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Jay McKee Calls In To Talk About the Jim Kelly Golf Tournament

Jun 7, 2013|

The Break Room Talks to Former NHL player Jay McKee about Billy's immaculate golf game. Jay explains how he got a staff infection and nearly lost a leg.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yesterday brown. Played at a golf tournament I only -- Jim Kelly and I I want it to his bag with the guys and that is it Jim Kelly's celebrity classic toy. And that's a nice Baghdad all my -- you see this stuff when you get inside this van who's in and look at this crew there this is an under armour sweats and my hall those are expensive dude yet they are. There's a budget T shirts and coffee. Buffalo Bills hacks that tells lies I have to camouflage can this cap. I got I think -- have people who -- doesn't always is if you're a bills anyone and and a facilities are absolutely sure I have little it's a large or there's also also they're saving chaired the NN natsios. There's. Studio mugs I mean just kinda -- stuff they really -- -- -- other way but yeah. I I -- she had the pleasure of playing. With Connors and Ferris Greg Connors and Tom Sheridan. And Jamie key collar hockey star yeah. Jamie -- play for the sabres he did short stint with the average went up to the sabres then on to saint Louis blues and we've ended with the Pittsburgh Penguins. And he likes to play golf and yesterday he got to witness some of the worst golf I think he oversaw today. Greater good morning. Periodic benefit them -- and you are very did not deserve something I think you're. Much. Because there were times literally I would hit up turf and I swore to god it went further -- the ball. It's a very good mobility that can his first five driver argued. The other that. He's been there the man who broke his first part. His first parts of near green actually went farther than expert I've got it. -- says the combined that was for that. They had a bit jaded I'm not surprised how ought to be a one point. You -- most improved player ever. Yeah but it candidates and earlier shackle -- -- and tell you just -- -- you and keep you. Actually your pride. We generate our -- our -- -- very I was really impressed by that you screwed you -- that. Even some of Cattrall played little detail yeah got to lose to her about it. Yeah I had a blast I really did in Jay was a lot of fun. The I don't I'm not sure we're learning -- -- People are doing very very -- -- -- all of you Baltimore little tall order I'm pretty weak side and people that. What I would drive him back before Rochester coaching here it was sucking up all got those -- -- look at her. Welcoming the green and present -- -- -- electric and I stumbled across to carve out there you actually have format emotional. In Rochester or took a look at it and deficit critical step -- mild electric -- don't regret it should be older less severe roll. -- -- very -- to remain and I touch projecting your. Jay went from one of the biggest fossil fuel guzzling cars are to this he went from one extreme to the other overnight literally. Our -- yeah homer Joseph what are these how much we -- getting gas going back and forth from Rochester cart around your kids all that stuff. Don't know every day I would never leave our ballclub our memorial and they'll be little option bill was stopped there -- poultry or drive back to build not what you do pretty -- so I was. I'd probably come through 5560 -- that they got. Oh my -- 62. Six let's embrace your current African Tyson to go agreed. Now by. And you know different. Different scenarios with them and -- he -- coach with DMX when you were here Rochester you -- defensive line coach. Yeah I was -- obviously look that is true or 800 individual. -- play in the sense I was I was the work that spreads between look at alternate them. And Jordan and whatnot so. I -- and do it really do have a -- -- -- -- So what does -- chances that we'll see you back with that organization in the near future. It's possible I I coached. There's you know directly soccer player with good spurred the government -- coach of the university of them moved on Iraq so it sort of all year. Does that should restrict a mere talk regularly a break from mosque in everything and but -- -- was probably all you are into it very. I don't really won't leave the -- -- area earlier. You know if there's an opportunity comes up again I would be all over it. She was censored absolute limit and Tom -- could be a third and a new and -- The military move well move up spiritual so. So what's the problem with the savers because it -- billionaire comes in. He spends all this money all this stuff is gonna have an end and my gauges flopped. I think it did this we are seeing that and we -- the -- we appreciate who obviously it just look at all the -- that are being. The -- the playoffs right