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#ROC Mayoral Candidate Lovely Warren in-Studio

Oct 16, 2013|

Yesterday, The Break Room (96.5 WCMF) played clips of Lovely Warren describing a well-known police arrest video which drew criticism from the show. She asked to come in and address it. Wednesday morning, she did just that.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Speaking to young kids lovely morning is here it's lovely Warren is or who could potentially the first. Female mayor printed -- -- just going to be. But we can't say yet right what's coming and I don't think he would wanna jump on November 5 running and that won't that be elected until November 5 so -- every. God it's ever read a comic book votes for that dude. You've got -- -- it all we knew we were kind of left them a little bit player because he's there is drug free -- during that Panama trying to. Well yes well he introduced it to really start in congress and with the community residents of -- -- -- what's his name gets up and decides to have a press conference that's his that's his campaign -- in what was it -- itself. Al exploit gets help -- -- like it's a pending Cho shot though lovely over his shoulder. And he's at a podium speaking out on the street and or three people -- shot an enemy I notice that his parents left. What is terrible I shouldn't be same deal by -- but here's the question. Why are you here today. Well I really you guys missed me so I came in never did she hears that so -- comes and goes hey if you want Iran do you Canaveral on you have to go to theatrics. And I know why take a little sense of that I like you Willie but I need a take offense that because. -- we were told in the media that the -- didn't have time. We are told that she didn't have time for interviews and she -- have time for debates we were told that now that but I mean now that we're told salt. I didn't think anything -- is available but then not like communications very soon as nearly a hot day. I see that the -- I heard about the so -- semi soft from the Blog Talk Radio that you -- DS okay setting the tone. And there was a comment on their -- we played it I went for that that that's false. There was a false statement in there. In a bothered me OK and so that's why I got angry and that's all there wasn't necessarily seen as being -- plate -- political the other. When this situation have to. Just talking about the situation down in the city where the mom and daughter were fighting in the street -- And then it started getting neighbors for spell out to the police were called. -- -- -- That and the video of the mother fat mother and daughter wasn't biting. Well that's what started this stuff that's why the police were called originally I'm just giving you what we're back -- the reason why the police were called. So the place for cost. Deck and then we all saw the video from room to cut so this and then the video picks up in the video was edited a new 122 piece to come out prior to that. That at a mix and that spoke about here on 965 -- -- here ago. Who wins this situation happen anyways. The young lady where at least up to hit kinder and they can do her to the ground. I went over and I. -- that's the part that bothered popped up because that's not true. He did not punch her in the face when he dinner GP Custer in the back of the head but he didn't -- to the face. And that makes it much weren't debts that's a technical really on the left to interpretation of HDMI out. -- she puts him in the face that's on video. This to me is a very damning thing for the mayor to say about the Rochester police department who work under them. To say that they creative violence when there's proof to that part did not happen. I -- our very well. You had been did you see like there's any other NASA -- poll I saw every video they can how many people -- I -- I was that that -- -- this same video that I think they use I and the -- she was at -- does the ability to -- talking about a specific part that video -- when she was at the -- of the porch -- and she had her hands and be happy she was not -- but she had her hands behind your back home. He struck her to decide -- head -- Which -- right here it was cited a face. And threw her to the ground. That's not left that that's -- Saying a plot I looked like there was an -- -- -- a snapshot. Of the situation -- that every there's a before there and I think Lander and I think when and where point if you if you listen to the hole so I made to them my point was and that it did not have to necessarily go that far. That a lot of times and this is Alice talking about the mother's response them in the fact that win an office -- came up to her African American officers and not me am I need you to come down right. That was my point our talent and by what situation I was talking about. Well what is sat like that there receiver mark. Well from exile went back and analysts into the whole thing -- thing -- and obviously there's they're a great disparity on the police department right when we -- And despair he while. Well yeah -- says yes Willis -- -- who do you understand what I'm saying. -- -- -- issues with community police relations absolutely -- it all while a bit in terms of not enough black officers -- without -- -- saying yes yes and then you feel that's because