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Nacy Jo vs. Bill Moran

Jul 12, 2013|

Bill talks about the Clyde destruction and what should really be done about this situation. He also talks to Nacy Jo about what should be done about the kids.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The other big news story that's been getting attention. Nonstop it's gonna. Since last Tuesday if not this to a week ago well Nancy joke called the break room all upset she said her grandchildren who were eight and ten we're just horse around in the neighborhood. And happen -- -- graffiti on a house Mae is -- it was the outside of the house. And she said that the guy came by and he caught -- -- drag those boys. Who put him in a clause Clinton and held them there and threatened to beat their heads in -- amber. Until the cops showed up. And these kids are traumatized they couldn't sleep Obama and has the story unfolded you saw the incited Jesse -- his house. It is destroyed. Toilets knocked off pedestals. -- smashed spray painted words is the C word. Bitch -- mountain on there. And drywall to the point or Walsh had to be taken down. I just. Awful destruction museums like almost too much destruction for elementary school kids at least to me. But suggesting Daniels was arrested two days after this incident because Nancy Joe's son. Who is the father of these children and his wife press charges of child endangerment because this guy play abduct them imprison the kids until the cops came. And there was like -- Bob public outcry this became an international story I mean it was everywhere queen read it. And people were Wright and comments and on and on and I said all along that these charges will be dropped. And a dozen new lawyer while will go to the tape -- and now why don't we start -- -- An anonymous guy standing outside of just to show you what I mean in terms of public support for -- for Jessie Daniels. He has TDs hot so this is a guy stand and outside -- is hot it's come elegant truck then -- truck truck product. And he and here's what he had to -- channel thirteen I think it's great that we as a community. Coming together -- support summonses as something else happens. Most of us don't know -- -- record Boise rural supporters gathered here she is two trees Walsh on all of the support the Jesse's been yet. Not. Even had people drop off cards had his house puts money in it he says it brings him to tears. You know -- he's cashing those checks to -- is Jessie Daniels himself a ride JD shots working -- annoying. He had put someone in there and said this is just tell us -- we're just seeing. We support them and my car was really really touched my gosh I just thank you because that really means a lot to me. He took the money yeah I could not take the lie to me that I could take money from people -- cabinets is like cancer. Here is district attorney James Healey he has the district attorney in Wayne county and here's what man says yup. To be frank god -- believe there's a good chance of -- can be dismissed I certainly understand. I think community feeling. Frankly I share because I believe that this is gonna be prosecuted. Don't bet it's not going to be prosecuted. That he -- for -- -- goes on he doesn't need a lawyer and she says in the -- all us of of course not of course not. Why because the DEA needs to get reelected that's why and he sees the public outcry and it's ridiculous. I mean what Jesse did sure he could handle it and should handled it differently he should have been like mr. Wilson and Dennis OK he's brought her kids home. Of course she could be he won't be and I knew we wouldn't be from day one because there's no way with this much public outcry this did a district attorney needs to be reelected and this guy -- Hated out there for all the stuff he does prove yeah and I know that -- and I just -- and turning on the -- got an attorney -- dig in and you are now Jessica -- a sort of panic and I'd probably of those guys shouldn't charred remains they've been in Italy and Eric did have a date night is I mean -- though we got a phone needing all of behavior that. All along I really felt like got that there was no reason for him to get an attorney that there was no way it was a waste of time and to me. The wrong guys being focused on here and you may disagree with me but the real victims in this whole thing are those eight and ten year old kids why because somebody told him to go do this. That person should be Jesse should take the money that you pursued generously donated and said he supported him. And give it to that family bison management therapy and parenting lessons. And that father if that mother stood up he needs to grow some false and say we need to confront issues differently because what you boys did. As revenge is cowardly and pushy and now how a man. Handles his business. Pull your head out of your ass and figured out and look at this the real victims are those kids shot up about Jesse I'm so sick of hearing about that guy who cares. Still no fix that house -- somebody's donating stuff but he didn't need a lawyer he's an afternoon of a lawyer he never needed a lawyer. And an IDA needs to get reelected and this is a perfect opportunity and you heard the man -- probably the absolutely will be. They absolutely will be it'll never get that far it's crazy things. But. -- just the way I see it. Make the world at it like the thing is you want to make the world a better place help the kids that's we need to do. Help these kids senate to get out those kids -- well very intense I would hate to give up on a -- at points. Commitment you know the parents have what can you go. -- The Indian and I don't know -- an adult the apparent good luck I don't know it's. I just at some point somebody -- -- -- launch men I've read them off figured out I wouldn't animosity tenure why I have to because there's -- my kids are saying they've pushed a mother the mothers and in the civil. -- the best thing you can do is take those kids away from a month. Here's. Nancy Joe -- yeah. Nancy jump out what's going on ninth. Joseph