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Day Two of Bill's Parking Boot

May 17, 2013|

Bill's hopes, dreams,and bank account dies after paying for his build-up of unpaid parking tickets

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Die anyway doctor Joyce Brothers that died -- my bank account yesterday because. Unpaid parking tickets are you gotta be drained you have any money and left because I actually thought I I doubt I've no -- you gotta be like. You're you're the average American and -- Yeah. Think they'll be the judge to feel good. That everybody's -- and misery loves company you know everybody's you know I don't move to Cuba but you gotta feel that I certainly would feel really brings you feel worse and they're both doing great you broke well -- a little -- all around and -- it doesn't. Videos -- -- is personal economy doesn't affect mine I understand that -- like will be he'll do with the we -- -- compare notes that the people. Well so like I have like a lot of dead and relays America has allotted I go. How are now doesn't look at that point the way I ago dislike infringes those Wear berets. So I I did yesterday like 7 o'clock I guess the people running into the studio guests at Michelle always these guys what did you said something longer I was afraid to come in planning for on the air -- and other guys as I wish they just blurted out because trying to at least for us it did at least in terms of I have to say any show in this building. You could do that again and it wouldn't. I don't think it would really throw us who drove it become a fun. So there was a boot on my car. And did as you were listening yesterday my wife called up very upset you know trying to pay for the pool could do we know that it's nothing and I don't know do we have a buddy and an innocent trying to help that Billy has plenty nick hey I'll now notice nobody talks about his -- hey guys the loss today I did not. There's a producer idea he could hold it up this guy. -- -- -- -- Bluetooth anyway I don't believe sleeping dog or your wife plays beyond upset yet. She -- she was tracked right. -- trying to abort tweeting me that was the most uncomfortable radio they've heard thank you for good recent tune you laughing was very funny -- -- couldn't help but -- So while we were told yesterday on the air and it was 405 dollars and meant there was a part of me is like calling -- Hang on a second. I don't even know -- it's. I don't remember getting this many tickets doesn't make sense for ticket that -- is and I would I would say OK I have taken image of them in a bang on in whenever and that's always been my habit I've had similar problems -- throughout my life with putting things in a bag of -- amount he had just because it's one of those barrels it's some kind of humorous rethink your. That's not gonna happen to me if I just ignored it goes away I don't know the but he did say bad habit. So I thought well let me go down to the parking bureau they go home and sirens happened and not you know what probably miss that -- -- a billion Nadal but I figured hey even if it takes like. Fifty a hundred dollars off back in your budget today and I even was worth it the -- the effort to -- your pocket then there's so I get -- they're not realizing them what's gonna happen is you fill out paperwork and then and -- just talked to somebody behind piece of glass you know you go into a room with microphones and a person running a tape recorder and another guy. Brasilia. As the hearings get deposition yes it is -- this tiny Macedonia and you have to say I swear to tell the told truth -- You have -- -- -- -- this yet but does and it was a parking noted that it's a whole thing that you wanted to put real nice guy focusing on wanna know is one thing. I did they give me a list of the tickets I have no dates no dates on this list I'm going I'll take some criticism make -- sense. So. I wait -- takes me down and then I wanna see now it's over 400 bucks so that's a lot of money so I sit there I go in the back. Sit down. They have a way to use your degree go through and I haven't -- slips that now -- now from the receipts from the meter ground attack. And have that are they have my hand and I have all I had Lecavalier who has always good to get a file but. I had kept a bunch in the car in every month I put him in an envelope and keep me in my office so I don't have -- -- nice having gotten a ticket in March April. February was the timing dominate and I think you might have been two days back to back margin ever you were don't -- that stuff. I'm sitting there and gags go attorneys listen tickets well one is from. State Street 2008. Mess like when you first started to your advantage of that and even have it wasn't it was -- to yes it was when we first are here I'm going this doesn't make any sense. Well -- you legislate. I go yet but that's -- -- the car and drive and it goes us true he has. Well how deeply to. So I'd play I don't know I said I I that's I so I don't know the usual deeply guilty. Not guilty guilty with an excuse we don't try and -- do an excuse so I said not guilty. He was okay well look at that we have pattern here I'm saying guilty with a fine. I know supported me sit here I think that's okay on to the next ticket really -- -- Two of these tickets and this is the part