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What is in your freezer right now that isn't food?

Jul 12, 2013|

The guys talk to callers about what is in their freezer that isn't food

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

965 WC amassed what should your freezer that and right now that is not necessarily -- Tommy told a great story about how his niece had -- of lizard that died stuck in the freezer before they can bring it back to the pet store. Tommy's mother went over to watch the kids didn't know was there reason to get some mice -- In nearly had a heart to streamed through nearly had a heart attack. George is on the line George what is in your freezer that is not necessarily -- -- boy it's. We have but -- are much greater. Good wallop. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My -- going to be at a item political managers -- that -- you've got to pet store. Yeah standard tools and immediately there's -- get auto overheating abruptly and our old people break but it. There there were put out -- apparent leader board agreed article about. A book about it. Sorry -- broke in my career that are still there. OR I put up their mortgage but you know we've -- up there more or the Third World. -- didn't done runaway well you're kidding already are not easily I'm. What order do I think -- -- -- unilateral right now but -- And mortgage. Walt Disney might just one man George thank you. Johnson -- -- what do you got that's in your freezer that isn't necessarily food. Our students got our opportunity. -- -- -- All Alia I remember just freezing animals is like a standard way to hold on -- do you do so we have -- remember on. An old friend of mine's brother went bear hunting got one in the head in apparent gap we have bears head yes I think his freezer was what I was -- Cobb. I think it was I think it was a small there I was totally -- at the end but they had they had Iraqi capital -- yup click LCD -- you don't bottom shelf of the -- serious -- in the garage while yes. If you really -- much there. Pretty generous mannerisms John's got to Nazis -- this stuff we've got to ducks. -- well. And I did -- Edwards again of there are triggered all of our knowledge and burial. And why so long to Eads is set there you just forget this one of these things you just. Daughter and her daughter the ability to -- -- -- I've got a great body prepared -- program out -- Got you so how many times have you had to push the docs out of the way to grab a couple of stakes that are ruin of our top two -- By John thank you not. Roberts one on -- They -- The one just. -- important people aren't. Robert -- Matt yeah well. Our candidate was it was a barbecue Gilani Cyrus -- barbecued iguana. You know. David's keys in its food his followers are announcing its food -- food that's -- food line he'd know iguana. One of the heated. Would you well. Which I -- in my -- I have great my sister aircraft and that. You would know where they're gonna make -- -- -- further. But he also didn't see fit their title in the -- And there is then -- layer that sort of chicken -- down they made dips and everything and you know totally voted yeah or any doubt that. Appropriate credit -- ahead of -- Share the FE got to keep the body what do you do the human being -- the reason I have children because he's got that we have put yes dear kind of -- busiest. I. The reason I bring this sub is there was. This happened in Minnesota put a mother and son and got busted they broke into a trappers house. Got into Israel's. And stole 500 dollars worth doesn't go for seat. Go for feet yeah apparently counting in Minnesota what are you doing on -- -- three dollars per pair of goals for feet. I don't know I don't know why may you know what I've been to the use something really glad to fairies have that in afoot to go for foot. This guy uses trapper. Contacted the sheriff's department saying bags of frozen golf if -- were stolen from mysteries here's the problem he knows therapy -- there. -- No he's from Minnesota thank you think the cockpit of a -- The the owner contacted. Load then offer rewards how funny is that yeah probably. See here's -- the owner. And contacted local township sailed through the wars for golfers to keep down their numbers policy get paid by exterminating gophers basically so they found and it's this couple had this guy Dylan had turned in. A little all over a little under 11100 dollars and am yeah. And mesa you got a killer LCS shop defeat on accident bag human freezer and a 3700 dollars and G. How to win we're gonna to new and different township -- and they. And instead they say they claim hey we've been save them up for three years that's how you know you live and hillbilly town. Friends yeah. Save managers let him go over we've been thrown at bats and they go for -- -- for but as I'm on. OKH I'd like these treated walk up let themselves so they stole it back. This guy's got go for feet and it is is freezer and I go some money waking up this morning there's something in the freezer that's not necessarily food and we just heard it from a squirrel to a dead cat we have some lizards are died -- -- in there. Yeah it's been this -- about this -- pretty much I'm excited -- -- reasons you're on those of you get all over -- -- earlier another America.

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