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Sean Carrol calls The Break Room

Jul 12, 2013|

Sean Carrol calls the break room with breaking news

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I was going alone we was gonna was gonna breaking dawn breaking news really -- breaking news this just did on the line now from channel thirteen to scrutinize our friend Sean Carroll we call scoops Caroline and John good morning. More technical. And I don't know that lives there but those are breaking news thousands of so I was of the goes down. Yeah yeah I know. But yes we do need to work and if so what was the breaking news that Ben -- you call in the break room. You are more than a week as we know they're being at midnight you got a moment ago email -- bit boring candidates are erect -- it yet can't be letter that he expects that. I ordered -- -- that he bit that he's going to decline prosecution not want to beat Daniel. Any interest that jet that everybody understand it get it and we'll put that. And it quiet -- or cap endangering the well -- job for Eaton and general. -- -- Property -- awarded it an automatic. And all those charges will be dropped. Trapped in the anchor but just sit there with the district attorney all want you back -- out -- the building. Is that benefit still gonna happen when -- -- -- this isn't an escape. He's always going to learn a bit of bay. Which I didn't even realize that we step two bit of a radio battle here. I guess there's always a radio battle surely I'm just. -- -- 08 -- inside your head guys going live my life and I don't really care of and I had said that. All along that -- -- I thought and Jessie Daniels getting a lawyer was a waste of money and time. Because as you saw the public outcry go on how could it not be. That these charges would be dropped because the DA's -- and I know that this is where you can't say anything to this but I'll say it did an elected position. And this is a great opportunity. To go I don't need to waste the -- timer anybody's time. I'm just gonna drop these charges because really look what happened and I think he can come logically to that conclusion and a guy's an elected official on this good way to put. -- view your name out there -- hey look what I did but does he get to keep the limo. I've put so we talked to Nancy Joseph called us again she's the grandmother who do who alerted us a week ago this past Tuesday. -- about the whole thing originally. And. And one of the things I'm gonna get killed on his people even texting end. Is that I said I'm sick of the focus on Jessie Daniels yet Jesse had a lot of damage done he's a grown man he'll figure this out. I think the real victims are these 810 year old kids through the victims of crappy parents who need to stand up and six it. We need to hold these kids accountable and not say I'm gonna let the courts handle this. But actually. Handle this. March -- alas is over make them run apology no get a paper going out to read them do so but so -- you -- figured apparently -- pitch and there's a team and their Wesley left and down -- get to six. But -- and I think. I just think it's on the somebody needs to do. Some parenting and all the money that's gone Jessie maybe she give it to the family to get some real counseling to figure out how to be good parents. And fix these kids because. -- you fast forward 510 years. And there can be jail on somebody's future and that doesn't need to be this is wrong. And I think if if what one of the -- said that my mother said go get revenge. That's terrible that's horrible that's horrible parenting and they're the victims of really bad parenting and somebody needs to fix it these are elementary school -- second great. That it's it's not a normal at Brigham and -- -- normal but. Anyway that's just my -- and. I was I agree with the letting you gotta be scared you know a lot of Booker out there and community. Good way to district attorney Rick ability to that point that you know you know Mike you're dealing with in my nobody at very reasonable man. -- boot up what he did it well. I doubt that the pressure early audit were street -- Opening -- that it may be the outcome -- you wanted to get much information before making that vision elected but this -- -- note that at this NetApp. He got hurt but that got a lot people great yeah. Second one out Specter weak government buckle a lot of trial at a central part of that Blackberry -- carry out child brought up. Now what the results are -- -- upbringing whether or not. There you go on you during our great panel at the -- great thing prevent the next potential -- Lotto is horrible news today is awful that is. It's a hard competitive in the hectic but it's it's it's real I mean what these kids did I ease freaking crazy it's an -- really. I don't even know that that level of destruction have you ever broken a -- -- this is -- -- things aren't there -- category experts -- good screen and -- It's a lot. So a lot of structure yeah. Pulled leaked and reported duke -- -- but as we are are there -- ultimately -- actually been -- a -- that it didn't. Right exactly but says I'm gonna let the court handle an unknown that just don't say that -- don't even if you're not really know what the court handle I don't even save that. Going god I I wouldn't even. I have a funny feeling if they went over and help these kids accountable. No we may never really heard about this story because Jessie Daniels money said okay I'll thought keep this out walk or keep a lot of -- I'll fix it will do all that. And