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Todd Kennedy weighs in on the Clyde destruction

Jun 26, 2013|

The guys talk to Todd Kennedy on the Clyde house that was destroyed by the kids who spray painted words on the wall and destroyed property in the home.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Danny put on FaceBook the big news. For the past week started out a week ago today. When Nancy Giles from Klein called up and said she wanted death file harassment charges against Jessie Daniels owner JD -- Think Clyde because her grandchildren -- and yeah they are wrong and it would do little spray paint them. But he locked them in a closet because they were spray -- and his father in -- property. And they had paint -- still. There and really could damage these kids and they were traumatize a series going to be their little brains it would hammers it went home -- him to -- -- and then and they drew a picture of -- cause has been horrific. And as time has unfolded so there's a story from and we found out that these kids. Four of them. Between eight and ten elementary school kids some second grade so maybe fourth grade. Beat this out of outs and a committee bashed in walls smash toilet smash sinks. Spray painted words like bitch and see bag on the Dorsey on the you know wall. And were there for about an hour when this guy Jessie Daniels came in now Jesse did put him in a closet after -- corral them in the kids are trying to get away. And if we can play the -- since Tommy pointed out this morning. He knew they were they had evidence on them. And it's not like the family say they didn't do it you could and done you know not have to put him in the in the closet. And it I think it was to ten NBC news shall -- -- -- from the ten NBC piece that our body balls bringing did here is Jesse. Daniels went -- in the closet I said. You guys who know me I'm your neighbor. And why did you do to us. -- -- Trying to do this. And he could've gone in talked to the parent should know whenever but the said he held them. Which could be kidnapping. Although he's seems to be a friend of the officer that arrested on an -- to the mayor and run a small town I -- his mother and other people talk about we got to raise money for this guy insurance should take care of his house. The -- I probably should pay restitution why am I helping him -- current tops and he doesn't even need a lawyer. He's this'll be dismissed because he's got everybody on his side stadium want to arrest him there because the DA said the finish pressing charges we have to. But I mean other than -- I think it'll be dismissed Mike a lawyer. -- judge hears it remind you don't put Carolina Andy's house. It's a Danny put our -- who takes. What would you kind of due to these kids right -- zones and -- what's the punishment based. Through the community service at a minimum. And minimum wage rate of pay until they have ended the amount of damage they did Jewish. Give me forever either within the town in general or better yet cleaning and helping. At the house that whenever Vizio shall wrote. Treasurer of the parents of said children should be locked in the closet. Good thing it was in my home I would have been arrested for putting a boot up all their -- I gotta say no way. I said just don't forget we had a guy rod Roderick Scott. Out in Greece right. Just try to shut the kid who anyone office property and now let's see you're going into your property and you are hearing some horrific sounds you know what's going on in there I could see someone. Provident fund horror -- it scared or not you know not -- Frank writes asked -- -- and they Lou we work and repair what they did a bill says my question it is one of them was reporting being a out of 10 PM on school nights chancellor crazy show these pictures 0315. School night. Most of us live he would still pressure thus the point everybody graduates. In a -- learned to repair this stuff -- give your skill and we all these pictures to the resident. Shrink the breaker anti Kennedy all the damage that was on and you saw the pictures is well if you haven't you could see them on her FaceBook page but sure there everywhere. We asked -- Kennedy and Tom what did you think of all this stuff first of all good morning it's been awhile. I want well but it yeah that's you guys are the best morning -- -- -- Thanks -- appreciate that has said that sales and land that is saying of them can't argue there. Start. And they do wonder if you do you know I'm I'm I'm doing well -- right at eight -- pictures and you know. I. But. So this is something that's. I do research -- look at -- and so they are prepared you know obviously liberalisation. So who stayed within. Particularly in the matter. You know so that's what I -- and everything that. Any other that. Well they never make mistakes this mass toilets and spray painted walls. -- send them to argue about this fire if I don't let the normal time -- -- them all and I think that's good. Ten candidate would be more up because of the fact there's -- People who know mr. resolute about rotation that got sent to your -- like -- this will definitely help you can tell. You know you sort through some. Anger and especially you know the whole pack mentality. Are and it was a -- -- that much. So your saying then that that okay but let's say these kids are gonna come in Europe. Gonna talk to them. And try to figure out what's what's driving them -- these kids seeking attention and these kids they're just pissed off of the world what do you think's happening inside them it's dead. I'm just saying Todd when I look at that. Damage stats that took so long and it's so destructive and so noisy just the sound of smashing porcelain that -- to make my skin crawl. -- -- I think there is probably. Again an accommodation all of you know it was anyone of these kids individually. Yeah I don't think that it probably would have. Taken it to that extreme. But I think if you -- did well playing each other. Is under the -- -- and that -- -- -- numbers again this whole mob mentality under her swallow -- For record but are -- waiting your beer yet. Flexibility because we'll -- fact that they're good kids. And also partnering. And all the worst of it would be behind