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Artie and Sal have a bet

Oct 7, 2013|

What could it possibly be about?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Odd tonight at the comedy at the jokes factory inside the it's not a Holiday -- And comedy show with our friend -- Fletcher headliner yes Ari -- he'll be here after 9 o'clock can't wait -- always on -- -- NBC's rock city tonight yes. So all it's just about 7 o'clock am and my phone rings and I would go over it says party Fletcher and I'm in the middle like homework suffer the innocent things and so I go. They get Ribery many don't let John answer that and I go to walk to the launch your room walk you through the family room and realize rock city tonight is on -- all wait. He's gonna be on the run back to my phone and listen to this voicemail. Left in my cellphone from Marty Foster. Real rarity lecturer. I know I'm not a big issue -- but any length. 7 o'clock PR I'm not rock treaty. General -- huge. Huge. Probably easier tomorrow. Yeah BR seven -- but it. Tomorrow. We evaluation -- -- -- Saturdays it's like ocean here ready so try to you know usually try it. -- -- -- Nobody really. -- -- With a hook hook up with some very -- and then I turned the -- And as they come back from the break there is play music as they come back as your -- for news today there. And it's not only land now and I'm so are disappointed I bombed I wanted him to be just so he's just going to be -- -- Ukraine could shock her so she's a babe pitches -- -- -- -- -- is -- is that there really sweet person. And he would just totally creep on her so. They're coming back to music's plan and I hear ads out added that in my pocket and my -- get. -- -- That was the best god and many gets up there and the poor guy's -- interview on it and you know and they're showing footage of Marty. You have Bagger today on now what is law and order okay and it's like a golf does that got to be -- 1020 years old. And so like that there and now I don't argue it's easier to put a body numbers. -- -- so horrible he was sweaty. His hair was hasty. He was in office he was -- national stance. Shirt there were two -- didn't fit him well John is gut is enormous is man boobs are hanging out he just look terrible and I said. To my girlfriend were cemented the digital -- Usually he's gonna drop -- of heart attack. Right now aren't any minute he would trigger a heart attack -- -- think he's had a heart attack Brent -- there and he does a very funny sat on the heart attack yes -- real. Found journalist Yossi employees funny if you sing and an evil guilt lasted this -- -- majorities in May tonight if you go CR -- don't see somebody actually literally die in a comedy yeah. Hot hot hot. Pull oracle and a vet who has a heart attack first. Party Fletcher or. Some -- another guy's cell also looks terrible happens that's a real erratic skills camp talk it was like sixty degrees. Wearing -- -- Denise what does that keeps -- -- he's melting yeah he's gone I'm I'm having in my hot flashes and he could see it he's listening yeah and that's and you know Sally Danielle he's a -- And when you blob and paying your and make my age you gotta be careful man you know. Feel that I got is that we -- march yesterday due to join again I'm looking around on. All these dues are -- they're gonna have a heart attack any minute and a -- How much the owner gives me march yesterday's cannot teachers -- what size cinema slowing us. What is the smallest size T shirt I have think it is a large. They go really he gets jail look around there. So there's a lot of blood on there but I wanna place a bet yes I think we all who take who who do you think from going -- We took Tony box and tonight at ten bucks ahead yet. And I'm gonna take your take -- commenting you are gonna take I'm gonna -- sell because it is wet it. Then you're you're -- I have to go inside to go with -- -- biggest party like -- he's enjoying his life where cell just gets ticked off even when the duels win that's a good point. Cell does it annoy we've heard from -- wanna. He gets annoyed in the press box he's in order to view and -- good for the bathroom is without offering that's a good call party to me. Is travel a lot. Getting on stage strength in Dallas seeing now maybe minimum dirty I don't know I didn't -- this -- -- that's saying you know some of -- are still wages that are in Toledo and and and and yes it's yes it's. It's a pool party will be here in nine and -- doctor -- does it again today the -- of the yeah that's how we will and yes we talked to coach and you listen. -- really was breaking the news and the question was have you ever kept the secret from his spouse does this guy. What -- said -- try to calls wife -- minus 72 inch TV in my early we saw 68 inch television yesterday two months -- future 66 from I think they make it may now make -- exam combined TVs yes they make an eighty inch Pope. Yes it looks ridiculous. What did she really go to be stretched out the picture but -- oh yeah. It just it looks like a scoreboard that's fine then it's kind of cool I guess so yeah it looks like a