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Tom Ferris On Billy's Golf Game

Jun 7, 2013|

Tom Ferris Calls in to talk about Billy's golf game at Jim Kelly's 26th Annual Golf Tournament. Billy was a little ambivalent about his golf skills, but managed to have best ball three times.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jim Kelly announced that he has cancer in his John here's -- report from NBC. The grey Buffalo Bills quarterback in NFL hall of Famer Jim Kelly has announced he's been diagnosed with cancer of the upper jawbone. He made the announcement just prior to his annual golf tournament to benefit children's charities. Kelley says he faces surgery and a couple of days and the prognosis is good. Jim Kelly. Had his celebrity golf classic yesterday. That I was. A guest of Connors and Ferris law firm they are coming to drag news person there. So -- I show up. And I and I was actually arrived a little before these guys for now when you would you call and they are you playing today tallest guy over there. Park your car firm get out of your car guy zips up on a golf course. Freddie take you back. And I look around and I see guys taking these bags out big fancy band of cradle Mike the Christ child -- -- they've gotta like they get a little stand and they got a little hole woods although great loves all the stuff. And I go. No I'm good. Guy goes well like he got in I guess your clubs in the back -- -- -- up it's not that site. Videos. Q hey it who you who -- US. Saddam with Connors and Ferris. Do you look at enemy because they've beat my wife when he's clubs he goes awful until we had done a fourteen -- dealers no new looks to me -- I'll take it all right I'm -- sewing machine yes I would take it out of Carnegie is so I go well. Here's thing for Tom Ferris is said don't worry about it Reynolds said job. Clubs everything -- one -- you'll. So what I he did but sometimes I figure everybody's got a gets busy maybe you forgot I'll tell these as the backbone he's reminding everybody got these clubs are horrible so I leave them in the -- they never left the car -- died Doug brought them in here. Because I wanna do you see periods -- -- they're horrible I've -- these clubs like years ago I've played golf once and a full round of golf once in my life that was last summer I've had these clothes for tenure with the with the kids take him they beat the road used to -- storage. Thirds dobbs. They've tried hitting you know then gives -- of the rough shares they're terrible they're awful. So I was too embarrassed to get these out of the car. Tom shows up. Is Tom first hooked me up the guy's got clubs when she moves like -- news on all this stuff right. -- -- -- -- -- -- yes we meet Jamie Keane he's gonna be the celebrity golf thing with those -- key is the former defenseman for the sabres -- saint Louis blues and his crew with Pittsburgh Penguins diddle coached in. Very nice guys guise of you're you're you're really with empire builders don't you got it on all. But yeah I Connors and -- were or another law they left filter along the got -- this -- buffalo did you guys he's got his Hogan has driven the driven. Top first is a very. Laid back fun guy -- his partner of brag I don't find Greg is amazing but he's a little. Little more intense therapy 1990 -- more intense great sense of humor Mulroney is now history shows and I'm thinking to myself. They're gonna give you the -- Why should we hate all I had all the right attire then they would do she enough to play your shoes. So I get out there we get we have yet you -- rented shoes as a -- bowling Alley. Yeah GO easy to picture -- issues on everything and you look good Tom was Tom was great. -- -- Took me he did during that -- ticket and yeah so now. Hope none of as a get up to the first tee -- get nervous now who do did you tee off first before I was going last Taylor and Charlie isn't as good test. That's been highlighted that -- good or bad well I was just -- the way. Video -- is real -- -- at a time while figured this. Let me go last. That way I can see. A little bit. Just get a quick refresher and -- figures this way. The way you don't know how to fake it for -- my watch is somebody I was your rights act like criminals. So all these guys get a grameen Jamie key beats the pick he warm wanted on one hole they had a long distraction not the longest drive he's beaten the best he was close to the -- so yeah. So yeah. I hit it was like ten and a flag on the I think I topped the ball and I do know believe the first one goes past the ladies and released a hi guy I only got another couple that didn't go past the guys today. -- -- -- Small thing I was so double rest arts and that's how I thought it was this. It was so bad snow and -- don't worry about it very real good -- -- So you we think big caddies check it all lawyers are excited and up from us to all that old couple. The joint it has to go out there and caddie for yes -- hot tea -- If you make an excuse that she -- with a -- upon gives us is sure you don't sell now. This goes on a like for the first cup ball coming I mean -- did you get its intra none you get -- now being your clothes and I don't know. So Oregon along. And these guys they don't worry about AA is guy again -- and I think -- also -- -- -- you know we need. I have a drink you don't why don't they -- finally we hit a tenth I do I shot a Kentucky Berman. And I have a -- -- and that I have a Chicago had a beer other drinks then and sleazy it's real calling drinks who once style you play your back and analyze OK now we're good does pretty that they -- -- I think they call that they -- Merkel. And and he's careful magnitude three shots -- -- your correction that's good. And now. -- -- -- When