the psychological test weeds the mouth. Well it passed every single part of it civil terrorists and and they candidates and all that stuff. And the patent that was the case look back and soul we took a look at that -- and we made very. Strident efforts in change in that part of that was going to. Our church is -- -- -- part of that was change in the psychological. Person do when a psychological exam Africa and you know developing a process -- warfare bloated -- any officer went up to this woman has said -- if you come down they'll come down. Well I don't know I'm just telling you what she said to me to -- This out I mean paying a one way I need to talk. I just don't know what she's at city right okay. All I'm saying is that in that in that thing it made it sound very bad to me that the mayor saying and I didn't think you know I had an area and the running person running for office OK yes it just made it sound tough take your sand. Because you were asked about the chief. And then that the statements about whether or not the chief will be the chief. We're we're kind of odd I mean you're on I was I was doing now. I'm not -- I would tell us. I wanted to concentrate those jobs for the next two weeks -- telling me I don't know what the mayor at this point in time I don't wanna talk about anybody's job as a rather don't have a openness and a. -- -- And then that's that's a constable or not -- time. And so it it just in the -- sounded like that there there is a but a more of a divide them bring together is how I took it I says if that. That they need that there is it. An issue here and it's not so much about behavior. As much as it is about. The fact that the police don't know how to relate to the community but that the right and more -- -- of color -- in the -- report. Talk about cultural competency thing. Across the board the -- -- that's rather a year black Hispanic white. You talk about cultural competency we all have things that happen in our -- meaning -- a part of us. An hour may I let's go back to what and so what what would that would that -- -- Tracy -- cultural company what how would that play into the situation where the police were called -- because a mother and our refining industry and then they showed up and then the brother got very angry. And in a sister came out at -- and all that stuff. Acting and when everything was happening in the Miami is acting -- rational pin and the officer. The African American officer went to heart because he understood. Man if you come down your children will come down. But as long as you're acting like I think you see him. It's all right so that's what I was saying allow cultural competency to about how it happens or could've did the same thing yeah. But eight you have to -- to the same way does it now I'm not say -- carries data doesn't carry the same way but what I stand is that prior to that. Nobody did that. We're not black officer came on the scene that's the first thing he did was go to learn that tell you another six. Okay what is generally isn't he came on the scene after other things were done I think that any police officer went to that -- would act in a certain way to get control of the situation. They don't I'm I I would think I think the first thing to do to get control the situation. Did not have control of the situation. When I'm the right at the situation was out of control that's anti Christ that's called crisis that situation by definition these were people but can you player comments from the -- -- like talk radio of about the incident. What about what she -- -- a world where the officer went out and talks. Win this situation happen and it waited yes ladies Wear. Doesn't. Can they do her to the grass. I went over -- -- -- and I met with her mother and I talked to her. And you know she said you know we were just so you know exciting day DL we re just could not believe what -- happy. And then it an African American officer came out to me he said man I need to -- -- pan down. Because if you can't tell your children will -- down. But it -- you Larry EL so exciting you know. Did they are going to GT re acting united BP to come down. -- -- she heard him he -- damning he was able to talk to her you know way in which she understands. And I clearly that's important for our community to be able to have people. I'm both sides to understand. -- lead late. What's happening you know who will. We we are -- emotional -- hill. It's not that -- me at times seeking out sometime gravelly put it it's not that -- -- under rule we're trying to. Being disrespectful but sometimes we get emotional we talk what I can't we start you know we are talking allow. Need it you don't know in addition to being hand fed at our culture. -- may take that the wrong way. That's the -- find that -- OK I find it odd because I think that if any it I think if you had that same situation anywhere. They're human beings are human beings and people are gonna get are going to be agitated and no one wanted to defend themselves so what do we do we get loud. We talk in our hands with everybody does that and that's where it sounds like it's it's a new one you use that. Other we're just sounds like there's a difference. There. At EL I think that. What I am talking about and is cultural competency across the board. I don't know and I don't