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Real Talk with Adam McFadden

Aug 21, 2013|

This city councilman has made a lot of news lately. In The Break Room, you'll hear the truth from the man himself.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Air live from saint John Fisher college for another guy who spent some time here I don't I can't call yourself an official wolf right now -- now McFadden because you did go here for -- here for a year and then he went back to move South Carolina yes where you were graduated from. But that was so you came here play football you just tell us this. Sticky issue that coach that recruited him when he showed up was no longer the command was stunned yeah. According goaded to get a better idea I I have no clothes no I don't know what happened I just showed openings and national news so he's no longer here but -- -- new coach is in the cafeteria. And was up prosper yes yes yes yeah I think it's sort of like around my final juice and that is still here yeah yeah I always do here. He wasn't all doom and now you know you young man man if he's. Runs all the time Gloria play I'll see him but that's kind of that old man -- just what to say. It's essential for it to steady job leading the show all right -- -- he's -- reported to run for a lot of teams -- since it's really bad. Sosa -- and wanting to win now. Yeah they tell us -- really turned it around and the Buffalo Bills having training camp here for fourteen years now has completely changed this campus and he walked in here. And if you're an alumni or spend any time of the -- campus. It is not the same pleasure don't recommend it's it's like they took this little piece of property you built this city. You didn't even know you -- put buildings where they had a good news like you know there's been a lot more green space and it it doesn't feel. Overly crowded when you walk through it it just it just feels like a compact almost universally heat but my fondest memory was a stayed in -- dorm across the street so I'm Murphy hall yes it was coed. Yes and when I say coed -- girls. Who stayed like next door to -- so wasn't like coed floor all I had similar sites are all guys poor men were all mixed in on the bottom floor yet they weren't angry and mad. Was the best experience I think I've ever had in my life really. Well yeah now live from historically black colleges didn't have -- visitation at all yesterday. Like you couldn't like -- you want to see your girlfriend you had to make an announcement in the lobby to a PA CC -- here if it came downstairs he said on account. It is so so let's go right over has a busy tickets and other show that town -- you know exactly pain I was lied. My mouth was wide open it's like to say all the time commonplace most mobile now. But now let me ask -- questions at the Fed. His life has changed since that -- -- that it has and daughters to Tony it is good to know what would happen if they went to college where there was coed floor. Well yeah I have my my daughter my oldest daughter just graduated from -- bar last year and she frequently had gas to focus so. I can now know because I've pop up stuff. Just a moment so I guess -- you know horseshoe like -- six foot five dad shows up darken the doorway facing articulate it uploaded it depends on the mood assets -- and though I am by no homer not so I. -- -- -- -- -- -- Were like -- god handshakes that never let go. That's that's that's not. Clijsters anatomy is bad it's that I had to do that's a young man last night Tuesday march 24 year old niece. Who I raids like the first three years -- her life and and it was my first time meeting him although they've been dating all throughout college. But I never met on their momentum last night so yeah that was interest in how wide hallways attrition about it he was six was six volts -- -- -- -- not -- -- had to let them know. Get ahead mainstream. You still employ half. If we get this call now sit -- while. So you know create my. My expectations very clear idea and he was good after that then. What you say when you meet your expectations could feel my plan you know her mother daughter. -- say things like that yeah I view her my daughter there will be blood drawn out sorry guys guys could hide -- I don't know passively listen. About half past did he date did -- this says -- -- dead serious his mother was there I was serious yeah and I let her know you know went easy on him. Oh yeah what she says thanks Dan appreciate the cap now while people need to look up right now. That's that's that's a deal. -- lot of jerks out there and Santa for -- press I was one albums yeah uh huh uh huh yeah. So I know what I'm you know up against yet takes Conan Nolan as they -- right -- you got a lot of mean I don't mean that is that's what they have to have my travels. Well. There's been an interesting thing that happened last week and I only I wanna get into it through a from a from a slightly different angle to -- -- you made some comments on. WVK excluding -- water -- show this -- that is that you can I get a clarification from you were absolutely fired or suspended its. I don't know what I am looking -- wasn't employed there so yeah. Okay that's what I would listen to -- over the all right but the thing that was plug in the gun owner they'll all learn -- station and I am very close okay. I'm a lot of people don't know that my political career started on college radio. Almost. Twenty years ago Ranariddh TRE TOK when I did a show cost Asian underground and we would do commentary. And hip hop music focused. And at one point we started and we had a -- show that went from. Saturday night at 9 PM all the way to five in the mornings. The next day healthy hair so we it was for a bus we you know rotated we just take match that kind of thing. And admit that successor Daschle started a morning show and we were competing with DJ experts to a three years -- armored trial ratings. So for College Station to impact in our trial rating. Bomb that was interesting and after that show ended DGX three -- to be an -- slam my coming on from time to time has to do commentary like I did on the other show yes. Seoul bomb have been doing -- for. Probably it twelve years -- off from time to time because of my relationship with him but how does not an employee -- Or maybe this is misconstrued then in the news because it was it was reported that you were either then -- her daughter they said fired and I fired an honest way to follow us fired test so low unemployment. Event was -- and that was one thing that was kind of -- news one I didn't I thought it was more of a voluntary basis doing very well and now I was I was like an apology and I would say that modest stand over there is not over. I'll be back through yeah I think that -- the Padilla then that was what was bothering me because I thought what I guess here's -- thing. We're governed by the FCC eighteen guys and the FCC has this to the radio stations is supposed to -- rules -- -- -- -- supposed to meet the community standards and what they've made the community standards basically a national standard and I don't think that that's fair -- because I think that every communities different breakdown too if I walk into and I noticed this and Tommy pointed out with the way we thought when it's a some box home improvement stores now. When I went into one town. There are some different things. In the front where people -- -- more than they were somewhere else that's what the communities doing there -- this community that you were talking to I don't think was offended by the words. Choices say -- commentary as -- I'm pissed me off if you were fired I was like out of my mind. I would say this to. Or number of people who don't look like me don't -- offended because -- -- the way did I use. The word -- com it was a pare phrase a talk about a mindset I didn't call anybody know you'll -- bird. But I didn't use it in pain on a new identity can't play music -- -- word innocent or not anybody did censor it but I mean they get pretty close yes yes AMA senator -- literally -- yeah we know we know what are we always -- Daley gets these exactly so -- I would I would say this my religious it would -- Com. Nothing is changed I'm not I can how can you fires in my that was never employed almost always -- -- receiving growing sector. -- anything else where it got down actually I'd be happy to hear that reflects how fast I was somebody wrote me saying well. You know freedom of speech and I went flying on now. Free speech is a tricky thing because you're allowed to say -- in -- So -- illuminate our brightest business may not want you to say -- -- there Airways where they have sponsors. And then OK that's one thing but that was the thing that I thought boy if your goal my community standards they -- And up to be proud that you set substance that might -- rattling caught some attention because. If any here's the other thing I feel like that you don't sound bytes it was a disservice include the war moved. My part I heard was from the news time and and it takes about drag -- I'd like to play -- you were talking about. A crime happened in the kid being jumped even -- the fact that it's it's kind of swept under the rug. And kept out of though a lot of I say who have basically why people who wanna come downtown and wanna make it looks safe yes and we don't want to talk about the yes right -- -- -- Here is the clip that that aired on the news in this is that -- When you. It's not -- let -- and in this somebody running so good to achieve this thing I want to press charges on the mayor. -- Just like I have some responsibility. This isn't short -- let's do stuff sub domain white people felt comfortable all eyes. So let's just do whatever we want -- black and Latinos just really what it comes down to. They wanna give -- -- -- -- put -- in and check -- yes let's send anymore and I said it. It because. This is how they -- good products. -- I'm thinking to me there's nothing offensive there and if you're fed this. The patriots because then why a man Jon -- we benefited by then it was meant for you -- -- -- okay that's that I say in their lives the way you say you are right so I mean they attempted to be honest would choose. It argues and another word yes but if I use another word we've. Even have this discussion now on I think it's a -- -- -- -- -- and so that's allowed inside I don't want people to think that I think it's OK to use a word. But in the context that I use it it -- it used to calling anybody back or in that way so. It's amazing to me that people have. You know tried to tell me that I -- you know hold a higher standard massive. -- mean -- mean I'm talking about a condition of people who are ignored yeah. There's no higher standard do match plummeted as this whole. Voice the voter poll came out there's it's a tale of two cities now the drone right on racial lines between black and white who did the city's doing great who -- -- could do this works mound and it probably was. You know thirty years ago. To be honest with you. From the -- that I see it and I watch us make policy decisions and resource allegations that totally ignore. The citizens are represented her. And you'll never come a day war I won't speak on its mind. My heart won't allow me to do that. And you know this isn't about trying to send people this about shedding light on a probable for a -- thing about the city population. 