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Cheif Sheppard on Bennie Warr

May 17, 2013|

The Break Room welcomes Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard to talk about the recorded incident of Bennie Warr being knocked out of his wheelchair by Roc City Police

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- I mean excuse me chief shoppers here protests Kyle exit -- is Ramsey -- -- showed that it was that was his name and he didn't really know well he's dumb kids. And I don't mean dumb and has retarded and this Ann I was as dumb as you are that it should. He delegates realize that you are higher I this whole lives. Highly disagree but I don't think you are all I -- everybody was a dead indicted noting that in an age either. To me is even us a bad haircut. I think the -- guys chief shepherd is here every one of those things. Before you -- I've been really impressed with and -- I wanna see if you'll do -- -- -- talk about -- -- the whole thing with mr. war. But the the unprecedented. Access. That you have given I think the community more than just that it's a new Israeli. The community. To you has certainly. Had to work in doing a better relation to the community through the town hall meetings you've been out. Where do we have on the street UN and -- Richards together have done these. The Twitter town hall meetings and the news -- doing a whole piece of the series on you -- Kevin Doran Stillman. All about what to do was just talking about Rochester finest in and what you go through and in the a lot of the focus is on on you when your job. How does that work it. I think it's very important that directions police department and music chief and I am accessible at the people wanna be with a -- a pattern or something now. We've had and as I did you called yellow to chief tapper some amount of the other. TP IDF. Print guy who but it does give them access to us -- a number of ways of -- that. A lot of our social media is focused on affected a lot of the commerce and yes don't you watch TV don't know -- that's -- -- home they're using their cell phones to do everything and so we want to advantage of that right. And that is where people live in the copyright -- migrating away from traditional forms of of media to do that kind of stuff. So what it comes it what you all this of all this work you've done to build this relationship and then this video comes out of mr. war being knocked out of his. Chair we sought -- it was sent us on Friday. And you see that in almost but the least. It and everybody is so reception yeah at least you'll only see. You'll see what leads up to what we see right so you'll only see the guy get knocked out of the chair and then from there and someone screaming he's been -- analyst. That seems to take all the work you've done and just push it back further. And make those relations kinda tense again because that's all people seat and again that's social media. That somebody's putting out there and if that's all people are seeing -- that's -- how do you combat that and can you even talk about this now I know there's an investigation into the hole. But what they -- says that the directors police department makes 171000. Arrest a year each and you know affected someone can say oh look at this arrest in this. It's something that's indicative love. A police officer at its toll I think inappropriate to the fact. I think there are circumstances that we need to be called to -- -- put to task relative to what we do how we do. In this particular instance with -- aware obviously he's I saw where I thought it was war I apologize where Warrick and W they are -- yelling yet does that sound. My understanding is that he is initiated a loss sooners in the process of doing that so it's not necessary where I would you know come talk about it on the air and I want Leo we'll say about the video and you've already touchdown -- -- -- -- You know if you listen to the audio did lead you to a place that may he may not get too if you just looked at the video yet without any audio and I think that's a key pieces. -- I wanted to play did you -- plan the end of it I did not know him because we're playing in the -- can play it -- -- sitting here -- -- This is the end of the video we had -- up on FaceBook this is mr. war wherever I actually don't know how to pronounce his last name. And as he is and knocked out of the of the wheelchair or whatever. As he was knocked out the -- and and they're screaming he was mace but you're gonna hear a woman say kinda why this happened. And it's sort of hard to determine who's who's the snow zoom in -- Steve Smith Irvin whose door vice Versa is the place or is it was aware Kerio. And like -- thanks that's what -- They've pushed them not to stand and I'm glad that don't minarets and about on day he met them up my faith and. Now OK so I don't know who's the dude who stress the block all day at first when I listen to what I thought well that's that's mr. where. Or restore for -- -- in this chair maybe was get Matthew people. But other people have said Null. That has then the -- on call open drug costs -- three years and police come through it. Say hey move along and by the community say it is their harassing me. Well -- I don't know what this day. OJ to bring that point up is because you know we worked very closely with the -- and every business association -- and what they've tried to do is you know there's been a lot of work done on Jefferson avenue yes street's new curbing this is one wanted to drive and so what they test us with this clear in the block. Because what they don't want is when you have these clusters of people that are around hanging out. Go to the -- you know it kills -- -- so that's part of our task is to get out they're clear black. And now is talk about it like walker and reasonably because on one hand somebody wants us to their luck on other instruments as your grass and both -- and -- -- yesterday as we go. Yes but then I also said this so that that would