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  1. When You Realized You Were No Longer Cool


    Fri, 20 May 2016

    As an adult, every guy has that moment when they realize they no longer know how to be cool. Duffy had his moment when he went shoe shopping the other day...

    van halen found at 0:21

    The seventies like Tom and there was Tonya ticket giant bell buckle tight jeans teacher did. This is tower well. AA now like maybe he's right to Jean jackets go Van Halen concert Def Leppard I was foreign trans am wrong and blow Kamal body during his system which ninety's Van Halen to grab it becomes our pro gender Bob. Grungy clothes that you cool man. And and we all read it kids get
  2. Bitch Voice Theater (5/19)


    Thu, 19 May 2016

    What better way to insult a man, than in the highest bitch voice possible?

    patrick duffy found at 0:44

    alone presents mentioned Laura slid up starring Thomas Mueller that accompanied by Patrick Duffy . Who did this little bits of the with a little bit of trying to get my victimized. David Jones rose who went. Still. Shouldn't look so that's the trick yeah it is. You can guess it hasn't been perfect big game
  3. The Break Room Feels Left Out of Crowley's New Life Adventure


    Wed, 18 May 2016

    While we're happy for Crowley and his new home purchase, we don't know why he left out this major detail...

    comedy club found at 11:18

    like water. At the Michigan at. There that you can go to comedy club eggs to a recent show.
  4. Break Room Hate Mail of the Week


    Wed, 18 May 2016

    Someone wrote the Break Room to tell them how upset they were

    substance abuse found at 1:35

    laughingstock. Josh Lombard. Is not a Packers. He's going through things with substance abuse and these people obviously can not understand that it's. I'm willing to that Josh is a thousand times better than anyone that's ever been on match up everyone makes mistakes and they don't deserve to be ridiculed for. Aren't you electing if there was one in that situation you mistakenly went to the wrong home till months. It was an honest mistake by a nanny was under the influence. I hope the jokes were working because you all desert were to burning Hal for