42%. African American 12% Latino where minority majority city -- to look at the resource allocation. Dead -- would have pulled the city -- check book there's no reflection of that at all you would think we were you know just the opposite. When you look at how we punish people how we educate people. We have a serious problem we lead the state in arrest of young people under the age of sixty. Holy cow yeah. We -- what's ironic is the chief was here for a little while ago and he was we're talking about. Truancy it came getting kids -- is that an arrest did they arrest you for Saturday -- softly off to school float limited time indeed they detain you just an arrest. No matter what they call it because it all right let's go to places that -- 'cause -- it. I'm pretty much scapegoating -- are now what did I I did say they don't have to -- seeing the stats that you just -- you go to cunanan wanna invest not that that that is it is -- -- -- it hasn't happened yet has not cheating IRS was feeding our rest. Disorderly conduct. -- -- -- put out a bicycle bell. All right all right without reflectors to marijuana. Possession those those are feeding our system right now. But there so when you listen listen to what to crimes are this is what we're charging -- people. And anytime and we do that too young person you put them in the trajectory of being in the cradle to prison pipeline. So I'm not talking about major I'm not a -- all -- -- some homicide of some of these. Without a call where you need a slap on the wrist and a lesson learned not to be prizes for. Well as far as us. -- we we we had some young football players appear one guy today. Who is pretty hot prospect when he was coming down I mean really beloved and Oklahoma state university and got to a bar fight this in the junior -- he's okay a year later when he goes to -- -- -- -- he has to explain. That incidents. 32 times soon because they don't want I hate to put their millions of dollars into a guy. That they don't know Libya and it's -- be hot head -- the American while we're talking to the chief of the chief said to me. Yeah -- once you get in our system it's very hard for kids. To get a job or get out and absolutely once there in the system. And then one of the things that I think is a disadvantage now or you sit on the heels -- calls from parents. Tell me I can't get my kids to go to school come over here and get him ambassadors of the school. And I've taken a while why do you wanna make to police the enemies. Because that's how I would do if you're making me do and I don't want to do because. For so many years we've used a police. Against the community to do stuff does not even in the terror for him to do or. So we haven't found ways to inspire folks who just found ways to criminalize people and asked not to say that we. We should use a criminal justice system when needed but we use it too much there. And it's not working force if you look at. Last year the re -- graduation rate for African American males was 7%. In the city school district seven. Why is that not a state of emergency -- Please tell -- about I hear a bunch when you look at that third grade reading. Results for the city Iraq just 20% of kids are reading at grade level African American. Why. So why would -- be silent about a condition. You know today doesn't make me racist because I bring light to it. It makes me truthful. And so you know this whole thing in the -- editorial page today. Yes and I should apologize. Lemon lemon the latest. In my community we say apologize -- I'm not doing it because there's not gonna happen now I will never apologize for talking about a condition. I'm not gonna -- their way to apologized to unity my -- should be you know also wrote in Z. I thought that's what I've read it I know eroded I'm not gonna I'm not gonna call amount. I'm just I'm just gonna say that there'll never be a day -- -- I'll stop being why am fifth this not gonna happen once we got to where you -- yeah. We're good or bad. I think -- if I'm -- end in the thing about it I think people understand I'm human. Yes -- I don't put up this facade like come one way here and and I'd come over here phenomena on the way out watch my colleagues do -- time I'm not depth. Person now so why don't you weren't from America. Because decision -- I'm in now the hate. So the bigger fish bowl I. I would be and I would probably gurus in the right guy for the job to fix these problems. -- good -- because you get the pressure for you know at some point -- you're gonna have to announce some plans now moves to the suburbs single session there. You can ask you know I don't really think we consider also. So boys like me do then they'll I'm pretend country boy yeah. You don't -- -- as you said in my heart I won't let me your hearts and original idea I don't know they don't -- flat -- you know I -- say -- -- -- some rural area of complaining about Hydro fracking vs. There's other stuff itself. You know -- remained you know when people understand that. -- about wider black is about class. This about classes and our people in the city of Rochester who lived a below the poverty line we have the highest. Child poverty rate in the state in third in the nation for black children. Would Dole's odds. Can we afford to worry about whether or not I used in weren't meant to. You know the final results so I even think that there are some words that should be allowed -- should be set in certain context. Because it is the right word and -- powerful and -- and everything all over every culture has some word that somebody is offended Biden did they can say but nobody else can say yes he did you. I mean that it is what issues have retail. Talk to learn. -- really a pleasure because. Agreement take -- -- we're live from saint John Fisher College. Under the still party -- at a McFadden is here we got our high school fantasy football. The kids are coming back yes they are -- a team that gets you what you -- on the team this year whose chief shepherd thinks. And I Ralitsa I'm. -- yeah. That's right we have the open why I -- user. But the loser -- -- we'll talk about how you can get involved -- that if you've got to give Clinton high school football all next in the break room live from Fisher -- 965 double BC a --

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