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Maryland Teacher Gets Busted Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Jun 7, 2013|

The Break Room discusses Stephanie Mikles' unnatural relationship with her families geman shepard. Tommy explains the dynamic of the human-to-dog physical relationship and the guys ask the question, what if this happened here in Rochester?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah but -- it. Many 6:5 WC am -- little cooler today after steamy weekend. We're just talking about if you left your dog in the car came out. And there is a -- says I -- your dollar to the police department leaving your dog. And a car and hot day like this is animal abuse don't forget Friday when Christian -- put the Sar break through FaceBook page. We had. Ninety degrees there right -- roasters. Earlier. In the week last week we have talked about actually I think those Thursday's new -- last week we talked about teachers and how one teacher quit. Button would now like to take. The dog abuse story in the teacher's story and combine them together post so people were. Passionate when we talk draw interest they get seven months of work well that's untrue they -- they are more -- They get much time on all this time off they did endorse it salaries and blah blah blah people were concerned. This is a story that may concern you if you are an animal lover down may concern you if you have a child who has a teacher. Karen I'm Merrill and teacher. Has been busted to grow and grow. For BC reality now after six footage emerged of her having set -- you since footage with our family's pet dog. Room OK. -- Seeks up what I want somebody film didn't Stephanie. Mick let's. 45. Allegedly engaged in a variety of sexual acts. We canine. Over a month -- -- Five years ago were released in August 2000 a relationship that was -- summer eleventh and some of puppy -- in the summer. It took -- thought she was only arrested earlier this year after a child advocacy center officers. Search her home in an unrelated manner -- so she would vote this is certainly is jumbled on the the bone in that the pooch you have to have all Lauren did go insert somebody's house that deeply so this broad is good some funky stuff going on there. They found pictures and video control of the disgusting acts. So she -- -- -- up on our website she's going to be running for lonely old bitch well to be limits on an all -- picture. Missing by six years she banged a dog would you believe me as -- Jesus I get every day mom okay this. But I wouldn't not attractive not on charges as an oral and a person very normal -- lonely very normal. This disturbed. The continuance. She's only arrested after this is discovered mill looks -- -- excuse me who looks after special needs student Jesus. Was she charged retard is digital on this American move yes. -- it's your turn -- Sir yes error I wonder like I don't know all the stress of deal with special needs kids draw over. To the well because of -- his eye could see having the stress of special needs kids it is stressful and if you do that for a living -- -- -- of very special person and legacy that driving you to drinking -- Agassi developing some kind of habit contributed over eating just frustrated everybody's got. They're Jones man but this is there a sense of pink -- right there -- -- hang in the set of balls and she is torn up. Was charged with the Steelers C have you ever seen actual footage noble woman having sex or -- I happen. Why. Because his -- onetime semi all his bizarre. For a one time you silly I don't want to get -- -- -- -- both -- just want -- woman she's laying down like regular landowner lakes for missionary style. And there's a German shepherd on top of her. The weird thing is they're not doing the doggy style. He's editor her from the from what her legs up veneer and ended dogs pumping -- -- -- -- adult at a pace of appeals or Tom Burnett and that's -- -- how we had her. So the shepherd is bang in this check based cared enough men. I'm gone that interviews that shippers have a freedom ball corners she -- she's getting off on it. I mean it's a Palestinian it's all accounts. -- has bred that dog Brusca real brutal series charged with unnatural for perverted sexual practice. She denies the allegation that this footage -- so I'm safe and has been suspended for a job. If convicted. How much time is easiest -- none of them probably slept five years on a more broad she faces up to ten years ten years -- thousand dollar fine please and a dog the dog. There's no living with the family play -- Stillwater and our own way and that makes his husband let me go back and we look whose husband. I'll go into by the local ABC affiliate in -- Merrill and -- we have our ABC affiliate here is thirteen win matter fact. Christian Dan is it possible deal that we can see here. -- that we can play the yeah I -- here yet. -- -- -- began investigating -- last year but did not anticipate finding evidence that would lead to a shocking indictment. According to court records and evidence of still photos a grand jury indicted Nichols with unnatural or perverted sexual practice the indictment -- sexual intercourse. With a family -- Police say according to evidence that happen in August of 2008 but in Maryland there is. No statute of limitations for -- -- reality and source -- this YouTube. Still lives that don't look at Jerry built home. Is currently on administrative leave without pay from the Hartford county school system. It could not comment on personnel matters -- -- and part of her job did involve working with children. Her past job title remains a concern for the State's attorney's office which declined an on camera interview with -- -- to -- -- gators did say the findings in -- should -- a lot of surprise and that it was a separate investigation by the child advocates center that led them to this shocking discovery. Miracles could not be reached for comment at her home outside they'll -- but her attorney did tell us she is fighting the child motions to dismiss the end. Prices