is the grandmother of two little boys -- very content and what is the level of destruction Nancy and -- is pretty shocking isn't it. Different. Little -- think about it could be totally king on the inside. I think -- -- English station. New Internet would destroy all the other day and the -- yet but anybody who. Here's here's the thing is -- it doesn't matter. Whether or not the guy had property destroyed you can't -- they don't. -- people pretty didn't even really liking. That's the thing is I have to say this Nancy I'm sick to hear about the guy. I feel bad form that this happened but I think the real victims -- your grand kids somebody needs to help those kids learn how to navigate -- Is criminal what they did -- bottom line it's criminal what they did. And what should. It doesn't matter which I felt that has nothing to do. Yet that that's the problem we're always looking to blame somebody else a lot of well you're just said Jesse stop. Focus on those grandkids to fix them to be normal. But first you've seen any TV only a couple of station. I be retried and experienced -- the. Or because everybody feels bad for him because he's the one who has look here's the thing the news story is the tangible evidence that was done. Everybody's gonna hate your grandkids -- and I'm the only guy. We got its gonna turn around and say they -- to me the true victims because of her daughter in law said don't do this is revenge someone that hit her with a Bob. -- us a large stick. To the I didn't want to get it together noticed it really does -- unaware that let. You know I've -- to get -- yes. -- let me start. -- I don't know. The -- shot an automatic. Let's go to god shall not get it done Arnold. At -- will be OK let it. Yet but we know that it click report. But what about the kids you see and I wanna talk about -- Greinke is I went at Portland until tactic -- -- out of my hands and I wanted to talk about your kids it has. Mr. Don't think it. And toward our -- Reckon that I'm very. A lot of -- police. Well let me ask you this Stacey -- -- where your house and you came home to that and it was she's in the neighborhood. -- would -- I -- what they do that your child. What would be people anybody. It out Eric let's do this let's do this you called us you really upset remember why we are out okay but would you originally you were upset you said -- That he locked those kids in the closet right. People -- like Obama and the big deal out okay right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they're the ones who put the pain but listen to me Nancy -- a -- Got to go back you told us your 53 year old OK go back to win your parents were doing this. If you or your Brothers Yemeni Brothers. If one brother if your brother got caught doing what your grandchildren did. What would your dad have done. It okay what would your dad had said to the man who held his son in the closet until the police showed up did you destroy his property think of this old school also done enough. Go back to old school what would you data on a reggae you do what do you press charges. What do you pressed charges or what do you said. You got -- deserved. Abu quality do. You try to try to do press charges okay I'm okay. We advocate you know you can't pretend to -- a -- parent child appeared to -- to protect American parent. No they're not to let him run around 8 o'clock and nine -- going into and get revenge on somebody isn't Irish. I don't know I guessed that one certain amount might do grant a bit actually and I get the other out and it's in this statement I don't know we do you. It's national and now we have. And giving apple really has. My property and next to their property and between popular line there that they erode. -- -- had tried on their property. The room. Yes well break check at the rats back. And what does it matter really -- except the bad I. Erik think it went and paid by the way I -- well Nancy do well. There's another thing man I don't know if you're even aware of Panetta has been talked about in their various news outlets present that that Bjorn. Grandkids. We're trying to light a match. All okay -- and restore -- but listening that Nancy don't I'm not I'm I am not trying to -- the -- to -- joined by Carolina they were trying to light a match. After they spray paint. Hit a gas line. Still hasn't line -- whatever they do on -- fascinates you -- there's a good chance that those who would you -- could have blown themselves up. Couldn't kill themselves to what they did you -- That still. Come from right now and I'm not Chinese. Stay -- NN started to -- -- we can't play bad but I don't want to run out there whenever it. He would go irate. But when you be angry too if you walked in I mean -- it out yet. I can under you can. You have got to relax -- -- suffered a dog and I -- at all. College best time -- outright. I know but like I can't go to what somebody Els did on this story we can only go what color. No -- my grandson debt -- -- that we're replay -- punishment is being done. They met outside. Recycled keep taking. And I don't know I know. What are my -- People. Want and don't even know it letters so let's go. It won't won't just didn't get -- but can't get away restricting kick out of that I. You who's like Kim what are all right all of his three wives -- -- in price not team. -- do my house. Look like not coming here I I didn't I hope that liberty and nobody is a warning then but she -- slot and she meant she don't solution. -- -- -- generally get a Christian man. Yet the sort out right Nancy Giles. I understand that there's there's a lot of a pain here because you're there's been a lot of nasty things said about you and your grand kids. They did something horrible. And I you can understand when you see the pictures in there I I -- when I first saw that Nancy -- I went there's no way elementary school kids did all this. We you know lap I don't want to get very desperate to win black and blue people who are a liar whose best what did jet -- that brand. And they are shut me -- sort of got there is no way those kids can do it