waitress -- as well a heavy ever kept a secret from your significant other and Jake is on line and he says he's kept the secret from his -- Now I don't know that NX -- it's always what is your eyes it. Did -- find out and that's why she's annex I don't know what this is -- Jake one you were married or is it a secret since she's been an -- And good Israeli it was a signal we were. We're very well. Always easy as well when you drag and you commit a closet notable. Now now look at it that these days we will get a good picture Cassidy and -- Whenever we get everything we can't have my girlfriend who believes that the tears when we're little. Is moving in relation to the court yeah yeah ten years ago she was in -- baby step might ask -- was it. Singular talent and nanny you made the baby sitter so something happened then -- Please let me get a cheap and it. Can't. Tell you she would like human way home your governor on the downs. Well I couldn't. I mean let's go right although not -- we had basically his death first to you or two were ones that. And I try I'm putting out their that we. -- radio station dollars and you want to -- where your portrait. And -- otherwise I look for tips but. You know the I might have if you can't figure that out here on -- Kamal is a new movie -- -- -- -- we always go through what and you move her your Cologne when Rosetta no place in Naylor in the early you won't find. It's called a hotel known CS that he's still car it's your car made her out might be some new moon -- might be new partners have cameras are not if you slow. Ali I trust our camera anyway now trails trail cameras take your attitude tree stand your busted -- -- -- I think it's our that you guys have banked six entries -- as they have. And I wouldn't do it now. It does your -- somebody's probably got a camera around NBC station -- lady hit a tree stands I don't know it's somebody who's in love with the -- that's it'll. Maybe a -- is so much -- what you do resistance. Competitive -- Husband wife teams -- hunt maybe I don't know volley and so what does this secret Jake did he did what it did you what did you say you started. Eight or ten years ago or it -- -- okay. Yeah actually she didn't have my. It's that was a long time about what's happening today. Well now what we're we're gonna try to keep it quiet and me. So excited -- -- you in your -- for separated so -- he's on -- radio show we have what's the big deal. We couldn't -- -- doughnut so I don't know it's why does this team moving in what is this chick -- I. Bet that little problem your -- am -- denying us shoot everything to center. Get a nice tidy you Qaeda just pink tie got you to man and I got you. But as you say something about seeing you said something about your kid knows. I don't know I can't not say anything to always get the girl and by now -- -- is going to be grown up you know first. There was a time they're probably twelve or thirteen alone. See here's giro will be my only thing Jake as I'm as I'm trying to cut through what you're saying -- that it's kind of hard to hear you I think that. If you're getting the kid if you tell on the kid something and tell him not to tell -- mom. I think that's bad even when you're -- you can't put the kid in the middle. That would be my only thing recommend it as a de -- access it while -- but -- tell them don't tell mom. And it just six movement in and don't tell mom you -- innocent little jazz before close. -- well it was a very big. Love do you keep things quiet Jake still there you need to shut your mouth. And not be on the radio name not be. Think having the camera around doing a breaker and signed. There right now and our body. As you are the every manager. Everywhere but view it -- drug -- -- The idea the only thing that I could see your XT and his Staten. Before I would be percent of poverty yet. I wouldn't want you put in the Kidman and all have reminded me don't don't don't make me the bad guy because you decide to go banks announced I -- -- announced. -- wasn't daring in my life anymore you know. He had a boon to many newborn that had -- been so you know but for right now it's just it's best to keep it quiet. They are still that you would be accidental. To keep the peace tonight tonight -- the peace and keep the pace good you good luck on. Good luck I'm not -- he's on Hannity do listen to and every one -- But you're still stumbles hardline while that's and I got to go or junior Bonnie they don't tell them all Leila I'm Gloria I hear this divot so what you do -- anymore. Chances so they can still make you play you can. You know you can walk away and -- -- our big kids in the journalist no learned she's a jerk. They never leave you women are like. All he really was not a -- said he banged his wife and tree stand. Can we Willy who really -- what -- -- well and I'm not I. Don't you think that's the only women in there until we use it really I know but I know. Another got caught and how many Brothers dreamed cedar trees stand. What I -- -- you know I don't know many black guys who -- I don't appoint a wise to shoot wanted to. -- -- employees elitist