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Jim Kelly's Pre-Camp Visit

Jul 22, 2013|

Buffalo Bills legend, Hall-of-Famer and former NFL quarterback, Jim Kelly, stopped by The Break Room to discuss his one-day clinic Tuesday at St. John Fisher College. He also updated us on his condition since cancer surgery last month.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's almost forgot about high school fantasy football -- coming up any moment now and I know that Jim Kelly's camp. Are -- tomorrow Fisher maybe get a look at some kids. I'll see who's hungry. Who's on who's who's really -- Antonio Jose enters a high school for a little problem and I can go watch some -- were cut the -- of -- had a file. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now like to brag about my kid while the -- -- -- got some are -- current stroke you know the Dayton could see where that's all that. I don't know. We will talk to Jim Kelly of course one of those things and -- online right now. Is that the whole cancer scare. You know for Jim Jim Jim and -- you know he has to go have surgery for tracers. Right so we will. -- -- him furious. Jim Kelly. Good morning Jim. -- is I don't you get this one day camp the bills head in their Friday but tomorrow is it is a one day camp. Oh who is -- -- open -- kicker. They have what we call him one -- clinic -- -- open to kids ages eight date seem calm no no adults. We've got so many adults called and we didn't do what crops grown up you're kidding me. You won't believe. Don't say he would actually I bet you would make a ton of money that's a fantasy camp. Good baseball doesn't. When no one that I know I didn't make money of course starting to doubt you would be harmed if I can put this so they. -- -- want to think fifteen or twenty years which we know it's not out resurgence -- or without the men are yet but long story short yes it has -- welcome -- date being. And this is Arctic are fortunate that cheered doing their side in response by first two cars and prayers are great Carter's been very -- -- art or at least an -- port -- so bored. Did a couple of kids or go recent one always sponsors and I love this camp so they guard would pretty much creature is fundamental so somebody younger kid good. Probably the one thing that I personally. And do it out of not only cook might here tonight -- gear -- well. But it quickly doing Rochester dark chalk talk and how important that is not only from the standpoint of letting kids know. How I was able to make it to work I am -- not on my wife and -- actually but also what they have a great success they society social media is solid things going on and how many kids. Nowadays when things don't quite go the way you want to -- about an option. So much lately yeah that's what can understand that we all you know adult kids especially at a younger age. We'll go through things and barrel mark this what you do about what culture too many kids nowadays at the task is to note to -- -- and don't try some smelter would do so no this doesn't really. They remain on Egypt rather delicate problem -- a half hour. Are -- any given up camp it isn't that have all denied that night got kids I know exactly Lindsay and Jim I know exactly what you're saying. And guys you know got back in this -- -- -- and my -- in which we out here there's one another reason we do. One they want a better because they can't does a judge Kim making -- about what toward that harms -- truly. For them to be on the field were built play you know practiced entered training camp aperture -- aren't so. But -- in you never. You know we're grown a personal cell phones and I didn't do good cheer division that saw 111213. Year old ID -- already booking and how many kids are also are saying 95%. Again. -- has and kids not being cut to grow old quicker because you don't base with a walk a day long at a younger -- won't we did. So I won't say. They won't. This kid is going to be seventeen years old are you -- and I don't buy that anymore because. Kids nowadays -- grown so much quicker and we need to compete 1718. Marty experience so everything we did as as you know speaking I truly -- -- thirteen years old so. -- -- walk quicker not a very patient understand decree between right and wrong and I know there's no doubt but if you try to work great editor of mine that -- that -- what you thought. -- and -- comment you know what do and probably wanted to bring users per -- to understand. Kind of what nowadays you are who you hang with and my saying there's there's that don't -- -- -- and then also you have future and he brokered -- you can tell me. It's helped me and I thought I -- these Johnson's hey Jim how do I if I got a kid between me any team. But do I do show up tomorrow and a have to pre show a great designer and. And certain -- -- -- -- -- toward football camp dot com. Or you can -- moral victory of sorts and I saw the try to -- between -- may third party or -- -- marked the end I think it's gonna bring congress and there -- so this side of the -- but always a -- always -- are -- dot. How long ago is it doing what's that Tyler from one north. For my confidence you've been doing some incarnation of the camp