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Rochester's Classic Rock
965WCMF: ONE okay song? ONE? Oh @SusanAshline you've wounded me so. Please...be excellent to one another. https://t.co/SgoFfQPoZl

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  1. 7-30-Tommy go cart race recap


    Thu, 30 Jul 2015

    Tommy raced Rusty Wallace and failed miserably.

    high tech found at 6:46

    in last place by thirty sec clear that I am at a high tech as you doings. They were spit it out going crazy turn to drive that guy did and that a blood drops a
  2. Racin' Randy Gives Tommy Go-Cart Racing Advice


    Wed, 29 Jul 2015

    As Tommy gets ready to take on NASCAR Legend Rusty Wallace in electric go-cart racing... Racin' Randy

    jeff gordon found at 1:27

    don't you gotta you gotta go to Russia what he did it Jeff Gordon in 1997 or Richmond. We got a got an inside of him. It's when you to tell you just hope they get
  3. 7-24-Creep Cap


    Fri, 24 Jul 2015

    All the creepy things wrapped up into two SEPARATE creep caps.

    box score found at 1:34

    was performed for us to. And yet it still counts in the box score still looks good. So good decree not has reformed as one would think that arrogance and.

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