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She's a Homewrecker

Dec 13, 2013|

Some of your neighbors may be on this tattling website.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's the breakthrough -- 965 W Siemens -- pretty every man's. So I found this website cause she's she's hoping it could dot com so as women dead. Women Dixon about other women Verizon of their marriages bears are well or their relationship sometimes to get back together with a guy -- mean it's some tabloid reading like you wouldn't believe -- -- by the state and you can pick out I've found people from. Rochester dare -- -- Isabel all kinds of stuff I don't recommend is. So Tommy always says that if you're his body and you cheated he wouldn't say anything -- I wanna read these. And see if we can see where the guy went wrong in the -- there are no luck if you're in a relationship you owe it to the person to be respectful. -- is set of clothes and always in order and it doesn't and if you want to get fouled which you should probably get out and not blow it often. I've known people who have. Most people blow it up boom blows up it's ugly and -- -- and and here's why simple when I say blow it up them when you. And something when you everybody has had a relationship and then we'll get all good things come into it and nothing last forever measuring look at. So. In those times is just you and the other person for the most partner when -- have a family in kids and other emotions and in laws and all the stuff. If you blow -- a sudden there's a lot of emotional rippled brand if you dissolve it but there's less -- and that was probably the right way to do sure. Prefer to get a good test the waters are the region this -- region to her once long. But I have to tea. Because I mean I got this evil dark side and I laugh and learn my armor and bought off can see the other word anymore on. You can't you had no yeah you can't there in that context I believe you could no I don't think so because it is the month. But this is Cheryl. In Rochester. I was at my fiance for eight years on and off and we finally reconcile for good stayed together she. Was an exit his while we were split up when we got back together she just wouldn't let him go that are. I didn't know about her till two years into our engagement Jesus one engagement when I say harmed. Her prescription. In my daughter's diaper bag. All. Well -- fiance said that she was the baby -- and she must have left it in the -- and that's a great one. -- that fast on the the -- data is very good and I immediately felt there was something more going on. But I stayed with them. Later on I found out that he was indeed cheating on me with her. So I got a hold of her myself and told her that we were together and and she said she knew and she knew my daughter because -- had brought my daughter to her house that marries. Hey baby -- babysit my baby there have been many confrontations between me and her and she never -- stuff from person -- truthful FaceBook. But whenever I showed up where she lived here she didn't she don't got anything to say shut up don't -- Israel -- -- got. And this is going on right under use guises and hit and hit the media my fiance had a wedding date picked out and and set up. -- -- -- this -- -- a burst out laughing and ready to hear what. Yeah I'm ready for this and I don't believe this slide this is the biggest line of BS ever because I guarantee. I'm not a may be war. All of us in this room actually to a -- won't know where this is I'm guaranteeing that at at three guys only. And it's a slim chance that you guys know where this piece of paper is ready -- We had a wedding date picked out for him. I lost my place. But you must meet my -- at a wedding date picked out and set up. But she stole his birth certificate out of his wallet and ripped it up so he couldn't get a marriage license. Ha ha ha ha -- You know reversed if -- get is yeah I figured you -- he's just moved I do to -- fires if I haven't had a you know a Jerry OK I might sit in the city devise a -- so we had to post for a wedding and we never set another date because. The cheating continued from this -- on for about three years to -- finally trapped them. And why is she still grab -- no more she got pregnant and married her and and he married her behind my back. -- might be. He says he didn't do it because of the pregnancy he did it because he was jealous that my other kids fatherless to have visitation is -- our kids and he didn't want any men around me. So he did it in despite -- and apologizing -- he's going to divorce her AS CPU Chesney get them immediately. Yes. I've left him since finding out about the marriage but he still acts like I'm his woman threatening to beat up any man I'm with etc. but anyway this home wrecking hooker broke apart. I don't know of love to go look at how where does that as soon as that is and it does a must today as he right but the prescription why it was all right that was really bad stinker and actually do -- more distance longer. I was at my kid's father for four years almost five. And pregnant with our third child when he started drinking at Domino's delivery -- and I think -- probably needed the extra -- because of the kids the first sign I seen. Was cedars Sinai seen the first sign I seen -- he kept getting texts and calls from a 503 number. My brushed it off think it is job related and then. One on one of his days off may be pregnant had a craving for pizza that are so he takes it to his job to get us a pizza. And when we get there he sees his work -- -- -- that tells me to stay in the car. As to tell right -- sure. Try to see were the guys went along -- a website called she's a home record dot com these are people in Rochester and this is about a woman named Debra in Rochester. Red flag shot up right away this he never would have acted like depth before. He was always proud to have me around but now he didn't want me to come into his job and I watched through the window and seen this girl get all smiley when he came in. And I knew right then. But I didn't. DIA NT didn't say anything. I don't -- contraction. I don't know if -- death -- I don't know if it was because I was trying to keep the peace at home. Or because I was confident that he wasn't going anywhere because many girls of -- before it never succeeded guys guise of pizza pregnant that's come out. But then take some calls persisted he started working late and more often. Then came the arguments over the