for years who's the most famous player or from person. Who attend one as a kid. These are all I know we know a lot of kids -- -- -- be bigger. Swords during our -- strong springs we have got -- and endorse at -- endorse such I'm not. You know -- boulder yet we're operating and you know I can't -- how he resolved to why can't I don't know rob what particular broader DNY has. Yep but you know kids who went to your camp does his kids just is too -- yet. Players. On court though. Thompson creek -- for a year so pageant does come in and out which are which is which is critical why are you learning. Nice to say that without I want kids to not only walk away it was somebody who -- football wise but also above. You know why -- general and they don't know what to -- face. Ordered yet fought off I have to think is such a part of your identity do you ever wake up from -- dream thinking you're still playing them in this economy moments for our seriously like. You ever re lives things you have to. You know what it's what these parties say it's sad that it is yeah I wake up in the morning is during the Lombardi still play because my back hurts my back hurt her and find these states and we just don't clearly Indian and -- -- yet I don't. Yeah I've played in your golf tournament today you announced you were diagnosed with cancer and it sent a jolt. Through that tournament it was like this -- thing they kind of went around. And I had to think today as people were talking -- had to be that way for you and your family the day you worked holds. What was that saw the day you found out and clearly things have have taken a turn for the better the one you were first diagnosed with having cancer a new upper jawbone. It was more -- what was that feeling like. Devastation is nothing I can do com I have no control it and no block one on -- gun control protest helped us wanting. Like most people would you yourself like you're number one your work and it's true and automatically. Mom it's you're out there and you don't focus -- -- something that they -- cannot you know whether chemo or radiation can take judge Carol. So for me it was like as a phone -- certain sort of might seem to you talked a couple other doctors and and you know what guys are and so blessed to have. Some of the best doctors we I guess question we are blessed to have so -- great doctors later about our Western New York well virtually. No Rochester raider ball flight I was blessed to have a doctor talk -- Consider resting because. When I was not all indicated in -- and third opinions armed. The person that I talked to mom I didn't. Mention Tom -- handout they all knew we want it to Jimmy champion including and so greens and point belliard just like -- can you do it when you're when past -- would like a death are you all want somebody. That's been there and done that in the expires at -- from my family. Delegate Al are being -- to tell my -- but the other good thing bothers. They feel like they've gotten all of a sudden all the can't try to my upper draw and unfortunately got a little pretty much my whole left side much off. All the people screaming nowadays -- simply -- -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- Can't get into what do you know it does a good thing about it is it's all internal so you know they did after removed pretty much governor -- -- chief. Bomb and now you're prosthesis that I have to do well all the Carmel store didn't used to -- this -- sort of no things just they are become I thank god that -- That you know army won't -- bill to move on him mom went into you know a couple months left to do that every two months to make sure we -- try to combat -- I want to personally thank minority you -- the people altered Wall Street but -- sort of people trying to orient. And I understand and that's you know everybody behind you and everybody always relic argue when not playing the game what would build and then. Of course with march on but now. What this. Bomb just overwhelming support throughout gotten from some -- have solid -- and can then remembers that got. I got it done this as it is and right out I would not just pour -- -- people. -- pro football hall of Famer Jim Kelly as a one day football clinic tomorrow for kids eight to eighteen at saint John Fisher College show played thirty or go to Jim Kelly football -- dot com. What when he got the all clear on the on the cancer Jim what was the first thing you did. All good tight budget and yeah I don't MS -- like -- it I can't imagine that proverbial weight you have to be blocked. Well you know what they're saying here's our -- so many moms in my life I didn't do that to our club and at the bottom and and you know in the last two years thought I had back surgery not -- double hernia surgery to -- -- -- -- -- -- cancer so I don't -- -- an -- -- -- -- -- but not because you're -- of my children -- -- -- -- saying daddy daughter -- -- Well other singer last couple years after all these surgeries -- like I don't know -- believed in the -- okay what. You know. I'm hoping is it is -- it is a big relief but he -- As everybody knows are so many people have been preaching and turned him and -- found out -- one out