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Red Light Camera Class Action Suit

Jun 7, 2013|

The Break Room talks red light cameras and the number of points on your license.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I have a new hero in -- -- while -- it just quick reminder in the log into that. And 9 o'clock we're gonna give you know the code word you'll WCF -- commie and genetic code word. You could win a thousand dollars and be my hero -- heard a thousand dollars you -- Could use that thousand dollars to pay off defiance of the city of Rochester is leveling against Joseph. For parking and red light cameras may and I have a new hero. I have a new hero and his name is Michael Steinberg he's an attorney and he is suing. The city of Rochester overlap spread like camps -- video -- -- -- there's no he's doing it on behalf Lawrence crater. Who received a ticket on -- on court street back in December -- for Christmas time. In the lawsuit claims that the red light cameras violate the Fifth Amendment by not by denying people due process. Well. So old it's got off funky ways doing it but I don't care I would love to see these things going to not somebody cash grab those tires that are not -- the play it's about safety that -- all this stuff. You know the police -- to keep safe all of those -- nickel and -- if it's actually worse because if you drive in the opposite direction when a car is going through the red light in that camera flashes it's blinding you especially at night like -- like what we do like lightning strike Friday it was that -- yeah I'm gonna get a politician who comes and goes okay we're gonna put like all the lights at night between these hours. When -- we don't travel is down more graphics down on slash C I come to a -- can keep guys girls girls always stop just I mean. You know I don't know -- politically that's where they're getting people that you know get cheered him on that thing and there's nobody on the road nothing around it sucks you know I'm gonna call me some Steinberg here's Michael Steinberg talking about us. Our argument is is that the red light cameras what's called a quasi criminal offense it's a penalty it makes the owner reliable no matter whether the owner is struggling in the car or not. And spirit really establishes a kind of vicarious liability you are now going to face a penalty. For something somebody else did. Also raising your arrived yet and you know words like you would get the revelation goes to the driver I guess it goes to the driver so Danny's drive in Tommy's car Tommy gets to take him. Additionally it's okay over right content Tommy's a stand numbered days in a guy than him though and that's why people have tried things like a gorilla masks on. They're driven throw granny you don't know his drive them all this matter goes to the person whose card -- right then this thing is though it's just such a cash for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's on now around don't go on down there upon iron. -- in mind at all that David my afternoon and that's what. And they know it may know most people delays -- is like it doesn't add points to your license at all now -- to texting while driving. It's five points on your license to get five points yes. -- much like -- don't enjoy -- I don't know I think he got a -- then I think I think they see somebody can look at how many generally don't realize that sucks is that you got caught texting while driving in the question is why how did they catch you. They'll play all over. For looking down. It's got a seal looking down they're gonna pull you over performed his second myself on just adjust in my -- and I guess he had to say -- long driver guys in my -- things did not know they stick. My junk is big there was three point -- now -- though I know it's five how many -- you lose to polish aren't you so few of them. If you -- sorry that's just. Just look up how many points before we lose our license -- so I don't know it is derived I think it's eight in my well but I think it's funny and it thing is. Feel you know I let you don't get any points for red light ticket exit but what they can do is put a boot on your garden. Because there -- city money -- entertainment on your money your and all they do is caught there tested it. Eleven points in more than eighteen months but what's morn eighteen months you can be suspended for months. Good -- -- -- so you're halfway there but you almost halfway there but every year delay get a new. No -- knowledge of the point semi license. At least that's another good question see Elena along the -- stated that as he got to get a fresh eleven every year we drew I don't forget -- we don't don't forget it's -- eighteen months a year over year year and a half and that sucks. That damn man whale watchers see the year to have a watcher has done it right. ATF five points down and it's anytime within an eighteen month period. So let's say you get it BA in may forget that let's see get announced June 4 and Tony thirteen today he would take it. Automatic right -- five point your license. Let's say. Eighteen months are we going to we go into September. Of 2014. And now I get another one from the nearest tenth. Because you're almost off and eleven -- my license in -- to just for looking up down the idea eleven I think we know is that. -- thought might increase the cameras can be a good thing go ahead Mike. That's what you want there to get around Kuwait. Bill -- get help his friend that would get to discuss this guy comes download some people who takes off we know that right. And that probably -- -- the notice the damage we want to run like what was also. And that together and go results. I totally negatively and only good story what about all the things. So who -- so open group did it broke my god I can look Mike I don't there's -- -- erased all week. It cameras -- we get -- spotters and all kinds of -- street -- traffic jams and I'm George got about a million exactly so that's why go to red light camera like I appreciate the call but I hate that argument again is that it's like yeah. And we that we got a guy who's it was a Bradley cameras so why it. -- and we also against the guy did nothing new role Paula how but the guy who ruled all murder. The white line but stopped anyway. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't like I just don't like these things I'll hang as they are looking up real quick the number of points for tickets. There. Verses. As these if you aren't elevenths let's say you got to speed let's say anyone sell smoke and they get shifter screening. -- running is so light 65 reduce every two bit there's there's a thing you're doing is 72 in a 65 and you're texting plan. Probably they take your car like I usually good at I think you're done I think again I think on America by the executives down -- right then and there and I -- you're gonna laugh but I think you can have a guy that's terrible I definitely -- that you have the -- taking my freedom more. The Department of Motor Vehicles keeps track of driving records with a point system tonight. Penalties for points for your drivers with six points on the -- is the DMZ will charge 100 dollars per year for three years an additional 25 dollars for your free each. Point over six -- if he would tag their fee every year if you get eleven points against your license and any eighteen month period now -- The DMZ will notify you -- suspended driving license you may request a hearing only show that someone else committed the violations. Semitic and drive on how does that happen so how does somebody else commit to violations is our. You had to get -- person of Torrealba a minute when that haven't made a request a hearing to show that you were not guilty of the violation is request for suspension points for New -- speeding tickets. If you are one to ten miles over the wanna limit. Three point 11 mile over soldier texting while driving -- and you're going and five -- you're doing seven -- 65 takes one driver who doesn't -- seven in the sixty drive eight points. Total many point zero was done if you do when. If you're doing 77. Men have been texting while driving. That is nine points. She needs to be like me and -- 85. Men and sexual drive now here at eleven points and no he's done got you got the road. Will weigh in Batavia what's up. I could do and I know they're very very got a lot and can't multiply -- come here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is a -- -- -- Still don't spend it here. This year actually and. So we so let me ask you will I don't know reaction to this and hopefully someone does is missing 2226000. The number if you've got pulled over and they said you were you taxing and you say no while we saw you looking down. Swerving nor -- that. He -- America. Watching guy do that guests for the wake up -- They give the OS trip but do these ads too big to have the right to look your phone. Period let's say you know and then I have a passcode on my phone so they couldn't get him without a war according to will -- that's Canadian law we don't know -- American. How secure your future. -- ought yeah did you did you look at it it is critical code. I think it's clear couldn T get that number should we need to remind us. The Baghdad night addressing well I appreciate golf. And they look Asia texting while driving is horrible please keep your eyes on the road. Play I mean it's there's a reason why this now so extreme but at the same time it's we all do email around and you get screwed coexist. They're -- -- -- say that wants out of cash gradually that is really a safety think that red light camera I think it's against -- LeRoy when he was able to. -- quicker that I have definitely. Couple years ago I need I got three big ticket agents Bartlett and had a paper reader could be replaced him as -- -- How much how much so how much did it cost you total. All I even know. I am -- what -- -- support are here for the few places and a debate to get my. Yeah it's hot here insurance that's and top everything else for their dollars just in redistributing reducing autoworker -- -- drivers. DM yeah how fast three only speeding ticket. I had to pick one was. Forty to 351 was forty dirty and it's not below what it would be trap that lets you that would -- -- -- this city -- they got it speed trap. I would like ordered it created UK could record and the court or are they when I got to live with me. The crew limit ticket so what nation beating Annika and I looked over -- okay. We've got to do forty miles an artist to steer correct I can try to talk warning from. It's not only can innings and getting in the hearts always dashed those who get the juices will get back to its. So that's three point she got just for that. -- look at the 300 tickets and became apparent. And you get the shaft -- so that's another thing to do yeah reality. Jamie thank you for -- -- Zealand. We had grace and Henry Greg -- question status texting while driving what you're gonna do Greg. August -- here I won't just go out there one download -- downloading music tour stop what -- And it -- our nose -- you gonna dig out -- our. Sport -- -- stop what -- -- -- Now -- you forget about what Linear or. I think if you do anything has distracted like that him he probably wait to get home who's gone -- those who never had -- and our troop. -- if you look at just your radio also I mean you know what your control you. Control. -- Altman and then. Are there. I great well that the point we don't -- as most of as we look at our full so often it's natural that more costly grab and it has taken their eyes on unemployment senator who has some idea of the good gossip since. I got some I got some story if you don't want to miss anything I got some deported next in the breakthrough when 965 WCM.

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