jumped and I analyzed -- Erica. Pretty get get it now -- I think I did what and so. -- should she doesn't look like the -- -- I guess nobody does it look real I don't yeah rhetoric on pumping look over there. If I should you I never anybody. Even remotely completely are never let me well yeah and she's. No she is what I said hey you know a lot for rumors humane. It's. If there. Outs anyway I don't think there's look I don't think there's a look for that this is the movies some sand. And the from the Addams Family movie where Wednesday as it's Halloween -- what's your costume she goes I'm homicidal maniac Taylor just like anyone else it's still like it can be anybody flying and I want. Like I did sister Julia -- look at the -- -- From I think I'm thinking she was low lane issue is do you believe -- kind of crap I think she was warning you know. But I think you're still though Rhode Island and -- -- view of Africa today if he says she -- legged -- and -- don't know -- uses and a dog. She buries it build those in the backyard. -- You -- put her hands of this war your kid's teacher would you believe it. Let's sync you either let syndicates have a great year don't forget now we are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Honestly -- you said footage. That means foreigners in film -- your books -- I got to believe it. Many years they have regular actually used I wanna see you go to an -- and I want what's bill he would because if there's -- are able to find out right now are right until excellence to the benefit of the doubt we'll find out it is all my gosh relief. You do they have -- -- hit the school. Oh my yeah you. Start a rally them to -- -- -- -- -- job back or we wanna see the footage and OK everybody in the gymnasium. Bring -- analysts now project. Yeah there it is -- it's called the Animal Planet on Lyle hall. Back to the statue limitations personal statue limitations will be still perilous size ten years getting a break -- -- on for -- what is shall we don't. Statue limitations for statutory rape is ten years -- you get a catcher Aaron but it might -- to check and it turns a twenty years and I was right. Tommy home being the two became close me down. John. I'm wondering if this woman is Stillman is married you know what he's -- I'll wonder she is because -- I don't know she's still married. One of her husband was in and now. Only sector one he was kind of found it entered the -- say somebody had to train that's insane the little bit right -- -- could be wrong Beckett is obviously a really gets up and away and that's the case for them alone. But another -- of the dog. There's demonized. Approach. To it's a very strange ones but they like -- and I don't know how idealistic teacher. And the -- It's always a teacher. Mine gone a giant feelings what what would be the thing to mean that we ago yeah I don't want that person near my day -- How -- -- yeah how many hours somebody adopt a teacher that may -- is borderline rumored to be abusive -- -- decades -- stuff that decayed. That person -- This one. Or you kidding I'm not sure on day I'm dead serious these days if you're getting out voted by the of the vote in your house sees it. I'm you're done there's always your Buehrle as a matter. If you are allies that -- until I thought she was a great teacher I want I think she may be in my side and boy with -- not believe it. Would you what you're -- to be some kind of kinky is. What your kid's teacher was a this is these are gonna sexual kink. It turns Nazis and is some kind of like weird. So we -- close against Boston's. Vienna but I bimbos and let's say your teacher was doubted -- here's a great -- -- male teacher -- -- has -- he gets busted down there and homo beach at the park. No homo beaches -- Canada any movie each brand -- ethic comes out right. But in all they do a bus and it's a misdemeanor he goes through -- course of its -- And fairness. So. There is need -- and I'm -- -- -- problem with the guy but he -- -- men's units in this thing you have but it means. There is. Think he got a look at the guy differently I -- every -- straight out Palma will fill the school that he was creeping around doing dangerous sex in the dark in apart. You should show -- lack of judgment on that guy. I agree phrase. I would say that that's true but I would assume the school would get rid of them. But let's -- AM in new exit say they put it because there's I think Tommy I think there's all kinds of people who do stuff from Wrigley Field artillery sergeant one of the probably the best let's say in our area of any kind. That he may have some kind of weird thing and it does feel about it so I know I bullets he gets arrested. Then I don't wanna it let's say you needed. Some kind of surgery and he was the best thing we do this site why the degree licensing might backs against the wall the it. Now wouldn't it. No because is a million teachers to -- it in danger to the BC's. -- Dylan. Humpty -- all of -- sometimes there's a great teacher that gets Rudy your kid has that as develop the root for. Has really seriously to all those temperatures top but I -- now -- it. I'm gonna go. I sometimes personalize things like that and on -- that -- Thank audio guy talking about a guy jumping another I don't beat you have I really don't edition as you bad judgment. Non -- into and out there may do is go get a golden -- -- what it means only drinking and -- bad judgment in the summer invited TJ you know saying -- terms of that I had two more commonplace. -- hottest I had two great teachers who were fired because of DW lot of the ball Ryanair during. Division -- but -- conferences are right I don't think you should be fired for DW -- now that Clinton -- -- is drinking alcohol is a common thing right. -- -- -- My semi China's stated that it. The letter she got to those dollars in windows advantage as she sits SSDs that the president has. Knowing stains. Really can't understand. What the answer -- over the saints. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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