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Tony, Tony, Tony!?!?

Jul 17, 2013|

Tony Stewart caused at wreck Canandaigua Motorsports Park Tuesday night. The injury landed 19 year-old driver, Alysha Ruggles, in the hospital with a crushed vertebrate. Her father, Darrell, discussed the accident on the Break Room this morning. See the crash at the 6:20 mark here: ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not a candidate -- Big night as race car NASCAR legend a NASCAR team -- nice -- heard jerks think -- so says yes Tommy like Tony Stewart. Was two and -- -- -- candidate look. And the rivals. Are kind of sprint car. All stars down there for her Darrell rubble is a rate -- is a racer and his daughter police show struggles as a racer. Both of them made it to the final heat to take on Tony Stewart. And Tony. Tony. Wanna take -- now eleven other cars including himself trying to take the lead in the fifth lap of the race. Hurt in that it in that accident is a police or rivals and her dad Darryl is on the -- right now good morning -- I'm sure it's been a long night how is your daughter right now how is that we -- what's yours status. You just go out often referred to develop their own without final doctor. And now I order right now there are gonna quarterback great they're gonna -- -- surgery which could there yeah. Should note Herbert. And there's all the credit grip on the spinal cord. I've had that. I meant to that degree but that's a dead killed my sciatica nerve and then it's brutal. Third died during this. Well thank and that they can do surgery on the road if they have stupid one Bernard good corporate. I trust that and -- gonna -- a back brace. And keep. Keep it strong and make sure that are being looked at did you -- Children off the bat yep other -- once you are from. You know you couldn't relate to it are there and everything works here at all -- Jesus and always do you -- absolutely pulled her out yet. This Darrell royals he is a spring car racer and was in the in candidate last night you were also in the race against Tony Stewart last night. Did you know what happened -- where were you when an accident happened. No one reaction does that happen. And now I know my daughter behind me. And I seem to -- and start the -- out the -- Why -- downed -- inside and an experiment barrister Eric Close and are what make it down the infield. And your daughter should all bring. But she accepted -- Is trying to get away Valerie infield and -- once she got way out there she called and the security here and that's what's better about. Already beaten and college XP featured here. Until she came down on -- -- knows enough. -- -- -- Oh yeah she chasing your. Aren't ordering an accident I know are a lot of people put the blame on Tony but you know what Croatia -- or Ariel -- not. You know he's -- -- And I didn't think it would be one great connector and an hour. I'm not blaming anybody you know I want never blamed anybody -- Here it sounds like those. And dead. Tony blamed stoning. Saying he caused this accident. It's -- to Maine -- if you're the top ranked professional on that track. And you cause this much of an accident. I mean any kind of make similar kind of billionaire -- earlier in the show -- -- to many looks he looks like an aggressive bully coming down to an amateur -- And try and do take his multimillion dollar status in new ram it down your throats. I don't look at it that way because it started -- a lot of publicity. You know a lot of place gluten a lottery card and you go to our extract an outdoor -- -- You know it it's just very talented driver elaboration of what everybody else you. Internet -- guy and he -- got you know he's probably go away more money than most people but. Just love great than him. You know he he does it promotion. You -- did draw -- crowd -- all all tracks you know Germany cook -- The promoter Canada -- mortar candidate remorse for. You know that's that's what helps you know all the sport or you can draw -- -- public patent. You know we have -- -- there a lot of people go to beat army and you know what I'm entered and -- -- thought it was great and just like anybody help them. Just happened. -- roses the father of police struggles who was injured in the acts and lastly she was also a racer. Darrell. I noses -- or an emotional time -- -- war -- family vote kind of what I'm hearing you say. In all it's one of these things where you love race and how many years -- even the drivers sprint cars. I've been doing the territory's governor. 