understand and -- because his understanding. Someone else's culture and how to relate to demand in in their -- just for example. Where -- people when when our military people go to Afghanistan and our women go to Afghanistan is certain parts of -- Of the culture that -- the country and they're serving. They tell them the put on and he -- -- it's going on a public. And that is because you need to understand the country got to where you're at -- and understand tender. And respect those long respectful of and so -- the cultural -- -- -- -- oh well when -- on -- week. And I see that's the part that I don't get because if I had that situation in my house and an officer I would expect an officer to come in and try to one. Quell it -- people apart and another officer -- walk up to me goes you come down your kids are gonna come down. I I think that happens and any thing I don't think it has anything to do. Culture period and all laugh and that's words sounds like there's a divide in the city and let me just say that right now the government shut down. You know what. Nobody cares you know what government we care about small government you know what this city area needs a strong economic region depends on the strong Rochester the city senators tentacles go far into this region. If we feel like there's a divide here. And that's what people feel like people do people. There's -- yeah yeah yeah I mean actually if you China say that there isn't a device there isn't a button when you look at our business unsettling leadership on this Andy -- I feminine enough my point is I understand there's not a statistics. When you look at the statistics go to at -- just adapt alert and and look at the statistics there isn't cleared device. I got that we need a leader we need a leader that will bring you this how you were taken a -- -- self Hollins by saying that I -- -- culture divides we can't we can't communicate. We got on -- -- don't know what they're doing you -- that's just like that on their head around. -- this outrageous. As that on both sides we need to be able to understand on both sides the culture. That's what I said. Not that it was a disrespect. None too that the officer was being disrespectful that the young woman was being disrespectful or anything like that I think get to the -- What happened there. What Alison talking specifically about was delete action that the mother had an -- why it was important that we had. -- diverse police department in a diverse community that we can bring up why everyone is sailing again this is where this is where I have a. Problem in because if we take that situation in particular. Okay whatever happened we don't know leading up to we just know that there was twelve seconds of video came around I am adamant fans comments here. How about that what he said should happen in that situation. He had an officer who walked up there was trying to separate people. And the young lady punch him in the face and read them and friend -- so she reacts so of course the mothers can react. I don't care what she just can you mark. That's gonna be the situation wobbly and you know it affected happened demeanor that can happen at Tommy that can happen to you and I would think that someone. We'll be very upset if all of a sudden. I see something and and and certainly all my kid punches and officer and the officer now. That's how I would react that's how most people are gonna react so I I find this cultural difference think. Is it's just the -- sticking point to me and I think that people see that as -- -- divide and we need to I feel like there should be oh we need to bring it all together we can make this city better. -- Jamaican Bryant I bring in people -- in your -- and right be right. And that's where -- like that she is on the street and all that stuff like that great I -- -- For example few weeks ago young kids we're fighting I'm -- to zero -- no Thurston -- What are my friends. A mom side this happened and caught nylon line they were jumped -- -- young lady. Got out of her car ran that to help the young girl because that email was in Latin. And she caught nylon line offers his -- And she's you know she's acting hysterical you know like this younger guy John Dean I'm trying to break it up but I never -- Office are starting yelling at higher. She cousin meet in tears an asset you need to come down. He cannot understand what you are saying you have to come down in explains is that my marriage what. -- That is I am saying a lot of times windier -- the -- -- and that is. But that's and that's an -- training for human means you're look at you only can -- -- stated. As a as a trying to be divisive type of thing. It wasn't okay it was planning now. What is a reality in some communities. Then -- we talking about that found is divisive me talking about that is recognized and now we all have. They won't play. And now we -- two under steam and what is in front of us in how do we eat it bridge that gap except that we acknowledge that there is again. You cannot fix something if people don't see it as a problem. And I am saying that we have Siri is problems here that we have to work out. So I tell you as a minor thing so I could -- the -- that the job how -- you -- now gonna go win. Because I know this then forces say fifty years of mistrust between cops