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How embarrassing!

Oct 7, 2013|

Got an embarrassing story about poo? So do we!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're asking was the most embarrassing thing you've done when you thought you weren't alone Marshall has an answer that question Marshall welcome to break from. What are. -- -- -- What Marshall when they thought nobody else is looking would you deal. Well I historically -- shot out of sort that -- like fraternities sororities out. Like free bar or sort of Marc no no like it is and -- -- so. Motley collection out in the right up my shift is so big they're much. And -- debt syndication. But -- got a kitchen -- televised sent out started to -- get about five minutes later. You can develop and the entire rest. Makes you block -- out of the kitchen and into the dining room was at a bad. Yes and number I doubt in -- did -- good. They got an eleven member 1911 fell down and that cloudless night is Jason. And I don't bet your own scream in from your. I -- just seems like acronym is a bit. Yeah I so -- as serious as it's. It really matter. And you'll do all yeah oh yeah. A surprising gets fired. Jets fired did you get fired her -- and right you should now -- it is absolutely no so I don't think so I think if you had a waiter. What he had like chronic gas maybe -- to -- -- -- -- -- want Iran right hand and I knew you know term bubble I ain't got -- I think so money's been fired for firing first starting in a restaurant. I am seriously you have to be multiples. There has to be some Pryor's it's not just think it nobody had yet to crop dust where you can even tried -- excuse yourself and go somewhere else. This does not yield you did are -- saying let's say oh you're waiting on the table and you just can't say. Give me a second -- I'll be right back and forgive me folks let me get you we don't pardon me a free drink on the night and take care of business. I don't know how are gonna go to suit writers every guy what are. Hey give me Cree drinks and I got -- think Sean Diddy you were duress from if you did that as an account if you. Why is it counters only place I can't speak that right down rundown -- personally yes which has -- over twenty years and as the amount to millions of dollars. Well. See the show from what I. Don't miss the opponent minimizes the Donald don't presume. I'm -- myself I did show up Marshall. Brought up. Well didn't know he's he started -- say nice said would -- -- -- -- thank you -- call flip through put anybody's fire -- get promoted in their defense played a precious fresh in a place up to IKEA went. On -- nine wanted to break during the show for the every man. Issue I got I got -- pretty. -- -- -- and second we work with them for sex -- my -- Had Radio One of -- you never know it was -- -- -- -- Who's on the phone it was no every -- America brought back while she's she's been sent me this thing and I watch this video one eight there's victim go ahead Mary. It just didn't expect Turkey are all -- But it's what -- -- that capital bank. Cousin and I mean I aids disease is ladies she's Gallagher -- Jackson yeah it's no joke. On college taught thing. I don't I think it's only on the Internet but it's supposed to make it how it. It's one that's that's commercial they say you're here you're. Come up could it be quick to. -- -- it. Knew that are so I'll -- commercial tax law that. Yes and it's a real prods and what does that make you poop smell like operate. -- -- out but it it it. You know -- -- it back. -- They make sure hole Rousseau like -- and I Savoy was -- -- I always seems like those things -- -- It just smells like crap defend that and that's. Meant something -- Johnny -- not now and I was at someone's camp opened the Salmon River over the weekend the rent and they had some kind of neutralizing. Spray was called allied -- and it is ice hockey Jersey air I hung on and I sprayed that I think -- and yeah while. And it didn't have that flowery this. Overly so we -- -- -- right Reggie you're the real I have service draw in the house Canadian stand there are thaksin's as far as secondary and and steer the relative who uses despray after the use the bathroom -- -- worse yes. Yes like Cologne and crap deaths -- another. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And dot I would probably like half an hour it was -- up song isn't buddies went over -- the island Wagner. And I couldn't I couldn't hold it any longer so I want -- at -- -- I wait a mushroom cloud merits and -- I was walking out again I can't you know what I did and ordered him do it they all right -- I didn't hear there was brutal I don't think it might stop portrait of what he did get how all of the. I exceeded thing is like I could mean. We have all of a sudden I'm snowman I find any CF -- guy threat. I've just called bad for the guy after that I I I feel that lost their click here at the net. Now he's done thank you. -- there has got to be some waiter or somebody suspended fired docked a day's -- fired for foreigners for gas and I'll never come right -- say you're fired for foreign they'll find some way to doing -- now sly way yes you'll know why might that be really wrote -- -- there's -- -- you couldn't -- you song -- -- -- I have had as far as writing couldn't -- -- -- just popped -- although we know. From the news business. Downwind. On the phone founding father the break room. -- didn't know. Murray's surrender and now only bash rim founding father every race and Randy is number one no well queen on the silver dollar -- she and