27 years. And so when a guy like Tony Stewart comes in you don't want to go easy you want to race just like you would race anybody else. I I think -- here I -- what I look at Tony I think it just a normal guys are much to restart then I would want to. I want I want Tony to love you know easy you know a lot of you know I -- you heard -- -- -- second group you know last week. My first burst through my daughter vanished point 43 device under the second behind Hank and everybody says why I enjoy underwear why aren't sure where. -- -- -- -- Right after I just -- -- to the other point you also didn't box around putter and Lawler pull a dangerous move to win the race. I don't know what Tony -- that was don't want I'm not mean. We -- he said he put their car and a place he shouldn't put that car and it's a guy that's at the top of his game. To really say that you got -- on a man he did so that he wasn't supposed to do and -- your daughter's in the hospital I would be out of my god damn mind with this -- Well I can't worry about very now got to worry voters state BM yeah. And I wonder -- -- this is even a good idea. You -- and somebody -- of one of these races right would do would bring him down these guys to these smaller tracks now you have this. I mean I wonder if it's even a decent idea to -- may be better -- that this guy come down and sent on a dress I I don't. Yes -- do a couple of victory laps around and call it -- President Clinton. Amateurs and hi I am -- well I saying that it's not derogatory and as saying you know you put a guy at the highest level down at a lower level or your country dress -- cause and chaos here -- -- I mean it and I can go and on number way -- they can go. You know the way we we saw -- or Tony's gonna come out and race he put the car. But could the accident have been prevented had more experience been drivers and on their rule would somebody not have. Who knows what they did I look I -- Tony you don't sense and then the other end of it is. What did what -- do you guys like Tony put themselves at risk because some hotshot goes hey man. I'm better than Tony Stewart and on hearing candidate -- On -- run him off there I mean there's a chance is somebody does that now you know I mean. I just think about like you know. Beer muscles and a -- a football player comes in Latin the end -- you think you're so great to me that kind of stuff can happen certainly that didn't happen here. But the big thing is is only struggles and and the the recovery will -- -- You know I'm sure it was highly debated in your family as to whether to let her race or not for many years -- was it. Let your daughter get in the car. Congress first no -- but. After. You know making everything happen the court costs and -- you know like the operations are all right. We -- -- stretch and you sure want to try to portray below my -- spent her. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I want -- there with a curse so we ended -- but. You know I think you know -- come up fruit Doris Fiat. On this senator Chicopee industrial by car -- -- could hear -- or not and it well. It altered quite a few people in order -- fire power Mexico -- class yeah they're very competitive both. You know one of the things that that she's safe in the car you -- think -- -- that particular field but. The -- -- walk out of a million chances that -- like that's what happened to me and all blame and I'm. You know that. Tony better than anybody else particularly early -- -- federation that class BF sat in the patriots occurred in the eastern 61. He's heard about about stir up here and not. Oh wait no -- than many of these guys around here are some of these desert -- -- you know you might be great and that. You know we all deal and that's what he's gonna happen when you. Comic and a very -- your rate decreased sixty -- and it -- with you there -- out here. That doesn't mean they eat any better or worse because there are some helpers are really good talented drivers. And when we -- One we want last -- to the race we want to do our part we didn't think that week because car or two under or older Boller. We knew that we can't compete with those guys -- know what they're just -- -- time and upon you ought to be how well we did do it this street sixty because some data on the road like I play -- don't respect beat and I just want to be much Specter. Patrice trick or Benadryl I saw it. We got our car and on both good and we've been doing so well like and a regular -- are. We -- -- fight and they -- but we didn't have to do it could be -- thing. You know on the right and we would do well I would not deny the moderate -- -- and it happened and -- Well and erased and -- doing very well there are good and -- great start yeah you know it still want circumstances. -- brought the -- I think that is so high and MEI hi Anderson -- race part of it but you've got a daughter would have major bank injury. Who is young and is now gonna deliver them through May be the rest of her life. So I mean any doubt that the focus of rain is affected them for a girl. Maine has set the news she's gonna at -- -- -- have kids -- and married. And I know but -- here's the thing. That accident. Could happen at -- -- and any time so. I think that for him I mean we can blame this on Tony Stewart and that to happen last week two years ago two years ago them. They chose so allow her to do that already -- and that and I think that's -- -- yet that's where there -- You know that that that the risk has been there since that day she got in the car. That risk he's been there. And that's something that rivals have have live with this is -- -- he's a sprint car driver his daughter was injured last night in the -- Tony Stewart he is not blaming Tony Stewart. His daughter -- them both Texans -- -- -- no