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Firefighter Fired-Up!

Aug 19, 2013|

County Leg, haircut artist and city firefighter, Willie Lightfoot, is NOT happy about one TV station's coverage of a shooting. And he has a heck of a case.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get you caught up on some things happen and out here buffalo bills' training camp there's a youth movement going on earlier this morning are both have Ryan Lindell on that's who were told what's going on. And now Ryan didn't Lindell sets the record for the most consecutive field goals of viable -- ability team he's really kind of a solo artist -- to have a pretty good. A report your long snapper and they've been together for better part of a decade boost that means you read reviews -- out well I'm one usually -- up IC youth movement because they tell us that -- says hey you know I can they get -- Ryan Lindell he has treatment the little that we don't use being released by the Buffalo Bills. But we got the call -- now this is a young guy at a USC. Followed by kitty just turned 21 in Robert Woods who's a wide receiver this close to get the second. Via second receiver on the team really hungry guy. And I go boy there's a real youth movement here that's not bad this is the -- -- us. As things to have young play got to change and this is -- -- regime and I think they want their guys. I had in addition I think they're they want their guys but boy there's a lot of chaos in -- -- -- getting in no way nominee I think you I think he speaks in truth. We're joined out of this but still party -- by a man who is a New York State licensed barber. And a New York State barber examiner he owns and operates new creations unisex shot. He's an ordained elder and works with youth at his home church the prayer house Church of God by faith. Yeah -- -- amount and -- a Monroe County legislator. Will they tell me and my foot. 47 district which includes a nineteenth ward neighborhood the greater Rochester international airport and Genesee valley -- -- -- district with a man you set out live men do have never realized -- is -- -- importers let's see that's why that. Could easily get a couple coffee -- -- chemical got a couple of I don't really caved -- said Danny thinks you want to talk about and it Willie walked into the intensity doesn't. I don't. Because -- probable third I am glad -- out of this tragedy Stadler shot a little bits here and this morning but -- a whole lot there what are you fired up about our. I'm a little upset Manning and you know media first -- here this morning when my good friend Ernest flag is run -- school board movie you just talk to him at some point bomb. How to paint party skill dilemma shop. So yes they know now go to church right on Sundays and developing got a good on the off did you know we ought to pentagon yeah. -- man what you know what it was -- -- -- -- debate without works is dead it's I had to do some work right. And so are much this is an implant -- showed up coming to shop is ten years old so we need to know really intelligent educated Somalia's main man we cleaned up we strip and -- to plum place looks great guy and so anyway we're doing that one month. -- -- Tenet the lives upstairs. She goes is -- Leo here. She's taken pitcher's mistake pitches OK I go out she's video channel thirteen protest so I asked her why are you video in my -- -- Now granted I heard about the shootings -- -- on the news yeah I think knowing he. 8:30 in the morning yesterday. So -- strict limit you know from the community yes. And does so she says what somebody was shot at 651 just now and Augusta what this might not place -- I don't know shot here. Yeah I got a Tenet the listeners. Who don't really think she hurt at around ten so -- that that night she heard shooting coming from. The area that everybody is pointing out front. Then I got there and I'm nowhere near your Joan nowhere near my place this like he's taken a flu shot my ability tonight here's a real shot. I know you got killed and then not did not you're. I'm trying to read my place on China have -- of the most successful business trying to do my thing. Asked her nicely. Please. Don't put my build and on television abolish shooting know what was shot here no -- involved here we have nothing to do what happened. Do what you -- talking about could take the business process. The police told me that it happened. So so it really hate. -- -- -- -- I'm so well you know total sales only illegals well what happened is the guy. -- themselves and I still he said that's where is that of course gonna say he's everywhere other day in the hot spot. I say so so he says he's. My other -- their way into what the right yeah okay so I go I chief. What -- you confront anything you weren't here I wasn't -- but I have eyewitnesses who every year. This should not happening here I would appreciate if you would have been no commute let them know that nothing nobody was killed you don't let it come off like -- well. Six cardinals would you see just shooting on us now know Omar building Prado are called to produce a channel thirteen. And that's why I've talked to him -- complaint whatever we're not. -- so 11 o'clock what do we get the same old thing now look where leaders say the says. No. Bad press there's no such thing as bad press. So what are -- Iraq. Looked OJ now you can hear that there are totally get it I mean there's this this season -- -- we cannot say it's violent rioting violent he's got this is what I said to her right. The bottles on park avenue and my business park avenue yes. -- did dad yeah I'm sure you know probably media. CN whatever his troop yet right but this was they've perceived as if song if they publish a living and dying -- death. Happening in front of my ability -- To me is an ethical. It was wrong. Age children -- -- I would never get another. And they would never evening for me and nothing else everybody does it. So what do we USA guy a retarded when you do when you talk to somebody out there are some -- this lesson here. I think that the total molest our secure as we did the person in charge. He's well he was to do not call Rachel Michael Rachel doesn't work during more riders gave me some -- -- can't call. Ask for what she gave me -- -- guy to work here anymore but he never said that break and also they rise up to lunch right dry dog owner and I had generally. And I think yeah they're they're cool place I go and -- there's somebody. Those are pleased that we hear so often we get. The -- is not