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  1. Duffy Oversteps His Fantasy Football League's Trash Talking Boundaries


    Wed, 2 Sep 2015

    Duffy discovered that he may have been a little aggressive when making fun of a fantasy football competitor

    big dig found at 4:18

    got a little except what not religiously and. Italian label like the Big Dig in a room yet. And it got quiet for awhile and as like I just decide who's gonna stop talking Jiaka like
  2. Tommy is too Creepy for the Creep Cap


    Wed, 2 Sep 2015

    Tommy weirds out his listeners as well as his coworkers by what he said on Wednesday.

    itchy eyes found at 1:21

    stared at the wall in stealing your mommy and old. You have itchy eyes and know what's going on I think it probably it for my mother she didn't know what was going on there with
  3. The Most Disturbing Things Said By Tommy in This Week's Creep Cap


    Fri, 21 Aug 2015

    side effects found at 1:32

    and it is cool but you don't let's just you don't have human emotions aside do. An emotional breakdown airmen and that's about that he moat full review my point it safely to tell you that he at a mode. And when you're 38 goes 45 euros and it's like haley's comet the idea of coaching. Flies around once every 75 years that they don't think it's. You have all the guys that support and urinary slavish you're ready folks. The spread those cheeks girly game he's 38 girls when he fives so thirteen years of what is that awesome NSA that's. When he tried a woman is fully ripened. And it's completely secular. Physically perfect page. Like what's this side effects they gave him. The gui client we will get into college again elated league win leading to Wembley could be side effects because I know between two euros it gives you issue. So I need to 35 because I've been too distracted by the cuteness factor Avago man's skin and nice cool. I think your enemy is my secret yet for some reason and he knew he used for York and to have headaches possible fate he spells at times social sector should protect its eleven again make it anywhere for idiots. Phillips a bingo I just think to Basel one that the bill
  4. Tommy Travels to the Mid West for a "Wife Field Trip"


    Wed, 19 Aug 2015

    outdoor furniture found at 0:51

    eighteen hours roundtrip to stay in hotel next week ago look at. Outdoor furniture . As we can get such a deal. You're driving you Ohio news to buy furniture not. Indoor furniture. Outdoor furniture . The lowest of the low. Why. Is she says it's okay they like special late he has made staff I got over

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