and a black community. Rightly so I mean we all saw images of black people there and civil rights. Those years. The blue the water hoses the dogs all lets up the next generation on shirts taught that you know hey man we -- that this was a struggle that this community one through. So I know there's a big distrust between the black community and the police department. For the overall and as saying everybody but it seems to be that man. I don't trust cops. How do patio season. -- -- is sagging man of the -- meaning that feels that way what are disenfranchised. My dad feels disenfranchised. But in el -- work with community police officers in our neighborhood service sinners. That has a great relationship with the community. And that is because they see both sides and talked about that and a radio as well. And I am on the block talk radio where -- -- community police officers that a ten to. The neighborhood black associations they know the grandmother is they know they have a different relationship. With the people when -- can you need is someone that is I in the beat that's just responded to and I won't want cause responded and I won't want cause -- by the that's the system now we have to. Is so it is it is trying to figure out a way that we develop these relationships. With the opposite you're. The country or part of a threat to the community you going to be a part of that you haven't developed that relationship hell I have been trying to do that see this this is the thing when you say we have to do it together I'd agree nor we have to do it together. At the street level. We need to act right. What we need to act right we need to not punch an officer in the face. We need to act right we need to respect that there's officers of the law and we need to conduct act as a -- if an officer comes up on a situation in your hysterical. And he gets upset to try to quell the situation go man. Politics I I I -- it isn't going to find -- way I believe in this I believe in this so deeply. Food there is a kind way to say things being nice to get walked on but there's a kind way. I think that's a human thing I don't like to call. -- exciting. He -- -- saying if you're trying to deal with the issue. What can email transpire between the processor right prior to -- I wasn't losing any examples -- -- giving me at -- whether those examples I -- in dealing with who was the right. Or -- in this situation. I was talking about the -- action now. I have always said that and I tell anyone. When opposite games and writer you come flat yes because if you do not comply the person I usually gets hurt did you issue a new bright -- -- I don't understand how you try to do it I don't -- way. Making it sound it sounds like. There that there's a communication issue and I don't believe there is a communication issue is I don't believe there's a communication issue when you and your -- not well you -- and I'm not a there's a communication issue or where a woman who it is to go by your example she went to do the right thing and help the community to help somebody out. She got to it's true why it seemed OK okay. Okay exactly right but you got to see if -- that -- for interference for it because. When she was trying to explain what happened in office to tell her goal only dared and used to not come talk to you get out come to court to talk to users should disobeying an order. She can win all with the air and her car was blocking -- -- officer said moving at what another car was -- another officer -- is. Was different -- you sell now wait 12 -- she sets the opposite way 12 this guy has to move his car. He got upset with -- said that she was being an unruly. And gave particularly cheap way to talk to the young lady's mother that I had just gotten jumped in and put into a dry weight. And they gave we're taking it for blocking the sidewalk. I mean she got to two. It -- that's so great now I call that analysis and Ordonez hit balls -- no this is a word you can use this ball plus. Sounds like ball busting through it but I'd but I I can't say that that's because you're skin shade is different I gotta say that's an officer that I try. Because what you said it was different when you said you have to. Term cultural and stuff and that that's all I'm just saying that that stuff gets perceived that's all -- what he won a second I don't want Willie to not. Feel like I'm shut them down I'm guessing going to save or just trying to to realize that it's but she can't -- and that's why I'm just trying to I gotta get engaged. Just to think through quicker than one. I've said on the show many times before. It dear dear to cities press and and we in what I see happening on park avenue. And what I see happening on Jefferson avenue and other parts of the community are two different -- -- -- -- first hand -- -- see I work with these individuals. And I see how they approached. Individual even in this situation I wasn't clear however what it in the past practice is what I've seen is the approach is to hold on me. The stock Apple Stock. Approach when approaching individuals which escalates the situation right from the very beginning. Because the approach is much different I've seen. Parties with Caucasian people and very things that make generic they're -- cops -- did they don't approach them they back away they let