that you know this -- some kind of really that's going out and then I don't think they're I heard something about it security video that fired this woman. -- -- property -- -- yeah they're -- retaliation. Yeah so. -- I truly become a country these kids but who's to build -- that comical promised fired probably want to express from. So here's the thing is kind of funny as the father believe or not -- his liars without calling them liars. When does he says that the other group and the kids said mom are mom told us to go over and do this one of the kids have that down. And he says to the news my wife never sent to do that my wife and never say that so than in other words you're saying your kid's life. Four -- a cover up -- no I both get cynical when I used to brand some -- us. And we had this guy that we used to wrestle with time we would go into his office in an effort things. And if one guy -- Saturday and next guy had a top it. So now they made it just became fun ailments was sport -- -- -- Outdo the other guy and I'm sure it's of these kids did they probably didn't start out. Thinking that there are gonna cause this much destruction when they got in and they are getting away with stuff. They had to be laughed in their asses off I am an African ball terror and is joined up. Yeah. Yeah I don't know to be shot to go to our old boat going out there again I think because each individual. And if they were angry at what happened you know again maybe you -- smashed the glass surged straight and helping but again tomorrow together. And then they -- plan probably look. He'll go from hammers them. -- I don't. They want and I think you're completely wrong I think going Kate does that and I don't think there's any plan at all except ballots have some fun and you do this on the regret this and do that what -- -- -- There's issues chaos as the final laugh from as they were saying this is some -- call early this morning we brought this up time they said no word of the kids get the spray paint -- -- -- -- and -- -- there -- -- -- -- renovations to -- -- There's some money left to hammer and these kids are just grabbed geno was you know -- -- -- Hamdan jury que ver risen to meet the RAQ yeah -- is -- human estate -- kind of like an Alex moves him puts grooves at a news agreed to get -- to peace between the American. -- So this is a horrible boss we had a letter to try to keep. He had only ties. To get -- Thailand to meet the primary if so one day. I take when his ties and a run through Kuper and hang it up in the back greats and that's all shredded say. So what you think my buddy -- It's carrier takes an -- house either another tie our reserves up on all the other ties -- Seven ties -- sell one was -- Seven is hysterical I don't wet myself watching each link. Hi I think about polarized that he would hang up back up nicely and is hope that he had in the back of the animal lined up the -- was real bad. Predicts more I couldn't -- couldn't wait to get to. -- was -- the first until it was earlier than his Dick Larry contrast you disagree is that when you see the experts and it's pretty easily -- other stuff as straight -- at certain. Hey let the outside there's that attack mentality there talking. Think I get so that would let you -- there again -- -- -- your brother well let's say. Plan is actually a sure they access the camera went put their equipment through this you can park but I'd I'd like jackets. You -- saying. OK you know we're -- you know -- -- -- you know and then. Again you know regardless. Of whether it was. Spur of the moment or they're supplanting. Open but it Danielle and the egg each side and then as well planned to Wear -- -- that's probably go well. And you what are your kid maybe that you probably never would done individually. But because of the fact that you're undergoing and. Laurence -- are pretty those dug outs that I had when we defeated in the dug outs in the down I wouldn't done in less than my buddies with -- print and it was no idea. -- the British are denied the right now however I would not have done it alone if I couldn't get them to come and join and then I wouldn't have done it. Season numbers present thing yeah. I thought thank you. I -- side ceiling. You know us I'm -- sort of the league what should upon as a bit. And guys -- me on FaceBook goes. I don't think this guy should he go -- have to go through insurance is in premium rates to go back and good luck to you claim and ensured that there's a chance your your rates go up and in no way I would love to see. Because they can only get a total 6000 dollars to 15100 dollars per kid for the damage done let's. Looks like there's more than 6000 dollars for the damage there maybe not but it sure looks that way. Why can't they go after the parents in almost the decisions they don't have as you're -- -- your car right you know he's shirts and garnish the wages are signs that things. -- bodies on the war could do that you can then I got to be Smart about this now. Because. You why they got their -- fixed and I can't -- chasing down tangle ran for. Four years when I got a house its damage in these to be six tomorrow and -- I insurance. I'm going to reassurance and I'll do that but I'm still doing the other I want someone paying for us that's a lot of damage in my house. These kids came -- and destroyed it yeah I mean I guess I and I I want something done. Extra rest it's true for my I mean -- Smash in the toilet. This saves as I drifted along as I can see the kids suffer every day that a little bit complex and get their seven hour about actual -- he hit something while I'm here most of its thirty cleaned up. Perhaps total clean -- does that mean 600 discrete G goalie John Canada bought the walls are. Paid and over and I think. Someone was donating. I saw Romeo -- -- -- someone would have dish out there are 315 there there who was thrown out like stuff and say hey I got a perfectly good -- welcome to have there's always been offered things. No without having to do anything lovingly on what I got some stuff. Mr. represented here. There for a North Carolina today ago -- the hammer we'll take a break phone numbers 2226000. -- in -- at 99404.

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