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How Long is Too Long To Leave Your Dog In The Car?

Jun 7, 2013|

The Break Room talks animal cruelty and leaving your dog in the car for too long. Should you call the cops if you see a dog, or more importantly a child in the car?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

965 WC. -- Pass Christian band put this up on FaceBook on Friday a lot of people had. Great response to it and it is something as someone in the break room has been guilty of doing grown what. So what -- put a sign on a person's car not a sign they wrote a note and taped it to their car. And the -- said I took your dog. To the police department. Leaving your dog in the car on a hot game like this is animal do you still remember. On Friday it was over ninety dollars and dog in the car and you can't care for dogs properly don't -- one thanks. We read -- some of the responses and we get into debate as to whether this is overstepping or not. Laura writes yes I would say thank -- god the dog is okay. We do we know the -- -- danger did this person do the right thing or is there more to the story. Would you have the balls to do this now to leave a note on there and Laurie writes yes I would think god the dogs okay. Leave the age and it ass -- owner. In the car to rose to death. Jesus Christ what kind jerks around there Tracy. Answered the question did this person do the right thing Hal yes. -- -- I would like to think I would do this Scott wrote I agreed dog should not be left in a car in this heat it's bad. However leaving a dog in your car and going into the mall for an hour. That's BS indiscernible a list of three variables to. This that you don't know first of all I mean I've I've taken my dog in the summertime. I'm in and out that's Cameron and waitresses is scorer cappuccino going to be other beyond five minutes to the windows are down enough. He's fine hand and I I've had people you know -- that woman bitch at me and so -- -- the dog's fine. I get it if I was in every giving -- shopping for half an hour and a taking care of the animal but hey you know what. Most animals are outside ninety degree weather to call wildly god -- animals. Reading your daughter of the car for five minutes or stopping it has for Gatorade is totally different story Brian but I I think and then you see -- don't suffered in screaming because it's kind of a either it's passed out would you leave -- one year old child in the car remember I gotta love -- sound like going on to get all of the ever see you know -- Clearly was up 500 it was wintertime it's. It is an interest big I I don't when I see people's dogs in the car -- the window is slightly cracks form it. Not only you knew you know I may have these dogs suffering. You know that's in any suffering yet I think you pull a move. But other net -- a good idea and this wall would in no one left you know now and that you know she yelled at the federal police -- -- -- it's assuming given their book. Yet what happened with yours she just stood by the car -- now. She. Sat in her car yeah I don't pay attention like and I you know skies in the Kearny school on criminal might cough who get ready have a nice afternoon the other didn't and you know business just as I didn't look now that she was such drive by a heckler Padilla because as soon as she heard me think -- get in the car. Dench because I -- she was parked out. Out of out of a lot usually wait there -- AG Joan Baez gives you. Only video these are hard to lose a Darren McCarty he agrees -- and as soon as I turn -- she took off I couldn't do any response. What would your response and stuff but in order to ask you though no one knows he. Front and -- The early on in the -- you -- -- command of the does dogged Tommy. To five minutes was thrown my -- the only until cooler in the car I got my -- -- fourteen years of life I think they did find is a dog owner. News tonight and soon found a body or means there's an inventor and her attention allies -- treats her kids kicking from the -- at this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I will say that if I didn't. I have knows you love dogs in the car with it but -- -- usually thing in the I'm when he does say on the dog and nothing new you know. Why would you but it finally saw I -- left in the car for any. Well none at all for any weather any weather at all nice super hot mile to freezing called it didn't matter. I would be standing by the car what's the age was the club well all let's put this week if I saw a child in a car seats a -- I would stand -- car. And I'm when the person came out I would say. You can't do that and somebody else is -- abuse -- science because they won't call the cops on -- did you. Knowing you're talking to the birds got a knife we would be nice to. And I think -- Moran all. I would I don't -- -- united I would just say I. I'm not one but I'm not there I'm not messing with the hold on it causes a usually -- okay well as sixty degrees yet so basic Syria Danny can well breeze out of the south. Okay Michael's retirement yet. The guy is gay you know the -- Russia did sit in cars even the courtesy cars for much like that cracked window put it. Always say everything is fine. What's gonna happen and probably nothing my thing is more of that. I I I don't know I would it would be one that would stick with me I say this I -- is gonna happen tell us it would always good that's a good parent what what -- -- -- Extort kids lie down -- a little older and left in the car. Let's say 67 -- their nine car seats in the run around I'd be afraid of them hurt themselves well we have put in carting here is to get around it. But he got a -- strapped in their dead boss strapped in there. That I got into anything in this stuff on regular amount aim is to -- wakes up and is screaming and is scared during. Most people don't we look in the car for -- right no big guy at the receive no there was reference. It was around guys getting regularity you know. Sometimes you know the ladies she's busy -- get a run and ran out of time sensitive to any estimated and -- RC and on -- -- the Kindle owners get to dry cleaning come back out all the really little it's easy to the whole thing comes DeVon still -- back a renowned in and out -- -- -- with the -- there. With these guys I know everything there is so snatch a bowl. I -- every kid. I'm -- your kid obviously I don't even think this is that's tonight just like I think this mansion I think if people didn't. Funny how I manage this scenario I just stated yeah some degrees it's again today. I mean beyond these can be concerned with -- somebody's gonna grab your kid and you know Big. Bang your kid. BL I guess I guess I would be concerned the kid waking up to me and scares. Or. They many was crony countrymen have been Janet again use -- then -- and those same but boy abandoned milieu is abandoned. I would not judge take to cut kid out of the car and I take your dog into the car. But people said that they we feel like that's like steel and well I took it and now -- -- to the police stations. Let's steal -- so now you have to go there are now you'll tell and I don't know -- -- mind I don't know if they touch your dog on my -- to take it yes yes. But -- you get a new dog does not mean I would be very mean no I mean that's my dog from taken aback. Now the -- is now we get a new one will I get Nadal did not -- the right over who's got a dollar. There is a dog there ironies of -- your -- got to do unit on the dogleg. Yeah I mean -- I mean it is yeah I mean follows you around. Tony -- a little family right now. But -- -- family space or whoever it is it's all right Diana needed to dogs and our sales zero point two dogs -- Ellison's team -- dog essence. Got a whole shebang dance but -- -- do the same thing with the kids. I took your dog -- little police department. Leaving it does gonna -- -- car and high today is at a news and I say you know dating overwhelming you can leave her kids -- -- -- And it's one of the -- a lot of star of the enemy to bearden knows the you know published back to legislate suddenness he writes I -- athletic director. Thought RC two to 6000 Achilles Texas at 99404. We are the break room on 965. WC a --

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