and it -- -- it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Chitchat while waiting on capitol stealing and Jordan's. Well I got -- -- noticed what terrorist 14117. Wendell. Outside looking in the -- he can't strike -- to -- to opt out there it -- -- reports. Government -- and I I don't know why don't take a genius. Yet it seemed that. Without her starlight -- -- to get and stay out -- storm. One down outlook restore order and I can't -- -- here everyday at. You might look collegiate. Merchandise like Soledad fills Lear and the -- did this past. And you prefer. But miss this is my analysis -- three and I -- salad but listen to me this is -- he'd that you are now. But here's an anything that I saw on the news I haven't seen any any other people who -- -- -- only. We have to back. Please visit 1990. I -- needs to wreckage of that and I'll be listening for the. It detonator yeah you did -- recently acknowledged this. First started. Give me a break who's given him. At. All. AD you know what I'm -- -- that's a huge mistake in the stupidest thing in the world because I say the biggest not the true victims in this Nancy -- are your grand kids. Somebody needs to help them. Figure out how to deal with anger and revenge what they did is it normal it isn't right and something needs to be done something wrong there some things drastically wrong. And they're the victims because they're eight and ten to little kids. The European community and it got an air show. That's my point stop -- about -- Hillary figured out but at the same time to certain what I can't stand -- when people do exactly what you're doing. Instead of looking at what your grandkids did go you know what. I apologize for what they did and we were Hanoi and it and this isn't going to be right and we're gonna help you fix that and all that stuff. He's got -- yeah but instead all your -- what about his pills and what about every -- and how about this in these get a lot of dad did he look like Kim shot up. Stop all right what's wrong with society shut your mouth can fix your kid. Stock and shut the F up and fix it that's what happens in society that's how we fix problems becomes an -- Caught looking at that you don't know. -- because your kid because. I'll tell you why because -- DA needs to get reelected and this is a great thing for him to stand -- I've said since they want the stupidest thing in the world was for that try to get a -- anybody to give -- a lawyer you're an idiot if you couldn't look at this and see that you are at it after an idiot this guy didn't need it -- -- healing needs to get reelected this is a great way for him to stand on people are. -- throw out there and you know what politically this is a great thing for him to say look what I did were dropping these charges this ridiculous but you can't look and start. Turn down your Jesse he's the guy that your grandkids did wrong and fixing. So if there -- I don't picture well they get help you know what are -- Barack there yell that did that was the best thing you said all that. I don't know how to fix it there are people who can help you and there's -- there's free counseling and everything start there are starting Eric Kara good. She's dependent. -- -- -- -- -- At this our. Own -- case. I wanted to get trial I think it right tactic to out debate good against good cap and that I don't care. -- -- -- to lose Nancy -- what are -- -- but at this point all you do is make life miserable for those kids the collective conscious of America forgets things quickly. And what they just had they had the one year anniversary. Of the bus monitor who got bullied last year how many people are actually remembered that none in -- some idiot in the media tells you that this lady who shouldn't have the job had the job and -- it. A guy so. These this whole story's going to be forgotten even in your little Thomas Clyde it will be forgotten but by you pressing it you just put more heartache on those kids stopped. Fix it help them. Don't -- down Jesse in -- We haven't really got anything about just we did here and -- You know let me tell -- -- tore up or -- -- -- -- out for direct route. And I don't understand. I. Got -- -- -- are angry at what they think he did a bad thing by slashing your tires it's it just shows what in -- -- country but. The whole thing is I -- just crazy. And -- season a hero. -- but all his past indiscretions or is past indiscretions -- nothing to do this. Jesse is not a hero he doesn't need a lawyer he doesn't need your money stop stop I'm automatically on a lot of benefits that that -- is the dumbest thing I've ever heard -- my book got all the things in the world to benefit for this guy are you kidding. Me and Hillary you can -- when the end humiliation to our 2000 -- I mean she's. Do you judge your drinking his blueprint does just what are you -- -- error error error rates -- Victims you'd still lose kids Ellen clap my hands of. You know MITRE is of those kids stood up the city you know we're really sorry that we did this and we're gonna get. That maybe that give people lost their backs but you got to figure out that it to six -- Nancy Giles. -- I know but that that's a great thing but there are people who can help you -- -- Maybe it can't TV station -- are really get what they -- -- statement. And all your public and you know really listened to what I do not get. Actually I don't get it I don't. A but it it's hearsay thing Nancy -- You can't tell your side because we saw -- that the side and no one's gonna root really here because of little boys did that level of destruction and -- an elementary school -- -- -- ten years old there's something that's not normal there. -- clearly is. We're running -- much destruction literally -- and how. -- record an out 00 no no no no. Mainly angry as I looked at a Lego man my kids are such policies couldn't do any of that stuff you don't know what -- I hope they still have -- -- Janice you roll the tape that -- the joke factory down just. -- You're telling you want to neighbors out he elder child looking to acquire. I don't know and take it