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Has anything ever scared you straight?

Jul 12, 2013|

The guys talk about things that have scared them straight, also they have callers weigh in.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Big news all week was the whole thing that happened now on client. With a little boy Ali -- tonight our anger. And the charges have been dropped against the neighbor who held them in this -- Jesse yeah Jesse to. Just -- -- -- dropped in and nothing's gonna happen which is good OK and I was very passionate people ravens enemy yesterday some some. Love that in some other people said. Your crazy how can you say those kids are the victims and I'm missing near the victims of terrible parent yeah. They're the victim then -- -- that this is normal is not right or that they did this period is -- right only minerals that they think it's normal but it's. I don't know to have any girl in them to smash a toilet door falls over and then that's a part of a group that takes I mean this is a wrecking crew basically right. Through their jagr remembrance and I was thinking about this I go maybe if there's his chance. These kids we sort of what they call scared straight I I don't know sure they're very young. But I was thinking about it did you ever have what things did you do that a neighbor caught you may be scared you straight along the lines of Jessie Daniels. But I remember my buddy and I hurling snowballs at cars. Content and one hit back they wanted to -- you've got a guy tracked down and I'm telling you man it scared me straight area never do another soda out of a moving car. While I was and don't -- locked up the embraces swarmed around I think came up and now tracked this down I went yeah that's as it. I I was too young to know this. But I might -- having older brother -- like you know I was a little kid. And my Brothers are way older yeah like we your situation idea so the big thing was to make me go to the bathroom in my pants it's in my two British it's a she's the go to tonic. -- to go tiger. And he's trying to give -- a launch a lot of friends so one day it's. The next door neighbors mr. Samberg -- like free four years old -- and I am squatting. On in the driveway dropping to do all just -- -- yeah and when I was causes are how unless of course and mrs. Samberg came out. Screaming -- man and my Brothers took off. Just left you oh god -- my mother comes out of the house now what kind of people do the mile is lacklustre. The mother is in the house there's nobody in the front yard yeah as a brother as well as paying your four year old is taking -- huge steamer. All right. The trash. Yep complete threat right now I don't remember any of this. But it is must scare him straight guy right I'm going in my brother's house for a fourth of July -- you got to ask nano I don't have to ask. Every time and again I'm so why my sister in law will bring up. Me go under the best from on -- -- -- really -- getting busted by the neighbors while. Now because. We're just think it yesterday and that because I said to the boys were sometimes a really just they don't want to deal with Jamison three and I don't know right and so I. And I can hear the answers like hey check it out check that yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He won't even be done with elementary school when you leave them. -- will only be nine when you week in -- the younger of the two men who -- that -- what kind of memory do you want him to have a view. Try to be nice but good luck -- yes my strategy to get me in between their beds and throwing back and forth. Here's a little. The guy as a way of always been small to Tom DeLay and they -- only play two days to submit your bowling looks a whole -- they -- literally. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know there -- always formidable agenda passed and I don't remember that either of those two little -- Travis is in -- bill. Travis what things did you do that a neighbor caught you in scared history. -- -- And it caught my brother was so much -- -- out yeah that are adamant that I you lot I don't hear it here my whole leg kick but. While he's still the -- on tonight. -- scare you straight. You're crazy how you really think that that that moment was like is a funny moment in your life that made you go the straight narrow. -- -- My brother and a -- Israel to be repair. Pretty below that band on did you get get arrested now DC probably dollars again and he had to watch him and get. Out. -- they -- parity in the last I don't know all the Travis asked how many beat them on -- what was wrong I want them. Well there's just stayed -- -- -- Brian -- -- fanciest thing you see and enjoy it. What you want to comment -- Maybe -- and -- Thank you come up like that we you see a guy up and another -- get a life. Sticky nightstick can be to an embryo up to the -- I had no no follow suit -- you know talk well and garlic. Well now he's trying to do not back out east -- very -- to break down their. In all clan points. I feel I -- -- my buddies in front of his expression on his answer the same question yeah me is who's going guy who could not himself. They always and hit what you see this true. -- I think -- now many guy I was like legendary. You know I think it again