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Morgan Twins doing pageant questions

Jul 12, 2013|

The guys ask the Morgan Twins pageant style questions

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- 65 WC MF you know. -- local garage was a guy who used to sing that might have gone missing its we Moran Moran. And I was go through FaceBook did you do on the drug that nobody tests fans cheer them on their face today and the my neighbor. It's his birthday but bright and song clip and I I somehow it comes up like IC -- -- light click on pictures he had gotten. And seasonal radio guy he nor did seem after many many years ago he's now on jazz station in town. And there's a picture of fuel garage look at yet prevail go right back in the -- and young uncle arrives there were all in a band there's some from the moon rises a young white guy. Garage there's. Other drugs from the great legacies here at 96 I don't see you have -- could probably the longest at the time. And call okay yeah definitely the longest is going to be close -- -- -- -- yes he's definitely Dick Cain was definitely closing it. -- will be judging our joint rolling contests coming up always and yeah and not -- guys what we set our intern out to get a Reagan always an amount over an hour and a half ago. These seven -- I don't know about an hour ago. And gets it to you have to copies whose price is getting -- you know -- the city -- then we're gonna roll the reason oregano and not tobacco is I talk to an expert -- they said oregano is more like marijuana I think that tobacco -- we're talking about this because. We think sooner or later New York State. And probably sooner than later will become medicinal the legal in Madison were legal and that was Morgan -- likes whole show. Inside man it was the first thing was about the medical -- marijuana industry so we're gonna have a joint rolling contest to see. How we can do. I think this here's the ten year anniversary rogers' staff had discovered text. Veronica these -- seems -- it was a similar cars are so I know I'm just really -- There's a long then they always go ideology -- you grudges that. Believe I just can't believe that it was ten years and he's just died yesterday as it does there does seem that way. I'm surprised so it's sort of what I'm supposed to do with that information of anniversary of the death -- you don't let me I -- him realize how fast like what I should but I got to remember like I couldn't tell you what they in my father died on my sister beyond. My brother may be. I think to get your sister was there in September by idol -- remember that. Hudson River that that suicide drag me to suck it was cold out and I got to yell out for smoking a cigar and enough and that those people who had Tommy says -- -- -- we had reduce suicide -- sari. Good morning didn't look at the Kennedy and having a similar fights this. I don't know 86. I -- it's your not you know I do not to defense mechanism isn't. -- -- to a new look at the so Ali hello all when you're uglier relatives dies it's easy to let him go. This step up but I just say I I had I got my sister were banging out like you fighting tears. But you know and that's always there we are your family starting from -- I really didn't let up it did yeah I can't -- -- thank you work in in the world of psychology I mean yeah what do you think in this sitting next CO I think it makes perfect sense you march. How much you. People yeah they don't forget -- Look we're just humor and I understand here we are attracted to somebody -- -- -- gonna bang your system it is more pleasant to look at yes you miss that person yet. -- -- and open casket. I don't count on now now stretches to only -- -- Your -- -- and -- interview I -- -- faster. And better cremated and the other ended diva wannabes is great thank you -- All. I think your right I think it is a defense -- absolutely no defense mechanism and I think his subordinates usually need now is get a laugh -- -- designed to help. Hello -- think that's a minority so less -- -- Marty we got a little wild from the job and I agree. Yeah I -- mortgage originators they're -- is tonight and because of benefits -- -- I can't defeat. They'll and I was laws -- made two bombs. Why -- you -- -- we wanna do taxing question would you have pageant style well yeah in honor miss Utah earlier this week in the agreed to do it. The so the question is if you're in a pension -- and -- the question is. Do you support the legalization of marijuana. I'm go ahead and save for the both of us that -- personally. Don't smoke kids. But I mean. So do it every you lie and be happy to and I kind of hard to say because. You know from people drink alcohol and yes. You street yapping premium. I I don't know and might even do more here brain and whatnot than marijuana I mean yeah I guess I'd have to look more into the studies -- -- we have the -- -- medicinal use and if people need Danny Tarkanian and stuff like dad gasoline tax is saying so go ahead in the -- every wanna get some more scrambling you guys -- ever ran away yeah. Her role -- join your cells that were packed to boulder tonight. You don't wanna say if you moms listen -- -- accident horse to censor content -- girls Philly -- -- will only do three here's the second one. Your answer to slow down long more -- -- there yeah. How would you -- On a fierce honor as your son. Came home and surprised with the news. They were gay and more engaged. I would absolutely support it 100% yeah if it's yeah as long as they're happy -- you know. I would I would support -- Could see I could see him. You'll be pretty awkward man we just sort of give your brother. Send all the San Dino -- man. And gay tendencies. -- you're that you she got an a plus plus your disease but whose budding golf you know. Yes I did like yes let's say they -- a lot yeah. You didn't even know move beyond where do what they are like also they're -- may get out like all is seven might hold the hands in doing cuddly couple things and losing your brother yeah I guess is a guy's guy. And is due she voted now like lovers I -- I've -- -- given the -- I would say like you would be hard. For any parent and does have to -- this. If you have a straight child who may have -- girl from over and they're making now right enemy can't say no friends I would say you have to implement a house rule that any kind of overt display of affection it's got to be done in private period and I think again that real Sissy kid yes. Think you could see a common via their own use but let me let you -- I just flips just to the other side. By Ari Fletcher -- party Fletcher bill and day. Then she can't see it. No he -- I'm feeling uneasy today I would definitely not easy to gain some people Tom Mueller. It's. Standard and items that -- we get a two minute the club -- you -- the business and in younger her achievements. Do you need the -- into the mortgage insurance -- -- -- people's feelings. And what is what what is the best time. To lie to your significant other. And why. Brought a gun to lie to your elderly and other why these polls don't question what an honor I retain the best time July is working today askew if there. -- really can't -- already -- per -- or that taste good. Yes -- dinner. Okay color. Oh yeah. And yeah I mean yeah they have used matters is the best. Yeah I mean I I mean you know when you say the players. Yeah this is back. Can be dead I just copied and that's -- idea then why aren't there. Feeling -- you -- miss Americas said. The nonsense ambassador of the business. Now there are -- the knows this is the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it is after car compliments yeah. I want the truth but sometimes I don't wanna hear that your that I I know it's weird especially if it revolves around wait at the gas. Time and -- yes it -- and as things and so I do like my new show her and you nearly France. Why did you say -- you would say to him all season -- what do you think of this you've been pretty honest and -- yet to him my life and frank but if you were -- unison -- tuition would be -- We don't know if you don't although and it's weird that -- doubles and a six orgasms. You -- How -- -- you -- Fuel the crate -- losers in this movie you -- it are dozens. I can't was again a couple of yoga behind my back. Today he did and microwave. You don't like doing that yeah. I don't really know you both have. Over moaned at the moment congested like -- and it is things up alienate anyone -- are looking at me to go please stop -- great. So that's alive but it's a good luck because he's -- man feel like a man like the idea accomplish something. Yeah like -- I can't overcome this. And -- I guess I could see why somebody would do that right handed because you don't want to hurt their feelings you know he William went out and letting your -- to feel like a man. I bring it -- so you get thrown all baby so a lot to. So. Linked sleep every time Amanda I think every time that I mean there are times when you do get a do which can do. But yeah that's that's that's just not enough time and I do understand I understand why that's a nice guy -- -- -- got you graduate doing -- so. The break room on 965. WC Atlanta.

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