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Bill Calls to get the Boot Removed

May 17, 2013|

The Break Room takes listeners' calls of funny boot stories and "advice". Bill calls the Rochester Parking fuzz to see how he can get the boot off

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He -- somebody is on a dead Ohio right now it on the highway analysts. Failure and held their own -- how my car for not paying their -- is sitting and I scored a death trick is that secure event. I didn't eat the lunar did you select pages laser advantage Deseret. There's a guy analyze the other story about a boot on his car -- -- call and help. For removal and find payment at all till 324 hours today. -- what's your good story. How much great -- -- at -- time when. But buddy we want school together and sushi were pretty young and you know up they're not yard strike state. Down in April partying it up yeah let's let the Buddha and his kids start. I was already -- generous seal any concept -- candidacy you know already are is like what are they gonna do they like 75 Barclay kicked it or not. You know our third try to power and you know what right do wander around the city LA. The left -- like -- extinction like us healer or whatever and Bobby Emma here's Colorado City and he diverted ordered -- Security MCC and he's he's he's crazy voice is like. I've got -- just -- -- probably is what you could do -- haven't sat you know senate -- -- general lot throughout the city how likely kick off the assembly I've out of whatever that he gets -- although that. And they operate out of Tibet -- -- right now I am now now. -- have to -- do you have do you didn't line now. Yes it totally -- but hey you know elect isolate the police that how we can he had his car -- she doesn't live here. You know you -- -- almost relate -- biggest prejudiced about what do you think we're gonna save on that incident and the and they quickly HA secure Hillary can't sit up and you know bill that you built it up later. I don't think unless you public policy health care and you know oh look I'm scared. Brett tasteless and end up these tax -- 99 fours are awesome help. Those -- look like Homer Simpson escape from New York City driving there with a -- they drove it really did drive it home somebody says the parking bureau will bargain with the -- you're there right here and let's make any -- So we just takes in nine unforced -- -- I'm Billy -- -- his Guinness I dig up my anger and drywall my favorite position is on my knees begging for forgiveness. OK it was really do it's could tell us how. Somebody else takes a -- and hours or four I had the worst -- -- thought it could be a long time before had a really good left and sorry it was over your misery but thanks. Have to admit I'm the same character -- although good luck and go home. Another Texan and a enforcer a forest this is gonna result in an awesome what's -- doing at the courthouse could go either way traffic court her divorce well. As audio stakes in that 99 fours or afford Tommy wanted to float alone for a flu liquor now's the time -- Well doing business. Here to -- -- FL OO. And some real stakes in. Time to find a divorce lawyer Moran or should I say moron idiot and Lou -- when stings. So Rios Tommy hope you have a horrible accidents like him last that you hysterically. -- dead -- as terrible -- say the same person who then followed up with this text billiard -- a -- -- your wife leaves you Dick -- capital letters and how advanced these. And again and I have the numbers you called call now I don't care who might these -- There was jobs and see -- This alternate vision of well it's the removal pop sign in front yard. They get to national now. Even a delay type in some codes around movie but we're both trying Parsons who feel he beat you single out 12 to -- -- -- I. About it. -- used it to boot. To ensure the highest quality. On holding my attitude and record what Billy only -- -- highest quality when he came along. I'm an actor who -- -- -- -- -- -- he's going to be operating Arnoldo screw around her Tom -- and yes. We've had -- again. -- -- seriously and just like the governor did thank you mr. fan but I hear the governor jerseys. And these -- Colin that -- -- her brain that they need to remain healthy why. Paid -- I -- a Buddha my car. -- corner who can I pay over the phone to get a loss. Were born do you if you are battling an important. My -- violation number. Who is. Let me did what I do this on the air I -- -- you -- steely. First minister right so they could still your car and six steals 5523. -- number my Lotto numbers. More on the radio about -- -- you -- -- yeah yeah. Well people who should know they get a paid -- -- music. And these golf laws apparently think -- and there it bring you -- -- -- -- remorse to. A tough thing though you started the whole. Bill Moran. I get there at mr. randomly oh yes big shoes. Have balance and. -- -- -- Hey look at it on or near announced. I think it's one of them. She sounds cute. Pressing hello southerners and Louisville fizzled under the eleventh I can't quite an -- nominee -- marriage in the death -- -- -- -- -- bill especially if you want your marriage there's nothing continue to value -- real funny. Home may have one little thing you're fine. You're great can. Have you -- So we did dates here and play parking aren't quite taking you have and I am not good at 400. Are they authentic -- strength. Yeah yeah. David tell us -- -- -- -- our main event that king. I'd better man do -- eight M -- that is that -- with -- need to campaign nearly been. -- I can make that -- Hello yes yes but I I don't wanna do it on the radio display isn't. Not let my sadness that the Internet none of these that can I can I put John -- to take you off the year. Yes and then I can just paid over the fine and then what do you do give me the companies to get the boot off. Yeah I am not saying you can't make a good job you all adopted out Larry carrier okay -- within 24 hours and -- many employees and job and I don't worry. The end maybe they'd come -- they go -- just stayed really in a code it's all night let me -- -- stick around all day he do it. All this time we'll take a break in yes and I'll I'll put on hold and I'll grab you right here. Look at that night sentenced -- Jason that I get a body right now. You he has Karzai who's so good add. Keane he's gonna see that car king a candidate that trip because right now Johnny B Israel -- the -- Andre and -- vision -- dealerships Tuesday Kiev. And Hyundai and he can help Billy evident remove the boot -- yeah. That's right just right now for nineteen kind of what's -- -- 400 fine honest in 99 bucks a month away that's for boot sorry. You can be tough for the sole. How about 149 MIT can be driving a brand new Kia. Now let's say -- key guy here all day gap early he got to do when you're covering the way to see Johnny gets on -- -- you can score right now the Elantra number one rated car. In America. Deal -- When -- talking -- you don't continue 100000 mile warranty free -- jays -- does with any -- new usual violent before we -- you gonna get that. 99 bucks a month for a kid that -- my friends. That's what you can expect and more from Johnny these guys didn't do. Car king -- cook brownies where he's looking around candidate Republican crowd now Hyundai and -- right hander or right on route 332 wouldn't just south. The through way it's a short walk if you got a boot on your card is want goers in Johnny. I got booted to get help me out -- Billy Graham blow us so gone on right now on 99 dollar key is a vision Hyundai and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She plays performed far. Let's talk first to break -- 965 WC --

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