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Mono Tone Tim and Intern Justin reanacting the Weiner txt's

Jul 24, 2013|

This is a podcast not to be played at work. Has explicit content

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Check okay so you guys are both gonna read into. This microphone. The track so the ladies and gentlemen. The yeah you're -- I I got the border also that our guys so. Here's the deal this is -- -- to my left you'll write this is -- actually misses Bob Harlan and backup quarterback Tim he's got injuries in professional almost. And this is in turn Johnston and they're going to reenact for you the Anthony Weiner texts. -- I must have come in thinking about you and would you 100 times how does that make you feel gross. The turn -- and so much seriously. -- it was hard to get closer to my old friend yeah. Almost home be patient. Slow walk into a hotel room when you're at the end of the bed naked except for some amazing -- can -- Their legs are spread your feet are flat on the ground you're leaning slightly forward looking completely in charge. You know we could always make that a fantasy -- reality and what do I guess we'll see. Can't tell you what I thought about last night that made me column please do. Still holding your Harris spread your legs your (%expletive) are swinging already as you wiggle. I -- don't like talking Eileen over you and whisper what do you want me to Julia ravaged me still holding your -- now standing I'd take my. My other hand and fingers she pushes. It -- flat so. I turned around and venue over the back from the chair. Your -- asking for. But I mean maybe. I walk right up to you and bend down and grabbed the back of your hair and put my tongue deep in your mouth you grab my cock still holding your hair. She should give you guys stand you up. You're making me so -- I want this to happen a sled like talking you slow at first you are slow tie it and then harder. My ball 400. With -- the rusty squeal little. I sort of pushes so hard your trip -- to you in the finish you reach back and bring you rats. I want to make this happen ASAP. Would you let me hold your hair Roy you gagged on -- talk. Yeah absolutely yeah. Would you let me come on those perfect tip. I will let you come anywhere you want me to staring at picture view pathetic. Not to panic at all so flattering and I think about you all the time I can't help myself. If I mean you're in a bar and tried to talk to you what I have a chance absolutely you're such an amazing man I still can't believe someone like you would pay attention to someone like me it's literally a -- I'm sure. You are a fancy I mean you made yourself calm thinking about me recently. This morning. You are walking Fennessy. I don't want to just be a -- -- take care of your every need why annual wage what are you thinking about today how dual. I don't actually people obviously I'm thinking about you. And I have been doing some pain today Brit now I -- no make gun and I'm topless. I'm deeply flawed. We all are imperfection is beauty and menace in his genius. Dog I want to take you from behind in front of the mirror. A lot this year phase and feel your pussy Strathairn as you come with -- knee deep in New. York. You have no idea how much I want this has to be more than a fantasy I have never won an anyone as much as I wanted you you are perfect. I made me -- more I'm gonna come again so hard. Try to upload -- pick up my phone's been slow try to be patient. I like to whisper in your ear all make love to you that okay more than OK just an idea of it turns me on so much I want to connect to the on every level. Standing behind you leveling with -- one hand finger you with the other. Maybe an increase so I want you to slowly and -- you well passionately kissing me. Taking a shower wanna join me that sounds perfect. Like to whispering your -- -- -- a view that okay more than a cages and ideas transient so much don't I am offices. And you may want to be wet. Huge for you today. And you always make you. All of me. Absolutely. -- put on some shoes I would spread your ass so much talk kid deep. I don't know why he used even saying -- you can possibly get. God I would hit that's so hard your policy you would beg for mercy. -- wherein a skirt and no pennies easy access for U. Like what you see. Very much so I was attracted to you -- before that'll happen. I've found the perfect woman gorgeous sexy. And like a bit of my crazy. I basically worship the ground you walk on your incredible. So you won't tell me what picture of -- you like the most are turns you on the most only TV. Specifically your health care ransom where huge turnaround. Sadly my picture up there a look at have you ever. Yes and I must say I was quite impressed tell me about your post it tomorrow. The very. I was reading your tweets and looking in your picks so I thought I hold your -- to settle you down. You have no idea how would turn on I am right now I really want you to manhandled me. --

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