and all you're doing the right thing thank you but instead you know and and the one thing that was really bug me when Nancy Jo was on this morning was when she started bringing up all Jesse's past indiscretions he does that I don't -- it has nothing to do with this. So please don't think that I'm I'm I'm saying pills beer and and newspaper yet by. We can still while I'm not saying that what these kids don't think I'm trying to come off the hook I think that they did was horrible. But I think that I haven't -- the eight year old that does that and thinks it's okay. They know right from wrong -- they wouldn't do that in school. -- may take authority the right they have a teacher and all they -- so so if someone did say go get revenge more than they had permission that's not right. That's not right. And uniting the as you said look at what's going on right now this does have a lot of trial which I know the jury's deliberating again today. So let's prevent the next thing -- like that. And well and we are court that you guys that got a lot of credit report on Barack air and I know a lot of them. What are school paint even happen at schools or whatever -- -- what that. All of -- apparent pain and -- bet that. -- -- we just they just observed or or people recognize the anniversary the one year anniversary but Karin Klein. Brian Hollywood for that father do. More stick kid over to her house and made him apologize write her a letter to look her in the eye and say I was wrong I'm sorry. And then whatever other punishment came came he had a he had put Dallas bothers -- I had some African balls to go facing go on. I'm so sorry my kid did this to you and she's pennant opponent and that's what we need to do. Stop passing them off to somebody else the courts Jesse's fault stop the opponent fix it. -- and fix it figured out and fix it. So I'm glad that I'm glad the charges are dropped I think the I had a feeling they would BS I thought a lawyer all along but. Not my thing is not focusing on Jesse let's fix society let's fix these kids that's the cancer that -- -- Crappy parenting or no dads around to -- -- the worst thinks. -- I'm done. If this. I am a fired up and fired a -- -- you know a consistent than him. Your market and a look at they've got that it order a government like a black liberation day. And help bring any update -- and our respect but I'll let Barry let it. I write this note rose -- she's -- She's still too. But Garnett saw it -- -- -- -- -- have Josh cook you can remember. That but yeah. Remember that Kabul but actually about right back in October oh yeah don't mean yeah. Yet John Thackeray is driver -- that car back court battle that afternoon and donates doesn't that. In Britain think -- at auto pilot trial or liberation. Will be covered and then he got another case where public debate is gone around that. What's appropriate punishment here I know there's been a lot of push of -- and see this young man. Eight year old is there any jail time out. While other cities I believe in on -- -- you probably know the answer to this is talking about the big kids who crashed into the back to the boss Brian -- it is -- it better and walked one boy this is still. -- venture ever bad shape because of that and and the a mile -- still we say to me you want me have been friends in the car with me. There heroes gonna listen your personality that was a problem. Yeah. You're right with the newly rented movies and he's. Now the that I hit he goes there's no friends and excellent measure and you know. And I don't know what you do when when you wore life has been altered. Because of the actions of somebody else even though you might have been willing participate to get in the car you have had no control over that. And I do -- all that'll play into what to judge hands down. -- I get -- negotiation that continued on and it took away Pete you know their -- are no. -- -- -- -- -- -- Night it's on cal channel thirteen really appreciates gone scoops. And got -- a new segment and they're going to load the zone Carol but he ignored norms in Rochester on man what what you -- say norm. How well a little bit into this between Nancy -- Jesse hurt you know the weakening -- it's -- I'm young. Obviously Nancy Joseph knows a lot about Jesse history -- -- bad blood between these two families stroke. It's your job that went bad do you think did Michigan a -- I wonder -- -- show them and Jesse at one point you know I don't comply could but that shouldn't be you know an issue we don't view eleven gunmen -- What you know maybe. Need to chill is daughter -- or something and -- judge he had a little help. Going on. Well there in there is some weird thing that the one of the boys and Nancy -- says it's on her grandkids one of the other boys said their moms say go get revenge because they've been getting yelled that for riding their bikes third and they're dirt. Bikes around their property. I don't know. There's there's history there at best there -- always thought yeah do him and then it's gonna get interest thing because. Actress some reason I get this feeling that going hotel and later connected at a different level as you want trying to connect because of. Yes let me ask you this is a guy norm if you had anybody do that kind of revenge even like to the Carrie Underwood song that we got was popular fears always can be in the guy Garrett -- cheats I didn't. Baseball slugger all those lights and keep the car and it all that. All what does that say about the person that does that but we all kinda have that in as we