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Guy fights a pilot

Jul 12, 2013|

The guys discuss a fight that broke out between a drunk passenger on a plane and the pilot of that plane.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- so many similar the most annoying things on a airline flight would be a fat personalities -- State I want because O'Donnell are from stink odor -- kind of voters coming off Somalia beat his stats -- can negotiate. But it's smell this got me you know it's all that recycle there. Danny said annoying children then you know Asian Giuliani like he did say that -- -- -- I cheesy little Asian jellies and oriental I did not say -- -- why don't change it. I think -- -- say let me go to you this just one up online last night have. And it is a guy who -- I wanna play it. And then I've watched this video there and then I want to explain to you what happens in general but I have questions for people. Because again the greatest thing about radio is you see it. In your mind and yes you don't see this Jeremiah -- yes so check this out this is a drunk airline passenger. Gets taken out of these -- he's not to get these are not allowed to fly well check this out. It was a good my outlook. And I did you hear him you know the. If you don't care -- -- do. You -- here. Yeah. You want yeah. This is the pilot this is the pilots the pilot is that it was a gay guys the pilot at the gates and the guys bitch and -- it. And this -- take off of hearts are rarely lose again tonight. It's now the -- as he says still I'd like to take you outside rim and I went back it up a little bit -- -- -- continuing your. -- -- -- It's. -- -- -- -- -- And I that's from the video and the whole thing is about five ahead so he mixes it up the pilot and the fans and her mom -- What do you think the passenger look like. Hello -- way -- really think you look like -- what does he dressed like what kind of guy trying to say. -- way. It's love only dressed. Drunk I'm saying guy is like slacks -- he has surely you see it no I haven't I've not sort of brew T shirt. When I wish I say guy and I slacks -- short sleeved button shirts and a beard chief. Danny's been pretty close this really -- big guy who is a businessman -- was teasing khakis and a blue polo shirt blue polo -- is tucked in the casual not a casual not what I expect there's little unlucky. Casts a little -- -- -- -- in my you know beer and he walks over and he starts given that the big guys and gossip. And then when he sets. Still I wouldn't step outside would view but I know they've stopped me and news they have bios is go right ahead. I'm standing right here and the pilot is not look like a young man he looks to be like -- -- -- hero unprofessional -- he's doing gauging this dude I don't know how long this went on because like I also don't wanna see my -- fighting with somebody before flights I don't know how long this went on Brent. Because somebody did eventually does with their camera opener -- got this right away. The -- this happens that exchange it takes about two and a half minutes till I'm about to tell you happens. The passenger goes okay and he comes over. And he -- open handed left upside the pilot's head right outside the pilots had left to get outside the pilots had reasons slapping pop pop pop out. And the another pilot comes out of nowhere and tackles a got a right to the ground vertical vote yet in a pilot never. Brown did anything now -- kind of just g.'s crew does is doing things the guy went after and is it -- not it's not it's a I hate to say this -- and a typical looking businessmen have been nice drives using normal to torrent of political. The but I mean drunk but drunk Betemit and pissed off right. -- just one big guy a fly from Hong Kong to Newark. And the passengers sat on and yeah while they high tide and yeah. And it's a -- I don't know what the point that she got in trouble is that I took that play its seventeen hours. On -- -- so I don't know who was. Then I guess maybe erode the ocean innate -- high tide haven't sat on his yes -- He is making all this site. Talking about terror is nominated conspiracies but he was -- -- -- and I'm guessing that due -- struck how many people do you think would not drink of marijuana was legal to use and we just use that as a way to chill out to a -- -- a more than an -- -- though because you can't -- on -- against -- -- -- right you -- so -- that -- that is -- a seventy hour -- -- buzz -- a pre -- and I begged him in another case could see -- yeah I -- like a lot of people said when things -- stressful have a -- -- you don't want to. To pot brownies okay. I don't know the airline could -- some specific charges because I right now I'm on the airlines they got to buy your food right there really albino man nice. Pot brownie I hope I wish all our. Lazy cakes for Leo but -- platonic that's just say it's it's it's more legal then I don't know a dozen lazy case of these horrible. But I'm just an hour winds with marijuana I mean if they ever were to legalize it it -- co -- meeting with. Trying to appease these situations we talked to Sean Carroll this morning about the Michael a lot of trial. And Michael -- Lotto was one of a psychiatrist said seem to be -- for lack of a better term chronic user marijuana almost -- and it. But his bond was taken away that morning. And anyway and then he was pissed off so you open up chris' presence -- was played video games what I would you know I'm sure there was tension in the house that led to that day where he. Flip down on