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Bill Gets the Boot!!

May 17, 2013|

Thanks to the ROC City police department, and his leniency on taking care of his parking tickets, Bill finds a boot on his car wheel! Bill's wife Jeanne calls the studio in tears over his lies and and his "Character Flaw"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Batting alone now my sight hearing and today yeah I don't know club jars. I'm five WC a math. There's a boots on my car out in front of the and it -- headquarters here we'll read. Currently any -- trio apparently I have three or more unpaid parking tonight as you know this they were -- I did and I just -- and it's the the pins but it is a character flaws that I have that I just ignore so -- -- And -- -- -- no way -- but doesn't -- get the DNS and adults we again after you pay the fine guy -- CNN as she tries and it's driving than it is to deal. Yeah ally got to figure out what's -- we guys -- go here's your money gimme my god damned. So -- -- right well then I don't know them have probably on their schedules and some money back to get the boot off the -- right god damn man put the boot you can have. It's right across the street. Other party mileage out knoller they have them the blue dog hates down -- moment. He can't just go -- of ticket yet. Damn bro you're always gonna late crown you king when you get home saying he's going to be a good way. She's on the phone she's got -- fans she's an authority on this is another expression don't GI you know what I'm neither pension group known me a letter to -- then. It's about it's about the pavement. -- good -- ordeal now they did she cracked. Happily. Most closely what you project got a bit yeah. This -- a city that's not a load up well here's a surprise -- our mind and decent and I got a hundred error. -- think -- -- -- and it scenario I just like keeps giving me she showed Billy. Three parked c'mon son and ten minutes then -- Character all yeah the -- Now. Beaten any. Merit. A secret. They still need this -- I. But I didn't keep these secrets and you know I just -- pay him well and -- there more. I didn't know you -- smoothly I wonder how many are there you call how many are there will be mothers and pop. -- Are and how much is that. Didn't. Closest to the root cause is not going to host 300 dollars you will -- Higher. -- Oh. She's yeah it's. Slow -- To try to. -- -- -- -- -- and -- into the pool live in the hopes that students -- and it's. A blood flow -- partridge and we'll get to you don't have time comedian -- this is it. What. I know I know how much is how much is it. Do you like fifteen in a box it's better not be is it usually the ball was that 3000 don't know -- From our bureau. And pneumonia. Not. -- don't puke. I can't go anymore. I get it can't get -- -- Close to the. Shut up coming up I gotta put in my car and a fine is is over a thousand dollars. Easily. Campaign we -- -- but the -- costs. To the same from pool might know she savings for the pool with the disease and said the cost of the plan as true true. Then we'll do a whole new -- -- always a silver lining in principle what is the what is in two Q did did they tell you how much -- this disorder and just like the telethon shut I do. I'll let bill K I've got I -- teach you about this ticket and you pay I didn't lie I you'd. You'd did you go through the control do you truly mean that no. Wonder they're full. Rule -- it okay. Maybe there O'Neill car. No no you truly are you know the method that's true how long he had the car. -- A lot of these. -- -- -- -- -- -- Wanna I didn't -- is mad is mad because you right in line on the yeah. Fiat Lou good catch that. You want to do -- you can -- them for quite some time hasn't. Instituted. Tunisian citizens committee for lunch time is defined a thousand dollars or know what trip is like 500. And they do it and don't say that because -- didn't supply. Objects. In order -- Before you you know today's -- love in this room -- and I -- I don't feel bad for not bad for me I I. Will be the first to admit this is all my fault that night. Well it is. I got that tonight I used to -- the finalists. On the fine to fight easily see your -- let's -- -- -- praying for us. You know -- you're gonna love that and maybe getting a pedophile and I'm. That is getting those taking care of business guy. Vehicle mode. Yeah you did they wanted to run you around. The only way you can look -- you'll. Get. You can go and -- send your donations in the break room -- you too much. Are. You gonna surgery to bigger things on your -- made. Brigadier in my house and I'll do you do then you listen to Billy -- stuff on my. God meant junior now do you or indeed how well here's the thing I look at this and I didn't until it's not a smirk. It's one of these things that and I don't know why you go to work tomorrow yeah he's her -- -- and so on my. I'm in my whole life did -- yeah. I have to go -- really work if I get to Q -- tomorrow. Knowledge you know today well you know there's a square away I'll get a score way blog about the running down the good the courthouse. Why got -- yeah yeah pay cash -- as you can get my check they're all right thank certified check only that's all they take guiding got to go to the ATM cough up five large. Then I don't think. Believe it's on the trolley is together moon but hot new moon yes. I -- maybe -- on a -- -- they'll be too proud not proud of I'm not proud old -- confident you're familiar any money the bad part is that I do this Tuesday's session tickets I'll just take it and shove it somewhere and she did ask me. And I thought I I thought there were three and and I thought I talked to around all three can I just. You may have. Am I just I just never hey I never paid I never -- and more -- I handle all well because I thought and some round -- way for whatever reason I thought she did. And I can't blame her interest it pays the -- minor thing right but it's my fault and I need to go do that but. -- -- know she made that abundantly clear on the phone while I know fools yes and I'm not sane and so I know like Doug is that you didn't kill user not a 09 under par is young enough from you all want to doesn't he's not. Other people when I go yet but I'm the one who did this so now what do you what are urged a pissed off Barton the parking tickets 35 dollars if you don't pay in a certain amount you can get -- so if you got four parking tickets for 35 dollars it's a 120 that's not what campaign marijuana take over 500. Because I didn't do -- 500 dollars yeah. Oregon -- solve. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't wanna par with the must know this is and you get -- support for a lot. For a lot this project leader for our biggest somebody on whose market in that spot you don't have enough business down here to keep the default looks perfect place to -- -- -- and is doing it. Did you could you got don't -- fans down here you're killing me for that but you know the rules the rule. Right and a lot of thought I was right in America huge pockets to the -- no -- Jerry you don't want. Yeah did you -- and our senate to get all the alternate into the person. I don't yeah. One of the crowd but it didn't yeah that's not good policy. -- And it relaxed our -- -- brought to settle this -- yeah. -- -- -- Help but be short right field and be -- -- -- -- -- number need anything but things you need in my house. -- Sloan I'm not stay anywhere oh -- -- for the last thing she needs more stress and -- would maybe you. But some of those stress is you who -- so maybe get that out given her a break from you for a week Jim. Yeah well yeah if you don't update educator and a tartan and you'd expect. Oh my god Christ almighty beating Arizona FCC for a mojo fired him -- go boasts a 24 hours doesn't say it reminds slam campaign today but I campaign until I'm done here. Lose weight right. If you don't get to they'd get by the time you get out of work tomorrow going to be throats. Point four hours -- so you know it's part simply say it. Seen it before so I didn't a lot of things Jim. Just piles on really didn't. -- She's got pneumonia in you give the blue. You cars and jail. It's got concluded we so pathetic it does Selig says a piece of trash. Well this is that they don't play right. That situation so why is that important for -- and I didn't go put some thought Virginia areas like everybody you are losing and how Ireland are just so -- were free long enough to permanently together area area you're gonna end of betrayal of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't you look like trash made this. People won't take off his putter booed sometimes you put some money refusal as -- Letterman and his era and then he -- -- he just had a camp Broncos were. He was Compagnie I think general went to the bathroom herself the other two guys -- downstairs and so he's on the us guys who just came round the happy -- got to be getting cute -- -- -- whose son. Shouting -- what's up. It and eight total shot pretty zone. Yeah thanks Charlie -- -- slipping.

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