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You have to drive to succeed in life

Jul 24, 2013|

The guys talk about how you have to drive to succeed in life other wise you may not make it in your career

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steve Miller 965 WC -- going to be a fairly nice day today hopefully live it to the fullest case you just never know auto Arizona on. All these is never nobody -- nominee Meg Ryan listening in I guess I'm -- Stanley Aaron Aaron Sally. Oh yeah drop dead of a heart attack over the weekend that much of a gallon posters what to do was live and I run at the end Aaron -- it got to replace a black they were -- on an open mind at all worried that -- -- -- a yards or no going out of business because our troops will -- the Tommy had a birthday over the weekend so thin and a new study miles figured out. The times when your most happy in the times when your most miserable. Or in your life yes. And we -- I think we always think when your kid your head because you don't know. You blissful because you think this is the whole world will now they did a study and I London school economic. And they found there to wages in particular when the average person's happiness peaks in camp. Your pass a woman near. Encroaching on another price -- would ruin the day menace in here early twenties is still a lot of optimism and hope for the future. Plus you still look pretty good and can jump out of bed after have a fifteen drinks tonight before and get out with a Inca. -- So 23 they say is like your. In your late sixties late 60s69. You have some contentment and come to terms with your regrets you also appreciate. The health you've got because you know it's about to -- Yeah these guys usually I don't -- everything now when you turn fifteen dia is about you blame your gonna die. It is I mean when you start lightly when you sit down on a financial -- they got all -- -- the other -- you know months this should get your right to the end. This city and they did they take -- time but the finish line about your -- I think you know puts things into perspective laser -- billionaire much smarter so we you know. He's -- I think they tell you now right. You -- outlive your money. You and -- -- your money only the last few years to be in poverty because you ran out of money everything's about debt. Is somebody calls me out. One of my contemporaries is at -- you hear about Tony. Tony is either dead or has cancer. -- the conversations gonna pay. It's all about the -- when you get to decide and I you can be really happy when all you talk about react and we -- these conversations do you think about blogs. Funny that you say that because the study found that people become miserable. In their mid fifties as you start constant because you are they get a -- because think about your -- You're at a stage in life -- -- You can't work forever because you're gonna agent of the workforce most people that are in their job -- will age out you may even -- they're good at their job. Don't just UB you know you've done well there are some acumen on the New York Times is -- that by some as a role Silas a -- be in the miserable -- -- miserable mid fifties is miserable and yet. But hit their most miserable point -- 75 and after that it is then you're really gonna -- then now you're coming down the stretch. And it and a separate a study just found out that our ambition network is declining in the average person stops fighting for paralysis and if it's 35. Where they give up at 33 I was just funny he'll watch it and we say that we're we're talking about like optimism in jobs and working their way out. The our ties to this article about people who graduated in hot college in 2011 via. The time when the recession was really comment at full throttle -- so they didn't get work experience and only wound up doing some other stuff and have a worthless degree that kind of and then the people who graduated in 2013. Not better that is because now there's more jobs Bill Walton. And that the people who graduated in 2011. Are going to be competing against these people or fresh out of college the newest. -- -- and newest stuff visitors group and so they jump they can grab those jobs and probably once they're gonna wanna get the use fuel. -- have had. You know be in a Starbucks Teresa just isn't the experience to look at -- gonna cut you all better have found a creative way to get yourself. That kind of stuff you wanna get -- get a job sucks savvy miserable there I was that happy as I ever won is. Probably eight when he when he stories and when he Ohno and his stand up. That was in Europe -- because it was a whole new exciting career I didn't know what to expect right. And I was completely miserable. By -- it at stand up by the time I was 33. And I won him those those expectations out what a great adventure and it was -- but it was just misery it was a depressing business to be in. And no fund and I still dated another year before I moved here if you so much from that in a very short period dialer from. Exciting new Korea Jesus give me -- this is Sox win if you had a kid. In the kid wanted to do know it's -- I mean do what you want -- is -- you do -- you could do I see you make you know living I mean a decent living in show businesses in nearly impossible. I was that you -- -- going to be well you wanna be -- -- when a job it'll play