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Nancy Jo's story

Jun 26, 2013|

Replay of the Nancy Jo situation and cometary on it by the guys

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Big story today is making international headlines is the story of Nancy Joe's grand children whose Nancy -- for a while you're young man's. Nancy Jo is a woman who called us last Tuesday and tipped us off to the fact that. Her kids had been her grandkids glory in ten years old has gotten themselves into a little bit -- there -- spray paint a neighbor's house. And might have been a little bit of revenge she says that the man who on the house. Caught them shut them in a closet may have the spray -- papers on them and all that stuff -- little minds as we know now. There was much more than that and here is Nancy Jo from last Tuesday in the break room -- 965 WC MF. Explaining. Her side of what she believes her eight and ten year old grand sons did. But we. -- to -- what is truly were helped -- little boys yeah. To China are 201. Artistic wondered what he regarded -- When he says artistic and its spectrum -- even. You know not tardy this time since you assay is -- consider on that spectrum saw look at. I sure -- where you're at how big news Rick 88 you're being attacked and we're not up okay great place that. But we'll be right because these forever -- trying to -- -- -- that maybe they didn't expect any good our squad that already have our we got -- you're not these kids. We've got Bob. -- let the public trial that a lot of people. They didn't -- don't think it was an extreme right -- -- that you know there closet for over I had I would pay you know I don't. Try to bring you president but he's changed all the open will be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know neighbor and who look to kids go over -- by themselves. As an object couldn't reach it through wandered over their -- dinner and make sure all my -- -- anyway I these huge -- like great -- to her grandson to mourn and you know the bottom. Grants fund would only just. He would have been -- -- to let -- topics that are blocked at. It's got to Claude and -- -- never went to -- never got arrested. More laws won't -- runs -- more. Don't take a clock but China -- and I guarantee. You are going to be erected atop. I say he -- the closet no one can win or else the guy coffee and discreetly and I knew he grabbed the kids he -- a lot in the closet until closing in new call their harassing you know the kids -- -- -- My -- up. Her -- my daughter locked because it's -- -- Colin White folks what she thought I would -- aren't getting. But Capps gave them to crap because they are up there and generic to write it -- I would climate but the judge called -- I didn't I going up there endangerment. He should have -- according to interact here isolation -- let's get a picture might grant gone through at 2 o'clock in the morning when he got -- simply spacious. For employees and yeah. Tonight and I just Chris -- forty year old pianist just wandered on -- to -- more forums and the youngest is eight so there -- boys right collective thing you do and besides it's too markup somebody's property on possessed and I don't blame and I think dead in a way to somebody -- responsible I don't know that hole in the closet is the right thing but it does is only there aren't. Now who's telling you that they -- and got hammered the kids. And unless the kids are lying but maybe -- -- what happened makes a man was maybe they were banging my closet let us out and he banged backs his -- don't put -- How -- you recollect how we quietly opened the door at the end of the oldest well Larry look. Your light speed so I'll breaking here after all what is your -- he's got -- got a crying when they got found. Yeah -- church as people think that the neighbors because they were actually generally everything -- -- -- -- Any listener -- -- -- your neighbor yeah. Actually -- took easy once you. -- on here. -- I hope that person got -- whole way more we elect assays from now I thought I guess because it's an equalizer it's -- just fire. That's gonna play out -- but just that connection very blunt -- what I do I get to. -- and man race I heparin on good optics showcasing. -- Well Andre -- sergeants aren't Indians are added dirt race car repeatedly are there any party can strengthen. I think none because we don't -- what we -- -- -- yesterday I do I don't out because my son don't batter and pat cash can get pretty good the first stop. They don't got a bad when they were right unless -- cut Jewish cemetery like most of our state but black. Clark Carr. And the next -- we -- talking to my favorite because she heard the shotgun. I say -- can't ask for Nancy Jones does anybody remember where I -- -- -- the solace do you wanted to help stem. Businesses -- similar -- what is this is guide or -- tranche. Ignorant dancing do you live in a room where did you live and how. Do. And now and -- and -- -- on the neighbors they but how you live in concert to -- our so we've got a that's a Nancy don't Solomon and pretty much explains -- them from her design right. So many go to the times -- Tony this is upon entering the house Jessie Daniels saw a great deal of damage. Downstairs and went upstairs to confront the intruder just seeing calendar for young boys all with hammers. The boys tried forcing the way out several times Daniels corral them into a closet awaiting police's arrival. The damage in the house range from paint splattered walls and covers two broken fixtures and wall outlets that had been kicked again. There weren't tire walls that had to be taken down due to the amount of damage. From hammer strikes through the drywall now when you look at the pictures on the times a wing county web certain and these boys also spray painted. Kitchen in the C word out there. But it looks like I mean a toilet is knocked off its pedestal just completely ship -- shattered right off a sink to smash in America. If you hit -- -- porcelain it's probably easy from the -- just seems like dating have enough power at eight and ten years old to do well established. When you look down and in the damage is unbelievable and all this guy can get under New York State law. The juvenile can only be held liable for up to 15100 dollars in damage that's told 6000 dollars. 15100 dollars each boy -- I said I don't believe. I I I feel like there had to be an adult and their two to either mastermind some -- whatever I can't thank you just don't see these kids are strong enough the main event. I'm wrong I mean Ron Paul drinker who is under the knife right now having surgery -- spinal fusion in his next. Called us early this morning while his way to go under the knife. And I said I I can't believe this is here for Ron told us about the boys in the house you know. Please please confirmed what they want their base and it was just. Unbelievable. -- RI that's -- what can I go it just seems like there's too much damage could there have -- and somebody else in there with them and then well. No well protect employees. Even admitted it. Just know they said they did and they also said that it's a one of them said according to times when counting. That their mom said they should go get revenge because they've been Ryan ATVs and stuff and on the property. Of the team getting -- -- of what do you suppose to do with these kids when you seem your house. I -- is a little run out the front door and don't call the cops who should we try to call I Jesse's number I can try to call him more to try to call Bob on Nancy Jo again. And return your turn -- had -- -- tonight's up from Jesse military Jessica is that he doesn't like this because we refer Nancy you know to -- -- the homeowner. Because we're kind of more on his strong no you're not I am Illinois I I'm not saying he's wrong -- any any may have tampered why thought maybe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The only -- Went to moan it was for us when HI Nancy -- just trying to simulate what I would love to hear Nancy -- Now after all this has gone down much -- an -- Father's Day Lewis is she took your -- -- or -- girl man get a Joseph job for father's death. She's not like it's. Notes in my view was she like I think she might mean Erica she's an amazing job RS and a pace to break Herman W -- he called us last Tuesday. We want to talk to you on the radio in about the stuff after the pictures came up her by the international news instrument. It's going to be on record down south. -- put do you or Nancy -- when you look at these pictures. And you're not on the air you're not on the year hi I am. -- -- Who did you call up. Our soldier radio station -- your signal. Well again that's all right he proceeds are why she -- art tournaments but you wanna -- money here and do that. She wants to apologize to Tommy or whether either. -- should probably -- one or none at all Nancy Jo I'm on the radio you're not I'm just saying she seemed to me. She wants to apologize for bitching about Tommy why. -- -- -- -- You're in the wrong -- haven't -- -- the -- got upset. If she called us physically authorities. -- radio please. Don't know -- don't know yet a nice weekend. Renault should each door won't have enough problems gender as a mayor secretly think I'm talking to Nancy -- were the boys now. Stay at her home. No the corralled -- did you see when I saw the damage when he saw the pictures. Can you believe that note for a little boys did this as my -- there's no I can't either but -- where she come on