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Coach Muley talks to a dad about serving beer at a grad party

Jul 12, 2013|

Coach Muley breaks the news to a dad about having kegs at his son's grad party

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Coach really is our life coach here he's a good one we should talk to about part of Texas stuff I mean he's been eaten and drink smoke free generation and our men who -- an -- Lost desire to next week about that. But we got a breaking news there on next wife of a guy wrote us and said -- Our son my ex husband my son is gonna graduate. On Friday night and Saturday he he got -- he got a full scholarship to school as -- and give you anything you want. And the kids that I want to have a blowout bash for high school graduation so Saturday night -- and and -- catering and all kinds of stuff. And some concern mom contacted the ex wife and said I'm hearing your husband will be serving alcohol because. Your son is telling people that they'll be three -- whose favorite beer there. Did she -- -- really wants to cough and warned him that he could lose everything. It is illegal to serve miners and two you could lose your house for this kind of -- -- -- To get under advisement said he would call here is the breaking news -- 965. CMS. No -- and hello there I'm done and all learning and even if there aren't many good deal drones so big check and ask don't smear him as soon. A little early or maybe just -- take coach really that you deal. Nice I don't SATA dubbed go to -- probably follow me on my MySpace knowledge good study I don't know about sending all on the Melissa part grabs got a little bad news to break your way. You sit down. Aren't very careful about the squad and so on because jurors asked if you're X. Got all how mine owner soon. Don Riggs in the break room and they pushed on the matter you know ranch just -- and on the break room with -- -- Apparently kids graduated. -- leaders you have Reggie departing. Here are my AM they -- are outlandish lady got her. OK hearing on and food and named an all his birdies and as it is based on the one -- -- do we tell Lou -- and then there. We're we're in big party party -- -- -- ioannis. -- ways to Sunday because she say in. On a break room comment -- talk show. Dad he's don't have street James Beard founder and unknown these changes under eighteen tournament. No no no no no no no -- you -- are gonna beat. Well they're gonna be 121 but I didn't know what that have been through Shakespeare wherever treat Shakespeare first control. Well listen man I don't care who choose for dude did new man thirty Aleman at all on no way is it came to mere. Should not be around young in this do you don't -- is so I ask you view yourself for a world learn has learned these kids. Gets all up on some -- in search of gas -- men. You know puzzle -- hanging -- Well -- I know -- found dead birds and -- -- if you could just learned my ex Jessica. -- is -- the biggest controlling bitch I've ever -- Well control and so I give me that runs right at the Betty my own just drew a demo -- to be yourself just to get her memory -- kid -- does so. Right there. But I don't really help because -- it's the beard. Do you know I have hard liquor now though. Around the Asia onions when his own do not to the goes you -- it. Well I'm not that's true it is -- -- called caliber have you ever heard tell beer brewed beer it's it's not alcoholic. And you know then that stated that his favorite beer. Me I see no beer beer. Near beer well I don't know -- this -- -- to my attention nothing like this. So you not serve an amount golf that you deserve our non beer whatever else not so what is it an anti -- No no no and they would be no Mike Grier who look like we're -- let you know that's what the kid wants you must. Juice drinks on the -- I'd be admitting don't get past. Well. Below -- being put out what broke through a little wooden not look good. Blocker and you -- or -- Joseph how come you tell him he uses an MBA here. British trade -- was. Now I did not lied to him I told him -- to -- -- now. Why she take it easy now open up the whole go -- ID Hugh Hefner. -- -- put on a nice showed his kidneys board to show off. Word is that for no greater amount pissed that I mean Jesus -- tell the did you GeMS and they're GeMS of god damn bit of Adobe. Given hand -- assistant -- Well as I had I don't know -- -- but again I'm not gonna -- and a bunch of kids out until the night. You know what that's what she was Sam watchful waiting may know -- you get no more Murtha -- Prior you know -- loves arena LA. Why not ask him to LA would have got so glad they're mostly she's articulate -- not why would I do that I'm not serving alcohol. A harder on this -- you've done what she done -- and what he don't rated on radio was a huge serve and alcohol. And you don't have the kids. All -- the last. And then the valley park your car and you were known to give magic keys today was to pound on the on the far -- Well and the truth created and that I'm not having a ballet with a -- quieter everybody can -- your -- car and everybody treadmill correlate the not serve induce. Paid over 21 you're gonna be able to get a drink foot will be checking IDs and we know all these kids real real well. It was a lot of AO Xian radio -- must juror asked turning you into some alcoholics -- implants now. What is. Let us. I was -- kids plus it's time figuring he's trying to wanna deal. Please get it. Yet it completely yeah sure I did just I think a -- and -- -- and you know down there's -- above -- We've grown Ashman given the young child out lumps. Well we know that -- -- -- Barack Obama is saying you trying to get in today and little bearded clam. You have you said I don't claim make its. No I yeah yeah I -- I really you know put your little sinister. Excuse me. Little truck or. Are. Now so now you don't -- -- -- Yeah Anderson and what I -- this site but now -- that would be ridiculous sort of. Well you know we got to say electing you may get jell -- lady says the yanks is history tired did you tell them all kind of nasty on your match. I think to. May go down. I mean look you know hurt her she published -- and I scoop -- -- -- you push an alcohol to kids because I'm concerned are deserting Kolb. Regional cannot only have all they did they think you serve and lose to these little bit just. The masters or are. You know I even listening you don't painted you don't get painted in a bad then bad last year so if you don't get John draw on this thing. Alone and I butchered it which in all -- it after months and what do you doing in my left now. John Jeremy I don't. It stopped and the issue only that operation so good stuff and they are invited occur are invited. There you're confident Paris with her mom and dad he and I haven't heard from anybody she's so this job for me. Because. You know made made much money after we were married and cheating your hands on the -- so he's. I -- and I cannot believe he figured she's solid and try to -- cup -- And also I'm told him you know I have the flows over there. The next day still to come nannies don't get uglier and soon. So I -- -- deserved it or you can leave I'm I'm sure she's able woman. Most of this season but I would definitely sit down I myself will -- while winter history in this before all those up to -- in your face. They get a bad name a bad reputation around to enemy of the Europe's if you wealthy businessman either you know you've got to check your reputation. I'm known as well and and there and the truth I didn't read it you know -- custody. And of course content and she's the one who helped -- with home court you know what -- -- budget tutors and stuff like crap they -- -- our options. And she's done an amazing job you know she drove -- to acquisition picking up -- yeah. Let me just what you're supposed to do you push me give temple which you shouldn't do is allow. I MMA get doesn't be -- doesn't love me some nanny that's all I'm saying is so I mean I wouldn't kid he would -- her history in RS listen -- only if you go but good luck. -- -- Well I appreciate the they ended up front that I appreciate these -- in the month they care that. And low -- but he did you got -- man on my marriage and I don't. Wow thing. Soundly little jittery day Jackie is those divorces so get manslaughter -- you have kids against Nancy Hanks isn't so I'm -- have been divorced toys no kids yeah. Wait longer as resilient because you always have to say. Personally have contact -- -- crippled walk away and break rooms -- 965 WC MF.

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