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This Woman Wants Separate Gyms By Gender

Oct 7, 2013|

How precious!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Earlier this morning I read it a FaceBook status about this. An outlaw a monument and her own kids called him of pushing and saying it's good thing -- -- your father I would even feed you and I read posted the status weren't -- on my FaceBook -- just to show -- it's real. Or somebody sent me a status that they couldn't believe stern warning already. -- MG there needs to be his and her a his and her -- OK let's go -- stop hitting on females when more working out. We've just wanna work out past the bus there have kids and husband so it will never happen. I'm might start wearing baggy sweats instead yoga pants. Just so they will leave me alone because she's still bang and I still Harry and me from across the gym will not make us. Somehow magically fall in love with the each other it just makes you look like -- -- I think now I laugh at this because my first thing is to go there are few only gyms of Rochester I'm pretty sure the rush athletic removed from women there. And the other is curlers it's just women thorough and can't so there are options have been that bad. And I know I've never -- a compliment deal look well that's the other thing -- afraid when you're gonna Sony's really Credo on there right you know right. This place. To mean. If I'm blessed in my hands and I don't wanna be interrupted either. -- guys actually hitting on you. Austria that I myself don't bug me is -- -- takes on focusing on is just an -- for across your one lawmaker somehow magically form over the -- been. And a dozen of the guys is only now. Stories missiles chicken Richard tight -- -- that dominant political machine now. Tiffany. Good morning welcome to the break room what's going on testing has an -- -- this. Yeah I might. And for one thing I wanted to -- their -- -- We could -- little women. You know going to be in the best friend and you know that I get it on but you know initiate jealous about why you might talk in like that in on it -- Mean that is bad -- up and you know most people did -- I respect and it summer parent you know I will admit that you know like I don't get it you know. Oh -- I first saw it depends on the dude staring at chipped. -- yeah. You know feels like bread that you probably excited he looks like Billy -- it's not a -- etc. they. What is so nobody the other day there were some that happened and they go if it was. But in shape dude and you have little -- are deserve what is who was an intractable veterans but yeah. Now while it's. How well what about these women only gym -- options right if that becomes a problem I not I I work out of the gym and I don't see. I don't see this and I certainly all right now icu are barb into the -- yeah. And I didn't see anything I wanted to stare at a pal -- here at the wrong -- files that the -- on bill. 250 yeah then it was all busted that was the accident. You -- you're in. You're in the pool nobody even when I got out like walking around I didn't Selig day and take that out it's not enough so I don't know it was -- gloves and bags that. Yes well maybe Monday on save it -- caught -- mid town with a high India -- are managers some high in -- to work around and there. The check out. Beckett and attend the real work out for the health benefits right up late we don't wanna be helping on it held it. That's not so used to be able Oregon -- wanna look at to go get laid -- and it would mirrors -- -- Welcome. Yeah. -- and what about -- -- okay. If that's the case and right they were got just the health benefits so then it's kind of a positive side effect that some we give you can I was writing good yeah that's. This is the one side effect that you don't mind. On the other -- Have you ever worked out of a women's only gym. Okay yeah. And it -- it might make some diplomat but you know I don't know -- it probably -- -- copyright they're not as going to be out. I honestly want. I have mixed with energy. And -- -- ended the deal out -- -- can acknowledge huddle calling the this upping it and you've got the thing and there's no wonder you disputed the you know. In that they're like Kenya and his audience. Music and look at doctor John. You know again with diet red light and that music video. -- -- -- balls he went -- at the faint -- ball slipped the ball in Iowa probably terrorism -- on a little bit of ceremonies. What are your mind a little ball but come on yeah. It's. Good -- -- you know pushing and palate -- based didn't Eric. Right digging yelling in -- yeah I don't follow Aussie guy the other day are all color all alone -- an old. Round yeah it usually push himself when Iceland will mobile wanna stay all these -- sixty not that that's you know plus that's not a terrible please mention a lot of weight. That's bad and I am going. C'mon wanna stroke and -- he's looking around looking around so I tried it -- my design all the question is there will you spot me today -- -- know. Zelaya less weight I had like you know kind of step -- and it and that one point I think he got. One of their trainers who train somebody despondent mother client was to an exercise in because the only other person is using just to lose barbed. And -- not a machine and not only it's it's it yet today bench press OK so the only other person and there it is. Almost two weeks ago was a old old man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now you know I don't know what he's not one thing is more like. Our outlook that parents. That's so true women's. Okay -- Tiffany says women gyms or not is good as they sound them. Now now absolutely not something including -- -- And exactly take that they're not invited they -- me I agreed some didn't account don't. -- it is on porn three zone is not as good as it sounds as you have you have you threesome to. Let -- -- about that big about that coming in might crimp on buddy did not enjoy at street now. While my firm tone of the bow wow. Wow metro police for I'm -- up up up up up. Size only those willing to resume -- -- -- -- -- and exile they'll what is not as good as it sounds in it a life. Marriage. On first dates. I guess winning the lottery have heard the maritime actually I like. And you know would see how say there are rough spots in the beginning of her marriage she I learned to do I like I like -- like having people around them. That's me you're good at it now I'm not gonna go on the talk about the banana I am sick elderly you know not you. You wanna know on the whole free to follow -- right now you're making the playoffs for you. To say no it's not as good and I think is important. And because staying in something that it's this isn't healthy when you only go once why are you gonna live this what are their lives are certain and that takes them. -- balls then. There is criticized for the universe is -- very well that's -- Danny what is not as good as it sounds like -- -- Hulu and we only get a four hour show seriously lottery. Bring -- not as good as is sounding -- geez this guy is winning the lottery lottery when -- have because you'll go broke. That's a good point -- what I for a little bit then your phones yeah Japan out what's not as good as it sounds I always think. Religion. And home improvement work -- -- and say hey this is easy and it -- known people don't take give our a third camera 'cause the best -- -- -- -- -- -- that is Osgood zones. Drinking too much most zone getting a new -- more than you have to use it. It's like getting a vote. Alia says they are not it does sound spread his opponent for not -- because -- sounds. Madonna's Zell and boats look plague the biggest suckers sales because. Say -- -- when you go to those pull it played hot tub had made possible outbreak was fantastic yeah. Hi everybody know how that has a hyped -- I never see the cover rough today and think they just sits there. Now I know anybody would -- that they use a regular basis like a much higher couple neighbors that had him. Never -- the top but it does anybody in the yeah. And I could see them from my yard my mom has no I don't think she gets and it's occasionally but I don't lie off the map not enough that it like LE CNN love hot to me again and it -- gangsters I Iraq ever -- -- good -- -- think. Set up bright put -- TV out there then you're in their aria might attractive to bar. Cigar for mr. Alter things you need a break and my memoirs or -- -- we'll take a break phone numbers 2226000. Texas 99404.

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