that has me pretty meant remove like Benoit. So he says. Okay. This when he had a slip for. -- time expired at 1015. Ticket was written at 1017 your past the meter time pro -- so I say bring Angola -- NASA I go. What is really feels that you game we got to event. I don't really does I detainee to keep business down in that part of the city right. He has so -- guilty or not Boehner -- I -- not guilty guilty with a final you have no evidence. Of and entering this guy has now -- in -- -- don't they intercepted Tommy off there and I said this I say this about. You'll today may sign up for web site or agreed a look at something. Then and have this big long list of things on the Internet and you have to check the I agree boxed and ready and everybody has scrolls in his sitting right -- goes so when you pull up to a parking meter will you agree to play by the rules that they have established in your thing is. Two minutes past or two hours passed it doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter sings in you get you get a fine. Well OK so. -- guess that's the intellectual side of it the emotional side which is what all humans but operate from Missouri and emotional base. To me this sucks and leaves a bad taste in the mouth for anybody US to work in the city so the next one is. You got to take I said I know that I paid that day I go it's a day before it it's like. I -- I I don't look at all these tickets I said I have those tickets for that month and I go out there -- -- Tony says to make because the note says the tickets upside down they couldn't read it I go you've got to be kidding me says excuse me to -- how I stand across the room with these. Big bold letters on this ticket and you tell me what you had a particularly good reason he got a ticket it was upside down. But it's still on the side down -- Tommy eternal. I don't I don't I I so I saved us -- this is where I made a mistake because now I'm pissed. I'm really pissed that I sit there and I say that a guy may have tapes. I'm sure -- -- release of the -- fund wasn't due until -- I say hello how I stand across the room hold this ticket upside down and with your old eyes you can -- old eyes and I you see that was right then you see I enjoy that. -- -- -- -- And he says. Like I could give you the ticket and wait defiant governor that has surcharges. I -- does but I think that we've established a pattern here the money doesn't change you can go outside now and pay your bill when it did console. -- like from not you know I mean it was for nothing and it pissed me off and here's. Here is that I think the emotional side of it I don't god dammit this sit in I know people we have so when I say that. But that this city -- he does everything they can to bring business down here they give tax breaks and lean and all kinds of different. Manipulation of money to bring business into juice and -- here and then when they get people down here work and you're gonna screw the guy who's actually doing the work is not just me. It's other people I mean I know it's me so that's -- it sucks. But -- cause me to come to work here. Just apart Mike just a privilege department Corretja in an area that's dead right because me almost 900 dollars a year just department Carter right. -- in a place it's any -- And that's the part that really pisses me off -- know -- you know part of the city where they can't even keep this until they cannot they do is -- people's Allentown. They wanna have places in you need I mean in order to have restaurants in a place for want you need the bodies -- who's gonna stay here if I -- if I'm two minutes past. And some guys out I feel your pain here's the thing your paying. Right and the thing is it just. That's the part the real better jacket I am not is I don't come on man. They give breaks and it to everybody in the city say another word commitment I gotta go and hatred in general get a break and I -- you know there's nothing I can do today I knew right they got -- bent over a barrel but beyond the next couple months I'm gonna have decisions to make him. Let's see what happens now because this does this sucks to be honest with the it sucks it sucks the way the company works at the city and all this stuff in just. It's kind of one of those things that I just go just doesn't work I would explain -- -- only to your ticket -- you're still saving money. And also one thing that kills me is like regulate your step you got booted had to do that and I'm still -- apart because I park in the garage you park on the street went for a but I really -- The moderate. Every Dave Barry. Yeah or really pissed -- opposite that -- so it can't take it never -- euros 00. And they they. We all yes CDC had no matter what then I can you believe that the -- the guys is it's upside down I go why he couldn't read it was upside down. I don't turn sideways is an okay you take your head up. But even -- your old lies the fact any knock that guy and certainly in addition to the flu is so. Classic Bill Murray. -- -- genocide can no one's ever so it's almost I think you're just off the way go to other Strasser under. Earl do you -- it and I did not. And -- editor of it and bottle or stick to expect for the ethical conduct a -- -- But he grabbed Steve -- did Dicey Jim is on the line to Alexa tells it to Steve. Months of. When