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Better Than Prime Time?

Aug 19, 2013|

Buffalo Bills rookie CB Nickell Robey jokes with The Break Room on 96.5 WCMF he looks "better" than a HOF defensive back, but needs a little help dressing like him!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And as a kid did you ever think you would get this opportunity. It's rare bright -- it's really are -- in the top they get there as a kid and those will be here and I knew as a kid I Alou when they belong in his. In his sleep in Nam does -- the months ahead as -- -- -- -- reportedly Vick came from who gave you that kind of -- that kind of focus to go determination to say. And I always say to these guys -- go after me if you want to you will did you want to you will home whatever it is. Was the kid in my my dad raised me. You know he put a full blood in my hand when I was just -- kid. Any nice -- idea sound is on TV yes and yes you know you kind of look like -- -- I don't know a little bit indeed. Yeah. I got back. Look phenomenal. He's got some sharp suits so that we do yeah just yeah he's got to step that gave us now he just to the teeth in I just got voted for who. Don't like the worst I went like the worst the consume so I got a tight muscle game mode man ever call me on the low key voting in this ECB to DV -- -- believe that I had a -- just surreal -- So I that I gotta I gotta -- -- -- so when it whenever I get a chance some of them I that he could welcome out of place here called wagering jewels. And if you custom -- it's like jive as white man who. I know a lot of big hero I got it doesn't feel that's a -- yeah there -- I'm just saying that they don't go on any minds some honky -- She drove through literally can I tell -- -- this subsidize it Warren Sapp got it suits from Adrian Jewell ward -- to -- -- -- You know Lawrence that this place at the thought Texas or are also tickets if that's. They count as efficiently. Amendola in my right -- good -- here -- -- and we'll be watching me now literally this is a undrafted free agents. Trying to get -- spot as -- quarterback on the Buffalo Bills we're live until training -- we'll talk to a former teammate to his Robert Woods the wide receiver taken in the second round by the Buffalo Bills. Next in the break room on 965 WC a --

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