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Ron Holdraker Calls In To Talk Clyde Fiasco

Jun 25, 2013|

Ron Holdraker, owner of The Times of Wayne County calls in to talk about the children in Clyde.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nancy Joseph called us last Tuesday in Nancy -- said that a man. Had done her grandsons and she was not choose not say what they did was right now but they were in -- feeding a house. She did they had paint fumes on how many were locked in the clots. Stands this man was threatening the best -- little heads in with a hammer. She was all upset yes and then she went on to tell us that later and that morning. And about 2 AM somebody drove by and shot up -- sons race -- and Houston. And then it. The times doing Johnny got hold of the story and anyone out there. And they took pictures. And channel thirteen sob because of the ties -- going counting. I like JC's clothes in with the -- this cabinets and stuff these guys are screw us senator -- Stearns prohibited in my house and you're looking at this any -- I am I in the destruction in this house that is allegedly caused by four boys between the ages of eight and ten. Is unbelievable. Unbelievable this pretty much ruined like -- well it's a total mess smashed off its pedestal. The stairs just stuff thrown down walls smash him with hammers. Paint and I'm saying there's no way for boys did this certain that age I'm going to make its image it physically impossible. Now Ron -- drinker is on the phone he is the man who owns the times Wayne county and believe and in and did this story buddies don't in for surgery this morning. Ron how -- and what kind of surgery having their. -- rule not surgery either going to do our use of supple in my area. Vertebrae together. To manipulate and the front of your next sometimes it goes to the front court -- it brought back. Jack sounds like a good day yeah well it's you know a man and it is such an hour surgery how many. Several hours okay so this isn't like gay and you're going home today economists are an outdoor arena how long do you expect to be in. I hope that we are here Wednesday. My hope that I. Well good luck with -- all that now -- go to the story that you covered and we got a call from Nancy though the grandmother of these children on Tuesday. You were inside the house that black -- sort of right okay. -- any breeze all the pictures or. Dizzy and up to use that eight and ten year old boys can do this out a memory damage. Oh yeah they were there for -- probably an hour. Before it was covered. Okay. It just seems like a lot of -- when I see a smash -- and go wow this is like finished all the Siewert correctly and because and oh yeah yeah. I mean all that stuff like get out of it. Please please confirm nor are they what are basically it was just. Unbelievable. Yeah. Well I let's try and what can I go it just seems like there's too much damage could there have Ben -- somebody else in there with them. And then doubt no doubt protect employees even admitted it. Was there anything to say that they weren't encouraged by an adult to go do that well -- -- According to mr. no one of the boys that's telling -- that. We're going make it go -- -- through this and that it incurred to them through its awesome. But you know -- -- according to mr. -- Yeah but managed Jesse that's the only now Jesse Jesse Diaz zones GI. Well -- we've. There's no well what I left it's for this morning there were over a hundred in fact that some or contaminants summit -- And it -- twice this morning I got a call from. The newspapers in Boston and last -- we got calls from England yeah Cincinnati New York everywhere. Yes it's just sort this picking up some steam for sure. That a lot of people are -- looked. You know why because it's summer -- think kids neurotic and injuries out there once -- Nancy -- out there and -- better to find out what happened. Tell me about the theory that Nancy GO and the father of these boys to her son and the father of the to the boys involved in this. He is sprint car or whatever it is -- car got shot up in in the driveway have you heard -- about that with our. I heard it but. Again -- eight don't know who did occur or if it was done and I used I you know there was no report about it -- -- -- well and you'd think there was a shotgun blasts in the middle of the night wasn't -- alerted a few people she said at 2 AM. What what did Jesse sake is Jesse I -- had talked to an inch on Caroline told us that. When he went over he claims that daddy got roughed up a little bit buys the parents of these guns parishioners -- them. DSR -- earlier that night. I don't ordered about -- earth right okay. Tonight well I mean the the maximum they can get a 6000 dollars. Yeah 15100 dollars for the damage -- point it seems like. These boys did a lot more than 15100 dollars instead all UH oh yeah yeah. Are there pretty bad I. And on an odd thing is the mother did say you know what. -- came back go to the cabinet go came back that has four kids what they were schools most of whom they were told -- And the ball well hey you know again did people think I thought it was -- thousand -- You're watching it for his repertoire and helping -- remodel it. You know for our side thank you Ron could carry. A group PL you do -- -- like. Ron holder going to for next surgery and the forty listen to what you call in the break room in 96 foot -- CMF. To kind of tell us a little bit more. I still awesome guy called love the city didn't wanna go on the air when he's knows the boys and -- said there's no way they could paint stuff that hide the tallest boys only four foot eight for what they did totem -- style while you're if you're playing chicken house saying it there's a chance that there's -- landowners in -- strangers in and mean. So that's possible they could've stood on something. And that I don't get I I just thought they couldn't have the strength and rocket tore them off for. Just destroy what he's arrived at an -- Soria -- for you know what it is these kids show me. Teamwork teamwork and that's it wasn't there when -- go to work today. Teamwork who gets the job at all shoulders against the -- won't get that puts us it's more unreal it's unreal. Before we get to the balance of Nancy -- she's the grandmother of the two boys and she called the -- among Tuesday of last week. Christian Dan is on the phone with some money and I'm hoping he can do what I do sometimes where he can tell us. And relay the message because he's on the phone and I don't know he's involved on the phone with somebody involved with this story I think so does have registered to -- protection. Ya. So yeah so can you tell me what can you tell me Danny right now as you're talking to this person what can you tell me. Basically that's there's no way these children could have done all this damage to -- their very short and a lot of his stuff was done to some of the highlands. Car he sounds like he knows them on -- I I have a theory whom this guy might be I don't know and try to convince him to talk to the father and get father on the show to defend these just -- to -- -- defending -- right now no place you're gonna do that is right here via. That's all so Heidi you know. How did you get hold of this person they called the show you -- star 66 we got back struggles this guy who knows tickets so. Well in the mean he also added that that to the race car that was shot during the bullet casings. Laying on the ground police came by picked up the bullet casings and they haven't been heard from since. And the Phillies could -- in a ballistics. -- so they haven't been their -- frustrated by that also they like they don't want talk to us either this guy that knows us who know and also knows Nancy show. Doesn't want talk to -- the way we talk to Nancy -- last week. Now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well there was now 157 now my hair lose big -- nails were long and dancing manic TJ is when mom -- Salad salmon Jean king give. Having Joseph Johns from my -- because there weren't given out to do that summer and freedom on flat. Can now is growing and come up each and when you were smoking is sticky brain making love out in that caused an off day brick chosen. Doing bong hits that nice service did not say amen mom Jack and sings sweet home crowds of. All summer -- and not do dukes the. Jailed -- permits no. Singing sweet home collapse a ban all summer home. We gotta -- do you do you said dude did. If it -- big hop mogul Russell what the -- -- a couple of us.

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