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Roger Hodgson chats with Crowley (Part 1)

Jun 25, 2013|

Roger Hodgson in town for the Rochester Jazz festival calls Crowley to talk about his show, his music and his life (Part 1)

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    Roger Hodgson calls Crowley to talk about his show, music and life (Part 2)

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    Supertramp and he's going to be in town for the Rochester international jazz festival coming up a week from Wednesday on June 26 at the Kodak home Eastman theater. You can still get tickets now Roger
    Roger Hodgson he is going to be here for the Rochester international jazz festival on June 26 at the -- -- Eastman theater. I've got just a couple more questions I'll let you go I know you're busy and I really appreciated. -- him but there have been a few people will be the real major songs like a few years ago another two adults who were from just down the road in buffalo. Covered give a little bits and should've brought that up. Com and the gym class heroes not that long ago diversion -- breakfast in America my question is how do you feel about bands covering your sons and
    of other people are looking forward to seeing you the Rochester international jazz festival . And now I just I can't wait to see your -- Great crippled look forward to meeting and I can't wait to

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I can't wait it is expected later they knew it or put him. I doubt we're in the same market it is -- back up quite. You are and I know a lot of people are excited by this by the way you can still get tickets if you want the -- of a link on our web page at WC MF dot com. So Roger you've been recording on -- -- and have a pretty extensive catalog material out there since you left Supertramp the eye of the storm. Hi hi opened the door. I'm sure you get this a lot but she left Supertramp and what some would say the pinnacle of commercial success. -- what was going on that you thought it was time -- -- what was going on in your head at that time. Well you know you -- trapped. My baby I think you're really looking at an idea. Britain was the main driving or my action I grew up on the people that may inspire me. They changed my -- and -- animal world 81 -- got it written into the trap of the evil. I'm not -- in. Action news and I think we did a pretty good job as -- Great let it. It at the end it would not give -- -- warm welcome. But I it would ban it and not let them prove a point of compromise album and I get one. Of the compromising. Our the right level. And -- that we were at the pinnacle. -- -- a lot -- -- like I need to leave and then let the enemy that. It -- that big. Let it actually did. It in my life was written. And moved to more compatible -- that I hit -- my -- immediately but it didn't to a twenty year. Blind your voice is just as strong as ever and I would probably have to say your songwriting is well that you took that long off. You know you shared credit with some of the suns zero but you are you pretty much wrote all the biggest hits give a little bit dreamer the -- son breakfast in America right. Right and we look back slightly. Think they can't let the Americans credit. -- they've got. Great just to avoid a lot of argument. The same strain that would Rick Davis and myself we we did that -- Yes you're correct must've been hit the dreamer and get a little bit like the song that they were old let written. Pretty nutty with the -- they were written when I was alone and stop writing in the process that I had to be -- and the inspiration comes true. And that's my next question I mean are there any particular mechanisms are traits that help you with deriding them helped -- creativity kind of take over. So you can do that. What you have to meet. I think it is actually one of the speakers like that -- strong law itself was amazed at its hepatitis a well. Is -- -- they are so personal and they really did come from -- Whatever was going on inside. You know my deepest deepest questions my deepest pain my biggest -- My longing to know about my long you know god. Yes you birdied my pride thing that I didn't really think about while I'm Sharon for the world because a lot of response well written well. We have achieved in except that they were great private kind of late but I would choose to express my deepest cut them down. What do you think that is what -- -- -- -- certainly was going to be people around the world because you know other people obviously feel. And the same is in question that I had and you know they directions in that state. Talking with Roger Hodgson the co-founder of Supertramp is going to be in town a week from tomorrow for the Rochester international jazz festival. It's on June 26 at the Kodak hole in the Eastman theater. Now Roger one of my favorite songs and -- play here coming up is on the logical song and when I was younger. I heard it and I'm not even sure that I knew what it was at the time. But it just really resonated with me there was something underneath the surface that was darker than what the song seemed to. Be saying and I read somewhere that this is a very personal song for you what what what was behind that with the story behind the song. Even the protest song but I think it is. Stealing or. Questions I think a lot of people share I think I wrote to implement in my late twenty's. -- I was in English boarding school at ten to ten years and came out of that pretty confused detention and that. You know may be well educated that -- confused as to who wrote what and I think that is really. I question whether people more than I thought people less able and fit into that place -- peace and longing that place they can you feel like its -- you know is an inside it is not that our case we trying to. Kind of on the outside but really the place of peace in the linemen that have to be discovered on his back and really. I think that what that -- is you know that we get all -- great education and debit and obviously wonderful but. What's missing really is how to connect with whom the army and nothing that the most important game.

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