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Willie Lightfoot on Monroe Community Hospital

May 17, 2013|

Because of all the political drama going on concerning the Monroe Community Hospital, Willie Lightfoot comes to The Break Room to talk about how our local politicians are planning on addressing it

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning lots of controversy -- the county legislature and ugly and yeah I think so Ed is from guys like Anthony Dan yelling. Who is. Pushed out as the majority leader Fuji was a majority a majority leader science in this country there except now we can we say pushed out many people say no no no. She stepped down because the he wants to pastor of the daily business there's a lot going on there the multiple restaurants the car wash all that police had them before Iran and Melissa this did it just dawned on employee at a car wash and play wipe it down the car is certainly seems to be -- the otherwise he stood up and said we need to work together. Now from what I'm gathering all this came that stuff and came out of the Monroe community hospital where there was this treatment a patient man over there employees laughed people -- the whole vibe of the hospital left when this man mr. spring was in charge and and he was appointed to that position -- -- that's right. By Maggie Brooks the -- -- back. So but then I hear that Maggie Brooks who -- the county executive of Monroe County did not want him to be taken out she didn't want any of this stuff -- even though an investigation Arizona. Admit it into our kind of back up for pain in his plate aside for exactly how this unfolded. Literally I was getting calls. You know just from from different individuals in the -- You know what's going on and -- greenhouse. And you know clearly we saw the report that came out. Prior to all of the report coming out beginning to cost in hearing what was going on out -- are did Democratic Caucus we had been. I -- in or or asking. The Maggie Brooks and the administration. To a point one of our members to de facto board. That would be investing right so now that it was there was a there was moral community advisory hospital by as a reward. Had not been meeting for some years OK okay and so we were asking to reinstate them more prior to all of the controversy -- all that happening. We were asking for the board to be reinstated. We were asking for more oversight you know over tomorrow community hospital. Wave before all this stuff came out yeah right. So we got no response in and that's been the gridlock. That the talk about in my -- you saw obviously all politics are local so you see what's going on in federal government yet -- the same thing happening here yeah eight and in the gridlock death. Just wants talked about in an imminent in our port deal with her yesterday. Is absolutely right like. They don't even like respond to us like we we we send them letters and they tell us and we can't even talk to certain people we have to send letters to Maggie Brooks in order to even be able to speak. Well or say things and wanna -- so anyway we got we got the report we got no response from them. To reinstate to sports clearly you know they were leaving -- talk about it. Now here all of a sudden typical chair -- the here all of a sudden you have this guy in his wheelchair yet to have this issue. You have a staff member -- you know -- Are I think god what she did out here does -- the deputies. Director of -- of security. She you know she did the right thing she's as the mag on -- did the right -- -- fire for -- -- yes she she -- -- starts -- -- here. After the fire in the story starts unfolding they pulled the newspapers. Out of the hospital. All the papers are sailing season -- -- can see it and go hey -- sprouts yes they took them out of the kid is -- the patients who -- do you pay for their paperwork yet we're not allowed to get the paperwork -- because they didn't want to -- is an okay one person says something I got a story till I want my story -- -- you don't say it right that's the only thing I did they -- in Iraq now I'm just we just -- -- and your hero -- right foot Willie -- is the senator of the controversy in the legislature he made some comments we get to that the second. That this Maggie Brooks off and she wants an apology that he was also removed from three boards. And I started this conversation talking about Anthony DN LEB in great man it's kind of pushed away and so it seems. They say stepped down as the majority leader of the county legislator he is a Republican right now he seems to have done. The moral and right thing it says we need to investigate here and we need to work together with the Democrats that seemed to be an unpopular thing. When -- -- -- realize oh I gotta go stir the sauce so we kind. Forget you're gonna -- this is -- him economic and meatballs it. Correct are no athlete did the right gained it in that the majority leader didn't do like three majority leader since I've been here. And Anthony. We was one that wanted to communicate we were -- we're communicating we were talking we were trying to see -- across the -- -- they are there people who are trying to which is rare that is very true bipartisan you know when you when you're having. Actual communication conversations. This administration under this administration. -- we have on the Maggie Brooks administration currently right now. There is absolutely. No communication. Bilateral. Going back and forth between us okay. All this like we're not even in the room right you know if we say something we're disciplined like you can't speak