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Government Shutdown

Oct 7, 2013|

Black Ed has a take on that!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are running to be the only thing you put on in the morning and how do you help us do that patio -- the break room in 965 -- US simply by tune -- then tell a friend tell relatives tell a coworker would be out campaigning today. For the of the Genesee brew house from 4 PM to 6 PM do little break room bonus -- you're live in 965 WC -- C'mon join us mere queen's silver dollars coming down -- -- a long time and -- time. And maybe you as well as we campaign now and gates yesterday. Thrown finally friend and chief master yes we did relievers -- -- instrument of death and spend. I ran into -- -- yesterday on the street. There was tell me that he wants to sign when we got him and he's walking his dog. Learn and values yes on my dock on Saddam videos well -- -- an otherwise there's got to cool not check this out. The -- you wouldn't do when your only release. The neighbor has cancer. And the whole neighborhood has signed up to do different things it was his turn to walk the dogs. While praise the lord is that not why it's -- on this one of the nicest things that's really -- every man Joseph -- -- but the Everyman as I wouldn't do it. I think give what are your gun dealer and ask you vehemently good. And there have been rubbed my day -- look so nobody. I'm sure the person with cancer didn't go go I need help play you know they Dion -- would have to have. Loses -- these neighborhood do you shoot SAIC got to get you know it's going to be there's always think that captain of the neighborhood yes you know and they had a rally everybody I hate those I think that's also are you know I think I think you live and in person. I pitched I figured oh I'm here Maria rally and Julia I think on -- people are wrong. I learned the other way I don't wanna be erupted into one of these things -- -- the -- that Israel happens and you get sucked into their misery. Who I I don't need you dreamy down -- your tumor they can change your life Tommy. Until you are somehow find a way -- -- dog a walk itself -- don't get invisible of that beautiful white husky it is as a well ball beautiful dogs and dogs. -- muses out there stop me today Alyssa remote -- -- -- I don't have a beautiful dog not line that's how it came up not mind I'm walking it. Goes well here's -- well the heating and offer up. I asked about the dogs and I think great guy that it gets a good Everyman body has ever Matthews wasn't into the break growth. I'm holding basically on the phone a founding father of the breakthrough in black and Jefferson and it's got -- I -- OK nothing much and I just don't you go. No doubt any awhile like black people so much why -- a minor in them business even in a hood that's within the knows that Jim Clancy now and they'll be bothered me don't be you know you wanna shoot each of that school just a big -- in black gets commence in the suburbs up maybe on my zone and just. Do not provide -- mob -- and the. I don't being -- walked the dog you've got cancer. It's just you -- out a neighbor came over and today were put together different times and we're doing things very a neighbor with cancer would you sign up to do something nice. I'm I'm really give -- become mower and I and you know like Ted I got them you know pick up what should division. He's got a neighborhood who doesn't. I can't would you and why -- sinister treat you like to help. -- can't I can't no no I love. You can head. I'm gonna why do you want. A dog name me. It's. Don't know why do you -- -- you don't. -- older. Yeah I'll let you want I don't think you know anybody new playoffs the only -- I don't -- any word Whitey -- sort of look at what are argued -- no way I was -- good call good call Whitey Bulger now. Why do you like we did not all of what do we know yet. The governor and I'm I'm glad that I can apparently remain -- right. -- -- bloody black -- and we're talking about dumb things that aren't what you think they're going to be. He ever have one of those experiences disappointment yeah. So that they are going to be better and with the every. My grip body -- get a beat -- only. Data and it can argue but my -- are about being on the -- polluters Yani could be -- -- the -- I don't know if -- cannot imagine I'll collapse well yeah yeah yeah our -- I would not doubt like to date and. The Hennessy -- they met as the nasty and. You know I -- done -- Lebanon clearly you know. You know I you've got mixed up like champagne -- -- -- college template. Well I don't know area. Armor is a -- Internet line among everybody in the room laughing and not getting it and then seen that episode three runs. When