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Racin' Randy and Robbin' A Walmart. Sound Like a Good Weekend?

Jun 7, 2013|

The Break Room talks to Racin' Randy about Tony Stewart coming to Canandaigua. Two long lost friends unite once again to rob a Walmart with a pellet gun.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not a 6:5 WC. Am out so I'm in my FedEx gear grown hero reduced out. That I won last night at the Jim Kelly's celebrity Kelly for kids charity that's gone golf today tee off 10 o'clock in Batavia. But a guy who drives for FedEx -- want. And I heard his I want to -- to follow NASCAR and yet the FedEx 400. But he doesn't drive for FedEx I should I should recent for the race was the FedEx 400. And it was Tony Stewart -- is -- headlights coming in a candidate what I was watching the Indy race in Detroit yesterday the Indy cars yup and they mentioned Tony Stewart. In that race or just has been one of the elite drivers or. Do I got it couldn't it into an NBC news couldn't and -- Straight away. Looking for -- 48 career win and the driver started the weekend. It's -- Victory Lane. And don't -- Everybody on the her I mean it's been such a tough fear and -- who -- really hadn't. Not new partners to us Stewart Haas racing the new partners on the fourteen car with an 03 associates this weekend. All the tragedies in Oklahoma and and disease is a showcase the great partner like that that's done so much to do so many people itself. -- them and and most of all our fans here in itself. Down for a long time hopefully enable us they're building momentum back into. Thought here's just a little bit more is are the race aficionado rock you Randy now -- Randy. Tony Stewart is coming to town. And your we're gonna get us an interview. July 11 these prominent -- most port park and power -- we get -- what have you done so far weaker. I've talked to track their structure their media guy. They tell mom. We know what I'll tell you what they don't know what. They didn't Alter Bridge -- Department reported when he comes it -- what short track our -- -- jerk are you sir have auto racing is not really they're taking her. You're -- that's crazy because if you love the sport racing near the biggest and voice on -- right at any level right when you. Just to promote its history and I just ten minerals has filly today I just honesty here. And now. Clearly need to and I knew that sound like -- I just want to -- management of five minutes or what our student tried regulatory -- -- get a couple questions -- I just I will be nothing derided her -- -- -- -- couple -- I don't want. Not a derided Obama no not ultimate -- operation well yeah I -- board president Barbara we're working Apollo gonna ask Jim mr. what you ask him yeah. Who I was you know even noticed a derivative. -- That is awesome -- and today amid all this FedEx geared. That I won actually the surety so big -- that's the last moments there's a good dress and -- I wore only. Suton -- particularly handsome put on some -- he goes -- got a date on pop pop pop pop up but. We don't I can't start we. I did not win the guy can't medication campaign. Die cast call your name and an idol of mine output of how my -- it's in there -- is we don't yet but they had a lot and asked they had a whole. There Dale Earnhardt autograph staying in one and junior a lot of ground saying that all kind of and I think it went hasn't Tony Stewart memorabilia as well. -- bureau via all there. Buttons -- Tony Stewart said and you mentioned this to -- before that this is the worst tracks that they race on yet he wore on the call that the work bottles and some. Jack is not to -- suppressed voter twice at their unity yeah wonder exploratory -- report but he can't head propped up there racetrack. And it -- British yep who by Jimmy Jackson like -- weekly bit I try to OF forty direct blow indeed use model known. He joked appears jobless starter and a pretty close I watched it many times. There was close but he -- did jump start and that -- ready jumpstart. And it was -- it was or it was. Black or white heated seats and Nestor black or gender might not that -- -- missteps both -- -- they -- didn't he could have corrected lead didn't. That's what happens here on best -- Gingrich who would they go by Saul he's ready to go to these are ever taught from a lot of great record order were alerted other what do you think about it -- all the but -- sort of good car came up or don't what are. You know it's kind of funny is Kasey Kahne -- knew this -- car was at the Kelly -- I was trying to differ Randy. Is considered by many to be a Heidi. Among the racing fans a hot -- -- right for a little item yet and that's right the Hawkeyes is that he's trying to -- to strap on the -- So they had a straight guy picked hottest. Male athletes. And there isn't one NASCAR -- in the top tolerance. None at all with a hot athletes David Beckham's number one. Followed by Tom Brady. Manning camp -- a baseball player don't know Derek Jeter comes in fourth tenths of a retired rugby player you've never heard of named Tom Evans probably -- strap an Aussie. Andy Roddick comes and us tennis guys seem to be -- A you know land soccer guys Chris because it then Christiane -- and I'll not been any other you're seeing is not right. But they not won -- NASCAR guys don't know laughs I'm going you know you think about it there's there's a decent looking guys and Jeff Gordon was a little -- and people thought. And you go to -- news. Jury streaky here -- liberal social more importantly. Yeah quickly though it's so fast violate Tony -- winner of the FedEx 400 which benefited Autism Speaks. He was mentioned when I was watching the IndyCar race at a Detroit. And I and I AS part of the same -- somebody owns I think involves. NASCAR and Indy is a possible or might make him and my -- Oregon can you don't student stretched you don't change. Double -- ripple only an -- an eternity you know you know nevermind that Randy what are we does that last week. Our rush -- poke at old bridge retained. Getting hammered which it that's there's a betray exchange of clearly were reached their top thoroughbred tracks. It's -- going to be changed a different picture -- nickel back. Thought you were -- yes tonight let me -- new pavement it. Takes it can take more -- surtax got a first what -- four years. Durables wanna get Michael what's got people want to try to pick your verdict I would do it wouldn't reside -- allegedly -- yes Jesus didn't want workers as local. Officials won't go to tell you need to go see my body. My thought he told -- softball here three to August 1 -- weapons period. -- -- we are here for the actual talk did actually did right. Here's the thing. All three people were about to tell you about -- Wal-Mart them all women's golf including the Rochester -- him yeah. 38 year old Jennifer morrow and 36 year old Andrea Mobley. Are lifelong friends they hadn't seen each other in fifteen years they re connected probably there probably through FaceBook. And once they got back together they decided to team up to cross some items off that joint bucket list cook didn't. They haven't made much progress figures there's still stuck in the first item the first item was shoplifting and on Wednesday they went to Wal-Mart. Police say Jennifer ate beef jerky while Andrea shove some bathing suits in her purse. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Study ending of value. Some cheap Chinese big Kimi was as John Kerry did she couldn't fit in. Shoplifting -- is from Wal-Mart really what broad shot a lot of what brought eats beef jerky stuff -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I tell you I don't think I've ever seen a woman he -- Turkey. There's women out there and I've got to say I never I don't think that's a female idol thing many women would you be gross out yet if I can get BMI more of a yard by Robert Rizzo got no. I'm not saying just make her do what I'm saying now you like to be here your I -- I was dated check again and I go lower house -- bang when she gets up. We realize there's an honest I don't know Souza gets injured you on some I'm creeped out. I was a luddite is -- -- up so his girlfriend but he comes on just catch if the doesn't sound sexist -- on -- starts and on -- -- -- -- superiors chewing -- show. Or even be Turkey that would -- us -- do it now look a woman. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And get our state she made and a half mile from the store on a bicycle before the -- causes us now this is a retard. She doesn't want kids I mean everytime -- don't plug it. That is not if she did you know I think a sure -- get security normal European shows that -- -- look at white chick to mania. Now holidays and all that is terrible thing to say but there's nothing about it that would make me look we all profile. Give it I don't know this icicle what do pellet gun -- -- -- shape yet the still and shape she got some money. And the pellet gun recovered following the rest always does she still pelican from Wal-Mart analysis she was accused of robbing Paul Wal-Mart with a pellet gun that's got cash. -- right there when broke down broad rights has said. She's -- to -- a bicycle -- the river. Let me get it banned in Rochester and -- if you sit there for second Ben what -- wanna say about beef jerky. -- I don't know what it beef -- yeah. Oakland beat duke shot. OK what all those fees to fund. I don't know what do they do man. Much not to -- Mr. -- like these jerky. Many regulatory. -- and I -- after the -- amplifiers. On Floyd. Got a girlfriend really jerky. -- do. It that way you -- that was like winners treats gotta get me some jerky I should let you know jerky in her purse. Actually. Yeah I -- she handed in her purse for a security beat dirt cheap there are no problem either. -- says that you don't dinner anymore. Thought our -- are. -- US military -- he'll wait a second she doesn't she just eats it when it's there Miller Al and I told her choice she is -- like Joyce did. Editor of beer 028. GDP dirt is probably low in fat. They didn't even eat it it's so sharp in a -- -- being you know you know -- you -- I. Not sure I'd. Limited -- the brick my girls who eat Turkey. Oriental Pasha thanks -- go to get the same grilled smoked cigars. You know I want to wildwood if you got a rag -- -- -- -- we are. He's gonna -- on the -- when it is the girls in college try to -- I'm glad they're trying to -- guys that you see it is really pretty general wrong good and trying to get and it was horrible we want to Arnott had. Any girl is these minority acts need to. And so. Eventually you run at a Wal-Mart -- Derek Jeter Molly -- and it worked. I don't know it. I but I didn't want to -- -- It's fear of physical -- of W last later this jacket there had these stations. Toyota dry Sherman Imus and all high end and some of it was you could have prepared for you always there that I do liberal open flame. And also there was already prepared they could just take out of a catering guys. Old guy. Some big tall guy must've been may be an aging athlete I don't know okay. Couldn't recommend according how's -- standing there waiting for his food where he takes his fork. Did seep into the catering Trey pulled now something you need to. He may have had dementia some at NB cable -- and -- in his mouth yet at -- point and I had dissolved into the get to the shaft and right he's -- shades it was a man in there so then and many reaches over the same for now. -- -- -- -- And no I kind of had the balls to say anything to -- well whose mantra do no one at the how easily -- could you be that big of -- -- that lie and then it was pretty bad move -- the ladies he that your it is a -- everything grandpa I Keats in Webster. You -- we used to. Call for real GA's. Mir got. You lies but usually does it. -- -- Dennett antenna and then I keep -- to to come and go wow okay. Who have lost any of -- we still work with just Texas says. Tell Tommy. I eat beef -- know several other classy women who do not only name guys -- now as you call yourself classy and class now Alessio thank you had to say knowing a classy and people -- funny million us. I went to school are very. Rural area firm for a little while Okeechobee high school. And they error you would see these redneck -- and these were really dried up crackers man. Different high school girls you're all we have cowboy boots and tight jeans the name on the dole the whole thing and you seemed -- That's the only time ever received chicks -- but these were real. Hillbillies I mean these are real rednecks. And it's it's gross may UC HEX bit. It's so nasty yes skeptics is I slotted -- -- -- times -- is high is one in June porno when it -- bits and another -- mouth. That's not -- that's the only time it is your time spent time. Tonight the -- -- goal lead are gonna take Arabia it. A skull at its goal stole its goal that's a hell I'm saying skull because some guy coliseum last week it's against some general -- and -- them. The break room is on 965 WC --

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