lead me to believe that the officer got punched in the face. Which makes you go hey. That sounds like a great job. Hint it's Friday morning but I can go get punched in the face it there's -- much an all doing is my job I guess she kinda. He had I don't wanna see expect that the maybe expect that when your police officer that you're gonna meet some resistance somewhere along the way. And -- to think and so there are same because this guy I was pissed off that's why they went so heart that this other man now IP is I think bring a lawsuit he did lawyer up. And as it's tough cookie. And age. Dress that dude. They may as annoying -- -- -- it was one of those bandages and go over their head that halo name did the Goosen had gone. I did this I'm sorry -- but my son that I go read this is the biggest say the ambulance -- that's all I can think of a citizen I see that collar on a dude yeah I go that's an ambulance chaser he got somebody good. -- -- But that's kind of where. Things right when I heard that I wanted to play that -- audio -- I didn't know what it was. And that's kind of remote what's come back is that it was the police but -- we did hear that it has been for forty plus years a major -- -- major drug area and you don't you talk about a score I'm due to -- street -- yeah and accessible to the community -- -- -- -- G connection so often. And it's not a musical yeah. But as the complaint. It is deal would -- streak whatever a business trip you talk about. Those are the issues for the people who were business owners are the residents complain about is. You've got to clear the blocking got a clear history got you got to get them off a corner and so again Abbott on the police department 32 years. That has been the dance we've gone through -- where people want to clean it up and then somebody is upset because you're cleared up yet. Now in terms of how we cleaned up and that's part of this issue here in terms of the complaints is -- we got to be a professional how we do our business you know I can't -- it'll make it personal can't make and honestly I -- you aren't following the rules but at the same time. We never make everybody happy. Now I -- I have -- clearly he's you call Walken are a razors that. Can I ask you kind of a personal questions 32 years on the force did you ever have anything -- got punched in the face or anything you remember along the way I mean that's a tough job and all your. You do -- MM probably the worst thing to go into a. A domestic situation. I can't remember specifically so he puts me in the face haven't been in fights on the job were you know you try to do something into -- doesn't want to do it can -- -- -- to. Pointed it out there and I always -- -- so this. Hi while it's it's interesting and I just thought as it goes you know you see all this work that you're doing so when you're on the street. People have already seen this have you heard other people say day. I I don't care what was going on and what are people saying to you about this if they can get an I'm sure that you get -- Becky get criticism right on the on the capitol. I haven't gotten. Anything on -- yep I actually went to the avenue yesterday and today and one of my deputy chief who walked around on Jefferson avenue we talked to a number of people you know we got both sides of we have people who said you know all that was terrible that was wrong nation haven't -- we have businesspeople Telus day. They were doing what we wanted to do that -- and gives the razor Blair announced he get both sides of. Well when you get the people saying that I always think that the only one thing for most people. The -- all of us we just want to feel like were hurt or we manner in some way so I think it's kind of cool that you go down there aren't people have. That where have -- -- they can walk up to you and say that and feel like they can say it. And it is always they do it it may -- civil matter to -- well no listen to a no matter how you all. Everybody's got civil but -- -- you have to listen and I think that's the important -- in terms of whatever we do whether -- -- on the street with -- Barbara -- -- -- whatever it is that you give -- opportunity be hurt and then when you hear from you have to -- -- to what you hear him when you can change things change you -- there's some things we can't change you know we talk about. People on a block. There's a reason this thing going over forty years because of the cycle of us make an arrest people taken their spots. -- -- the war on -- rounds of everything is that it it is a challenge and it's it been a forty year challenge. Right -- is your best defense in this is all drug related and it really comes down to it to me it's is this is the problem tonight. Tonight we'll chief shepherd you know I I say. He did -- not it's tough. And it is walking -- says he's trying to keep everybody happy so external -- to masters right trying to keep citizens have been business owners happy and it's. It is trying to do it in and everybody's got. Something to say and how to do it learn how to do a better you seem to be able to walk that line well. Well I think the most important things we know what are our role is and our role is to you know -- the city Safin and make people want to live an -- people wanna do business and and you know it is. That razor -- that we walk but at the same time I think that we're doing a fantastic job and I could boost to the members -- Rex is he's probably go up every day indeed done. Is there a chance that one of the the chief on the streets could be like a karaoke night where -- gets this thing. I would love ICC the songs yeah I would love to say I have a feeling that you could sing some karaoke -- why get that feeling but. I could see some reforms. Don't think that could -- -- -- brother -- somebody I don't I don't know that I can't. It is chief Shepperd thank you chief nice to see this morning. We will take a break in the break -- in 965 WC MF.

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