total public -- -- I got to do this of racism royals on just element load I thought you said you're a chart. That's why it's another middle guy throwing her dogs in my hands and I don't make a decision by the old fashioned run around. The coffee guy that I did so just -- -- know the bottom line is this guys. Here again you have a situation -- -- media via -- can take something you know. In making it. Well it's not. And here's what is not and we're struggling like I want to talk about micro businesses Ryan was there were struggling. -- I caught a small businesses will microbe -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hey guys who are like one shot yeah yeah -- -- or shut up mom and pop. You know we don't have a lot of employees -- -- name -- are kind of revenue wherein that it is no it is in a tough neighborhood. And you would put out of untrue. Like that you know and in my own bed and. Neighborhood Willie and here we had a divorce from YNN -- Play in your neighborhood businesses cells Willie -- he owns unisex barber salon he's also a gave the county legislator. What what is what that her you would peoples say. That was a tragedy not associated with your business does it make it look like where is the I wouldn't go to get my no -- because it's violent I have been hideouts are gonna shake -- -- -- really don't know who's. I'm coming right that's the problem right Greg what were the guys say you don't stick -- six despite guys working here -- providing for their -- yes it was Sam singer and they're now they're upset right and there's me at all we hope tomorrow. Isn't a bad -- meant you know coming here would pay to assume I don't area shortly and we're kind of things. And I you know what do we -- we should have met yeah. In this -- the is there anyway normally would offered an -- retraction but to say look we were wrong -- Asian community I -- When you're gonna go on fact and if the fact waters usually. Don't allow. Well they probably don't compare data they could have said -- they could have shot any other angle yeah. On that corner let's think let's say the guy can look good shot that's a street corner they could have shot the street course -- could show you why they shook my full building -- -- on -- your boss and my full real -- you know why. Presumably you. Well and I doubt that I'm cute -- earlier in the day and every. What it is this had to do what is it really. -- got a goal. For the guy who brings attention and that's what the media about selling is telling. Well papers and let people wanna watch via what little lost and what's so all right there aren't they don't Alexis she currently in but -- -- we'll be right. -- Had a blast that's a good. Really little kid off at drop -- -- to -- if you do the book business there now. After demand as a business owner said -- we need to. Small business tax breaks we wanna give these small business tax rate because hopefully they'll grow into the big business will provide jobs it's grassroots -- comfortable stay afloat pressed right. So -- small businesses in the in the city -- a software company that is guys who left Kodak and then they sort of a software company and they provided for just dentists recommend that you around the country. And they're kind of they're growing in their employ more people. That might fall nursebot habits my father's small business even though it's it changes of the I guy is a micro businesses is is one shot this and he's providing in that community and there are guys who are making a living and I. I -- say that the micro business actually. Is more fabric is the fabric of any community right it's us the mom and pop shops that they keep. -- community thriving in going. Insult those that aren't trying to get that language out there via you know even statewide are talking to some are state assembly and senators about all of the same thing that they that they know once using. That languished for much higher level of authority government micro detail that's always small business small business small business. But that's not up I would love to see some statistics and numbers of actually. Problems would have to say that the Mike Cubans obviously I'll probably be larger display common sense denote in the small businesses and no one witnessed what. Only order listening to him Danner did that said -- -- yet why we're losing out there. They could of wasted -- do you know my head's always working on other stuff -- only say too much but I was taken of you know who'd be content everybody covered that yes shooting yeah it did not tell everybody right now. And I hate to relax some other medias I -- what was told to number the same thing. There are told this other lady friend -- -- got that name ever -- -- right middleweight limit they're McCain or anyone Jefferson added -- movers right this lady. Was less adamant about shooting my building yet and he's a -- check. Other gentlemen any other people who came here from like -- why and and they tend moving want to -- you know didn't have a year note. They're literally you can see the blood down the street a -- a guy was shot you know you can see the under the old mother from a place. There's nothing week you know we had no involvement in their shooting whatsoever. None and now wanted an apology. By child thirteenth -- track a retraction. Of that because to me they won't ask did you ever seen -- -- let's not you of course they're not you know. But if that was if that was the Purdue is business. I'll I'll tell you would never happen you know there was another area where it never happened and that's what I've been saying all -- guys that the way we're treated. Compared to how other people that treated which we're talking about these two cities the -- -- this election isn't fair election is so important. People because the reality of it is that you would Adams said on the radio how he was talking and things of that nature is. All. It's like Craig -- -- near here is you know I mean I don't try to tell incidents that took that a deliberate design I don't know I have to tell you know. I don't know -- doesn't have to attack we know. We'll take a break and didn't really -- -- -- -- truth and talk at some stuff that unfortunate that really. Do you see more communities get hurt this bad rep sales had done owners slogan than a Monday night. -- JC suburbs. Of break we're live under this -- all party tent. Saint John Fisher College homo buffalo bills' training camp and 965 double BC a --

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