the error. She got a Camara talk has really want to go and -- for Father's Day. You know you -- don't know Nancy just like Jesse has three different stories going on. Well I think juicy story hadn't changed at -- broken and -- -- yes. Call showcase she says is here's -- Nancy -- sets Nancy Joseph com talking -- off fares just wanna come on -- who only talk. She said that when Jesse says that he put the boys in the years closet she's a but the truth of the matter is. But the cost of the boys rim were downstairs and he caught them upstairs. And according to this she did catch the -- and given he had to corral limbs of the other runner run as they were finally seeing the -- they get a grabbed amends so it because -- ain't gonna try did you get into the -- closet at the time of Crowley -- generic hardcore -- she got another. She does a girl -- -- your mother never sent them over to do this now. You post again return to wait there was a birthday party for. One of the boys was he pissed -- we get is what he wanted to for our day. I can see that. But you'll. Mean. -- -- -- It took an easier did the destruction is unbelievable low and it looks to me like it's more than what four boys could do. She's got -- good moments. -- judicial council also back together erratic. Come on of what we're trying to -- -- lot of women able to get a hold -- him just to see where he wants to say about it it's this story's been kicked up by newspapers around the world do you realize that. Even in England where Tom Brady plays football. Now -- your son what happened and no one's really talking about his car being shot. Why. Does -- -- they never who never reported dead a shotgun shells. In the sheriff's. Yeah. Okay by. One of the boys go to court Nancy -- Can get a good -- court. Wednesday afternoon and -- counseling Wednesday morning. And it's a little as they look like angry boys for this amount of damage here did you know that they what do you think now Nancy Jo. As it -- as a grandmother hang on they sprayed the C word on the law. -- Odessa. Gramercy. Primeau who she doesn't know they can spell that or not she really doesn't that's like four letters. She knows an eight year old don't forget she's also -- case. How does not his -- hero -- bitch out. I -- -- not the ten year old he can't as that is handwriting but it's spray paint Nancy Jo it's a little different. Armor rating. If how do you know what your kids. -- patients who couldn't. The hand ready would be so it's another kid one of the other kids from its. Yeah -- and umbrage to our kids she works with. -- Learn and and it's -- joke and I say this piece. -- -- Where she's somebody who knows Jesse parent says that this bridge. The spray -- now I don't believe that you can really I think it would be hard but I'm not a forensic guy by all just an idiot on the radio. -- to mediate doesn't seem like I can compare handwriting he can spray paint right hit. A woman. Someone -- claiming that professional that that. This person who knows Jesse Witten says that that spray paint looks like -- should definitely. While many heroes and their -- go maybe he wouldn't ask how high up it is how high up to this what would get better billing the C word or bitch from opens a secured. The hot tub -- and via. Does it showed us a buzz word. Yet. Peel off break something's been -- There would be a crucial -- on top of the government -- You know. I wish you would talk to us on the radio. There what's appointed this. She says don't want two inches want to jeopardize a more why don't play this year apart and understand the apology. Because she felt bad for what she said about you Tommy on the Rudy did she senator -- -- to me she went off on the fact that she and appreciation really zoo -- bad person since his upset are that she collate our management are some that are there and -- police time. Fight Nancy job we'll try to check -- when the again now on a later date here. I can see how things go so it's Wednesday is court nor can we call you Thursday -- A -- around what time he normally get up for it. 8 o'clock very dirty wolf call around 8:30 on Wednesday morning to the full report Thursday morning to get -- kitty cool alright Nancy -- Good luck. The just a social talk all of I don't know she got a Bob I kept trying to make it clear that I'm on the radio -- -- not I think she was confused by homeland may be and then maybe my bad on another show and tell your beds outside to be clear she admitted that says she was saying all this stuff that's pretty. Still kitty court yeah. And so as a course for them because they're in trouble or for Jesse -- -- -- they'll have another dual trial. -- -- -- -- Get the -- zero regular jury this is unbelievable.

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