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  1. 7-2 Tommy guesses slang words


    Thu, 2 Jul 2015

    Tommy tries to define what kids are saying these days and fails miserably.

    tom well found at 0:20

    atomic then we'll give need to correct definition cat are you ready Tom . Well what did you get the creek definition from the dictionary bunker. Since dictionary what slang urban design urban dictionary yeah. LC are testing out but I doubt these these shadowy web sites that are run by a crisis could say anything
  2. 7-2 Creep Cap


    Thu, 2 Jul 2015

    Double the creep cap for the holiday weekend with everything that Tommy said this week.

    good eating found at 1:26

    you get hurt yourself gimmick to get practice group can pay that good eating good grip yeah. Perishable it's. Also I meet you in the future. If there's a necessity. Well our attendance and you can go and Wesson oil that are. All you already get done it all off his back except for one tablespoon. Evidence to get conversations start. I guess but I gotta conversations that are staying in between my legs how each president sometimes that works every time. It's get a 100% money back guarantee you can get to crown in the sector she said and that will share and all things digital is conditional for
  3. 6-26 Creep cap double


    Fri, 26 Jun 2015

    Tommy being extra creepy with double the creep cap this week.

    campbell's soup found at 0:52

    high places yet in the middle of it there's a moment sexual. Campbell's soup from our enemies Turkey producer line cabbies and producer Laurie but I'm. And im pretty bird. Had a willingness to lose some
  4. 6-25 Taken by a hot chick


    Thu, 25 Jun 2015

    The hot chicks are the ones who can get away with a crime.

    hot chicks found at 4:26, 7:29

    in this business we have sales where immigrant sentiment and all the hot chicks do really well like they are using your top sellers and join. Will be the attractive check it shall crush. Over the even reduce a guy can buses as a sales that she blocks and she's get the business and I understand it because we're talking tens of thousands of dollars that are just so cool she's pretty you'll lose two or yellow Politico had a adds to the to the overall sales pitch I do you if you're getting a sales but you'd like it a an attractive vehicle to deliver that sales betrayed. That's
    a object to a critical what do you think all bartenders are hot chicks for the most part you never see like they're young attractive girl's. CIA I'm never understood that the smaller zero of people

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