no intention of black freeze cinemanow it's it it splash elect. Darrell I got your small business -- these medical things are expensive. Is there anything being done to defray the costs that we can help you get the word out about. Or has Tony resell and anyway somebody did call and tell us. That someone has taking care of the medical bills I don't know if you wanna talk about that or not but I feel like I have to ask you. I. Personally here right now are now worried about the medical bills because. I don't know how it is taking a boat load -- taking care. No I have not heard from calling I don't expect bigger or are mom and night I certainly. -- again. Don't expo and I don't expect only to take terrorist mom because Meehan my family. And everybody and erase them has class. What are we walked through that -- gate at the racetrack we sign a waiver we have no responsibility. Or again. And not do it a dangerous sport. But you've got a try to do everything you can repeat stayed on payment. I don't. I don't want to think about America -- -- just harder to get -- -- well we don't erode this you know it doesn't harder problem down the road but. She'll ever get back in the car in William and manager Jim absolutely absolutely and can -- Q thirty sad that you don't have -- and she asked me. Earlier what you are still it would air -- neck brace actually goes and I Hillary get better from there. All right. He's in Carolina and -- wanted to say that that's why does this kind of reminds Sino us dozens and fifths of their reminds us. What did it in your blood donate -- all wrecked a bunch of time. You know I have. In our great all -- broke my back all built. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is the way a little transfusion through. A tax. I do I. No I don't know what you -- but I say I appreciate guy's pocket and in no way state mine and however point -- And I do think to a great and that yeah I was there. Don't follow -- worst devastating and ever been mine fire were erased and and now I have great bit of archery extract a bunch of boy system. You know it does want some devastating thing in my heart goes out there reported it was involved in Iraq and I appreciate everybody -- On the early show -- but. I think he's going to be fine you com Ers do not the doctors Dutton begged Doug pick a quarterback hurry I turned. Are we possibly -- -- today from hospital. And and they're gonna keep and I have to be what happened but all I meant not. And gold -- up and she can get up a locker Domenici can come -- racetrack picture react Saturday because. You all duration for calling her career. Yes I will Darrel good luck do you wish her speedy recoveries. Thank you thank you everybody for less than -- -- bank -- first. Month. There goes to our rivals Keats in sterling. -- -- there was another accident involving Tony sir what do Tony do for the guys that got her keys. Well do you ever actually and they actually what are our heroes our tech guy came out -- Stare -- ED. This same debate what or -- and boy or there. Dark early. There. Restore or are out of their way to actually fly here expect hear our street. What does all personal all helicopter yeah. Belt all targeted while that it breaks couldn't bear it or. It's good to get -- -- any judge to the hospital while a guy that aren't true I -- Sorry you have stitches. You have the ballplayer ballplayer that it that your water got. Operate goat -- Bali golf. Yeah Aaron Aaron never see the Buffalo Bills come in down in rough enough he Syrian high school. There are a couple built currently or there at about popular party. What's hot hot hot I ask you -- I well I think that the rumor that that we heard we got a call from -- -- says. Somebody's are taking care of the medical expenses given that granted that it's the value I don't think you would know that I think did dad does it mean dad may not. -- -- Either aware of one assaying because we don't you know when so -- they call and say. I can't go on the air but that that's I know this for a fact -- and when asked how do you know for a fact. It's it's my job. Pro choice it's my job so -- earned the -- -- Leave it it is dated -- to -- it would try to think that Tony pay those bills via this at least he did do you well -- I I more generally young girl with a back problem that could be with the -- -- -- we don't know well the only thing that I I would say is it then that injury that accident could happen at any point in her career you. -- go in there. Granted they -- a guy and he's saying it was his fault trying to take the -- and even race Randy said like you're only five laps into a thirty lap race she could way to France could waited. I use a little bit aggressive and in -- and we will look -- sick or not plus my business. We will -- I'm throwing out all my Tony Stewart's third commemorative played -- Bobble heads out the door. Somebody's going to accident -- fours -- four sounds like this guy was paid off a Tony Stewart. It would probably draw a lot of people to my son's high school football team could we get an NFL player to come and play against the fast.

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