of every two man. -- our house some torture here -- one out of every three women -- -- -- -- 13 those numbers. Got to ask during the and it. To believe but just good old Dutch repeat never give up there and I've never given up on and you have ever done in my life and this is just -- another river across as more leave yours is -- so -- and also my life that. To fight through it in their right to talk compete -- and so -- risk it sure has been might trademark throughout my life to things you know David -- we go to -- one impetus what I do about it well there was no through all of those are good old days or. -- -- was -- my -- borrow my -- down -- Spain and being diagnosed or even with -- is diagnosed with cancer will be that they rarely does but -- does this -- that -- definitely helps. Billion -- around the the Buffalo Bills last Friday the bills move into the doors a Fisher for a few weeks. This time last year was really exciting for a lot of the fans with the acquisition of Mary Williams but you know better than anyone. But the one position on the football field that seems to be able to change the momentum of the game. Or -- team is is the cornerback. How busy Jim manual handling the pressure and I don't know that there is a lot he hasn't been -- started raining but it it seems like a lot of hopes are pinned on that Jersey. -- no object turned to the door lumber depend on Kevin -- -- to give -- comment I'm watching Bender a couple doctors solve washing both for old people dark paneling you offense great. I'm not bigotry success and sanity return to Kabul over the head because of the battle preparation is -- there is criminally she's done so much you played before. -- can help you will be number one number two is EJ Manuel national much athletic ability to try to teach you heard a British mood to be all. -- seem normal and you hope that. -- in the long run will be blowing bid circular orbit many many years so slowly so we don't -- -- -- one thing but when you in the game in India at all between disorders and bring not not getting. And hopefully they can not procedure it certainly hasn't seen this be governor of all our game got so hopefully he'll be dealt to -- To give the bills create whatever you did wonders for many many years so I'm excited about it to -- -- suited to -- so good that. -- Ali looks like we've gotten to write you know troubled -- yeah -- think each other -- also. You know you you're around the bills last year Chang gala -- bills vs this year's -- her own spills from what what's the differences there -- all of five difference. -- -- Major not -- -- do you have them on the excitement. Are you go to practice and the different order all -- coordinators they have other teams are Iraq didn't like. I'm a college on the resumption years into the excitement yes I'll just being too you have to look players out you know toward Iraq the this out and run through each stroke hobby yours so into it that's what makes me excited but I'm excited. I was -- portable command -- -- and seen what maybe. Kevin Robert -- EJ can do all virtually. But -- -- well I am it is just see how this -- -- come around that -- Party won the most important no pressure and most important because that they -- cornerback position in -- -- now our most important position to really. Do a good crossbar and perhaps we -- -- what you hope to build by the war. Put this -- others because I was wrong and I'm excited about that. More -- -- broadcasting live starting next Monday from buffalo -- training camp at saint John Fisher. And tomorrow is your one day football clinic. I go to Jim Kelly football camp dot com sponsored by Connors and Ferris I've actually I was there are gassing your golf tournament and I've played horribly but I had a blast. Ever a lot of fun and I am the world's -- I had a blast that really go to the strippers -- -- You know what is it doesn't matter whether Merrill horrible golfer not you know we call that a series caddie -- because you know we have to hand to react to it yet to dejudder in all the food stations -- -- -- dot -- -- conduct does sob so unbelievable job force and let mustered up -- the -- -- -- hundreds hundreds of thousands of dollars on each and that's huge about the charity so yeah -- not only on the -- -- -- or read the -- money returned so. Yeah there was a problem and tomorrow is the needs of the football clinic one day clinic. Get there by 830 or sign up -- you come pre register -- Jim Kelly football camp dot com hope to -- -- training camp Jim. Albeit there need to carry guys in doubt we will -- up there. Okay take your -- Jim Kelly pro football hall favor either expensive -- ringer and rice had they been Joseph on to -- the geez it's great night's causes are when I was at that football camps there aren't that at that golf tournament. Afterwards he had -- to his two front teeth or tell -- hockey player is again. And it just it was so what changes all jarring because I didn't expect Jim Kelly Bill Clinton he said he deduced that pop up for John Allen you have once you know -- that's going to be -- -- that they got the cancer and so far so good so far so good.

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