you a real welder can be a plumber to be an electrician right. We have been maintenance guy be a great maintenance guy refrigeration and heating and cooling. Those are the jobs that nobody got everybody went to sport and found out that -- -- most of these degrees are worthless. In these big yes. Jobs that don't exist anymore. All the stuff do you see around here has to be maintained. -- the roads the piping build the everything but there's like engineers -- made an excellent yeah. No just I mean everybody can't be a scientist or engineer. But if you could turn the screw you and not -- title and know how to fix crap you will have a job for the rest of your life and no matter where you go. There's -- these in these next. There was a -- in my went to a Fisher was the accounting major men and now he's part owner of the construction -- -- You know -- Close it down the Carolinas who has been nice guy and -- announced that the numbers all day and by actually sit on -- the -- and do the parking lots and you know why -- any okay -- -- his sense of accomplishment as he turns trying to devise may erode if she. But he's beyond part of it and but that's relax don't always been hands on him as much prefer to deal. You know I think -- this thing more realistically college. It ain't for everybody everybody was pushed and everybody was told he. You gotta go to college get a get a big creek but not everybody's cut out for college that everybody has sustained strength and weaknesses in the can't delicate that. I IE a totally agree but I think that college helps you figure out the IQ I don't as the brains for a little while I think it helps you figure out we will likely you don't like. And then if you work hard you can get stuff done I really do I think that it it -- -- doing his job our great -- Randy. -- -- Probably gain you know book Smart enough -- may butt buddies but he has a great skill as a -- yes that duty is Smart. Because they invokes my because he wanted the books you want to be a hot router and have fun but then that he learned to be a mechanic which to me. Is you could go anywhere -- -- Jessica. But I also think that we you know like I know people who went to college Ivy League schools. And never really knew they wanted to -- kind of -- the world always getting hired -- successful because part of it was to push yourself to get to that but that's such as -- -- manager -- are needed to do anything no matter what it is you better have an internal -- tactics -- sure because if you -- you're gonna wind -- -- and while that is he feels that the pull -- what you think you -- but I -- they would take us. McCain because I wanna be a comic today. But you can have all the drive you want -- and stand up comedy yes but you gotta be funny and right you don't nine of these funny. The year and I don't care what 10 o'clock you get taken inside you reviewing got it Ewing got like a singer or painters really avionics. -- got the arts you've got to have you had to have the talent there's people I can think of even in comedy who have have more drive and talent. But they have talent and -- but -- guy -- talented well -- you go ahead and radio thinkers people. Who had more drive than talent don't pick on guys -- ten and -- -- -- McCain didn't really well. I think in the years you know I've I've heard a lot of people who -- think Stephanie Miller peoples say isn't as good as her -- -- true you know -- image -- reduced to jurors believe me now. And -- I can think of like actors and actresses and stuff who out. Achieved. Their talent media you know -- there has to or some tablets there and I agree there has to be talent there and alassane into the comedy but whatever you want to do and I really believe if you really wanna do it you can. The -- you'll find your level. Then finally you're level maybe someone may have been -- -- ever -- -- -- you know you maybe don't open Mike at 45 measles. You know -- you know we're -- you know. The ball really to have an -- looking at yourself it can't let you know we don't always say good work. Right that is one of these things were at some point -- looking go yes or to see what everybody else sees you gotta know when to bail yet. -- the talent that's down no one to -- know when to quit. -- Kenny Rogers began then. Political thing and walk away -- runs -- the guards who run right. We will was speaking recently in I think cousy compliment to. Does this book smartly at us he has the skill den our columnist right yes I think it's here randomness face. Just like the the Indians who is into the regular trash yeah. We will talk to recently there was only -- nationwide races we wouldn't it mean. -- like this the lower total visually records a lot of students trucks was like and tell us -- know it's it's it's NASCAR. But it's a little lower level but a lot of the top guys race and new. As I hope -- heck is it only all the social lives Seoul -- of that went down and in Chicago. -- doctorate -- little bit about that and a big win a big win PGA comes here in two weeks alone and -- people call this guy to locals and but he came any one. -- could finish his career with ten majors. It's picked up his fifth doesn't have arthritis or some that have this a man's guess does stuff he does is wait for breast cancer. President Jim Kelly. 2226000. The break rooms in 965. The VC path.

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