never is your take is some of the work okay. Think -- was workload I'll say this. I would be. I don't know that I would press charges against the guy I may go over and go next time something like this happens come get me. Don't ever hold my kid against their will -- six this but I would handle this. I would handle it that's got a -- could -- then Nancy don't you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- look. Ever hold my kids like this again or taken a -- go let me see what they did have you ever walks through and -- with your own eyes what happened and announced or has your son. -- -- Well it if that's me -- -- I wanna see what my kid did and if I walked in there and saw that. I would -- There are barely gotten the work is already all done we now see now that's Duncan. If that's true don't give any more money this. This is apps -- guys are not nice -- at all and general. Tactic outright own patient. -- -- -- it was in my house. Oh no love -- but that's -- -- good Italian out of people we don't know we weren't quite accurate but you are complaining a lot of it got a little they're written on it doesn't -- deluged that pressing charges against your drink it's. Think we know. You know you know sponge Bob and. -- and -- they try and -- at 830. They're court can't I am doing and how gridlock and a lot lower quadrant for all of it caught my art. Yeah the kids are now house for a long time to do that kind of -- -- -- an -- and certainly did. Yeah yeah well the other suns. The bottom right and they are not really I don't think it's just use use good stuff tonight I I I heard. We can't you there's no there's no. I'm Tony the only thing you can say is I don't know what to do we're gonna help fix these kids that's the only thing you can set. All right good -- but I don't let when your -- says are pulling your son comes on TV goes on gonna let the courts handle it. I -- or you have but he can't Nancy Jo he's their dad and you don't -- -- the -- nobody you -- kill little boys how to. They need to -- gold -- say this. I -- much less than this I have boys all boys they've written apology notes to people for things they've said or done. To people's houses -- they did something at some neighbor's house I made them go down and take the ladies garbage out. To the curb one day because you need to pay back when you do something wrong and what -- -- -- -- Larry less than that. So teach them to be responsible for their actions that's where you start. I don't think Jesse -- get anything I think the focus is on the wrong person here I'm with you on that it's crazy but you gotta you gotta help sexist. -- trying to -- like irregular accounting that case. Not mention any parent to my stomach. -- should keep you rate mighty proud nutrition so talk about it and that's. She probably. -- don't go well. You know I know she's a little craziness these easily. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't kitty invisible fence have been pushed the door when. We told them that look we know there -- I wanted to meet Saturday. This is Nancy Jo she's the grandmother of the two boys that were. -- need to what you want to read anything about the -- who played well our hero. Hero out. That stray and somebody early climatic -- Not say you're always a reason -- right now Nancy -- in a way you know a lot. Wouldn't let me give you story here you were two grandkids go and along with two other boys who are your cousin who are cousins -- your -- great. Nephews or something I think her uncle. Well they uncles -- that's an outreach loss column that they other intend to. Hurt her on her uncle's Biden by blunt okay. So. Those boys go when they're they're lucky that they're alive if the -- -- got -- well because Jessica comedy shot them you know you have a right to protect your property yeah I mean look a guy got off. -- in Greece New York products not far from here because. They are Roderick Scott was his name some kids for breaking in the cars now it was raining he left his property the kids he told the freeze they didn't he shot and killed one of the boys. That could happen in this situation Nancy -- locking him in the closets of small price to pay compared to your life. Literally you go to the metal floor. And it -- and -- an -- in the. -- -- I think bush and corral on -- floor he should march them home. He should have marched them home should grab them by the army in March the moment said with -- your kids just destroyed my property I mean -- thousands of dollars for the damage. And brought him home and like you -- are. Right about it I'm from right but he didn't and been pressing charges and all that isn't gonna solve anything. This is all get thrown away we knew would then it's a it's all that you've got to stick kids they're the real victims. -- -- We try to bring it becomes very regularly took. Don't -- he's not gonna because -- brother Louise gave a million dollars. I know I only -- that -- looks like I know what's gonna give back to -- and I said I am like baffled by that one I don't understand that at all I look at this situation in Jesse's not the victim pet stuff we'll get sixteen clean up and you've got insurance and all this stuff and okay. The real victim -- these kids and they're the future of our society worst the effort to help them. Where you are that's the -- your focus in on Enron got to get that guy a lawyer now heating element of the man he never needed it. And they. -- a dumb dumb bad thinking. There have been -- out here right now a particular set. It's crazy thank you know I don't they take that money and goes to a really good cause which he counseling for your grand kids. Or -- parent -- -- for your son. I don't know I think they do Nancy -- I'm telling Leo but do you like disagreements. Where do you feel better talking to us now in respondent. The regular break remote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- podium. By -- whole. You know you have a better day. Well I hope later to New Zealand and let. Briggs who is 65 to see humans.

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