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  1. Buffalo Bills DE Jerry Hughes in the Break Room


    Fri, 31 Jul 2015

    Bills DE Jerry Hughes talks over the top wedding gifts from teammates and married life

    buffalo bills found at 4:06, 8:41, 10:17

    can actually asking about it tip hot seat the official caught the Buffalo Bills linebacker Jerry he'd excitement. OK we get a little Mike and Gerri to be okay because I I meant I have enough
    We can get like that you write this because the voicing Jerry buffalo bills' linebackers so hokey talk. Don't think it sucks the most budget job is I didn't Google how much money. So your friends
    and I like those under the gun. I think there are you Buffalo Bills iMac as the defense last season but now with the best in the league you think this year the goal would be
  2. Buffalo Bills Running Back LeSean McCoy in the Break Room


    Fri, 31 Jul 2015

    Buffalo Bills Running Back LeSean McCoy talks preseason party debacle and explains to Kimmy why she wasn't invited

    buffalo bills found at 0:03, 6:23

    is pat coffee in the break room and we are Joseph Mathieu Buffalo Bills iMac and good for the break room after the softball tournament obligated. The shell lookalike first of all I appreciate you let
    wrote like love and no more Brothers. He's tough. Iverson you know Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan . Who is stuff you can't say nothing about them Frankie roll right public is running back LeSean McCoy and he got me stuff to go to we really appreciate the time it thank you very much as now I'm back again I could get stuck it to mile fun. I'm at the public life Buffalo Bills running back the breaker 965 WCM.
  3. 7-30-Tommy go cart race recap


    Thu, 30 Jul 2015

    Tommy raced Rusty Wallace and failed miserably.

    high tech found at 6:46

    in last place by thirty sec clear that I am at a high tech as you doings. They were spit it out going crazy turn to drive that guy did and that a blood drops a

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