stupidest little things he would get angry at me for no reason must've been his guilty conscious eating and a then came the doctor's appointment. -- had no choice but to admit he had cheated prone why I was giving a urine sample to my doctor he asked my doctor to check me stressed TVs. Fair -- do good asked to check dead Jacko the okay for our dot. The doc said there was no reason to unless there was a concern written many told her she had contracted chlamydia. And was scared he might have tested to me. Am so he picked up the bug right. She told me he had to tell me because unless I ask for the test she couldn't -- me. When I got back from the bathroom that's when he told me. I was pissed and of course to test came back positive for chlamydia which upset anymore. How could he be so irresponsible. Not not that he shouldn't assume it's not usually protects the things and they -- they -- -- well. Can giving you the gloom in the commitment he cried and apologized and promised he wasn't gonna mess with her again when they named the baby chlamydia is and -- and it. I don't think -- Jones. There are co workers and so I still had to deal with -- -- around her. And I -- voices -- move. It wasn't long until he was messing with her again -- I would see -- from her -- -- clearly he went back to committee -- can be when when was -- -- don't believe me ask -- if you love -- still. -- started blocking his phone sneak in did you -- to talk to -- is bad now do you disagree you ethanol. Talk and whisper lied about how his work schedule money went missing more arguments I got woke up at 5 AM on his phone vibrating nonstop. The number rainy wet when you read that number roll across his screen. Of course it was the whole war I was pregnant by this time. And this is close to summertime I was already miserable and have a trouble sleeping martian cousins wedding and I get woke up by herb blowing up his phone like she's his woman. She knew he had a pregnant girlfriend and two kids at home what to ask would she take it. He told me to just ignore it but I couldn't we ended up arguing in the morning and he went off to he went to work so I took off to my -- with the kids and he called me later on that data reconcile but I was still -- so it's almost gonna -- in my mom's for a little while to get away from the stress he was causing me. He said okay. Two days later my landlord which was also my answer marriage told me a roommate who is GMT CNN York's. Until -- -- her -- so they got an air quality landlord and a Vietnamese. Roommate from a Vietnamese had told her. She seemed my kid's father bring true girls into our home in the past two nights I -- gone and that was my breaking point I don't see it for myself. That he could would really disrespect our home by bringing in not only the whore and another girl into our house where our children live through this guy is -- -- Give -- crab after awhile -- right he's going forward with the deplore this is from she's a home record dot com about a Rochester woman named Debra. Story continues I have my mom watched the kids and I snuck back home while he was at work and went into her bedroom. And there was McDonald's Tressel have all brand and an -- the cafe -- a cup. With lipstick on it. In my kids' father doesn't drink coffee so I knew someone else we -- in my Rory lipstick stains on you originally quarry lipstick -- it and and who knows only all over. I clean the -- and went downstairs. And left all the lights off so he wouldn't know I was home and we'd either -- -- bush said the trap eventually I fell asleep. He didn't come home after work like I thought he would and I fell asleep on the count the walk up to a car door shutting it 3 AM. And then heard him turn the keys and come inside. I tried to get up to -- I could -- being eight months pregnant and just waking up I wasn't prepared but sure enough he had two girls the whole -- And -- for Jolly Green Giant friends with them. He must it's illegal -- and -- drew. He must see in my silhouette because he quietly got let -- a nice guy. Seen me then turned the light back off them and had them run to the car. As he ran behind them I ran or should I say John -- -- to the front door as fast as I should say she's there's third trimester and told -- the comeback but of course not they took off I knew or number my heart then and I called the texts are telling her dude. Come see me at first she tried denying that it was her that was at my house but she knew I'm not stupid. But then analysts. Don't judge too quick here but that I was so -- anger I was ready to take her. Take on her and her friend -- I could not believe the audacity of them to come into my home and my bed she has no respect at all what to do -- dude in this thing and I want. Did you get ciskei -- every one of these dudes because the guy can't help himself he finally came home at 6 AM. When he went to work I packed his radio premiers and its agreement I packed up his passing kicked -- out. When you drive for a long time to get back -- me claiming she was just a whole war he was sorry for how can tell geno does not the worst thing you could throw out there at this point that you're worried are in trouble most of majors or. He was not Coke when he was whether and that's why can't do and how I used as excuses those are good ones we stayed apart. Till about a week before I had a daughter I finally let him come home. He had dominoes tournament -- disqualification. So we didn't have to work with her and Chase's number he had been relocated and we're okay for awhile. So my daughter is about 68 weeks old. But that's what I -- -- a little while she -- -- did she was eight months pregnant and -- the baby had nine we're talking three months later to back to get breath flipped his with these people other -- did -- -- dome before woman. He's a -- or dude nice try hope that didn't happen. You're just -- that's it now amid the you know these are some bus and as people anyway while home record she's a home record on Nancy you know anybody under its funny green -- great story there's a better wants -- we'll -- later -- -- -- -- later on. About somebody who worked for a company that I think has dissolved. In Rochester. It was a month and you may have used this company -- could use this company -- some point -- yeah -- -- -- like. It's a service poses generally is servicing you may need absolutely yup and she's only record I found one little thing to bring.

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