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Megan Merkel's Lawyer James Hinman Calls In

Jun 7, 2013|

The Break Room speaks to Megan Merkel's lawyer, James Hinman about Merkel's allegations.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mr. Hinman is on the line he is the lawyer fortunately this -- and had no way -- we're sticking around James Jimenez the lawyer for Megan Merkel. He was successful on its own email in America. -- Merkel. Got -- serve deeper hole -- don't know TWA nine all that stuff where the biggest things -- she was facing were both manslaughter or the -- manslaughter shoes found guilty. Not guilty cherry on both those charges. Guilty on the others and he was Smart enough to go as good as -- to you from -- pointed out let's go to. Sentencing right now because she's already -- time served. They did not do that but she is out and it looks like time served on make cover all our other offenses. Along with paying some fines and I'm sure trying to. Work -- funds to mr. him and good morning mr. Henman. You have to be at war in high demand lawyer today and I don't. That night yet he admitted the author ship. Lawyer in the office Kadaziz phone's been ringing nonstop. Yeah I would think so. Were you surprised by what the jury came to as a conclusion. Now. There are a lot of people that kind of obviously feel feel differently. I guess the thing they kind of bothers me the most is buying it we just talked to. Alex -- from Channel -- and Allie said that you know yesterday. You -- very thoughtfully and rightfully said. -- Merkel wants to talk to the media. And I'd like to be their -- give a kind of a cooling off period here waited day or so seems like great advice. And then I see that her family. Is trying to get her to do interviews for 5000 dollars will someone. Get -- hold this chicken and see what is gone and that head man. -- the phone or is it what they want her to talk she'd be -- wanted to -- at a tournament. -- doctor this morning she knows nothing about these. Calls that are being made purporting to. -- so explosive -- Because this is like somebody is going to road behind her back. I just candidates I'm gonna say yes. As -- suspicious. Now as to who it may be but. The idea and it paid. Calls are not originating from -- Invested in the the I I -- do you have no involvement in mr. serve those portion of this cat not no not at all and how did you feel about two juries. One court. Trial would three carry it past you have this is a very rare for them and managed -- where. How hard is that to do and do you think did they always come to terms deteriorating. -- almost a fair conclusion because everything's cut down on the table and -- -- think it has more for the prosecutor an added bonus. For the defense attorneys you because there's different evidence in each case. If it's just step. And so he had to keep track of what is an evidence against one -- and -- what is an evidence against the other defendant. This -- is defense counsel is concerned. Our responsibility to my client -- simply to make sure it. Perjury only heard. What pertaining to -- yeah so it was merely and we expect quite a better time. Meeting before the trial to work -- just exposed. When the courtroom when the jury it would be. In the courtroom together where they would be when they went one will not you. What would happen. When one jury reached a verdict -- the other jury had not reached a verdict. How we were addicted. -- simple things so that neither jury had the impression that one attorney here the other way this. Kind of priority or something like that so discussion we alternated when it first -- cross examining the witnesses and which jury was put out of the room first. -- -- like this do we all think she's going to be in trouble again. -- And no I don't sort I know it's MI think it is a man just think that you know you you just based on her black how she reacted on face I really disturbed me. The -- last hosted unfazed yeah last well you've got I think it was a very mean spirited thing to do when there's a dead woman and maroon. They're very amateur never and we. The reason why I. We're going to meet with the media tomorrow -- There aren't a lot of misinformation. That was just. Floated out there and I. I didn't write that -- on FaceBook. I don't know about. Wrote one -- -- -- -- before you stepped in mr. and it what was and I schools I mean I've been saying you know based on outages -- it's on a disturbing but -- -- -- -- -- There's a lot of there's a lot of misinformation that was floated around usually not -- I'm still somebody brought to my attention some of us. Comments -- any. Democrat crackles web site this morning that I look after a lot of people who. Don't. So you don't know what I haven't taken an attack to find out what the facts really are. And but it did not sit through the trial I don't think that anyone. Quite frankly who is in the court. Actually. Is surprised by the jury verdict. Okay. I mean I -- -- dollars and there's a lot of regret it. And that's why we have you know yeah as I told the jury -- I closing. -- In what they were debating me you have. Ratification of the constitution Thomas Jefferson said that he considered trial by jury is the only anchor. Every yet imagined by man I'm really split apart your themselves I which you government could be held by the principles of its constitution and that's what. This jury did and that's what this trial. And mr. Hammond do his job and we look forward to seeing you in her and talking to media mr. -- thank you thank you for your time you're back. These -- was uncomfortable with them because I don't want that to look like your -- open you're not gonna get -- or the guy like that. He's just he's gonna deny -- little recruits only broadcast of -- nobody -- to FaceBook thing he's gonna go I don't know yet if that's what he needs to set he needs to distance himself or from this piece of trash when she's acting like trashing of the problem is this. And and I want -- I want. I'll talk to Danny afterwards what I want done with this but some that I want done because he says in there. The mega Merkel is not the one asking for 5000 dollars people -- on her back her financial complete crap where she was there. -- -- She was illness they were sent to position us for what she's she's fully apprised of all that -- She's fully apprised moments have been a skill and -- I can say that's him there but I can tell from the tone of the man's voice you're not gonna get anywhere it's actually even -- -- it it's not even a circular and am just gonna try to. This season I don't know it right -- -- sharp my hangar and even then he's just not gonna hang it right those called shark is that he has it -- I give you that but he don't. It's one of these things and learn hello -- The full colonel. I don't know. It's just you know it's going to be interesting is to make fun summer when we talk about the other day that I like Hughes are dropping yes I don't want a jury of my appears to us. -- What these -- dropping like this guy did his job he he did that now he needs do. And I don't even know what you do after this. -- how how much invested do you dominant client it's a piece of -- very waterway or domain. The bottom line is there other places on the Internet that are saying the mega Merkel and it's coming out of mrs. McCarthy. Nicklaus McCarthy who's in the cars mother and that mother also. Has I don't know she is costly but she's very involved would -- -- miracles children. Maybe to the point mostly peasants I don't know master great kids but song mean the whole thing is like. Known that it just looks really bad guy but that was the closer we got the look he said. That's not true that's not what she's -- -- the group that's trying to give you also on.

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