want you to feel the same pain worse feeling. But it away. Very good deep seeded hatred they're yeah and and I can't tell -- it was a moderate except the pulpit where it's a mother and Jessica -- history give what you know. And then you get remember this senator Jesse how -- this as other law and how so maybe it's not directed towards Jesse. Maybe it's directed towards the father in law there I'm telling you there's a connection -- that someone in are it has been all about. She give me think maybe Jersey gave her the backside client. We head Jesse's brother who didn't have to. It's night -- -- -- appreciate it through but think about battling this song. I'm not ask Jimmy a trashy move -- this issue is on the -- I doubted but I just don't come on man whom. That's stuff to me as I said I got it -- your your back hurting confront the person. Confront the person don't do that. Freaking crazy. So you women out there. Move -- you don't know who -- who works. -- fact he has. -- My wife's on the line what sub Jenna. To scary to me very they're eight and -- -- you have tracks that are at about the same age you reckon you have continued striking or what the worst word you consent. -- many Chinese and Jackson got very black cowboy up. Memories and forward we'll you. So certain he can't spray paint -- if she were. Pretty powerful word the American lucked out and well we are great sport you can -- EDT. He sure in America I matches in a room full. -- -- young American attitude that they'll attack you -- Probably two incredibly power -- the -- -- in the -- really in. And don't try and actually year old didn't know about were no let's see how -- -- my own citizens yeah. It had a really Circuit Court -- and I hear what direction you're really wearing fanatic you're learning how to spell. You know that's. -- -- -- -- Why people look at the net and think what I'm saying is crazy and I think it's really not Phnom saying that those kids to even be able to do is our our victim that's not right maybe they got those tapes. I try to limit their parent fast start that -- anger at them all that. My point it doesn't matter justifying what he did not least don't think that what I think that it absolutely criminal behavior and people think I'm crazy that we got -- out of people who are not -- -- -- In the management -- reminds me. Luckily I am not about -- they might kids know behavior like this is criminal. And it's -- kick in here tomorrow. In jail. We're rich healing is it actually chart the -- Am I mean Joseph looking for a lawyer forwarded -- because this -- Beyond criminal Alicia when you're looking at 40000 dollars were damaged -- looking -- So -- violence order crazy I think the worst -- that number during a member Nancy Jo throughout he said fifty. But lives let's take a day at a -- -- -- -- -- enough. You know windows I mean we feel pretty good to mr. second stressed perhaps stuff. Doesn't tell me you have to factor in the cost of repairing your idea here iron and leave her yeah. I mean I'm you entered somebody can't take a look at a break and then you if you look at our -- stop. Don't you looking at behavior that is really really cold hard -- Let alone the fact that the parent techno like you already hit the water I mean it's. Really that bore and -- if we don't read their names whoever reckoning these kids need. Yeah and now. And that's why I say that and like I'm not. Saying what they did on the way is that normal. Jesse got a raw deal it's crappy. Life but I don't think the focus should be on Jesse I didn't think he needed a lawyer and -- Sean Carroll called the break -- 965 WC announced before anywhere else -- -- announced that it charges have been dropped that's great and they have been dropped. Carolina -- and and -- still will say part of this don't think isn't political the guy's an elected official he's got to -- you know. -- -- People telling you what it was a lot -- content you Joseph it. Or relative or they were breathing eating and -- speed -- eat a lot and around. What they were doing pop culture without you all. -- about what the children were doing before he even got Eric. Right my only thing -- this Jenna is that we talk about the pacification of America and you're gonna tell me these are tough little boys know. This is the classification of America not standing up and not only once a mistake not holding someone responsible. That's the -- of America doesn't about the future of society this is a bad thing and these kids should be by their parents held accountable not encouraged by doing this stuff. Is bad it solves nothing we get nowhere and we drag ourselves down as a society stop. Find it within yourself and fix it Diana. -- -- and would talk to camera and not -- suggesting that the vacation. Right after. Respond or should put him but he and -- and we talk about well you know not know this is it. These kids who people freaked those are tough kid yes but it's wrong and not skating up and owning it is wrong and that father are not going over and saying I'm sorry wrong the way the father did a year ago when his son bullied debt saddled lady. So I only know why in the morning and only -- with aren't going to be march around my parents. General we haven't -- -- garbage is somebody's house because they say that I had these. Out year. Could not lose. And -- -- in that -- yes right or yeah or. Only six it would stop the scrap fight thank you for that. What's going on the NFL's movement and it's anybody's sympathy 69 WC event.

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