to use the rules. They abused the rules of the legislature in the charter thank god upon Haney who's tremendous -- all US boy did she show at all Merrill caucus for that matter aren't caucus that we have we're -- we're together. We're we're professional we take that's why everything -- she said was totally incorrect about being a professional. I think he was absolutely warranted my teammates because this to truth. OK now let's or let us here to salt content we we think that some of the stuff start that mineral commit -- to start their correct. And then then we -- Anthony Danielle Iraq. Maybe it is connected to that he seemed to do what Republicans should do but wait let me say this if all politics are local Ronald Reagan's got to be spit in his grave view conducive to think because this isn't how he was. About reaching across the island -- doing things correctly and this just doesn't seem that way I would say that. The airport board Monday. This she's gonna point people earlier reports that seem to have -- scandal in some fashion right some questionable stuff right after all the things that one on the airport. I don't think that Maggie has bad judgment. I don't I think that mega money got caught by some stuff and then she said you can't control everybody our new dual -- -- one direction and attack the president right now has really different scandals kind of gonna. I disagree all you do it does yes okay. I got -- we -- I have -- if I had political ambitions to go further. You -- aren't trying to get you to run for mayor and one thing I would do I wouldn't wanna be continually to draw light. To myself in a negative way -- so why would you put people who've been scrutinized already by the community. Already you know -- it on on these boards. Because his blatant disregard. -- from form what the community overall I think in the yeah yeah it because her approval rating of the so -- whenever you know what the bottom line is. These people have not been properly fed it to. I honestly I got you but here's a thing -- it seems like. Four or she's a lame duck didn't break because she can't run again. Right okay so it's over. And this does seem to be like favors or does come look at and it looks only our enemies doled out for now -- same after all the stuff that happened at the airport wouldn't you want it to be above reproach nobody can -- few days ago. Let me tell you -- you call this out. Let me tell you somewhat divorced. First of all which aboard are there are paired with when you want to yeah there are still -- they're gonna recoup. Thousands of better than jazz -- -- earlier I did admire wise where this goes on to put listen. The -- or more when I first started coming to abort your doors were closed there were no open seedings for a public -- even though with the public meeting. But I know like Obama -- -- all the stuff jump started after did also the doors opened up signs without public meeting here on everything but here they -- report they did two years ago almost today I think it took took took. With two I think he realization come into partisan -- yeah. Outstanding video of those guys taking care of business. I'm close -- it's because I thought I thought I did I do need to keep these ivy blue green. Yeah. I am really not humility and he told me in about. Not to treat -- to a good -- has not put. The minute I Dario sport comes out and basically says. Then there's no we do support is like why he wasn't at the meetings like we make all these majors is don't be don't own decisions that this board really makes it. You know when when is the next air show you -- And blue -- lieutenant I have a lot of respect for our people and our -- don't get me -- however don't really make any financial decisions all volunteers on these boards yes it's good to myself okay you know -- out all volunteers -- -- a sort of why -- why would I volunteer what there's got to be nobody does -- -- a -- not a leader on our -- they're probably for some while -- figure into my music Kennedy's -- deals being -- -- There's got to be some money there's got to be some budgets has got to be some kind of contracts for your help from somebody out. Does it -- just just it was just recently on that the customers dangerously happened with airport board was. Various taxi the taxi -- -- that was out there for like twenty years time to start the guiding get those needing to do wore these I have been here for. We -- get booted out of the air and you -- war he he came and spoke archive -- meeting he claims that there's some undercut stuff going to say say they are active on the airport picked him as big -- earlier this huge money right right historic but I got it did somebody get -- that -- to do that's what he's saying he thinks somebody -- your -- and then I -- I watched that that data show greed. You know. And new guys just follow the money via -- or are you got a dual. It's followed -- money since the start connecting the dots I got so -- you collar crook. Did you set I don't want were brutal bunch of crooks. He's an idea on any Maggie broke what are Chris I'm I'm going us straight to the definition of crook in crooked right and I. Straight is when you're you're you're going to straight line you're doing everything like disciples to -- brown ran a americorps does when you you know it. -- -- and I told us today they'd been 222. To put Daniel -- to punish him. To punish me -- got to go back to that the tomorrow -- -- think first of I want to thank all the little Connie workers. Did go allow everyday doing their jobs report is for his county in the end in a hostile working