now out of fourteen got a warlock warriors are warm cops go. Are you up people properly. You know sometimes you have a big big guns they could make a right call and what are the trader. -- I don't know like you who who is in an organization an easy get shot out of there. And that startup but like all right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our names out there and I immediately it look a lot of people I think were. The fans were surprised at Ralston was the interim coach and he come up from the cameraman got the job. -- and he just needed to wait a couple weeks and guys who had a great ten here or great resume in success. Were reversed. I was surprised. Are you know brought obviously there is. -- bulk of young players and current is posted -- global work with our players and the game will learn. A law he introduced it to be weaker men but you know group -- -- those -- go over every year there's there are some. So why and quote too bad that a noble bill will be the only and in your -- this breed you know Motorola. And -- you know I was surprised that. Persecuted where it will no longer have their way we all dealt with a bit of Herbert. He obviously is a bigger a lot of Mets that's for our students are remarkably well you -- into double. The Arturo as a one man who was here it was down its -- -- you managers. Well our warm coat should Rochester and and what does help them -- one out there what beer truck who litter box clear before about. He's you know Perry spent. In order to our web hardworking player or skill guys and while you work hard for those guys go -- -- if you if you don't work hard is going to be -- to create -- To order relatives are deliver -- with him to -- girl problems I don't know -- and I just got a mouse because it's great sound -- not like -- nobody had to hash -- only guys that is the story and now was a guy percent of your first few minutes. -- Totally -- yet. About it nor -- -- endangerment Ted Ted Nolan then begin keeping a budget lawyers and he has stopped it comic Europe. -- wouldn't know early address -- yeah. We don't know what Nancy iron curtain over the rumor about Jamie key that I asked him about yesterday it was brought up here on the dollar yesterday announced the fact that. Jay was a very superstitious player never had a number -- equipment and as a result got a staff it's goddamn now we know how professional teams work there -- been around the Buffalo Bills and they would be guys who superstitions still rusher they put their stuff -- so when he comes Dixon and it -- -- -- them. So OJ said you know that's funny unite but he really did get a staph infection. South from Khartoum about why you have that didn't positions probably three times -- the trot would certainly there are truly truly. And their reopened a pretty big coat because it adds our art we are hard guys are traitors just copy that we -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ministers are almost lost her leg -- -- didn't do your so it just really unfortunate. No -- inning incident and a member -- about time so while we got our our traders are incredible and incredibly rear -- every other post Christmas. You know I changed my each round every day -- -- -- America. -- -- all of down via a -- my knapsack will be careful don't get a -- there again I don't engineers down the affection and good numbers jacket yet to say that pain reliever but important isn't there you go online and learn how to do it. Us and yeah. Similar yeah firsthand -- urban rural I don't sneeze. Legitimate reason -- golfer married him to play in tournament he's got some time -- -- -- taken a year off from hockey's -- golfer played tennis is off Britain's got pretty good all around athlete out these guys to get the touch yet he does have the touch. And a nice guy I would say this as a coach -- few pointers I picked up fairly quickly and Manny gets as soon his sister I did the sisters sons and again it's. I was so impressed he gets diluted. -- is a news driver personal time. You know loses its beds do you drink confessed I at apple or whatever was available. And I Jamie -- hope we get to talk again sometime. The guys on the road you can upload your. And I had a blast you know the yesterday at -- Jim -- charity event. So -- American and sometimes. I take care team McKee thanks guys do you -- either you're very cool do you really want you guys guy very popular man armchair with. Puppy mills is well well of course -- good look and you know it's -- -- and he had you know some some girls -- bring revenues and is there a hot day. Generally got high a sort of release from -- true they are just way if no resume and at the crew's morale and strategy so. Discipline is a really did. You got to really be desperate to slip you some Berman the break room and 965. WC amassed.

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