things compound did they approach. But when you see somebody already I already so the guys are way more aggressive hunters and the bottom line is this and why -- that this mayor potential may be healthy eating more accountable in the pap smears. Haven't solved the way the two CD problem and we didn't saw the two city proper. Our Richard consultancy to prop a also not just this -- one has to be the savior to solve all the problems but it. I'm really United States uses a young women the -- say go McClintock and Niedermayer -- can bring things together right no one else. -- -- -- -- -- So okay so they're not running now Willie have a little ironic and I cannot tell you this America I don't have the fiance said OK well real well -- somewhere. -- -- Right but why I. Because why because you said I did theatrics she came here to defend ourselves willing Joseph came in here -- nobody here Joseph I -- I -- but she came in here to defend yourself. We've called there was no she went on a radio show that no one cheers for a with two holes that aren't even in the city of Rochester on a phone. And sitting somewhere else it's not talking to the people. Now more people are hearing it right this is good. This is what needs to happen right there should be debates you're Smart lady she has stuff she has ideas you're right. And you need to thank me for a wound that happened I. Let me just say that's. Am really happy that's not what I had work to do now and I'm aimed in part or have them where to do is he now engine that's -- there is a problem. In wanting to write and let me can I ask a question asked to -- point. OK so let's take park avenue let's take Clark SS. Let's take a few years ago when the kids started drink and it's gone off the property in the or arrest and on the street and all these kids and who's probably white kids for the most part. And there drunken -- costs in the cops in this and that things got a lot of hand abolished are getting thrown and all that's right. I get that same thing happens on Jefferson avenue everybody's going to jail here. -- everybody's -- but is it because there's up. Since I hadn't. Is every now and gives us do -- do police no matter what police just says the title right act differently when they go into areas they know that there's more crime and I don't know. That I would ask -- I'm asking the question I don't know the answer yes but do I come in differently taken I don't know what this guy's got. Already did and there were she -- another big business if you were already being and not coming in you would know who's doing what. If you were already had no players and community. And I think and that's approach what to say yet is exactly what's going on air coming didn't. When they should already being. What he was little so there is another way they don't understand at all. They're not -- -- -- was there but there's people Yemeni people that are afraid to stop and -- people that are afraid I say anything Aggie. AL Aaron I respectfully. Disagree you my colleague and that. I believe that we have that was -- good very artistic. And I believe. We have some great actress is in our city nor should do the right -- in a majority of them are doing their job in trying to do their job. And my disgusting and today in any email in. The other day was not regarding who was right or wrong in this situation. I always tell people wanna officer gives you -- command my my my uncle who's like not bothered. Is a state trooper. And -- is hoping is like when -- gives you can mean you follow the instructions because. In there and you're most likely the person to G -- and got lawyers tell you watch. Then to follow the command so that. They don't get in this situation that they can get themselves out of my discussion and the other day was just regarding cultural competency. And being able to understand. And relate to different cultures and how they may perceive or re act to certain things. Now there may be Caucasian people that act that way there may be Latino people that at LA there may be chunks out of my head to look Caucasian and that will act LA yeah it's a battle is one statement is not jazz C universal to one particular group. But what I was just explaining and was what the mother said to meet and how that made her feel. And sell egg analogy -- -- EL dinner and there is work that we have to do here because this should not necessarily matter rather the officer was black or I what I here's and here's what I think came up so hot spot but -- fact of the -- was when that -- got is a sea change. The first thing that he did Redd go so hard right and say to her and I. Don't think that's because he assessed the situation on other officers handling other people put your right but I will say this and this is where you and I'll different and I have a whole story to back this up. I don't think it has to do it with as you say cultural differences. I think it has to do with being a seasoned. Officer. I think you need more seasoned officers that I think you need people. Who've been around people who have a heart to think. Think you look at something and understand. That this reaction I'm getting is because it's a scary situation. If I take it down. A little bit myself. To -- get down you know what do you do when your kids are screaming to probably talk softer