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Well Overdue

Aug 28, 2013|

While PGA champ, Jason Dufner, has likely cashed-in his winnings, security workers at The PGA Championship still haven't gotten paid.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The question is who is still owed money and that the PGA it look like and if I'm -- might be wrong on this but. So the PGA sub contracts. The company to handle security who then comes in and some contracts. The company then as a parent so it -- through layers down. And they hire people and these people work and sometimes seven days a week fifteen hour days for your -- -- the -- at a joint. And -- unpaid in their weekly -- Jack. And it it's pretty bad Dyson who owes you money now Joseph -- from Webster and he's on the line. And he says that the PGA was an -- show. I don't holy week mean -- is as a spectator are those amaze her I don't really well I want those who want to wait a while and well run and some of the largest crowds there. Misery and I love to one security guy who stood at the bottom. I even got featured in channel thirteen in these young look at -- comes through my -- and a big personalities of the Joseph what what are you talking about what was your experience. It just had to be the most under organized. Blake event and I've ever like. Conduct at PGA and I expected it to be well under control they they just were well it was a spectator where you worked it. Almost working I was working com source streamlined secure. Okay and that's the company through its definite stiff and enough pain you know because it streamlining your river so when you say there's all I have to say they EU. And the people that worked -- handled the actual hands on security and I thought they did a good job there. I do I. I was trying to do my job the entire time and like I would outrun of the gift shop and my job was basically to tell people that they can't entry through the exit but. Well I should do the other way you're on the other so yeah yeah. And -- I was getting yelled at by my bosses or open. Disabled people -- the wheelchair lift because there -- only one wheelchair lift that double left and it was like I expected more than that com. They'd like I got to be worked around the -- kind of a small guy but underwear and to react shorts out there because they didn't -- a church or us. Civilians. Press. It was just there -- just stupid and I'm still waiting to be paid I had like over a hundred hours. They didn't tell me first put. Later they told me that I'm not gonna be receiving any overtime. And I guess there's a class action lawsuit about that because. People didn't know they were receiving overtime and so you were 200 dollars is street today. Yup Hollis Thomas you think. I Bashir that they might not be taking taxes out of it right away so I expect to be getting our grand. A thousand dollars he makes him it's an hour and deluxe. Thousand must -- hundred no there were a hundred hours. And that's actually in a study it and most of people out there were black. I mean no limit poor black people. -- -- to bring you player and an ultra really weird as when I when I we had to meet up that beat Pittsburgh wegmans and when we got there I told my application and so much smaller -- and a standalone wondering what my good to go or should we even come back tomorrow or -- and some -- political stand over there with a little overweight people and public works. And like -- or making a racial divide. And also what did you just say it and he didn't say a deal just to go stand over there. These are they really like people from the black people they really want the white people especially like how for an because you know the PGA. Come on. I -- Shaq and Ryan. Why now I have a dream what that's weird because of the when I went through the gates. I think was I had a blackout patted me down and did the wand is that we're -- Where he's -- DNA they had a public. Most of them black people were out of the gates on -- like they don't know. That's a first impression I'm saying that there now -- -- I'm I'm hoping I hesitate to give Tiger Woods doesn't convey your wrongs and do all is what I'm hoping and I strategists think in my own experience I went through two different gates. And and it was young black woman patted me down yeah yeah. But the one and all of rights as horrible as calmly you know but as you. Yes they were black people so I don't know that there that was the first -- a lot of people and I don't think anybody would -- have anything to them ideas of most of those people were black. -- yeah. People -- -- you know he didn't I would probably say 80% of the workers are looking for like part time GI NE thing you know -- would have been -- so they see this opportunity grab it. I tell you let me tell you a -- what do you tell what are they telling you about didn't pay. It's gonna debate where they'd stated -- estimated. September stretch so that'll be like 34 weeks after they told us we get paid. Merrill necessary in September -- -- six. So that means that's next Wednesday next no that's next Friday prayer right yeah. Yes holes already started by is the reason I bring this up thank you Joseph I appreciate -- -- -- your perspective on continental site. This is what her name is Julia rose she like jolt who just called the break from 96 front of -- seem have worked security for the PGA despair and she says delight -- they've been jerking -- around here. He made just intern comes around basically com you'll love and you're here to stay that -- and nothing has come. So that the allied here's a little her name is to Q a black. And I just. No that is funny sounds like -- shot you're if you aren't going to kill -- that they've Tommy video gala black the black but that that doesn't show up till September 6 September sitting in order now so to say about streamline in this in this historic Connie got the subcontract. Some contract deal done the year Obama may be wrong here she is to kill black. He just got everybody's Social Security numbers and Nissan. You are right you know open up other counts like any based out of your city. So now we're right. -- or because you worked out this hour as we still have not received our case. So streamlined