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  1. The Breakaway Hockey Show


    Mon, 12 Oct 2015

    EP 2 Andrew Peters - The best damn hockey show in the ROC (The only damn hockey show in the ROC). Join hosts Pat Duffy (@DuffyOnWCMF) & Terrible Time Timmy (@WompFump) as they talk all things Hockey

    andrew peters found at 10:18, 18:47

    shield I don't think she'll go around Vera so by the way Andrew Peters will be talking to him on the show in just a little while we can ask about that by and it's something
    actually tried to fist fight any charity game the couple months ago. Andrew Peters will be on the break with us and we actually talk about it talk with him next I'm interested here is. Andrew
  2. Darryl Talley: HOF'er?


    Mon, 13 Jan 2014

    Legendary Buffalo Bill, Darryl Talley, tells The Break Room HE WAS TOLD the team threw it's campaigning behind Jim Kelly instead of Talley back in 2002 or else Kelly might not get in at all! Talley thinks he belongs in Canton as well.

    richard marshall buffalo bills found at 15:09

    it got out of their extend these people. That's what we -- Richard Marshall . Buffalo Bills -- somebody ball -- -- -- -- -- -- Then again I should have for suitable they don't Buffalo Bills flawless -- did you know I love Daryl tell us a much imitated here's the ball is buffalo bill and overseeing what
  3. Shannon's Sting


    Thu, 9 Jan 2014

    Coach Muley broke the news for the first time in 2014 by telling a woman she may have contracted an STD from her not-so-Monogam-ISH boyfriend of four years. Only, Muley got some news of his own, instead!

    donald driver found at 11:36

    he goes on you. Listen I let you go on its. Has Donald Driver I'll grab -- ambush him today. Moon it's too. I don't think that's coach -- break in the news sticky diminished Jessica.