because if you do cause everybody. It's it's a human thing that -- human thing. The -- -- -- it's -- kind of bomb making your point and that season office yes -- yeah. That is the prelude to him let's call this season odds are good but it's not a cultural eight feet and -- it why -- -- -- it is they. Human thing cannot watch at the courthouse look at. I go over their Wii play game what you do and it's courthouse and I watched this young woman come out. Term she's. Just she's so pissed lovely she's ready to fight. And her mother says don't give me attitude. White mom and she says I don't want any I didn't I'm not the one who got us here honey you you did this. And she kind of pokes the father. So now dad has to do something because mom says so and every minute while Zach is now it's like what do I say. So he goes well we have to get her I don't hear but not now the -- shoots back in the -- shoots back in -- -- shoots back in their screaming and an atrium and it's echoing. And there's an officer. Veteran. He says to. Her as -- sit here for a second. Cool off. -- that's basically recess so she says there and then he gives -- a few minutes he walks over -- says is everything is there okay. And she goes she gets up -- she goes I hate damage she -- glass. Fascinate them. She runs over the door she opens up I fascinates you guys to her parents and a father gets back and he's culminated in the officer standing there he's going to have. Very calmly to that step outside step outside the daughter spits on the father. He -- stepped outside she's already she's let me step outside. The mother finally says he told you what to do and accept outside. A young officer. Money got up and somebody's face and -- -- as -- -- amount you understand sand there's a table and a veteran officer handle that right. There was a black officer with white folks. I'm just saying it doesn't matter what this CD is folks we're all human beings that we need to know how to. Act whether you're the officer or your that you or the people and the crisis and that's the part that scares me and scares people -- the divisive they feel like there's a divisive like you don't speak my mind yes we do -- all -- one pledged. We want let's rise up and leave this back to where it should be your right. Asteroids that way we not a -- speak each other's language. When we will. When we know each other. I cannot speak your language it's I don't know you I disagree I I we're all humans and I know I don't know you. And that's my point if I know you. -- I can speak your language did and I can understand. Where you're coming from. Harness that I think -- Sanofi and while that puts an empty when I'm not bat does when there is a mineral can assure state trooper imparted that. Is cultural competency. I'm not gonna go for that. -- We can I do that we can all learn from each other and that's why it's great to have diversity so we can learn from each other. Why is great to have this -- system that we can learn from each other. We all can do well. In two he'll understand -- things that may not impact us on a daily basis being that we never never. Might have had -- act when it in the past. And you can growth for many you can learn from that that's a good thing that's a bad thing but I just said experience helps. But odds are extra strong you. Cultural awareness. And help shoot under steam and what's happening with that personally here aware that the personnel there and helps I guess I'm stuck on this at this. Cultural word because I just see it as. It's it's a human being in a crisis situation and I don't care what culture you came from. I think everybody reacts the same if I watch a war movie from another country people react the same as if I came Boston -- with guns here -- you -- -- I think that that that's a human reaction then that we all know. That if we all go with a little kinder or we all go with a different approach that it's gonna be handled. Differently -- yeah I mean -- the way you tell that story. Ma'am if you come down your children come down. -- what you think that's a really Smart thing to say. But that could come out of the mouth of the Chinese officer it doesn't matter I still have fun -- As -- Run but I know we overlay they santeria Palo you don't hate me -- -- Kelly hey we are you know you go down thanks. Conversations -- I just got -- T this is healthy. For us to be able it's I'm glad you came I literally I was shocked when I heard your domestic VA would say respectfully talk about a situation and many people styling from that's a good thing. And -- will have many of these conversations. You know into the future you know laugh I welcome the opportunity I am not gonna run from -- -- give me parking ticket. He hit do you think that. DL mad girl. Is to bring our community closer together -- good -- every Zagat. And you know what not -- everybody. Has a role play everybody has to put on hands on -- we can not do this by ourselves. -- have to be willing participant. That's land here -- thank you for had a media. I see got to start small while you gotta start small people need to start at home to carry yourself have pride yourself. Fix yourself it'll take care about it I will take a break phone numbers 2226000 for the breakthrough with a 965 W Siemens.

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