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Lou Gramm on reunion with Mick Jones

Jul 12, 2013|

The guys talk to Lou Gramm about how his reunion concert with Mick Jones went

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lou Gramm got into the songwriters hall of fame which I think is it. As the -- of really cool honor because it's. Beyond just you know not dead just anybody can perform songs but to be able to writing and performing it's gotta have insisted an expression of yourself an extension of yourself. And now one way to be honored but. Student during that he reunited with. Mick Jones from. Foreigner and they haven't been together and a number of years and just before we we talked -- -- this last clip this is. Lou Gramm in the break room in 965 W -- after explaining how mixed claims -- quote unquote made flew. Even though it was a lose talent and -- all you can look at this a number ways. And new and ask about how would be instead around him and I got together he and do you he would lose to defend I was young raw talent and yeah additionally as I'm not very I yeah I am happy -- in the show me out of sync. Has -- we have -- that's in the senate tonight is saying no he hired here yeah. -- is like your hair. So it can bring me back to that feeling as you're all gonna walk into the room how long is it then. Sends you saw Mick Jones. This but the songwriters hall of fame prior to that how long an event. They've been. About twelve years. About twelve years so walking back in there and you know you've taught you wrote the book called this stuff is kind of three analysts say is sort of fresh all the old things that kind of went on with him. Right back in your head anyway sorry what was the feeling walking in that room was there any expectation that he just figure -- -- that's. Yeah that's -- -- that you know if if if if if there were resist. If you lose attitude heavy or or. Well or are starting making references to. Two. Any thing in particular that that would put me and a defense of I don't know I probably would have -- decline due to -- it might take -- -- being brought on what is now. -- he would -- performed. Proud we are out there were down to kill -- and really. Included -- just between you and me yeah. All right well yeah -- as he read the book. This year. No law no man -- has mix read your book. I don't think so. Did he do it he wouldn't say yes and no one years and won't. Yeah I said he didn't send it won't. Now -- don't want. I should about a dress and -- one this is sticking in there and no Lou in a way that's pretty funny and is all the stuff that he did you know. -- do you think anybody who did read it say anything to him about some of the well and their man you know our area yeah you know guys learn. So you walked in there and obviously you did perform. So he had to be Brady. Normal -- at the right term or at least -- You wouldn't normally premed a well yeah -- considering that. He went through a true life threatening situations. Within the past two years and I don't. So -- so I I just we have -- And he had. He a tumor in his throat and I believe the interest. To Mozilla wants. Let me live as soon get a lay out the bangers in this dosages and stuff wow memento. And so you know I think that you look at Riviera -- deft chip design and I didn't minister and I. I think -- EU is. A little bit more low -- -- and Matt Matt -- The pushy. Make sure I would just used to dealing work. Because you -- -- age sharing a mellow with age a lot of times -- just in general. It's Lou Gramm talking about getting back together with the Mick Jones of foreigner at the songwriters hall of fame. Awards you guys did perform how how how was that -- did go as well as you thought it would was it. You know you walk in there and -- rehearsed a little bit budget get up there and perform. Was it just like get him back -- horse and -- so great to be back for that dander of what was we're gonna. You look at it look closely where they will will admit yeah end here and it still. Musicians. Who who were. Selected. For. -- songwriters hall of -- Rebel my brother Ben who is in New York. Went through a list of those guys put me -- east play we're almost all of before. He told Reid has got -- -- pat -- got really really close or in this guy's you know so. I had -- -- you have to worry about pretty soon they're they're really kick butt. He says it is just make sure you're on your game you know. There's no pressure there that's when it well and that his brother stuff that we two I heard it sounded great and assembling everything was. It was a lot of fun at least is the way it appeared -- were. And what's the futures are gonna be any other performance with Mick Jones or another with -- That's pretty much nobody here I really need here is very your corner and I don't see. He enjoyed performing with them -- -- -- there's a possibility I know many of them but is there might. Other. Our input -- talking major right now. Yeah what about it I it's kind of funny that is sounds like just two guys sort abandoned I was able. Maybe the term -- friends but at least friendly -- -- and coworkers. You don't talk to each other -- managers and his managers that do the talking has telephonic. What is going to -- the possibility of well played some shows the other. I think -- -- approach in my met. He would say Doctor -- -- you know. -- right scheduling and all that stuff. Yeah and you know I I think he knows my manager and his manager I thought I would want my manager huge economy. It's a long it was going to be a situation like I think Greta and have him present me. But do you wanna do it at this point anyway Dan -- do you even care. Are relegated to go to -- a year they have. I actually delete global online you know a death march in other words. I -- that I go but if you start that he agreed illiteracy doing a small summer tour. He starts of for a song in general the first signs accusing on going to be back -- dynamism is gonna take a quick cruise around the world. No need to feel this is what I. I would personnel do and -- with the musicians it would be like I was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Andy to do the show have you ever been asked to do those structural cruises all of. We we we had do we have a possibility of I'm doing one or two of those -- -- usually get more chaotic conflict in which those of -- people now that we're real close and I heard it was great. Well some people I know people who have done these. And do you know from the from the performers point of view. It can be hell on earth because fans constantly yet. -- -- -- -- -- May go right you're -- -- we have pretty much day you will follow you movies don't forget these are your hard hard core fans or coughed up. Big money team and they won it every. Ounce of flesh at you man for that -- their crews. -- NFL guys are diligent on Dilma a lot of many more. In and I didn't I didn't follow up -- -- -- -- I -- I -- now he can suggest. Another -- -- that was not a one year older 55 year old fans. What is big meat -- trying to apply lotion on your bag -- just moved and read a book a million. Little are back in a significant but it should come over what critics. I -- had a big blue and never let you get to do you know double vision but yeah. And an assist you get your people are ignored them. Do you raise your whole song books. Think this Lou Gramm getting into the songwriters halls and we talked about what an honor that was. As they've presented the war award to you. I keep thinking like this is an extension of view. Beyond just you know performing and this is what you -- it was your thoughts it was your inspirations. Your life experience that gets poured into these songs. That'd be a real honor that day. As they handed that award in and talk about you guys. It was an -- and and it and I gotta say hours. Nervous. It can't -- that purported to show more there was a -- with good morning post saying. I can see that can do I can totally get that -- -- here along the -- in his what you do. The other is. Yeah and then here you a vivid to me and -- just limited from the outside. That's the ultimate compliment to everything that inspired you to write this song was good enough to be putting all -- why how that I mean it's all you. I I think try and it. My wife and and my kids who are truly had to -- All My Children there. Alone at night in and I think look my pet my true bravery -- right now although there there there. They've been deceased for over ten years. I think Atlantic records because of really they're the ones that looked at that time in the money into breaking corner back in the day. -- when they were powerhouse. Right right. You know it's funny here and you say like if you got to give back together and make jones' long as it wasn't as you quote. Said a death march and five shows like there was a time in your career. Where that rock general lifestyle looks so glamorous to people you know just watching it but five nights a week. In cities waking up not known -- ER and -- was a grind at a time wasn't. It was a grind and and we would be out. Sometime or trick or months at a time without seeing family at all you know yeah. If we can't -- -- -- we can't we try -- Sunday night. Every Monday to spend with family and and Tuesday morning get back on a plane and fly actually attitude and. Schultz I did that it's upsetting you would normally do. It's decisions or is -- and Leo yeah you really. The only upside down. You know you -- funny is -- Lou as you say in that I just caught that movie I was on HBO trouble with the curve. And help one kid who's this hot prospect in the minor league yeah. That. Committees would have been scouting starts hitting a slump he's really on -- -- was like the hottest thing he's not doing good. Radios what was the last time you saw your family -- goes I don't know 34 months to live there he goes on and bring your family out here and I'm gonna get them to pay don't worry about it they're going to be here. And Connolly losing you get re energize their clothes and the kid starts hitting again right now I don't know but -- -- hear -- say that yes he kinda get re energized. A breaks nice sometimes it just gets too long and I'm sure homesickness Estes said and everything. Yet -- yeah Semitic and you know what when when you miss the people below are so long. And it came you'd you don't see the window or you're finally getting -- decedent. The better bet that's -- I mean after a short drinking and drugging real really get. Yet that third period done wherever we're a real stopped a truck and twist them. Yeah no self medicate your loan note via. And -- Jack -- -- everything that affected your your body Jack. My camera body that's so tonight Lou Gramm why I have to say that one I'm I'm sure is a great honor by how to become a fund to go back in. Did not fully knowing what was gonna happen with Mick Jones put going into it with the possibility of something positive does seem to come out that way. You know I had no idea how he would. -- -- we will we first got everybody users. It was a it was nice. He was friendly and and my mind don't be attributed illegitimate -- if you wanted to. He. You know I I'm hoping it was genuine but it really didn't have to deal was one night. Yeah I was one night -- there could have been a little acting we just were just acting to get through its. Yes and you are right there. Well I -- be fun to see the -- guys together on stage again and maybe that'll happen and I'm sure you'll let us know what it does Lou -- If it doesn't take you would we both agreed it would be a farewell tour. -- because you know and I think. -- kiss my as sort. Yeah. -- -- so critical so I got to know this may -- -- tolerant but. You just know. He's got to be she gonna -- is read here he's going to be huge Dick to be mean to you because you're so -- -- likable. It's hard not polite do you. So I mean he's got to be a huge -- That's the only thing I can come away with from meaning you the many times -- chewed through the year is on the show. You just seem like it genuinely nice person day for India. Do you guys think what has a great kick up puppy it's true authenticity. A little round I think I'm gonna be a jerk. But should be the naming a tour. The bigger picture this -- the sharks kept the door. Get alert this jerk tour I can't believe I'm working with -- his jerk. -- very well this guy is -- -- -- Lou I love you guys you roll they -- the sense of humor about at all and there is something to be said to not take yourself too seriously at times against. Right here is that you know enjoy Lou Gramm thank you Lou. You're anti Huckabee thank -- good places to -- thank you thought.

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