them burned out thousands -- think people including his father and two Brothers. But if it had he been able to smoke that day William and comfort is that something -- be a stabilizer for people probably and probably. I hadn't I haven't drank a long time and every year after. The kids -- kind of -- with schools -- yesterday was the fifth grade graduation -- or moving on her warrior another simulator now what it's ridiculous Jamison who's three. Started playing with a kid and we know the family in the -- instead just let him come over and run around our -- and not -- -- -- your hands -- so -- drop them off -- and he was more than happy to go man he was -- to have -- just run around it is. And the older boys could say home alone so we went over to wait just a bar and had a had a drink toast to the end of the year all the stuff -- talked a summer. I had not -- Guinness. The ninety's of days to -- in my head was like clear -- your game. Flight warlords. You know after getting him why and he's a few drinks you know as -- -- that are so well yesterday you probably -- down for you which is still I don't know that I. I drink I've -- you drink for beer is. -- -- even an hour into the either they know. And then I and then we went you know after awhile we went over to pick up -- at least stay for dinner raw -- announced up. And she made some kind of line made vodka thing. And I drank half of that I went around their yard and I felt sound asleep in the chair notice. Motto is I had kept that snapped -- and I know why Powell. And it's on myths around her body there's -- dealers are working on my game is off the ground work these guys are doing those sixteen ounce curls you know I don't -- beat this guy every bit angry. I don't think -- -- be that guy but I was sick about this to sort of we have that guys. If it becomes legal. And you could smoke marijuana -- would you do it then. He's soft drink for your dad you drink wonder why would you occasionally and a social occasion did that. I don't know I think you know what I Brooke I've actually believe me no I've never thought about it I don't know I smoke cigars I don't think they're drunk and allowed. -- -- -- And vulgar who just to bring this. User they have forward in public while he was a -- already. Oh my god John volley would be booed bloodshed either. -- let's just not -- you're coming foul. You were drunk yeah. Yeah so would you say if if marijuana were legal would you spoke. I consider I consider I consider have you ever rolled the joint no I have no you think you could role joined now no way I don't even know how I -- -- touch the stuff have you overruled a joint done. Or not I am terrible out of Sony's sabaya in my -- from my -- His girlfriend -- George -- -- sort of we all get him pre roll and -- yet today reiterate. I don't -- get all you like acted in places we should have. A contest to see you could -- the best joint in the break room. Well you guys are Kilmer -- not like we get it rolling paper I don't I don't Reagan always a mess is this get tobacco to sort chase or drag Iraq goes more. Blasier -- well yeah but that's limited Seattle life. Look more like -- -- around cigarettes we could have a -- enrolling content my nephew Brian is on cigarettes -- I any view him I guarantee. There's the ultimate how to place in the world it's called YouTube and I'm sure they have a how to roll right yeah we actually have played clips from it. About a year ago people just how is how you -- joy out of Asia to break this is you smoked a joint desire you'll hold that this is you know all that stuff we should -- roll a joint take a picture is see it. Guess who worlds which one out of comfortable role in the -- taking a picture of input now. It's it's well know that because that -- -- go I don't smoke cigarettes guide which made it I don't story can I don't smoke marijuana and I'd. Yeah I'm trying to avoid all the appearances evil hands can come at a Christian resurgence lately -- New music both tobacco. I haven't in the nine year -- cigar it's like a gentleman staying with -- near Mosul rated dances around all decisions like do it. Smoke a cigar is necessarily a zillion news show damn I didn't say I'd ever set a lot recently. Ladies and our -- tallies -- -- dancing with my sense how these guys around everything so we roll -- cigars -- -- thing. And what you'll land -- Like and I don't know gamer I don't know that. It's only -- Camilo Eric. Well I'd say -- the time -- I have absolute liberal accommodates those needs and that's what I'm Russell is there a model airline highway. I spoke to play good college. Aren't we filmed and I think we -- used to connect may we have GB. Doll it's always all it's over we can't Allopod end. You can't know whether it's Tom Brady and you're. Going -- to blow out that that's actually going to razor sharp and ingredients I think we need to have a pretty groomed general I got some volatile. Yeah we -- -- -- -- -- get off the debts though that they've had well it's tough economy. It's not what they all lose any best yay -- now did you don't walk up to a table though I am a pretty big crowd that was on him right up to tell you first and then you can ask it to me for losing it does is it she -- iPad 20 -- -- -- right yeah as I am now on ran around we keep our -- they got -- -- like. Heat team unbeaten streak here I went undefeated I know he's lost pets in this room in the last six and I really huge partisan idiot and I now have -- somatic. It's. We'll take a break.

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