Heidi. Well I always say the people that were first witness -- we became a break from you were certainly one of the originals. I know -- issued -- they had -- -- on Ali -- but. I bet that's brilliant authority not because now. Yeah baby. -- -- so you have a fart storing. The pass actually on sort Iraq Stratton had. I am ending you know harder and I went for -- but I'm -- work directly at a restaurant. Don't you know ultimately it walked by a table where I'm you know order and lot -- little. Well it's. I believe -- anyway it was disgusting don't want -- thank you don't like about Britney glass. All I got it right that it -- and -- -- -- -- tables. Not only do that but it got good -- -- yeah. That's. What happens at all. -- -- -- an experiment they're wonderful and stop up and and that another tight lipped about what I was gonna pilot added. And we are watching your -- and I yelled toward the fire. In it almost felt bad I CO2 there was -- yeah. Don't -- know also. And leave a lock out the window open so I write out -- a little bit. Yeah not only that but there's a true story oh my god it. Right now -- I always hoped -- all but. Let me give the restaurant. Did anybody ever complained to management now I know is that wouldn't you. Yeah I like but you know what I mean I worked there for nine years course yet. Up three different locations and I never -- I don't think what are the. And how would you go back to a restaurant. That maps and no food out of that -- they get the answer right. You're eating food and lots of small craft no way. Not to and then have a sort of yeah particles gun a month. Most -- -- molecule yeah. I have to talk somebody -- by Brock opal well Barack. It's accents have my -- needs you nobody leaves to go. At this nasty no -- what are you doing these days. -- got off actually right now. I are doing trailer in court and up. I was in the country or century were like I don't like a lumberjack. -- -- season and work a little chip on the golf writer wrote an object -- And I do not seem like the times what is it -- right now warily. A lot but I love it because I got outside. It's like I get a work knowledge that -- can't beat it and I'm gonna do it -- a lot of like you still don't. A lot -- -- an animal but if you're hired a hi I'm feeling brightly you know. -- driveways Kelly good dude wow. I know right now I that it bought or mountain. So bottom up -- so -- patriarch you're right way you know eleven now. Semi -- -- that's always -- -- but see that they are competing with Kristin danced a few under president. So why do the two chicks in and have a lumberjack up for chicks -- -- -- -- -- a lover Jack off I love this. Mental illness yes is she will not committed to it. And yes she does that joke. -- I love your fiance coming into a lumberjack costs I can ask. There's -- -- yeah. I got to -- in bikinis are going to be bikinis. It or. -- major uses said -- you're in the best shape your life you know while we're working on -- on Halloween party becomes. You are aware. Whenever it happens to -- -- we'll let you know it. All night -- Some critics exiting gone that is the definition of literally. She you -- -- and fought our strength Daria had no kidding. So in a restaurant. Bryant's shirt shorts felt almost fired I got I think there's people been fired for Florida. The only place do you they would never would be Jack casters. -- -- -- Short -- and almost got fired from once. Per ticket at stop at a bank can't. We almost like George yeah -- I heard there are thought I would bet they have but I talked my way back out why did you decrepit campaign can't. I'll work and I'm not penetrate interpreter my whole life span has worked referred contractor injuries at a time and there was a house in this city that had a house fire. -- our company was tired leave terror card read that the big. So I was in there there's no functioning bathrooms -- in the got all along way from my own job. And I had the golf course I'm an airplane I got a couple on the paint cans and some -- Alteration that makes sense to do it. You know I'm gonna bake and how I got -- -- he -- well I feel the cannot I got through the reverend Cannell right. Ramos is a real positive that the gives a campaign. I let you know. I left over Afghan on the days in the closet -- you're not jobs you know Walt. How my dad and -- -- and hard Nancy was -- sealed the electoral law. Later another car herder from the companies in America on the kitchen cabinet -- got some pop just to do afterwards. He opens up to have. And -- high -- needs. But I had a bad at all. I got I got a little love for all of that yeah. That's the good. -- catch that Bryant. He said it's not too little kid to a I don't think he'd do play that DNC SA didn't Clinton's d.s and that's -- do William right to their -- now it's Sox but Maria we don't want I'm Brian don't unintended -- Nancy was would -- -- you can they came up. You know I am I disturbed -- from another guy inside the guilt or Butler who are popular drywall more out there yeah. Let's back aren't -- -- guys doctor trowel. -- a couple years -- game good cholesterol or outdoor out already. May god it's also great kids all over look at all the dumpsters is -- have. All of that I -- -- it -- stop does this -- you did was spew you out of there next neighbor car no more absurd story -- to admit it. I -- derogatory word yeah multiplies the golf -- -- five alarm emergency I had going on at night. If you tomorrow you know we gonna do when we -- -- proved to poker. Gone. Are there -- murdered daughter out. So is everywhere driveways everywhere