subcontracted. Mike command security. So they came in and I would assume streamlined unless they had to handle with the PGA but their contract about the PGA address so there's a subcontractor for some contractor -- Nancy's saying that there are afraid. That this guy got all their information and so studied terrorism and candidates right now. I would pieces of crap and and and probably that didn't happen but still don't but think about they yourself in the world we live and at a Pena right there shortly on the money you -- work. -- in the here's the part that I found the most frustrating with the story MMA amigos somebody -- These are really have very few resources against the monarchy to fundraiser or zero. Right in this is why I'm hoping somebody does something -- meant to September 60 can be sped up a little bit here is to kill black again. That's only reason I went to try to get some money aside and gave us you know their school supplies my size our schools. They I don't have anything yet for my daughter -- delicious easy you know to be prepared for school next week. Which -- -- ever I -- -- teen -- terrible. It -- but that really bothered son -- and Lego man somebody's got to do something. And I can think is well we can talk about it. If you don't know someone else have gone through it and Angel called the city after the Israel I did the same thing and I'm going to get paid committee -- -- -- they need every guy and then panic I don't know what Jolson story is only eight kids are so that I -- mess with. It didn't say I get the impression Joe's -- younger single guy just you know taken part time job -- general election cash -- rewrote. That's a lot of war and a lot of our shirts only Italian push a hundred hours. In the last 800 hours of most I've ever own worst ever was a once. You know I'll have and that's exhaust -- -- -- and I. And the other members and I talked to a few of these security guards they all had other jobs to dominate do one kid was working as security sixteen dollars that you go always and it would take a nap for about an hour -- -- -- go to my bar tending job would ever be up until they're the -- three get up to five in total work had to eject all day. Least those are somewhat stimulating jobs. Yeah I'm more your movie and seen people in the I -- -- you're doing it to stay awake now -- not a computer you -- and if you're security didn't -- alternative to attribute in a stock room you know just unloading trucks solar. Now that sucks right zero you CBS and now. Us obviously Davis say about the the -- PGA think Dave welcomed the break room. Thought we. Yeah I got to try to remind you -- -- -- Pittsburgh where the current you are volunteering there at the PGA yeah. So it unbelievable the way they got treated -- -- line. Because they won't even get a much hurt so -- go from like call the call on the golf course they'll walk around. If there somewhere across the fairway. They would have to walk all the way around not all they -- bottom crops in certain area -- Where these -- EMTs. Are. Don't work in there BM because don't forget I thought this -- and I think you and I talked about -- you saw it too we saw the rely on old people always do love them drop and a lot of in the heat and I thought boy you're -- hands of people on downs and they tried to the death draft yes that's -- Point they had like a bunch -- also -- You know I mean like -- -- have enough people recover all -- called -- -- big gamble for Mike. What are your -- the walls and floor mostly dehydration subject very -- Thank god damn radio and the right and actually they called to be quiet when they are doing CPR on what you don't know you can watch it -- We're got six trying to contact tigers dishes like -- good -- She'll have the good life -- what are thought to -- here or somewhere carpet -- your face there the net night deep sand while there under orders. Let's start though and kinda dirty occurred at the PGA. Jim in Rochester what's going on. I don't IQ go to local stations do it on our -- Under Buick I'm subcontractor. Or where it is a contract Dirk what -- American brand. You -- think it'll ever -- American you would want to help the moderate people are -- people read your article. Because you know working working to make a living in the the longer -- oldest RD street for a week but -- -- I part about the dollar and all the little bike he'd been addressed by a lot of people get their money from. That's a good point have a dream his compound interest Boston. Did I do it and we're not gonna do what you don't know people ever relied on black crime well. I gotcha Jim I hear you saying I think I would like Z guide his two sons we keep your good name and business. -- -- -- -- No no class action las did you end up getting eleven dollars Friday it sucks. -- years from now makes my favourite via seventy anybody has -- -- -- -- -- -- -- General Motors and really glad. Did -- order order didn't correlated -- the -- a little -- -- -- -- -- Oh yeah it'll remember and I just got to really thank you do the peace we played as a Channel 8 when Hearn element to kill black. Funny name but still I didn't heartbreak -- some I need to get schools -- kids that's why did here's a woman who actually -- okay. Everybody who's ever said all sit around. And wait for a hand out there come okay this lady. Saw an opportunity. When I worked fifteen hour days and to try to get the money transfers over to kiss you go back to stand with the supplies they need him. And she get the money. Revenues in this kid sister and -- -- you gonna destroy -- America right this. Next week next week. But maybe it doesn't that kind of -- I won't tell this is blocked Y yeah I you know what if this is dog treated all the time all sit down and sign up -- While we need to implement shared why would you ten minutes it's you know Clemson now -- no matter how hard I try. Can't get ahead in that sometimes is that is that disturbing thing and I like to think that in America you still have an opportunity. -- -- I still think you killed -- boy. They -- are always easy we'll take a break. Phone numbers 2226003. Can -- CNN I match wore on break machines have zero floating above break.

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