I got better now later this morning Jimmy Key has agreed to go and play on the line in demanding set me up phone and was so much related so cool and so -- stuff. It's on chipped up the stuff Thompson. Tom -- good morning Tom. Our -- I'm doing well I had a blast yesterday I really did have a lot of football of course your -- high and I -- -- playing -- it's your social -- -- You can say I have to give build a lot of credit starlet admitted immediate. The beginning of the game -- split atrocious job. But once we got bill Lou Dobbs will conclude this man that golf ball within him that bit. Cry and get out well a lot of English fist pump then anyway. I was going to -- did you have at least one Gooden hit one -- -- -- does that even -- I -- I always have -- -- one moment I go yeah I think I could do this and then I'd have ten more lousy shots a -- -- correct that but I I don't forget what we're -- basketball -- three times I -- best -- -- and so there was more time right -- we get out there an -- this is the -- long -- and aren't you hit hard -- 101000. Dollar will partner so I get up there -- and I smack it and it goes. Right onto the green and and into the -- of those best ball for that one now I couldn't work anything. But even -- key as time went on sort of go on. -- Around here and I out drove him -- one he was this. But -- -- Politico and a lot of there was a lot of emission limits yeah but still he -- -- talented. While there was money right into the club programs had talked -- Tom can attest to this -- I said I go. I feel like to kid that's pick last -- that once she does well like nobody has any expectation. Because if killing viewers saying you subway before this -- you are nervous but I'm embarrassed I was trying to be honest because. Why didn't. Tell -- I know that was molested and looks like your golf bag it was also Melissa and I. I've -- I. This golf bag looks like it was rates well I think police sodomized and some treasuries is -- Dalai cannot thank you would -- off. For all the you know all of your equipment and all that -- because I did have a bag just in case but I figured it was one of those negative. And I've brought its. This I got a. But I'm glad you couldn't bring them back up because. I think Greg may have called you out at that point. -- I was -- I think consistency Greg Connors he's he's very serious golfer he's part of -- golf league I believe he is a member of Oak Hill. And -- you get in this town and you know and and and he knows golf well but again another one so but here's the thing even if if I got to hold the one. And let's say it straight over the trees snapped didn't matter -- they were Syrian foreign. That's tough because I was a kid you headache lasted no one thought anything to do any trees earned it. Brought -- -- -- -- trees all day all I got a tree that knocked me back into the fairway. Why don't go to the membership -- I -- sucked and it would still rather partisan it and -- it. -- we -- about them and -- the most memorable part of your game what you're. Actually your first on. -- -- -- well it used to take him slap shot from the -- I. Didn't. To think he was horrified -- And bill 00 brilliant go to Europe -- I consider that that I heard it is. Way up agreed it would village on here and now. Should live at one point Jimmy Key men who is these celebrity they were we were -- with from the sabres and say Blue's Clues. Laid his club down on the other side of the hole was -- -- make it so I hit it. Does the ball not lit. All no way around the cup -- Rendell. And it went all the way at a horse show off -- zoo and now grown to like it too was too much speed and too much muscle -- Mickelson out. I was terrible the but I had a black I really had a lot of fun I can't thank you guys enough. Well thank you come now -- we do not believe -- because we knew he had to go out to everybody because you're funny guy who has. Yeah I don't understand and I could understand why you invited back and build a first place it -- -- -- guy that may go like some special kids. It's stuff it had to go for treatment could make kids so used to do you and its ability to they keep an. It is a good job and let go albeit not in not the focus and not. I beat even Greg Greg -- shares -- a -- like that a bit odd million. And we we definitely had the opportunity to vote no come out and not enough. I'd I think god go to we saw mark I don't work out because he's got the bug he would -- he was really get -- -- at the end and I think it can make complex swap. I guess that's the thing you've got to go get a membership knowing I had so much fun by the end player when you first of law. I'm very competitive but I knew that they sucked is all right what -- -- expectations and I'd just watch these guys in Jimmy Key at one point pull me aside and give you some point yeah I -- and I follow that I'm did not want to blow off there and it worked and I had a blast and they were a lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You just bust balls are these guys -- I mean these guys are just I was this I'm sorry your own way and I got this on our news I don't I think crap but it was just fun there was just a lot of fun so again thanks a lot man I really appreciate it. All right bill. I was we had a great time and I appreciate statement multiplayer. Tonight's CC Clinton picked some tourists from Connors contreras -- you yeah it was a solid disciplined guy didn't Texas at ground came on. Eddie -- -- Greg congress'. My at minute carpenter. So I get there and I see -- you and Greg you know at the -- he -- yeah. You know we can't tooth was a huge. Weight that's to -- any it is no. This Demi relapse 965 WC MS.

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