that it his brother was ago crucial noticing seniors. He was legendary had to walk by goes it was almost like the state fair like freaks music -- -- sit there and -- himself when he goes like drove a long time. An innate and it's her brain is let him go gallery you know who's -- -- -- From certain sailors I -- just a thought I. Dealer today island Travis scared straight my helmet stating you know what's funny is that man that they some old school beat that kid -- you have to take into the emergency mosquitoes could cost you money that's similar -- I -- motivate -- and and yet not arrested nowadays forget you win these big trouble in fuel -- -- -- death. I Travis thank you. So many texts and I pulled and the American flight from my neighbor's garage -- by my shirt collar and dragged me home. My parents be to -- them crap -- not just for what I did registration flanked by how I embarrassed them in front of the knee bruise Pollyanna neighborhood sure yes. Scared straight Jeremiah Aleman was good it kind of put -- harassing. And -- -- scare in the end you know through the fear no him doing something. I don't know that I never should never really seemed to stop me just maybe go underground Fiat -- -- -- my mom busted me banging my girlfriend -- in a roundabout way yes she found jury in the bed yeah cleaner. They have been pulled the move but I'm like you know I -- I actually that how we give up. Parenting move that was not so I was a losing you know a man next time you're at a time parent your that would then check back. There -- -- you know you can see that her wet -- autonomy. Those nasty power had little political. Don't ask my -- -- Obama had a crazy baby would have blown. It's an arrest -- straight -- my father's GL was so old bellowing -- just never want to crosses paths. Just to yell. Did you just Judea and yes they always like you know I don't I don't -- -- -- mailer put on him and still ahead. But then after a while -- somebody -- she was that I need -- -- Unionists and asked -- -- why I do -- I'm I'm not mad threatened by this anymore I do wonder if this jail time for this Zachary -- from bright mentally because of the car accident and his sixty miles an hour on some side experience. Crashes into a bust. One of his friends is probably altered for life. This kid his -- is offered a -- Dior and judge said Fabiano said I'm not taken and unless there's jail time will that beat. He's scared straight moment. Yeah -- show -- -- you -- well I don't see any again if it -- yeah he's never going to be scared his streak isn't that doesn't do it nothing will and I think you paralyze your screwed up your body finally that ought to be as punishment. It's gonna take it was bloody every week -- I am only paralyzed. Sending the kids I don't know anyone -- I don't know I don't know if he can't Danny you know tonight to talk to you got yourself a little Indian as wiper issue personals. -- would you rather do alone -- -- in jail -- Joseph -- an uneven numbers I don't even I don't I don't I know who you are telegraphing it and a loss and I know what are my idol and how much time do you play is made -- -- anyways from being gay guy and I'm told there's a pot tax about the advances of yours mine did the this in your -- judge -- -- -- Offense a chance to play on offense down on your retirement and -- have had -- the -- and this -- -- -- -- -- senator apparent now and they you know look. You made as a -- dummies as soon. Or you go -- weakens in jail and taken them weakens and you got a record with what you're saying or you could just be a man be. The way man how long. Like at weekends -- way Dresser on weekends. -- Lady -- we Friday O'Connell and up from party whatever. And I got the pats are home and and I don't really and -- main jail jail jail jail than it -- this is even in your head yeah it's kind of scary. That you want me to hang out -- that you want me I would love why don't look -- I would love you know and gas pedal just. -- -- We're sitting here was all of you hanging out and heckling you you got to reach down between Miley it's like my aunt and your data I'm heckling you go -- way you miss. That is about that phase came over elsewhere direct everybody growing even as you like I would -- yeah you -- -- -- You want my dad don't wanna make you would humiliate you with who. Tommy is a homosexual fantasy -- waiting to -- live now wiped out all the time anyway it would take these Jamison ended MIA. He let my answer probably Johnny -- I'll hold Turco strains I have a tiny little why anybody. According to whom who's been active in formula -- -- Whether -- I think you're Anaheim giver. I think I'm I'm just I'm at outlets open -- so much about shoot today I don't know but who limo Tim. What's he talks about. Him all that he -- -- a lecturer only when they're sort of critical problem enough. I'm doing I -- to a Chilean doing jumping jacks demand for the. And that -- just I don't know -- or oh my dad gonna look like a party that you have an enhanced that a female I asked fetish. I don't know yeah I think you're really eating you what my answer. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll take you millions jail. -- -- now -- -- -- and I could see the break rooms -- 965 -- --

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