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Scary, Oh Mario, in The Break Room

Jul 31, 2013|

Buffalo Bills DE Mario Williams isn't using his foot as an excuse to hide from the media. In fact, he almost stuck his foot up The Break Room's assets this morning LIVE at Bills Training Camp!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So he gets a question of -- barrier William I'll -- naturally they're rights. And Mary Williams is the star of the team they spent a tremendous ceremonies the highest paid defensive player in the NFL wagering that thank goodness. But here is that the AP guy and admiral's response. I must say this no I I'm I wanna say something. Sure please and and how would you say if you get. So we're all on the same page. I'm a straight -- -- good as anyone has ever known me from when I was a kid. I'm shooting it straight. OK I understand that you have adopted I would appreciation for. From my chances are gonna be it's the same situation as it was yesterday -- media speculate. I never speculate until I hear from the medical staff. You know it's the same thing do you think it's an ACLU think it did not when Mario and Michael until both players in general. Do you think this while he etiquette cut what the doctors go through evaluation process and when they inform me. That's when I know it's as simple as that. And it and it and I get frustrated. Honestly. When he gets to a point where I feel like I tried to explain myself how I handle millions lose. Okay and I'm answered the questions and you keep coming at me right. Put yourself in my position I don't OK I haven't talked to the doctor. Like bush I haven't talked at doctor you have seen the playbook quick question I'm on my -- I'm not answered a question about Mario Williams and go to a doctor its fiftieth minute yeah. The team. Obviously it was kind of look at valuation they've excused from the team. That's usually. It's -- easily it's got to realize is that so is Maryland like the -- story we don't know. As active in search until you watch I got my about a million dollars -- And I think I think I think Mary Williams. Doesn't want his face the media. And you've got more access to more meaty right here -- you mean you can't go anywhere unless you're there and -- somebody's of the shoo people away and that they're not to be shouting stuff at them. And this is where even fans have more access we were down there yesterday they were throwing guy players -- I cheered on because you're not it was a mix it was a nice -- it over yet here I mean an aerial had obligation that went south I sued to get to bring back. Who -- on this suicidal whatever with the -- was that Annan and last year was his -- risked his wrist and -- Netflix even sell tweeted yesterday sell marijuana from the Democrat chronicle a incidents and he said here's the problem nobody believes the head -- -- had no contact with the star player two days general c'mon can't sell that. I got -- -- as I I agree to I agree to but it you know supposedly got a little for a little -- yesterday and around -- come up with -- me. A little something while I mean I mean he was puts himself in a bad position by saying nothing yeah. Hi while here's what he he is saying it's not that he's and I haven't talked to the doctor yet. And it's your iPod stereo you haven't had a conferences I wondered if he hasn't -- May be -- as days but this find out how this -- it is. When you're paying him that much money and you invested this much stock in this kid yeah. C'mon minutes of that exercise any and -- knows the coach knows yet today we're gonna talk to a rookie. Man and a season that the market were to talk to guiding duke Williams. Who that name came at a Reno Nevada. -- -- -- -- battery no real Milan particularly this is a safety and well wolf talked him about the com -- go through all the stuff he went through. And duke had his career end in a sour note. In Reno yeah he lost by one point and that was itself. Is it similar ready. We got a mark the latest sex marvel -- very well hey. Wow and closer we're just talking about you -- -- for just his second. Yeah Kamal Kamal Kamal. Top here yeah and I kind of feel -- Elsewhere -- feel good luck and there and I. Don't want this weekend and all that good. Marry a waves -- -- like he's worries won't Libya. Ten million accident but a little weak -- to break room just his very. We use the system off so what city are getting is gonna come hit us that took literally behind you. Well that's good that's the fifth at the real working out together and abolish not not as much -- are box again tomorrow -- -- that Friday feel as good death if he isn't -- -- Mary away it was a fire and it's all I don't know that anybody breaking news anybody else in media had they don't. Mario Williams is here he just walked into the tent to tell the breaker I heard you guys talking about me and I am here today we offered to -- microphone and he said no. And as if he's not afraid of facing -- it is a -- a microphone. Why should all that crap for most of us know. Nice shot nice and I -- don't bring in the did this hour how many people you upset over the years your task Hamid legend's well. I've got this and disrespectful nobody is put all that stuff was out there -- in the news I didn't make up I've responded saying it can and if I would not if that -- -- horse farm in our fans Rosen borrows. Always as long as he's on the field week -- one. That's all that man while he's here at training center everybody came in and I love it that was absolutely phenomenal I love that -- we will take a break and got an exclusive that nobody else says. Here in the breaker that's why you need to stay will be here every day since 965 WC amounts.

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