there. What what did he say there's another guy who said he used to work at a hotel Rochester and down the basement there's actually this trail from the basement and -- to go three dirt like hallway it would lead to -- actual hotel room underneath the hotel -- guys would -- chicks -- -- electrical electrical work and stuff like that. It was -- known as like the affair hole. The -- -- hole. Relative. Wow. Like it'd be great if her escorts terrorist the affair hole. I can't see in check you have to really be -- she mentioned stimulus who lived her whole trend she's a slot you can dig us what you would dirt hole one banner all. All grow up to guy Connick guy and I like this month -- -- -- -- -- haven't Patrick. Nearly every man go for budding. Well as as -- fellow man -- and I appreciate the baby sitter chief problem really Q don't know when to use them arms. Seventeen cost and trouble and need help -- Fine by what you're saying that fact that all of the hit to keep it secret bed that apple. The only thing that I. I could care less of a dude -- that's all you know you are right for the third time but don't do that -- don't put that kid and that spot man he needs to learn -- as Russia for his buddies when he gets older it's a really good let's listen to be a -- well a pro Russia and learned via -- without a -- well you know what's your mom that's your mom. That's this that's the part to bother him a lot of it again it's your mom have. Worried about keeping the peace now. If he did not quite speak with the quinnipiac mean are you put the baby sitter that's going to be an -- -- you've got to deal with some crap for -- they actually you -- -- it'll never get old shall always Blalock for so whatever. But once he finds out all the kid -- not that they anything. -- going to court I mean Africa -- across people right. There -- all oh yeah he's right. -- yeah. All people are what you are twisting it hit they are dating or you need to keep keep it. If he Britain sneak in tomorrow map. Bet you say baby kids have while the manager nations you know they make a -- kind of grab a magic I. -- -- Now we know it's gonna go to stole my work but it came Norton said. Sorry honey -- with the baby sitter I know you hate well. -- Letterman -- he's a coward like me. And get a lot off your -- don't ever been easier said I media played a -- coward. Keep it pure power you can't call up our odd man break show what they album and -- right hit it you can't can't stand up. -- start up but -- with the eight. Now it all too well here's thing -- debt so he's just got to go after it. And if you're only walked this planet wants it wasn't Morgan -- -- -- cares who she think -- I had the Wacom and I would say the whole time yet but I was -- don't. No matter what Patton did that woman that you had -- -- we will always be that kids -- and is probably a good mom to the -- -- -- a good wife stands different true but good mom -- don't turn the kids don't played a kid that would support the (%expletive) me off about it that's -- -- -- -- -- accidentally you logged in in mid knob that you gotta go tell my. And I got to go away I want you are now that he walked in and I'm not gonna teach him or not first. That's actually that's your guy like do you think -- recalled from. I'm calling from my particular award right now -- what about what. -- time while I appreciate you listening thanks a lot. What problem your remark he too Willie's back just really banged his wife and Israel -- willing -- -- you see what I do today. Yeah I am white and I have angered more like a street -- cut it up all 185 foot Eric being all well all of old and off. And her out there and you know turned -- on it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Come on equity you know I don't beer and Darren can't beat and your daughter around that god we want up there -- -- little hot -- and think Eric bank. Cynicism of the best sexual ran. And -- my buddies outside like -- going to be a bitter -- and I don't Reggie and I like a little hot thank you are out and I'll political -- -- -- I don't know why they -- And he's like sit in face of homeland -- grind it and I'll think good enough. Still -- I feel like OK -- -- a pretty nice setup nobody area are pretty good now -- ASU guys who make in the Little League trying to keep the client to do some noise coming. No. Barack yeah and another annulment another hunter not generally are just sliders and -- general direction. Well we're out there aren't enough where it and didn't shoot into the trees. -- -- -- -- I'll call it where you're fairly or not but people around. But now you just shotgun -- you love bow hunt as well. All putted well but they actually where oral Carnoustie and only the big quilts. But they can't beat everybody delicate power -- men but let's. I don't I will say I'm not let it I'm -- Appreciate it Willie is the Everyman beg him in the trees standardized. So jealous home we'll take a break I would hunt the Gonzaga. What did we have regular -- and today I'll do you regulate cigarettes are regular enough. For us.

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