environment that's part two to go to work every -- it's only about a hate it. And how so and they've done an -- in May take care of people that no one else. Wanted to write -- -- mother was not a moral to the hospital for over fifteen years well -- -- she looked so I don't. Yeah times so tough jive that's a tough job just taking care -- -- -- and -- -- tore across -- though this was personal in a down day you know. I wanted to see if people are being a mystery I wanna go find out of course my grandmother couldn't tell him yet right she do no legitimate and if so -- I handle a board meeting here anyway. It's so caught you know. In -- to the board meeting and while I was here I decided you know what I'm here. Uncle has a few questions. So our architect came on board meeting date no one had a clue. I start talking to people there you know at first you were little reserve to. But then they start to open enough and I mean when they opened up they opened up okay to -- and they were basically said all the things this guy was doing was wrong everything changed since he took to golf he told me about the new children's hospital and they told me about and in these people have been your -- so you have a guy who started the whole investigation into him. I know I don't think so no I think the lady who was fired. She was the wind the dead. Whistle -- she she told yes I don't know an entire ghetto -- -- so anyway. All I did was investigate. The stories that came out and a Democrat and chronicle saying that debt staff felt intimidated. In order to go and speak up against thinks that this guy and it's such sister and a hospital need. What's his connection Maggie Brooks. I don't know you can follow the money into OK -- that's not my job some you know dig dude people investigating and she wanted to -- she would not happy that do with the investigation was evidence -- you wanna make that decision at least that's what can. -- reading and hearing like throughout the obstacles that you think this debate do you think there's any. Criminal activity is only guy not that generally being charitable work that needs to go because after I when I hear -- -- they. They pulled me into our -- wood off I thought he gonna keep me out -- galaxy. You know and to a meeting percent freer gives -- company doesn't please direct result so they they they find out. -- Look at everybody I talk to announce arresting. Everybody got a nice that guy needs to go to yeah I think that that's wrong right well you know and to report that the state did also says. -- training should be you know is -- -- in a graduation because the whistle blew apart two people are not comfortable with that -- Finds you you seem very all this kind lineups coming out yeah yeah right I would -- we did Tuesday night. Who's big and you drop a line. Yeah -- -- like you say cricket I'd rather be home when my family. Save the way he said in that meeting can you say you say it publicly so people can hear it no -- he's saved to a -- how how I think if that's what I said it. To this news reporter who came up to meet after the meeting was -- actually. Don't mean really shouldn't had been over because -- and use a minority leaders was standing up trying to speak and and -- they did. Didn't order it is both victims got a from the media over -- we're done. To walk out you know. So now back on film I'm like what are you let me didn't lady comes to nutria is singles. Who had a mild you know basically the problem he's blood -- classes -- rather -- whole Martha frankly didn't do the rule book looks. Okay guys and now may say and apologized. Now she wants me applauds us via the passage dispute she needs to apologize to this community. OK for the cronyism. -- way to stack. Our company workers are being treated for the whole -- -- him to let go of I'll trust the deck Tony workers had. In in their in their own boss is working hostile work work environments. Good apple style tactics in all of these things that are going on cutting our budget to -- what they wouldn't let me just tell me what you guys who do as a business owner. What would the situation. Like this are our budget basically equals about one half of the cost of one or two of our full time staffers. All that the total budget for the legislature's two million dollars. We only get 8% of that despite having 35%. Of the legislators. The budget cuts a deer in the city to make it to us. Who will will even make it more on equal he CNN Santa. Not only did they kick me off the boards put ganguly and here's another piece that a lot of people didn't make it new to. They -- the tiny -- can meet all the boards -- point in my cousin -- Who -- new charter they took one of our members via Justin Wilcox on a proposal off. It was a matter of urgency. Put it back on the table and say oh we're gonna do a bipartisan thing. You know who that is bipartisan deal inaudible what are your things right and and any -- -- -- my cousin. On now and -- Think they did that. Or are you a semantic zoom because tomorrow's illuminated just oh after this -- -- trying to look there's some does that we'll -- and on my cousin vs Biden yeah I don't -- mama yeah I -- and I dirty that is. Hi we're gonna take a break -- we're gonna talk to we we need to switch gears -- bit Doug Whaley. Is the new general manager of the multiple -- we talked him for a -- -- Andres and it will and you can -- some -- few bills fans and -- -- -- -- comeback what what I want to know about the tension in that room on -- and -- this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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