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Buffalo Bill's Doug Whaley

May 17, 2013|

Buffalo Bill's new General Manager Doug Whaley talks to The Break Room about his career and training and working with the Bills.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Buffalo Bills are now all the youngest front office and leave it in the NFL -- won't be up CEO and president of the team from Russ Brandon is early forties. -- like four days earlier in junior early forage innocent and then you get near four yeah 33 broke. I'm going to the same college yeah yeah. Ramirez and Russian news is always have a roads in and -- and ended and then when you gotta new coach and goes younger and younger guy that's precocious intelligent let cord and the black quarterback maybe Jay Manuel looks tough -- a -- Jackson to. And now a young guy named Doug Whaley who is Doug what are you forty. -- I don't vote good how how old you forty. Pretty forty so they don't know one of the youngest to do one of the youngest front office you'll get in and out there but to go get until you what though. Tonight I will say this I don't think. There's another general manager in football who looks like he could strap on some pads into unplug and -- I would not I did you do you'll thank you -- go out there and do it. There's a tyrant the jets -- I'll take the compliment but I have to give all credit to our stripping conditioning staff spend now. Yeah our president I think just tester -- -- -- -- do well. No way to now maybe not could not I don't know I mean I like the guy but no he couldn't consider that a guy anyway user base -- excellence that's the obvious today -- Still -- that exploit says receiver at this thing just fish. Almighty god club team but that's. After -- -- let's be honest and I want to use this stuff for the things get ugly you need to be able to needle him a little bit right they absolutely but I fate. Much about his kids I think meanwhile more than anybody else he was Thomas story about that I can say that it's deeply felt and. Also I notice. Doug Whaley is the new general manager of the Buffalo Bills he's known -- -- -- for -- all really kind of a keen sense. For defensive talent I don't know if it's -- if you feel place he goes beyond that but everybody always kind of credits you. What's your time with the Steelers getting guys like Troy Polamalu went on to make a lot of money do a shampoo commercials have nothing else but. DI -- -- lot of success there in that and twelve years with with the Steelers as well. I think it's a combination of me being not comfortable with the defense this side of the ball just because plain bad side and a couple different positions. And I also -- that this system in Pittsburg it's been in place for so long. We know what type -- they knew what type of -- know what type of players they're looking for. And when they do make mistakes some players they can. Pinpoint why. And make sure that doesn't happen again and that's what we're trying to build here. -- you guys -- the Buffalo's been sort of let's pinpoint when exactly whether this right right. I think it starts with consistency if you if you consistently have that. I think people top leading organization not only from the management side but from the coaching side. You can get a system in place and you can just keep plug in most. Type of players and and and the and you know exactly what characteristic -- looking for. We're only talking to you sort of a short time here's Doug Whaley general manager of the Buffalo Bills. And your easier to understand that -- I'm not a body and I I don't have a quick look at what life really isn't trying to be funny how anybody was his buddy she's. I guess I didn't notice of the now stuck. Look at Doug he gets gets the job new goatee goes well be a -- lies that. He's in charge -- -- -- may look I liked you know top. Well as bush my mom mom mom said you better look presentable so I had to follow mother's -- to. Look at it and I'm Doug -- still listens to his mom and he's in charge of the of all fronts like. Atlanta and hey Greg. I tell you this too I'm not going to allow it to my mom my my wife left to to go to Chicago our sister just had the first -- -- first grade kid her side of the family is solid and I'm a single parent someone doggie duty all week I got to take your dog to date caretaker market. And I extent she's like I'll carry you are you still don't taking care -- -- Possibility placing your dog goes to doggie daycare and got a little -- no -- around this -- visited -- working twelve hours a day they are you gonna go -- -- house -- crap yeah -- -- -- -- -- and that congressman Heredia I remember coming home from work. -- a winner this is nasty bro he's in his crate. He's dancing and it's it's -- to Syria it's collateral or hate it. Read all -- Downstairs right I'll put him in utility then you get the feel to greater alien dude that is a -- winner. Go upstairs -- this is all those inning Cree lake and ice storm going off a letter it's just I would love of the the money -- -- daycare -- that I -- independent nasty horrible idea by the way Tommy who's here in the break room and it's who's just talk mania yet he has -- and I guarantee you don't have when you're talking about. Well anybody that has glamour shots he has hit -- He has a leg up painted oil oil painting is that they can he tell my dog died in the dogs dead -- so why -- -- -- -- what I -- I don't want to do is you know very -- just saying Iraq did not. That that was stressful day but not as you got it does not fond memory of these -- hounded me made fun of me. Maybe to be the biggest dog queer owner of the world the president and we'll stick a note Tommy don't tell my wife about. Simply put it this. They got their -- Doug Whaley -- I you you have a great person I don't wish we got to talk to you sooner we broadcast live from training camp will be doing that again I hope we get to spend a few minutes and you're very busy admit to yourself like gone through an -- seven. Our route and time for you -- appreciate you having me on that's yeah I at least we have I -- to hear Willie Lightfoot who is a county legislator hearing mineral county. He wants to say Celtics are worried how are you don't want our help. I'm forty years old as well and I work in the community would just kind of it would impoverished if you will. And -- just wanna say congratulations to you as African American male to be put in the position that your putting it. It really sends volumes to the kids and stuff it in our community a lot of Rochester is obviously as you know. But you know I think it's his trade round and your family's got to be proud of you and we're -- of view and I'm I'm saying good luck to you. Well thank you will in it's an honor. To it to be an African American general managers it's humbling but also love like to have that has. Everybody out they're not only minority kids but anybody out there that has a drain. And works hard do you know waited Camby put the total -- just keep your not a hot nose to. And I took this picture of the prize ahead and not hard work always prevails. India is on -- Doug Whaley. Great advice Doug and good luck and hope to see trading kids aren't you glad to take care tickets of violence are you gonna -- for money. Amid cost -- -- of my little -- now. -- here but I did not out of so solidly -- did a -- you don't know I'd love to know where there's a lot of other. No matter for me coming to cut the violence -- really Charlotte have you guys -- -- -- -- the -- -- barber yeah. Really want you here -- -- was. We will we broadcast live from training camp you wanna come down more and -- -- the kids from the neighborhood. Lot -- -- a lot can is that they knew I don't know a lot of saves if you could bring a couple guy I don't I don't have a problem that are too -- -- two we have we saw -- we. Movement you can bring us and to examine you can do multiple days of your remote for a time we don't have a lot of space and we maybe -- -- -- a strange but it -- there. And then yes I wanna say hey you wanna haircuts the motto pension they -- -- who's to say bring my clippers who's to say yeah maybe retirement job nice. Yeah I -- -- look at those folks tonight we'll take a break phone number 2226000. -- -- at 99404. Willie Lightfoot this year he's the center of controversy at the Munro. Kenny legislature and he is a lead just I always think I say that were wrongly Taiwanese legislature or in the legislature. Thank you sure yes sir intended -- you -- -- -- to senator Condit controversy and Maggie Brooks I heard she's got your your picture up. Yeah -- -- on the journal yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's get the reasons they're blue one behind -- -- -- -- get excited. About the you what you think you know -- know -- -- You say you're about these. -- -- -- He thinks it will -- easier than ever now.

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