he says -- I doubt you met that she was upside down the writing was on the bottle. Not knowing your way it would picture out of that great you know you look at right out of the picture it now. -- -- -- That's -- -- and that's flip ultra right now I don't know what that's really meant. He meant upside down he did not go far. Eight videotape because -- take a look. Anything wrong. I I took this thing and said. Do you mean like this sign and you know I -- senator and I said you can even see what they're all -- this says and goes. Room -- got the topic of Patrick. Several times several when he put the boot on and -- dated any finder for. Any new announcement we are gonna go out there yet. As it revealed on that at that and was it on Sammy. What's up. A budget time yeah. Should go by other given not -- big talking straight you know our Reynolds -- the city isn't -- -- it will -- a steady. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had that we had federal building -- we -- free parking it was awesome because it was built into the you know you want to fill this building up you get against a break it. So when will we are just -- transferring over to this buildings Costas Costas and almost have found that everybody felt not only. Here. More men I think mood I miss -- twenty bucks -- -- not totally not quite torn about who we know. Yeah burns is it and our brand right not -- -- matches give it took a good deal and it -- -- -- Here's my wife she knows what the pattern is what's a -- -- enough front. I don't remember that don't drink I don't carry alcohol. I had no idea about -- hosts -- weeks. So everybody can just -- -- they're already shot at age nineteen and it doesn't matter. And -- -- -- little -- -- parking. Mean here people know your car into the blue -- marina you do bingo. -- Of course it all -- -- people so they know exactly who you are. No -- you weren't great and when you're not -- they know when Gordon England put the ticket to be what -- -- bowl tickets. And what is the very end and pick these strict expire well -- -- what do I know when you. And 61. Which means your ticket with only expire first. Single net. Now yes in between right before -- -- to Latvia and that's on saying this leg of its aid -- doing all Boston move is what. I biggest guy you know. Right and by the way it was upside down not flipped over this guy was it was not flipped over was ours is I don't think right and I even. Don't -- that don't actually know it's a new team you. An eighteen minute you're going to be able to order being issued and maybe get it to put the media yeah. Mr. -- -- incredibly. Went out that they do you put up -- but no. You got. -- Who's Lula has really really life was video was the guy and we'll. Be -- I don't think that anything to do the do. Our support it up but their corporate outings I'll crazy and I gonna play. Two different. People you don't get a vote. Torture and six forced chapel thousand dollars all of a sudden export -- that below below actually went to a ticket or -- Forty years ago. Yeah there are gonna boot on the year culture Arab brand you know my. Or aids and it exists to do well that they're they're not committed but they're never gonna step up and we know there and they're not. They're not and so Zdeno and a million dollar deal come back right based on that and right now today. It's been over a barrel tomorrow and I mean the future tomorrow's not and I will. They they -- decisions will be made they're going to be made I can't continue that did. In death and blows on total finally -- Shingle but it has cockpit door I think I don't get started working. Company yeah we don't you agree on board and -- I know. I believe me I know I know that if you get a job at Lowe's can you give me one of those discount cards or employee discount. No good a lot of your -- not here believe me. They'll come and handed I don't know here's the thing over here I do and I let her go because I could hi I'm -- would about a hung up and aim point and people always get upset winning but the bottom line is -- I'm pissed -- many many levels I'm not happy I'm not happy employee I'm not a happy with the with the city but I'm not happy with these two things. Today I can't do anything about it now they can they could fire me if they want to and that's fund for -- but on the other side. When things and they end men I can't continue this way it's not the way I wanna do business. It's not it's a hacker could for my personal economy. It sucks I get it I get it you know it. Every self righteous person I said at the beginning you're right whether it's two minutes past due or twenty minutes or two hours you agree to play by those rules okay. I got it from them well then I'll change the rules and that's what I plan to do my intention is to change the rules because I can't continue to do this is not worth it it cost way too much. To continue to do that. Well there's gonna cut issue 400 dollars an image is it just does and that about a mission of cost me that. That's my fault well that I mean lost seven exhibit outside down to put -- yes I am -- all these things and ache and you go you know this between the city and and the company makes it very very hard. To say yes this is -- that the greens are very very hard.

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