I was a little more cognizant of life and and I have my thoughts. So I'm not at all what I'm keynote Internet speed -- put out I don't know what I'm gonna -- -- -- People just state and openly but what I -- yeah. I do my -- -- and I don't think you know early and today. Now our. Maybe I'd be dead polo collar base that could debate the failing -- could come back and seventy. Video. You know politically correct now campaign up. No we are politically correct noble work but I heard black it was call us. For a reason to that person -- wanna talk about these shutdown of the government -- how it's affecting man in some way frighten. It is I mean you know you gotta get a big -- about its weight so early not that I got it could be just a but you know. You be of some help to people on how to how to use this government shut down -- here -- It's hard to manage you're all right now interested and alana I knew that. I didn't forget or don't haven't WTO -- -- which you don't script where I don't know. You'd get if you don't start enable them to put in the neighborhood a big deal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's that -- Lotta people don't don't have doubt there have been shut down a goal had been good should continue to beta that's what we don't I don't Guerrero. -- -- Yeah it is and don't let it got there right very hey man -- -- speaker doctor and -- I don't know I don't know would have been scrambled. All right what else can the government shut down due -- And it would. Take a women president. Who want to -- like -- every neighborhood like you know in the west side. -- -- the Bay Area as well what I. I'm not a big deal out in. Particular I didn't -- OC CD -- Little bit of good citizen line and -- don't -- -- followed her down -- and the fact that. Is that there are you want to our -- -- does -- -- -- yeah. -- out of the Protestant. -- -- -- didn't -- it -- equipped but all my life. This is no doubt about it I don't know what the what the neighborhood. Did you know I -- -- is -- -- -- beleaguered budget could be infrared light. Deer in the headlights yeah I I could see what size it down do you think data on -- sequester me. What town is good towns and and designs -- doesn't those aggressor now I Rondell White. West side for this I would to pick a bustle foreign town known dancer and dance -- -- where you've been sequestered all my life. Too bad nobody -- the show a single to try to announced this afternoon did you see browns don't see the work. So he's got to try influence on. It would give it didn't do it broke yeah. -- -- but Rondo got we worked it. Good if you get -- -- have you had a panel concluded I'd -- well warmer. I was in -- worked for the government gives you shut it down. It's actually pretty funny very good but did give us ways to make the government shut down work for you earlier in the break -- in 96 like a museum that. What -- and. Don't get it even look a little bit like Barack Obama yet they didn't. The government shut -- are in all day which he. Nice -- -- they go sixers are good about themselves kinda tough you have to you have to be black did you go from. You know or at least have -- -- -- I'm a minute shoot don't open all of all of -- at the Lincoln Memorial you don't so. And it's. Hypocrite to play whatever foreplay and make him the -- sports score play isn't that didn't. I could. -- erotic dispute about what a good food. Because men's tennis. You all today YouTube go for broke new arms straight. Black kid turning lemons into lemonade in them with the government shut down. Have no desire to blackmail the student and I would turn on women don't look at me. And a -- and very good black kids. Nice cheer for creating else going wrong. Yet the most and I got -- I better get ready remnant that I look it's it's I don't know remember. You all. Constituency. Thank you black again we're all as it is a lie again. In the area and black kids -- her about it we'll take a break we had talked to the bitter Twitter the guy who blocked people. Talked all kinds of crap happens -- eat crow. I think -- for a while I was very impressed -- matter of fact the here's the best part itself does admit this present -- was about to tweet in negative. I'm CJ Spiller -- seconds before he broke free from that run through it I don't. And he backed off all the bags and even said hey I was about to do this -- great run we'll talk to the bitter Twitter -- -- from the Democrat and chronicle. Democrat and chronicle and it came out sounding different but it didn't Democrats are -- dead yeah I think you know it until it's like yes you could play into the blackened bush is still much do -- -- -- -- exit -- -- -- next than 965 WC --

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