smoke cinema double amputee and maybe even let's just take it to Mary's point. That part of my reputation as the fact that I had circulatory problems do smoke it. In my still out all those ads you're right -- I still allowed to smoke and many. At the end of daylight pretty much did get going to a place like Dan. People are so right we do that they want that they do it and got out but I didn't sit well. Bet -- bet you bet your -- is an individual to do that. Given time he's asking do that I do -- they play here you work dared do that. We recruit people out there -- absolutely yeah and Nancy would take him out to smoke to a place really cut so this guy seeking out how he is how. Easy is it for him to roll out late at night that shouldn't be. That would add power or -- I got to -- how does he get out of the building merry Hussein it's dark he's on the. I can't let it effect that the building I mean he can even get out there that believes this. -- -- didn't get -- and fifty -- go in and out I can get out. What can patients are pace is allowed to just go out on their -- or do they need to have -- an escort. Now let's certainty that athletic they're in the shape and that within their care plan. And then disappeared eighteen naked together and social workers captured -- this and alienate the site. -- in the can't plan that's how I work. All right so Cheryl as a former. Monroe community hospital employee you think that the guy that did that path ahead should beyond things went downhill since spring took over. You can't yeah decent make Dick yeah I think should I already written verdict could get there before I am glad you took him. That's how it goes -- top holdout to music. He did that about how they're it'd you know -- management and we had to prevent. -- was going to be intro about absolutely so -- army. Todd spring executive health director Monroe community hospital should golf. Let it sit out clearly in the people who know and -- it's -- -- like chill and if that isn't it -- very good post game. And the parity underneath guy says it doesn't think deputy director Eric yeah she carried to placate the best and what you wanna do it hit it exactly. And the good thing is retiring and he has heard sad part is well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You do it more for the love of it. And I really believe people. It very very very dedicated to ask a lot of the people they're really care how loud so I candidate they believe because it administration. Mount -- -- -- and thanks for the insight and giving it until I didn't obviously I'll let you Kathleen Bell and they can't. -- thanks. In its readers so reader is very sweet I -- caller fat -- Which is a nurse to you know so why do I don't know I guess. Yes I think if -- from the boys all we get here I didn't know why and what you we're hearing limit the pain that took a while -- the big -- is -- vocal -- just. We'll take a break phone numbers 2226000. Texted a 99404. -- break room in 965 to DC MF.

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