there was no -- it also I had a big bundle of this giant plastic. I have -- cover in the front seat where's the pop out of the spirit we know right up front the dream wrapped it up -- -- the homeowners don't start. You know losing Carrey's experience it while it's a brilliant move down. And I had to do it I -- I've had ties -- or so close fire alarm death -- I'm gonna crap my pants yet. How much different it's every -- twice -- is running. Yeah M analysts said it hit him hard at the end -- on Iran. And I am. Runner won a canal and there is new please go to the bathroom there's no Bill Clinton woods a little -- -- woods is -- on your. Our parties and the dollar area I don't yards I EI president somebody's -- really -- received just trying to. -- in the work that's caution tape. It's yeah. That's an accident by Brian thank you you can get arrested or somebody sees you -- and I don't wild indecent exposure to lewd behavior and nontoxic materials toxic -- it. Faces a Brohm can come aboard that ship tough tough tough tough. And to -- to auction I don't know we don't know the -- six. All sinners and that went -- boat -- I apologize but I I have to say I enjoy it it's made me laugh. Gary's in Bloomfield. He had to use insulation foam god damn man five. Not not not not not I didn't hear it. Yeah I -- Woodworking company to operate there very ordinary Mexican. I -- the border job without toilet -- -- you didn't know ever been on paper and inflation. Under inflation would be speedy used. My food. Environmentalists find comments when -- It's not fit in Vietnam walked out of that order. We're probably don't what are your crap I think I go -- -- -- walk. And it always pretty but you can't undertake -- who agreements been -- Part Arctic. Started but you can grab a hold bad though. Suzanne is now what are we want to adopt a lot of -- at the ranch up. Michael and Google instead of plastic glass yeah. Yeah yeah thank you know who else. Simulator Berkeley brains. Has a far story about a woman he knows he's on hold -- -- on the hottest -- for -- year -- play. If she could she got sick. I just work Halloween and she's only now starting starting to feel better now. No yes men that's exactly two overall when Berkley doesn't -- to the audio. Typical I. Know -- gonna -- tomorrow morning movies Robin syllables and I audio as a -- talent and then behind them. Talk in his Danielle had this. No I wouldn't -- I don't I'm not sure that would -- very nice to hear others -- Com. The what is your security is that we met. That spewed in this time though I'm not certain class action suit necessarily yet but there's obviously sixty. Important to end. The majority if not all of them are nurses so I'm not sure that that is that is well he's got now. Did she didn't couples. I guarantee anyone -- -- -- isn't as a mad mad. It went -- don't take this up beyond the machining and. -- -- Flooding in Florida. This is your Berkowitz. To administrate I mean when I can take into a -- there is sending him. He shaped the so. Called -- Doubt that class tomorrow apparently was not on the phone right now it's gonna get in trouble if -- could be -- -- runs of the somebody ten NBC USA. What what what would you is that dissolved and all breed -- -- And yet what new show for the Everyman the break room in 965 W seem -- what's going on there. Another story about our read every now and for our analysis group are girl and they'll react our small little apartment -- And we're -- now make it on all that stuff in my stomach or shirt and and now -- trying everything I could but don't know that department comic out of there so I. I ended up having a -- sure I didn't Mike archer I would drag around -- corner and I just letting go all over the place and you don't do them. Yeah I there's -- I can do the worst worst I remember him he's cleaning up. Well I ended up pattern here obviously prepare myself first and then I'd brought for cart to eco shop and that. Anger over the sea tiger refused to shop and accurate that I need a boring here bringing back intact. So that's. -- Oh without a couple hundred -- -- I don't know if they didn't go to work -- because. I think she didn't say -- and. And I was just look how -- and her night. Job and their make out session not argue. -- Somebody had a dream that Tommy got married. And bruises declaration Randy. You know I mean that's right I've older -- to me she got her third time -- you were -- -- already you're all -- And all I got done we sure Apple's apparent tunnel ever thrown rebels. You guys are -- -- XP I couldn't -- iBook sort portrait stickers and shirts or have some tablet hippie tree to stop -- happens after you had a dream. -- -- -- -- -- -- Get -- Are so I get you to blame the men. Randy and I think ray had to get around something bush. I had -- can't put it -- -- jump started it happens it's a nice quote perpetual stirred so mean JC Penney one. You talk about it -- the top lieutenants. While I'm like you -- to -- -- of course K sure so sure. All of get sort -- and -- warm. Sloan I. Who didn't know what you want what we aren't sure what block out there British. Cotchery got a truck caught Tracy says. -- or whatever she's tool after an historic. Dirk -- her own trying not your article by Eric short. Remember this had to be recent -- -- -- And an insult or five years ago men are all out -- not exhibit. Sure -- and Dario Lester chips. Who did a good lesson yet negated the -- yeah and PLO were. Meant who's just walking and news and all overtime rainy day there. --

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