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Roger Hodgson chats with Crowley (Part 2)

Jun 25, 2013|

Roger Hodgson calls Crowley to talk about his show, music and life (Part 2)

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    to be in town a week from tomorrow for the Rochester international jazz festival . It's on June 26 at the Kodak hole in the Eastman theater. Now Roger one of my favorite songs and -- play here coming up is on the logical song and when I was younger. I heard it and I'm not even sure that I knew what it was at the time. But it just really resonated with me there was something underneath the surface that was darker than what the song seemed to. Be saying and I read somewhere that this is a very personal song for you what what what was behind that with the story behind the song. Even the protest song but I think it is. Stealing or. Questions I think a lot of people share I think I wrote to implement in

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking with a Roger Haas in the unforgettable -- the inimitable voice actually of Supertramp and he's going to be in town for the Rochester international jazz festival coming up a week from Wednesday on June 26 at the Kodak home Eastman theater. You can still get tickets now Roger not long ago we here at the station -- -- hall of fame celebration day. Do you think -- -- an invitation it's employ and and and do you really cares that something ever really think about. You know I could picture that that we can't. Really blame you know mainly. I've never been one accolade that I think ever is the only bad man but they didn't even go to the grammys I mean what we've been nominated. I don't know I I I it's -- I get my you say about. -- Well America you tracking people's lives and helping people mean when I get in a letter from someone saying what they -- really helped me. You know -- really got package -- It saved my relationship all right I'm about an incredible that is that is more meat and then getting you know practice and how vulnerable. Right just to a mad because it is Supertramp will be inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame at some point will you go. And -- when you do who would you want to induct you. I'm not there. I decided question about what -- I'm. That is got a tough but I mean you think about. You as a musician and you're surrounded by other musicians in these people who were kind of in your circle but if you had your choice. You know all the people out there who will. Who would it be that you would want represented new interrupting you at that point. Following. Exactly and even begin to let it get someone to educate them in a lot of people I respect. I don't have a lot -- it has hit it every body I I kind of feel like -- in I think in the music industry obviously but I don't electronic. I belonged to a lot of a lot of gore agreed action date with a lot of the value of the industry I -- I think community as a service industry. And I know there's a lot of glorification. You know that he's sensationalize them and focused on in -- in the industry and actually. I. Feel -- you know the luckiest man alive really that I get to do and I looked into every night and make people happy that it might get an. It back back back. You know. No outlet and I hit immediate big illegal stayed at a minimum and special about it the track I think a lot of is all the incident. And radio I think you know what -- that you don't get a little bit I mean that is that is them what I try to remember that even the more like it is. More we have to get back and I'm very happy India. Sixty last. And that in the -- of my life and and seeing as great as I am I'm making people happy and people flying in -- -- of the world is in Asia something very. Special that they they get them and I think Israeli jet base steal my joy and and they steal mine yet. I I think because I am. Buried. Into the -- aspect of it from -- by a unifying audience. Without camera my ego getting in the way that sent. It does I think you know your passion really comes through I mean even just speaking with you about this now you can. I can feel the passion you have for what you do in the love of what you do and and that comes through on stage I mean if we're in the audience. And you can tell I mean I'm sure you've been -- -- as you can tell the guys are just kind of doing it by wrote -- and they really don't care. This shows that you know I think the audience walks away from just thinking while other shows were people like you get on stage and you're just you're loving every second -- -- up there. Totally I can't do it I am not very good staking. I'm best ratings are at least of which have an -- because I couldn't say it anymore at the moment just staying in and something -- -- it. You know then -- good living I just can't let like that. And that day I stop enjoying singing something. Islamiya. Stop tour and. But right now. -- very very wonderful and special -- and anyone accomplished I think it is these are real treat. And we are deathly looking forward to Roger Hodgson he is going to be here for the Rochester international jazz festival on June 26 at the -- -- Eastman theater. I've got just a couple more questions I'll let you go I know you're busy and I really appreciated. -- him but there have been a few people will be the real major songs like a few years ago another two adults who were from just down the road in buffalo. Covered give a little bits and should've brought that up. Com and the gym class heroes not that long ago diversion -- breakfast in America my question is how do you feel about bands covering your sons and did you do you listen to their versions and what do you think. Yeah I I listen to that question them depending on how how you know -- to contribute about it and do we don't need it it's pretty well victory when they see at its best song and it at a time they -- needed a boost and aggravated indecent the -- In Beijing criteria -- -- is that right because. I thought about it the fact they didn't commission to do that. I don't know activity can come -- well. -- Well so we we we had good. Bet that -- -- this year but I have to -- yeah I think I do what it would that I think -- that there ever of them. And fire and that they captured a real spirit in -- -- record in America isn't as bad but -- some kind of whimsical quality and maintain managed to. To keep that in in the question that they did it. Will Roger again thank you for joining me I I know I'm myself and a bunch of other people are looking forward to seeing you the Rochester international jazz festival. And now I just I can't wait to see your -- Great crippled look forward to meeting and I can't wait to get back that a lot about the city in this this whole event. Seemed very special. It is it's huge it's gonna be all over town and this is going to be your show is going to be one of the highlights and I look forward to -- so again thank you very much.

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