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Dolphins DE Dion Jordan Swims Across Enemy Lines and Catches Up With Tim

Oct 18, 2013|

Third overall pick and Miami Dolphins DE Dion Jordan was on The Break Room Behind Enemy Lines with Tim in advance of the Bills Dolphins contest. Jordan talked about his roommate Kiko Alonso, the Oregon Ducks program, his short time in Miami and what he needs to do to beat the Bills.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us in the break room here with a third overall pick in this years draft graduated from Oregon and -- the first team all American linebacker and -- -- -- second round pick the legend of Kiko Alonso. He's six foot six and playing defensive -- for the dolphins this year -- him as soon as practice ended for the dolphins. Welcome behind enemy lines Dion Jordan Dion house practiced at. Little you know traditional -- first day of you know -- Austin ransom it was -- You only played -- and defense this year -- coming off a -- which is like you put more work in. And your last game he tipped a pass to resulted in a pick six how do you feel the high you've been utilized so far this season and are you ready to make the next up. -- do not collectively -- -- you personally. We didn't limit the -- -- but you know full play you know you got to just make most of that would be given to you and -- Yugoslavia did have been doing in. I'm not prepared right now -- whatever -- you need to do more forward. And Ted Lewis is projected a star for the bills this weekend -- noticed anything on the little film that's out there aren't that you might be able looks both the Sunday. You know he's he's a guy he he hasn't been there. A lot -- you know Massachusetts first week it is very -- We understand you know -- he's who have very athletic quarterbacks so. Got to do we can continue to -- Domain folk used this is stopped and those were the best move very athletic and you know they've been premature Minnesota senate or for the world resort style from hurricane. And after the quarterback when this past the situation. And knowledge of back to college real quick as I mentioned earlier you were teammates with Kiko Alonso do you have any stories about him that you can share. Men that men then make she goes our word there's no doubt my roommate for two years and Munich. We've grown. Two love and love each other libraries. You know and the amount of first paired piracy in the work that I put in the due to where he is right now -- -- that's been down. You know and -- me -- I'm just proud league you know and we we expected a lot from which other Nokia has been living as soon as the expectations. And you with the -- second round pick he had I think 22 tackles on Sunday yeah. You were the third overall pick. You picked up higher trick to make a splash as soon as you hit -- field that frustrating at all that you're not out there for -- like Keiko is for the bills. You know I semi how much is less to lose differently to go knock came we would being used. So my whole focus is -- -- you know to get out there on the field you know and the united you can do anything you -- boot camp to me know and that was my main focus -- officiated. Pumped up slowly started. You know give to this -- they have to mean and you know he goes you know he's aggressive he's been working his butt off you know and he -- operation really expect to get out there -- -- -- looks. So did there. You know certainly -- -- Smart coach Marcos do this -- staff my teammate. Know that I have that ability to outbid. And make desk splash in -- -- for me is this I've to got to make plays Draco. -- be like on Sunday to get back out there with I didn't know here's your roommate will be like to get back out there on Sunday when they got you. Pedigree relationship with the last few years. I -- -- you know the deal is he'll play notebook form 600 blossomed -- -- -- is really just doesn't go there I'll be able to see my god. I saw alive consumer around this may play long. Enough for me yes let's get another minute decency amounted to a mistake. Now take me back to April you're set for the draft you just recently had surgery what you mentioned. You have a good feeling going to be picked in the first round did you expect to be taken third overall. I -- old Latin. No don't do that I don't think anybody Diego conflicts. You know the way everything went down outcome surprised if not you personally I'm just prepare mentally for whatever happened to obviously get out when -- dislike about more determined to change. We don't get enough -- know I'm sure they'll do have a chance -- got killed. You have to go play professional ball with the best best and in this case so. I was good enough the -- defector now maybe they're very you know just -- -- blessed. The new with a great organization. And what does this say about you. Then Miami and they were they were willing to move up to trading -- you from family with eight to move up five spots to -- you three can you are going to be there. You know I guess they didn't need more help woman who -- more so inept at quarterback. And noticed a league of impact and started to come actually. And you know the more pressure you do put on these quarterbacks. Better recession our division we have a lot of great quarterbacks. -- who put it seems limited so this and in I guess there's just no bit player you know just try to make impact on the defense side of the book. Oregon has a huge backing by Nike they recently released a pink breast cancer awareness helmet and customized contact lenses for the cheerleaders -- the Oregon logo inside of it. Did you handle any less -- yet. And not a man I have a database in this little something you know little I think it is to breast cancer awareness being. -- you know. Nike tour is communicated badly took dead even -- or -- -- You -- keep you really. It's not uniforms nowhere for the wonderful world can -- appears players' -- and those uniforms. Are determined that they have not been so no need for elective. Jerry just had a little little bit more. Better experience experience. Mean that's elderly girl from the ad by Nike in the dolphins received a facelift this year do you like the new look. I do you know news to us to change seemed you know. And not like everybody started by saying no movement and so -- -- to have. Change things around a down here and I moved to disagree and move. Do you miss being able to make hundreds of different Jersey combinations weekend and we galaxy they're Oregon. And to mirrors doesn't matter can I've -- care less who put so we'll be -- I don't know where this happened and so -- How select how big is it really doesn't matter where -- put up. Doesn't matter Rodgers you've got on where do you I think this Miami team. Well -- end up a few months on the line this is you're rolling your -- or is that too early to think about. Congress just select too little too broad thing about the vessel vessel does everybody go you know what you gotta take it a week every time you know. In this league you know you can't get any yourself that you know you don't know what happens. Do we move he got to prepare you know every game no electricity did you give -- this season and so you know this we just -- And we're gonna take care of business this week so we can put ourselves in that situation. There are other down here. And that's a divisional game between buffalo and Miami here. Have you have you had a game this season that sticks out Q that being the poster for the season's Miami team. It'll older -- our first two games you know. They live from being game Vick handouts liar you know. We had guys made big plays and did those gangs and must select a private staple of our of -- seeing you know just. You know were far -- adversity. No I don't sound so and like and better and better he would. The -- shoulder surgery you mentioned earlier. It didn't pray for -- -- the lower third overall but it has to stop you have of getting on the field is that fully -- you good to go now. The -- it's government and but we got to work my way back into. You know certain packages. The day that I didn't address Minnesota need to prove to Marcos too because just. You know Obama would do. You know there are very confident -- media period Pomona. You got very independent so and so and it. Do you think you'll be starting this Sunday against the bills are -- earlier period. Under in the dolphins will host the Buffalo Bills this Sunday at one. You can hear John Murphy was the call right here in 965 WC MF and Sports Radio 950 ESPN starting with pregame at nine. Yeah and thanks for your time and good luck on Sunday. -- -- -- -- --

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