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Sex Survey

Jun 26, 2013|

The guys talk about a sex survey that came out as well as talking to people about what they do in the bedroom with their partner

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's a a new sex survey out will you always wonder like. Is your sex life normal or is somebody's better or who's to water are even like to hear that's kind of the weird people living you know. Let me get too good Jeremy did the trick Tommy say many heard about. A dude who likes to have a strap on news on him by his wife and yes. That doesn't mean you're gay yes it does. Music does this like Dustin affiliate you guys like Tommy if you like a finger in nine and received I don't know what. I serve on his penis I -- It's not no no evidence but it really is hurting anything -- -- -- -- back this thing is shaped like Mehmet Ali Abdullah well it's dates and yes it's shaped like a -- moved one ended. Deployment. I'm just -- -- tapered and basically you're performing. So I do think -- -- debt is the case that this person is bisexual would have always bisexual for sure. For sure. I mean if you play. Any thing around your can manage. You've got to leave me by they have nine closet Obama took -- And I think -- would agree -- me as a Christian. Accuses president -- as a Christian and -- Jesus Christ I -- answer that question because we don't talk like that let me get -- Britain's got something to do. And -- NASA all of them there and name yet. Jeremy they had all good how are you expect -- -- Alex snowball. He does it just sort of just. All it did that -- -- girlfriend and -- and M per month on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What are your thoughts on. -- it's on nobody. Are in rose I acts that are now. Foreigners or else are you down to snow law now DTS to have Stonewall congress is now so would you -- -- lady doing it if it was a mouthful gravy. O'Grady so we'll be hitting hard I am greatly. It could solve beat great. -- work out -- Vegas Jerry. I'm Jane isn't Victor what is your porn question Jane. -- I would speak it very much again watching art major bowl 088 yeah I. So what I'm wondering what -- -- older Haiti is in direct and had a broken up Scotty and doing very are being here while you're watching -- -- -- -- Relatives -- -- -- believe IRS says so lucky guy it's called things that never happened Jane is that all you do for your husband. I would be willing to do but he's not really Q -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You like watching porn I don't mind it -- -- that's not an answer I don't know I don't I don't I don't like watching art -- -- You feel like it. 40% of both men and women watch porn up to three times a week. -- I got no I don't have no disarm their own 40% of men and women. Up to three time which we so we're because porn is really shot for men not for women do you ever watch it on your own Jane. I don't act by yourself do you or do you watch. I got more interest that they -- much. I don't I'm not aware. Of -- I broke up the commuting. The museum but it's our job. Our -- that I am I aging yet. Time to -- in his world you're a liar there's this can be real Clinton -- we can't Anwar is like -- is amusing yes. But that's not why else is it turns me on on the -- -- use -- when you push Iran has been Jesus turn on but she's -- play a big amusing is a war for her because. There shame. So what you do is you try to hide it. And I especially when you know that your gonna come back though there's no way his -- his line and it's not -- to live it is not that -- right that's why you choose -- -- right. Yeah I think it might be an indirect and didn't show prime after hours. Pretty much ideal -- -- -- it's cut at the moment -- You have action out of like because here's a thing there's a porn star who sat down yesterday. Saddam Huffington Post now has like their own muse thing and she's a big ports are she's making a lot of money she's used in a lot of still on fire and you'll see she's done she's got toys named after all this and that -- and her mom is a feminist so and is -- known feminist men and so big guy interview owner says. Would you ever what is your mom's -- -- I really don't talk to my mom about this stuff. Choose would you ever do like feminist empowerment form where it's more for women about women you're making money has yet outside this. My father says that -- porn for him whenever he goes to -- to my panel pop possible ruins it for -- Just plants yes -- as united that I can win equipment. That the point is that. You have more access them what you think you have reviewed the computer. This is -- but at their history and their children hit it on the computer and let it be it adds I have another question Khatami at that look at you. Is there a poor and out there bet he'll like you're watching a real movie that has crept back in bed at. What does yeah we mean I don't real like real like people I mean it. I'm learning that you maybe haven't every -- I think they're ready to be all along and that. And I -- suits you you -- move guy and and it's. Like decent man yelling Tom Cruise now -- -- as a DC is Donald Seymour Hoffman. Really lying. Or is not for women at the -- is imminent saying I want Boren. I didn't wanna get to the point where her cheeks NF. Oh well okay -- Like storage there you like -- stories that's why they we know is. You can go on porn hub and they show they have female friendly porn and it. Yeah rolled that right and James. Fifty shades of -- been turning into a movie and that has kind of lawyer talking about a story and some pretty hot -- probably won't have penetrate him. You know I have to take out up front in eight grade -- you guys edged -- -- anyway I don't wanna bulk up. He didn't stop debate you and apps but it's been -- all that shocking like you make me once terror. I think at that game I mean. Kind of like my idol bondage I don't I'd be a big deal out -- bullying. -- kind of what Dow was still smile mind is I think it's just kind of bringing to light what. Some people really want but never gas firm. Yeah I don't know why they made it sound like women are Ali and it caught my attitude that you are not like you ought to do another woman. Now I have have you ever had a threesome no I haven't. What I -- started dating we pop it up the possibility that but I would. I would wonder how -- you go about getting old just I would audit the other woman obviously not another at a I would be totally got got a I mean how do you define that could catty and cut kept her going long. You know you -- have a lot of get to know somebody beat our I have act without what is she's been looking in you. Well you know -- be kept could be a bummer but I'm pretty confident. What if he says -- given her more attention in you in the sack. That's the easy using the problems that develop with these three ways when people. Comment. But now I had a but didn't get up yet he has. Well see I think the locker. Only -- have you ever had sex in public transportation these are all things on their service. Other transportation I don't -- bringing you know I kept us. 14% of people claiming half hour this seems odd to me -- nine and on the book you have available one in four say they've had a threesome. We can't -- sleep well at some point their -- say they've had a threesome. 14 banana and -- On an ironic you separate the fans. That's it and move six Jefferson people who have had a one night stand that -- 69 presented. If it. 7%. Of people say this has sex outdoors have you obtained. -- 66% of people regularly dress up in the bedroom that would go to go along the lines what you said earlier with a strap on I think men dress up -- him. -- upper -- got a wonderful have you ever. -- -- strap on on your husband. Now now are having a bad event. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hi Jane thank you know in. My. Taxed at 9940 for you guys have no idea where your typical neighbors up to its free gear out here than you know. We all get one chance at life let go and live this it's like going lists. Things and they came via FaceBook. My buddies and -- talking at a job site about what works in the bedroom one guy says he and his wife watched porn as part of foreplay. The other Danica -- better -- people. Asked to borrow a dvd because he and his wife news spice things up. Apparently this after a while couple days later the guy who borrow the -- he flipped out because he says the dvd was two dudes. Well the co worker who loaned it to insists it wasn't his. Do you think he may be gay or do you think his wife watches gay porn. He's grown. -- -- -- -- muscle mass I think he's pleased recently on the show used to watch -- rallied for a woman Sally editor of Dow was a dozen other pieces of the Verizon has Bronx cheers early person CEO yeah Sony don't want barely -- one guy -- -- to. It is it's stressing the there's no way yes. -- good -- have put into it. Hey our -- of this go by a gay porn and give it to a day this'll Pretoria clintons and who they profited -- -- -- -- your life. Does that -- a good joke. Yes so we gonna die we'll take a break phone numbers 2226000. He can Texan at 99404.

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